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  2. Thanks, Sandy. I'd just like to point out that not one H&L critic has managed to make any kind of serious attempt to debunk ANY of the specific points I've introduced in this thread, including the following: For the fall semester of the 1953-54 school year, one Oswald attended Beauregard JHS in New Orleans for 89 school days while the other was enrolled in Public School 44 in New York City, where he was present for 62 full days and 5 half days, was absent 3 full days and 8 half days, for a total accounting of 78 days. For the next semester, one Oswald was at Beauregard JHS in New Orleans while the other Oswald attended Stripling School in Texas. One Oswald lost a front tooth during a fight at Beauregard JHS in the fall of 1954, but the Oswald exhumed decades later obviously had all his front teeth intact. The Social Security Administration did not include ANY of “Lee Harvey Oswald’s” teen-aged employment income in his “Lifetime Earnings Report” indicating in a cover letter it was including “Copies of three pages of the Warren Commission Report re employment of Lee Harvey Oswald prior to service in the Marine Corps.” One Oswald departed for Taiwan aboard the USS Skagit on Sept. 14, 1958 and was stationed in Ping Tung, Taiwan on Oct. 6, 1958, at the very same time the other Oswald was being treated for venereal disease at Atsugi, Japan, nearly 1500 miles away. One Oswald appeared at the Bolton Ford dealership in New Orleans while the other was in the Soviet Union. One Oswald had a driver’s license and was seen by many witnesses driving a car, and the other Oswald could not drive. On November 22, 1963, one Oswald left the Texas School Book Depository on a bus and then a taxi, and the other left in a Nash Rambler.
  3. John, John Armstrong went through Oswald’s so-called possessions at the National Archives back in the 1990s. He believes he was the last private citizen allowed to touch them, but I don’t think he made copies of what he believed were the Russian-speaking Oswald’s pictures of Taiwan, or at least I haven’t come across them in his papers at Baylor University. But here’s what he has told me about them. John has spent a considerable amount of time in China. Although he can read very little Chinese, he says he can easily tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese characters. The pictures he looked at in the National Archives did NOT seem to be mixed with the ones supposedly taken by Michael Paine, simply because there weren’t that many photos. And they were classified as “Oswald’s possessions.” Among the photos were some that showed military tents with Chinese lettering (not Japanese) on signs. These were probably from Taiwan. I’ll try to remember to ask him for more information. In the meantime, you might look for photos that have Chinese lettering on signs on or by military tents. Also, what does it mean for a soldier to “blouse” his boots?
  4. Just remember what Gordon Gekko said in Wall Street: GREED IS GOOD!! And just remember, thanks to Reagan and the Bushes, those guys won. When JFK was assassinated the top income tax rate was around 72 per cent. Today it is half of that. And every other tax on the richest ten per cent has also gone down radically. Like they need the money. As AOC said, why do we need all these billionaires with helipads, when we have people sleeping in the streets? So lobbyists can pay them for the parking meter they sleep at when they arrive in the morning? Which, by the way, happens in DC. And it took AOC to expose it. But I knew about it decades ago. Tom Brokaw would have never told you about it. SInce he is part of that class.
  5. There were so many of us sitting at a coffee shop watching, of all people, David McCullough pontificate about John F. Kennedy. Then when we went outside, and we saw Alex Jones screaming at the cops through his bull horn, across the obstructions to get into the Plaza. Behind the obstructions were three layers of police: on foot, in cars, on horseback. All I could think of is if JFK had this kind of protection on 11/22/63, none of this would have been happening. It was really sickening. It was clearly a triangular arrangement between the Sixth Floor, the Morning News and the mayor's office. We should have challenged it in advance in court.
  6. I watched the live coverage of the 50th in Dealy Plaza on line. It was disgusting. I thought about trying to go but the application for a chance for a ticket was discouraging, DL, SSN, DOB, address... To get in to a public park. What a sad joke. I think big brother knows where to find little old me. I know the video sucks, listen.
  7. Jim. I said before, an opinion doesn't establish president. End of story. It was Jawarski's opinion not a legal precedent as in a jurist's decision. I'm sorry but although an AG may defer to Jawarski's opinion there is no requirement for him to do so. It's hysterical that you and Robert are "fine lining" every legal molecule of this gangster ass President who disregards all legal standards on a regular basis. Most likely, the only reason he hasn't been indicted (see Individual One in the Cohen case) is because of that idiotic letter, that has minimal meaning beyond Watergate. Sorry.
  8. Very sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I can empathize though mine is of a different nature (back, walking, Pain). We've (wife and I) picked up a couple of prescriptions recently that without insurance would have been well over $100 each. Co pay's for procedures, deductibles and Dr. visits add up. I don't see how people W/O insurance get by. ER, loose house and home? Why can most of the rest of the top 20 or so countries in the world provide comprehensive health care to they're people and we, the greatest of them all, can't. Greed.
  9. Bob and Ray: In the law there is something called precedent. Most lawyers not in the Federalist Society will tell you that its important legal doctrine. You do not always have to abide by it, see Brown v Board 1954 versus Plessy V. Ferguson 1896, but you have to genuinely consider it. Concerning Mr. Wheeler and his choice for the second whistleblower, it this story is accurate, then it sounds like its either Bolton or Hill: https://www.politico.com/news/2019/10/15/donald-trump-impeachment-ukraine-investigation-046915
  10. The Frothy Right Gets More Excited about an Eight Year Old Phone than Contemporaneous Metadata https://www.emptywheel.net/2019/10/16/the-frothy-right-gets-more-excited-about-an-eight-year-old-phone-than-contemporaneous-metadata/?print=print Marcy Wheeler -- Emptywheel -- my favorite Wheeler!
  11. These are the same frames (albeit from different sources) as Groden's version. Quality is a little better. imo Groden's appears to be complete minus a few at the very beginning (before the sync point - not important at this time). This stabilized (my work) gif is from one of the other sources (one of the countless JFK specials with bits and pieces). The gif starts with the same Bell frame I equated to the Z435 sync and ends with the underpass sync. The span = 29 progressive frames.
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  13. That makes perfect sense. I was just prediagnosed with Meniere's Disease which is not curable. So my doctor recommended two drugs to take once I feel an attack coming on. One for vertigo and one for nausea. My health plan does not cover the anti nausea one. So I asked the druggist, how much is it without insurance. She said 8 bucks per pill. How do people get along without insurance? And my God, how much profit is enough for big pharma? As RFK Jr said, Big Pharma owns congress.
  14. Oh oh oh! Look over here everybody! Look at the deep state at work! Don't pay attention to Trump's treason in the Ukraine and Syria, look what "they" did with George Papadopoulos! It's right out of the Trump playbook -- look at the latest shiny object (Steele Dossier! Steele Dossier!) while high crimes go down right out in public...Sickening.
  15. It's not in the Constitution, Ray. It's been a Dept. of Justice guideline since 1973. Trump has successfully politicized the DOJ, and is above the law as long as the Trump cult of personality maintains its' hold on the Republican Party. He'll be impeached, but likely not removed until the 2020 election. It's interesting to watch the defenders of fascism wet themselves over Josef Misfud's blackberries. The investigations into Carter Page and George Papadopoulos went nowhere, and since they were never reported upon before the election had no impact on anything. Trump's water carriers like Mr. Wheeler and Mr. DiEugenio want to pretend that the Mueller investigation had something to do with this nonsense, but it didn't. These guys get all their talking points from Trump's disinformation playbook.
  16. "Where's the line? Answer me that." precisely Bob.
  17. Jawarki's opinion is irrelevant except in the case where he makes the determination of whether to indict or not. He has no standing in this case and his decision in WG holds no value as precedent other to be used as an excuse by a Trump friendly AG . Under that understanding, as I said before, he could have the FBI jail the Supremes and eliminate a branch of government. Ridiculous. What if he shot someone? Where's the line? Answer me that.
  18. Mr. Wheeler: This is really interesting. Addendum: It's embarrassing when a CIA operative posing as a Russian Intelligence agent looses his Crowdstrike Blackberry and Attorney General Barr and  US Attorney John Durham travel all the way to Italy to retrieve it. Everyone should click through on this. To me that just about cinches it as far as George P goes. But you think Mifsud was CIA instead of FBI? Why? Also, what do you think the whole Awan brothers episode was about and why was Schultz invovled?
  19. From my understanding, Jaworski wrestled with this idea for months on end during Watergate. He came to the conclusion that one could not indict a sitting president and that the Constitutional method was impeachment, and perhaps indicting him later once he was out of office. Its not what the Constitution does not say, its what it says.
  20. ...and to veer off for a second. I caught a virus on an airplane five years ago and ended up in a coma for two months. Fentanyl while I was out, dilaudid every three hours once I woke up(for two months, with a shot of ativan the next hour), and then finally oxycontin by the handful for almost a year after that. I weighed 85lbs when I got out of the hospital several months later. I am over six feet tall and not a small frame either. Couldn't gain an ounce. Went back to California with my folks for physical rehab and locked myself in the Safari Inn in Burbank for a week not allowing anyone to see me as I cold turkey cured the opiate nonsense. Switched to cookies and herbal oils for bedsores and joint pains and wouldn't you know it, within a week I had gained weight. Within a year I was competing again in professional golf tournaments. If you can't tell I have a certain bias against opiates and what they have done to our society and my generation.
  21. Where does it say in the constitution that a President cannot be indicted for a crime. Is he really above the law? Just a Limey wondering.
  22. I find the time frame quite interesting. In the 90's, when the Reagan War on Drugs fad was fading a bit, pharma and opiates start being introduced to the mainstream media in advertising. In a few years heroin and crack are no longer in the limelight, but here comes oxy. I graduated high school in 2001. Out of all the drugs you could find where I am from(Southwest Florida, lots of them), I never once heard of anyone using/selling/possessing heroin. Our class of 375 did lose over 24 students to overdoses of Oxycontin by the time we were 20. Fast forward a few years, now pill mills are in the limelight, Oxycontin is frowned upon, news about how bad the epidemic is start being churned out, and here comes heroin again. How hard would it be to track the people behind opiates? Who controls it? Who brings it in? Who monitors what is done with it? There just seems to be a cycle and now that Oxycontin is not as popular, heroin has made another resurgence. As well, you look at the 60's and heroin, and you see a lot of it was being produced in Southeast Asia. Then in the early 2000's I find out that Afghanistan was/still is a huge producer of poppy. Not saying there is a connection there, but it is awfully coincidental. If we track who is running the show for the big pharma companies, will we see a lot of the same ole' names from the past 100 years?
  23. Trump does not one thing from virtue. Agreed. His entire view of the world starts with "how does it effect me?" How anyone can miss the clinical narcissism is beyond me.
  24. Meanwhile, Trump sends troops to Saudi Arabia and continues to aid the Saudi slaughter in Yemen. By pulling out of the Iran nuke deal Trump pushed the region closer to war. But the defenders of Trumpian fascism celebrate when Trump betrays our Kurdish allies and plunges north-east Syria into war and ethnic cleansing. A real peacenik, that Trump!
  25. Take a look at this press conference, from about the 34 minute mark on, he really gives it to Graham and people like Kristol who want to see us stay in Syria. I can see why the neo cons don't like this stuff.
  26. This does sound logical Chris, and the frames you use with the Limo entering the bridge shadow looks synchronized to me. Sadly I don't have access to the original Bell frames, so I can't do any accurate calculations regarding frame numbers (i.e. to get the relative frame rate ratio from Bell to Zapruder). Do you have access to all of the original frames?
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