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    Took 22 years to get around to writing this: JFK CONSPIRACY FOR YOUNGER GENERATIONS https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?12892-The-Origin-History-of-the-term-quot-Hardcore-Punk-Rock-quot&p=125636#post125636

    Only took me 34 yrs to get around to writing this:
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  1. Someone who doesn’t read my posts knows what they are all about? ...What does the word “deep” mean in the classic use of the word by Peter Dale Scott? That which is meant to be kept hidden. Wall Street Banksters keep their influence in the National Security State hidden by control of the mass media. Theocratic Fascists keep their influence in the National Security State hidden by promoting the narrative that the “deep state” only works for the Banksters. Left non-fascists repeat the myth that the ruling elite is a monolithic “High Cabal”. This is an egregious mis-analysis which begs to attract withering ridicule.
  2. Wheeler doesn’t get the meaning of the German word “links” — “left.” Wheeler isn’t left. Another guy who knows all about my argument but doesn’t read my posts.
  3. Berube has me blocked but he knows all that I’m able to think? No, I push back every time someone who should know better repeats Trump talking points about the secret cooperation with Russian operatives. Berube and DiEugenio especially spend far more time bashing Democrats than bashing Trump — right out of the Trumpenlinks playbook. That Berube is openly “unattached” to a never Trump philosophy says a lot.
  4. Did you denounce Trump pulling out of the Iran nuke deal? Or his pulling out of the Paris Climate accords? Or his rollback of Obama’s Cuban policy? Or the tearing of babies from the arms of their mothers on the southern border? Or the myriad white supremacist policies and statements? You decry the Carter Page FISA warrants but have you ever denounced the FBI hijacking the 2016 election in Trump’s favor? All your “no collusion” nonsense defines your Trumpenlinks membership. You repeat Fascist talking points endlessly. Live with it.
  5. What are the chances the resident Trumpenlinks (DiEugenio, Carter, Berube) will denounce Trump’s hit on Soleimani? If a Democrat pulled this move they’d never get off it.
  6. Why would it be necessary to protect the reputation of Mark Zaid? The whistleblower became irrelevant when all those diplomatic corps witnesses came forward. Team Fascist and it’s non-Fascist Useful Idiot Auxiliary obsess over sweet nothings — FISA warrants, the Steele Dossier, the UkraineGate whistleblower — because they can’t face the facts of Trump’s egregious treason.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/nymag.com/intelligencer/amp/2019/12/trump-putin-told-me-ukraine-conspiracy-russia-impeachment.html
  8. Cory, Oswald claimed in his 11/22/63 interview that he was watching the “P. parade”. He was accused of firing 3 6.5mm Full Metal Jacket rounds. It can be proven that JFK had a shallow wound in the soft tissue between his Third Thoracic Vertebra and the upper margin of his right scapula. 6.5 mm FMJ don’t leave shallow wounds in soft tissue. Since Oswald was provably innocent of the charge against him — isn’t the burden of proof on those who insist he *wasn’t* outside watching the motorcade?
  9. The Larry Hancock/David Boylan work on Wheaton Names, focusing attention on Carl Jenkins and Rafael Quintero The Malcolm Blunt/Bart Kamp release of FBI SA James Hosty’s notes on Oswald’s interview in custody, underlining his alibi that he went outside to watch the “P. parade.”
  10. DiEugenio appears oblivious to former White House Counsel Don McGahn’s refusal to testify before the House on Trump’s extensive obstruction of justice, and the protracted court battle over that refusal. It’s been in all the papers — how could DiEugenio miss it? Almost the entire Dem caucus reacted with instantaneous revulsion to Trump’s extortion of an ally to meddle in our elections. No one had to get anyone to “go along” DiEugenio has photos of Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X on his website, but not once has he denounced Trump’s blatant racism. I wonder what AOC would think of such fecklessness?
  11. Vince, you go to the top of the list of "name" JFKA researchers, in my book. To the best of my knowledge, you, Don Jeffries, David Josephs, and Lawrence Schnapf are the only active members of the JFKA Master Class who acknowledge the T3 back wound/throat entrance wound. (I don't put Vincent Salandria or E Martin Schotz on the active list.). While Schnapf acknowledges the T3 back wound he didn't present it at the Oswald Mock Trial in 2018, and when the prosecution claimed JFK was shot in the back of the neck the defense didn't challenge it. The list of JFKA Master Class T3-deniers is long and imho -- inglorious. I don't think people fully appreciate how significant the T3 back wound is. A shallow wound in soft tissue between T3 and the upper margin of the scapula precludes a 6.5mm Full Metal Jacket strike. That lets Oswald off the hook and bolsters his alibi. T3 proves that at least one autopsy photo is a fake, and the final autopsy report is a fraud. And of course it proves conspiracy. The T3 back wound is the most powerful evidence in the case and yet it's been buried for decades under Pet Theorist bull-offal.
  12. I infer you've concluded the shallow back wound was at T3. Yes? I think we're on the same page regarding the medical evidence. Thanks, Vince.
  13. When did Assange say it was a leak? He said he didn't get the e-mails from Russian state actors, which is nothing more than a non-denial denial. So the release of the DNC e-mails at the start of the Democratic Convention didn't help Trump? The alternative universe occupied by Trumpenlinks is such an amazing place! Lewis Carroll's got nothing on these people! So to Dennis Berube it is "quite conceivable" that the DNC was hacked to draw attention away from Clinton by focusing intense attention...on Clinton. Genius!
  14. Vince, as a student of the medical evidence what have you concluded as to the location of JFK's back wound?
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