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  1. Jim Marrs Has Passed Away

    Sad news, indeed. RIP, Jim Marrs, you were one of the best.
  2. No way Trump is engaged in this issue. Since it doesn't involve him, Agent Orange has zero interest.
  3. Vietnam Declassified: Kennedy, Johnson,Nixon

    The truth of that only goes so far. <quote on> "Today's World Report: Truce Moves Reported In Viet Nam," New York World-Telegram & Sun, (Friday), 25 October 1963, p.6: "LONDON - The government of South Vietnam and Communist North Viet Nam are apparently making exploratory contacts that could lead to a truce, diplomatic sources said. There was no official confirmation…Diplomatic sources said the current moves were believed to be aiming at some sort of truce arrangement with possible wider ramifications." <quote off> The overthrow and murder of Diem had an obvious impact on Diem's plans to negotiate peace with the North and the inevitable withdrawal of US troops. Kennedy's policy of regime change in Saigon contributed greatly to the Vietnam War. Kennedy was deceived on August 24, but by failing to fire all the deceivers he must take responsibility for the regime change policy.
  4. Vietnam Declassified: Kennedy, Johnson,Nixon

    Kennedy green-lit the overthrow of Diem on August, 24, 1963, having been taken off-guard by Averell Harriman, George Ball, Roger Hilsman, and Michael Forrestal okaying Cable 243 to So Viet Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge If JFK had fired all four of those guys and sent a new cable to Lodge that countermanded Cable 243 he would have taken control of SE Asia policy. Kennedy's failure to seize command of that policy had as much to do with the Vietnam war as anything.
  5. The Following Was Posted in the McAdams Newsgroup

    There are 2 kinds of JFK medical evidence: that which was properly collected/maintained/recorded/prepared according to the prevailing professional protocols, and that which was not properly produced. The autopsy photos were not prepared according to proper protocols, and there is no chain of possession for them. The back wound location described in the final autopsy report was not given the proper anatomical landmark. The back wound measurements written on the autopsy face sheet in pen violated protocol which requires a face sheet filled out in pencil. The part of the face sheet showing the wound well below the base of the neck was filled out and signed off as "verified" -- in pencil. Admr. George Burkley's death certificate described the back wound s in the vicinity of T3, which was the proper way to record it. This was also signed off as "verified." The contemporaneous notes of two Parkland doctors, Carrico and Jones, describing the throat wound as an entrance were properly prepared. The clothing was in the possession of the Secret Service until the FBI picked it up on Saturday. Dr. David Mantik can tell us all about the problems with the head x-rays, but he insists the neck x-ray was genuine. So we disregard the autopsy photos, the final autopsy report, the pen-recorded face sheet measurements, and the head x-rays. We accept as evidence the clothing, the neck x-ray, the autopsy face sheet filled out in pencil, the contemporaneous notes of the Parkland doctors, Burkley's death certificate, and last but not least the properly prepared FBI report on the autopsy. Properly produced evidence trumps improper. The JFK medical evidence summarized in 5 words...
  6. The Following Was Posted in the McAdams Newsgroup

    Will these guys acknowledge the T3 back wound? If not, they are incompetent.
  7. The Following Was Posted in the McAdams Newsgroup

    There is a difference between exonerating Lee Harvey Oswald from the murder of JFK -- and exonerating Lee Harvey Oswald from the conspiracy to murder JFK.. The jury should know that a conspiracy existed as a prima facie fact given the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE -- not your dodgy "medical evidence". Why do I get the feeling that you guys would rather have a root canal on your birthday than mention the actual physical evidence in the JFK murder case?
  8. The Following Was Posted in the McAdams Newsgroup

    Experts on the Oswald assassination, or experts on the murder of JFK? They're not the same. For Oswald researchers physical evidence begins with the MC, while any competent inquiry into the murder of Kennedy examines the only extant physical evidence -- his clothing. Is the primary goal of the Oswald defenders the exoneration of Lee Harvey Oswald, or to establish the fact of conspiracy by logically inferring conspiracy from Oswald's innocence? The debate over Oswald should be conducted with the fact of conspiracy as a sub-text established by the physical evidence in the Kennedy murder case, rather than in the context of establishing conspiracy at the end of the mock trial.
  9. When was Oswald contacted by the conspirators?

    Wecht, Thompson and Mantik are the Princes of the Vichy CT -- T3 back wound deniers. They deserve as much condemnation as Bugliosi, who also denied the T3 back wound. The bullet holes in the back of JFK's shirt and coat are too low to have been associated with the throat wound -- a FACT those three gentlemen have failed to properly weigh. So they are going to put the Lone Nut Scenaro on trial in the court of public opinion -- who is going to put them on trial?
  10. David Talbot's posting today from Italy

    I think we're looking at supra-national/supra-institutional entities involved in Guns-Oil-Drugs.
  11. David Talbot's posting today from Italy

    The Corsicans in 1963 dominated the production of heroin but not its distribution. The Sicilian-American Outfit along with their blue-blood WASP allies dominated the distribution of heroin, and moved the center of opuim production from Turkey to the Golden Triangle. Eventually the opium fields in Turkey were shut down and the "French Connection" of Corsican narcotics traffickers smashed.
  12. David Talbot's posting today from Italy

    More on the Underhill Scenario from Martin Blank: You ask: "So how did the tools and talents developed by Bill Harvey for ZR/RIFLE and Operation MONGOOSE get exported to Vietnam? Kennedy immediately ordered (William R.) Corson to find out what had happened and who was responsible. The answer he came up with: “On instructions from Averell Harriman…. The orders that ended in the deaths of Diem and his brother originated with Harriman and were carried out by Henry Cabot Lodge’s own military assistant.” The CIA got involved in Vietnam in 1950 as CIA officers moved to French Indochina as a part of the legation of the United States in the city of Saigon. After their arrival, CIA involvement expanded to a new large base in Hanoi. I doubt Harvey had a monopoly on these methods and skills. you say: Harriman/Bush were in on the drug trade and used those State-Department-upsetting CIA operations cowboys for gun/dope running? remember what gary underhill said: Only hours after Kennedy was shot, CIA agent Gary Underhill left Washington, D.C., and drove to the home of friends on Long Island, N.Y. Underhill says he fears for his life and he must leave the country. "This country is too dangerous for me. I've got to get on a boat.Oswald is a patsy. They set him up. It's too much. The bastards have done something outrageous. They've killed the president! I've been listening and hearing things. I couldn't believe they'd get away with it, but they did.They've gone made! They're a bunch of drug runners and gun runners-a real violence group.I know who they are. That's the problem. They know I know. That's why I'm here.'' The friends offered Underhill sanctuary but he left, never to return. Six months later, he was dead, a "suicide.'' The bullet was in his left temple. Underhill was right-handed.
  13. David Talbot's posting today from Italy

    He doesn't express Dulles-involvement as an opinion, but as an unchallengeable fact. Don't get me wrong, Talbot's done excellent work, I'm a fan -- but his fingering Dulles as the heavy in the Kennedy assassination as a fact is unsupported by historical facts regarding personages more powerful than Dulles-Angleton-Harvey combined, and who may have acted in a supra-institutional channel a la the Corson Scenario.
  14. David Talbot's posting today from Italy

    On the broader subject of Death Squads also consider the crew who assassinated Fred Hampton -- the Chicago PD Red Squad. How many big city police departments featured Death Squads? Back to the subject of Allen Dulles -- a couple of questions -- What did Dulles have to gain by arranging the murder of JFK, besides revenge? What did Allen Dulles have to lose by arranging for family friends of his girlfriend to host the Oswalds? Seems to me he had more to lose than gain. On the subject of James Jesus Angleton -- looks to me like he screwed the pooch. I speculate his job was to arrange the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and frame Fidel Castro for the Kennedy hit. He had two top psy-op guys as lieutenants -- Edward Lansdale and David Phillips. But the plot failed when Oswald was captured alive, which put a whole lot of Agency connected guys in the patsy chain -- Ruby,and Tippit foremost -- with Howard Hunt and Allen Dulles in line to go down if the Agency were exposed with their fingerprints all over the patsy.
  15. David Talbot's posting today from Italy

    From his base in Rome did William Harvey organize a Corsican crew to whack Kennedy? From his base in Saigon did Lucien Conein organize guys who'd run guns to the Chinese Kuomintang (KMT) in Laos, and ran dope out of Burma/Laos, to whack Kennedy? Only a Pet Theorist would say only one of those was possible.