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    In the early 80's I helped weaponize rocknroll (see bio); in the early 90's I helped weaponize collectors' trading cards; since then I've been helping to weaponize the salient fact of conspiracy in the murder of JFK: the bullet holes in his clothes are too low to associate with his throat wound.

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  1. Cliff Varnell

    Ice bullets

    The CIA didn't use frozen gelatine bullets. https://www.aarclibrary.org/publib/church/reports/vol1/pdf/ChurchV1_6_Senseney.pdf From the Church Comm. testimony of CIA Director William Colby (pg 17) http://www.aarclibrary.org/publib/church/reports/vol1/pdf/ChurchV1_1_Colby.pdf <quote on> Mr. CHAIRMAN: Is it not true, too, that the effort not only involved not only designing a gun that could strike at a human target without knowledge of the person who had been struck, but the toxin itself would not appear in the autopsy? Mr. COLBY: Well, there was an attempt— Mr. CHAIRMAN: Or the dart. Mr. COLBY: Yes; so there was no way of perceiving that the target was hit. Mr. CHAIRMAN: As a murder instrument, that is about as efficient as you can get, is it not? Mr. COLBY: It is a weapon, a very serious weapon. <quote off>
  2. Cliff Varnell

    Where is the exit?

    Thanks for your kind words, Roy. I'm with you up to this point. Result of the back shot. Don't forget the air pocket overlaying the right C7/T1 transverse processes. Draw a line from the T1 TP to the C7 TP and you'll end up with a trajectory pointing to the top of the 4th trach ring. The HSCA identified a lower margin abrasion collar with the T1 wound in the Fox 5 "back of the head" autopsy photo. The bullet hole in the jacket is 4.125" below the bottom of the collar, 1.75" to the right of midline. Shirt defect is 4" below the bottom of the collar, 1.125" right of midline. JFK's casual movements only moved his clothing a fraction of an inch, never more. Same with you, and everyone. I buy that as a plausible explanation. If it was a conventional round something needed to slow it down, or it would have gone right thru Kennedy's throat.
  3. Cliff Varnell

    Where is the exit?

    The shallow wound was noted in the FBI report on the autopsy, not the final autopsy report. That the wound was probed and no path found was revealed in the ARRB testimony of Col. Pierre Finck and the WC testimony of SS SA Roy Kellerman. But the Warren Commission was clearly wrong. The bullet holes in the clothes are too low to associate with the throat wound. That so much energy is expended by so-called "CTs" trying to blow smoke over this fact is mind-boggling. Why assume? Do I "assume" the back of your neck isn't 4 inches below the bottom of your shirt collar? No, it's a fact of human anatomy. The historical record indicates two possibilities -- the rounds were removed prior to the autopsy, or the rounds were high tech ordnance and didn't show up in the body or on x-ray. The autopsists provided the latter explanation.
  4. Cliff Varnell

    Where is the exit?

    I have no idea what you're claiming here, Mathias. The lower floors of the Dal-Tex were below the limo? How does a shot striking the back at T3 cause a hairline fracture of the right T1 transverse process? I suggest you think this thru before trying to breath life into something born dead.
  5. Cliff Varnell

    1963, Heroin, Cocaine, and the assassination

    Of course the CHICOMS gave out lots of free dope. Pound for pound the most effective form of foreign aid for chosen leaders. Anslinger tried to claim that the Red Chinese were the world's major dope traffickers when of course it was the Nationalist Chinese Kuomintang who enjoyed that distinction. A boutique operation out of Castro's Cuba would have been a smuggler's dream. Are we to believe that Mao and Castro were men of such high moral character that they would draw the line at smuggling dope to Yanks? Executing their own people, okay, but getting Yanquis loaded was a bridge too far?
  6. Cliff Varnell

    1963, Heroin, Cocaine, and the assassination

    My best guess is if Castro ran dope it was from the Red Chinese who bought it off their "enemy" the Kuomintang. I'd be shocked if Castro didn't run a boutique dope smuggling operation. Why wouldn't he? He's 90 miles off the coast of the biggest dope market in the world.
  7. Cliff Varnell

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    Fake Debate. All who aspire to practice intellectual honesty must beware Fake Debate a/k/a The JFKA "Question of Conspiracy" Parlor Game. In 1966 Gaeton Fonzi confronted Arlen Specter with the fact that the bullet holes in JFK's clothes were too low to associate with the throat wound. Specter had a nervous breakdown. To the intellectually honest that ended the controversy -- JFK was hit by multiple shooters. But the Fake Debate Parlor Game is seductive, and like any game it gets addictive. So all Lone Nutters and lots of Pet Theorist CTs pretend the clothing evidence doesn't exist in order to play the Fake Debate Game. Shame on all of 'em.
  8. Ron, there are a whole lot of Major JFK Assassination Critics who don't understand the importance of clothes as evidence in a homicide. If they did there wouldn't be so many researchers denying the T3 back wound/throat entrance wound. The night of the autopsy the Secret Service enforced a "no-fly zone" over the clothing -- which the JFKA Critical Master Class maintains.
  9. This is one of those subjects the JFKA Critical Master Class maintain a "no-fly zone" -- except in cases of Louis Witt Derangement Syndrome where researchers insist the Umbrella Man had a high tech weapon as suspected by the prosectors. Other than that, the Prosectors' Scenario is not considered a serious possibility by the JFKA Master Class.
  10. From autopsy-attendee FBI SA Francis O'Neill's sworn affidavit for the HSCA: <quote on> Some discussion did occur concerning the disintegration of the bullet. A general feeling existed that a soft-nosed bullet struck JFK. There was discussion concerning the back wound that the bullet could have been a "plastic" type or an "Ice" [sic] bullet, one which dissolves after contact. <quote off> From autopsy-attendee FBI SA James Sibert's sworn affidavit for the HSCA: <quote on> The doctors also discussed a possible deflection of the bullet in the body caused by striking bone. Consideration was also given to a type of bullet which fragments completely....Following discussion among the doctors relating to the back injury, I left the autopsy room to call the FBI Laboratory and spoke with Agent Chuch [sic] Killion. I asked if he could furnish any information regarding a type of bullet that would almost completely fragmentize (sic). <quote off> David, the prosectors took the scenario seriously. They struggled with the nomenclature -- "plastic", "soft-nosed," "ice bullet". Instead of researching a Dick Tracy strip why not research high-tech weapons that don't leave a trace in the body or on x-ray? https://www.aarclibrary.org/publib/church/reports/vol1/pdf/ChurchV1_6_Senseney.pdf
  11. Cliff Varnell

    The Endlessly Misleading Term, 'Conspiracy Theory'

    They say a sharp game of pool is the sign of a misspent youth. A complex debunking of the SBT is the sign of a misspent middle age.
  12. Cliff Varnell

    The Endlessly Misleading Term, 'Conspiracy Theory'

    Does anyone one this thread own a shirt? Do you wear it? You have the opportunity to not only see your shirt you can feel it and perhaps even hear it when you move. When you casually move around a fraction of an inch of your shirt moves. Is this sometime you're not capable of observing? Given the bullet hole 4 inches below the bottom of JFK's shirt collar, and the fact that casual movement only causes a fraction of an inch of fabric "ease," the back wound was too low to be associated with the throat wound. Why are you all letting these nutters off the hook by playing their fake debate game? Conspiracy in the murder of JFK is a fact to be observed not a "theory" to debate.
  13. Cliff Varnell

    Roger Hilsman on JFK vs LBJ on Vietnam

    Roger Hilsman: Buddhists bit – tasted a little bit of political blood. Bit harder – tasted more political blood -- and then finally began to use American television. None of them spoke English but their signs were all in English. (36:53) Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 0.16MB
  14. Cliff Varnell

    Ken Silverstein and Jeffrey St. Clair get Counterpunched

    And, alas, here we have crypto-LoneNutter threads like "Where's the exit?" The JFKA Critical Master Class has maintained a "no-fly zone" over the T3 back wound/throat entrance wound for almost 52 years, since the publication of LIFE Magazine's "A Matter of Reasonable Doubt" edition. The US Gov't and the MSM are slouchers when it comes to obfuscating the root facts of the JFKA.
  15. Cliff Varnell

    Where is the exit?

    The smaller shard shoots up and stops to the right side of the larynx, causing contusion and hematoma there. But there was no bone shard on the x-ray. It disappeared. This whole scenario is a joke. Pet Theorists always seize on one Lone Nut talking point and then try to spin it in a CT context. Tink Thompsom started this JFKA Parlor Game garbage when he threw pixie dust over the T3 back wound/throat entrance in SSID.