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  1. Hi Chris, Welcome to the forum. Here is a link to an informative discussion about the puddle. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/9768-blood-in-dealey-plaza/?do=findComment&comment=402521 And, some Darnell footage which shows the puddle at lower left on the sidewalk:
  2. Maybe someone else can do the math now that they know what Bronson's frame rate was.
  3. David, Using the previous post and real frame count, transpose Mandel's frame count description of his last two shots and work backwards from extant z313. Tim's overall average of .174ft per frame x 74 frames = 12.876ft is still close enough to fulfill Brehm's distance estimate. 74 frames +/- 1 frame is an important aspect of this. More to come on that.
  4. Let me account for the total of 1.66 frames that so prominently shows up at the ITEK bump using what's been presented so far. Remember, I started the frame removal at extant z291 = 22 frames short of extant z313. 22 real frames x 3.3333 limo slowed frames = 73.3333 total frames 22.5 real frames x 3.333 limo slowed frames = 74.999 total frames 74.999-73.333 = 1.66.. frames = Itek match. It's important to understand this as it will help you realize the ratio being used for frame removal along with real total frames for a specific span. Here's further proof of this from Tim's paper in the form of total time. 4.1sec x 18.3fps = 75.03 frames Added on edit: This is all based on +/- 1frame
  5. Now compare his jogging speed to Z's version when this is played at the correct frame rate. A closer look will also reveal he is bringing his right leg forward initally, followed by left and back to right. When you view Z, notice what leg is moving forward when he first enters the frame. Besides that problem, it's a hint on what will lead to a more keyed sync point among the two films if you don't figure it out beforehand.
  6. That's not what I was geting at. If Z, Muchmore? , Nix and Bronson were all running at the same frame rate, then the same frame removal sequence would have been in order. But, if there was a film that was shot at a different frame rate, that would be a more difficult task to complete especially with moving objects in relationship to other moving objects. Compare speeds of our jogging man. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/22692-swan-song-math-rules/?do=findComment&comment=426317 http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/22692-swan-song-math-rules/?do=findComment&comment=426644
  7. Agree that Mandel was supporting the TSBD scenario. Even with that said, go back to the early SS/FBI plat of Dec5, 1963. Run the 74 frames forward from where I determined Station# 3+81.3 lands and where do you end up: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/22692-swan-song-math-rules/?do=findComment&comment=392129 http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/22692-swan-song-math-rules/?do=findComment&comment=330783 Now continue on with the 48 frames that fill approx z291-z313. It's not necessary(imo) to implement 48fps slo-mo into the equation anymore. The same (extra frames) result was the limo slowing down/instantaneous stopping and extra frames created by its limited speed. Tim has shown with the mere removal of those excess frames the headturns are impossible. "Based on 18fps as reported in Life Magazine" from graphic above has to be based on Mandel's article. Anytime someone quotes specific frame totals, I'm all ears. I believe it was in 1959 that the changeover from 16fps to 18fps was approved. So, even though the 16fps designation remained on the camera's, it wasn't necessarily a reflection of it's stock speed. P.S. "All ears" has more frame sync's to add to this recent revealation that I'm sure you'll enjoy, just hang in there.
  8. Look for her running cohort among the branches:
  9. Paul Mandel from Life magazine Dec6, 1963 will give you an idea of the version he was viewing.
  10. Let's add Charles Brehm for help with some of the distance. Tim's average true speed(2.33mph + 2.06 + 2.13) for the limo from extant z291-z317 = .174ft per frame Starting with Z291 to z313 = 22frames I'll use 48 frames(the reason in next post) as my real total frame count between z291-z313 .174ft per frame x 48 frames = 8.35ft 8.35ft + 2.379ft(plotting of headshot farther West down Elm, until Specter moves it that distance farther East and it's labeled as extant z313) = 10.729ft LIsten to Brehm and count the shots starting slightly before z291. BREHM expressed his opinion that between the first and third shots, the President's car only seemed to move 10 or 12 feet. It seemed to him that the automobile almost came to a halt after the first shot, but of this he is not certain. After the third shot, the car in which the President was riding increased its speed and went under the freeway overpass and out of his sight.
  11. Now add the FBI's Webb analysis(credit Gary Murr) to Tim's frame removal study(z291+) and my ITEK Nix bump at the Z equivalent of z289-z293. This should provide a fairly accurate indicator as to when a major excision was beginning. imo
  12. Sorry If I wasn't more clear on what the gifs represent. The previous two gifs concern only Glover and her jogging cohort in the background. Comparison purposes only, for what's coming up. That which relates to the current excision of frames discussion.
  13. We can now incorporate more of Tim's work in relationship to my speed bump comparison from ITEK. This was very helpful as I could only plot an average speed from extant z276-z301 of 9.71mph. With that said, the average reduced speed between extant z276-z301(9.71mph) and extant z301- z313(7.47mph)= was 2.24mph. Sound familiar!!!
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