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  1. Only two counties in Wisconsin(Dane+Milwaukee) with enough voters to cover the concern above. Wisconsin- 25,163 + 143,379 = 168,542 143,379/168,542 = 85% Biden 15% Trump Start feeding the Dane county mail in ballots. 85% x 190,000 = 161,500 Biden Trump 28,500 The remaining votes in Dane county would have split approx 66% to 33% in Biden's favor.
  2. https://www.timesonline.com/story/news/2020/11/20/republicans-move-election-audit-grove-says-dominion-hiding/6363261002/ Excerpt from article above: "Dominion voting equipment is used by 1.3 million voters in 14 Pennsylvania counties: York, Erie, Montgomery, Bedford, Armstrong, Carbon, Crawford, Clarion, Fayette, Luzerne, Fulton, Jefferson, Pike and Warren." Philadelphia used a different company.
  3. Interactive map of Philadelphia. Just drag your cursor across for the different vote totals from each precinct. It gives a much clearer picture of the shellacking Trump took. https://www.inquirer.com/politics/election/philadelphia-presidential-votes-map-20201106.html
  4. Republican judge throws out another frivolous lawsuit. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/trump-pennsylvania-giuliani-lawsuit-235604325.html
  5. Reality shows, in the state of Pennsylvania, the Libertarian candidate in 2016 received more votes (even though a significantly lesser amount of total votes were cast in Philadelphia and statewide) than the current 2020 election.
  6. He'll win it for the third time after the machine recount is ordered by the Trumpians and the count completed. Thankfully, it's already certified.
  7. https://sos.ga.gov/index.php/elections/historic_first_statewide_audit_of_paper_ballots_upholds_result_of_presidential_race
  8. The Georgia hand recount totals at the bottom, after the two missing memory cards from Fayette/Floyd counties were entered. Vote total difference between hand/machine count = 5262. Trump gained an advantage of 496 from those votes. None of which came close to overturning the outcome from the original machine count.
  9. Time for another worthless lawsuit filing by Gulliani and co. https://www.mlive.com/public-interest/2020/11/wayne-county-republicans-cant-rescind-their-votes-to-certify-election-says-secretary-of-state.html
  10. Speaking of suppressing the vote: The reason Trump was ahead early in Pennsylvania was because the mail-in ballots were counted last. I believe that was due to the state legislature (Republican controlled) who decided not to start counting the mail-in ballots early, unlike other states which did. It's not difficult to find the approx entry where the mail-in ballot counting began. At that point, Trump was approx 661,000 votes ahead. But, if one looks at the overwhelming ballots cast by mail in terms of party affiliation, it is rather clear, that seemingly insurmountable l
  11. Mine too. But, broken down among my siblings who are all in their 50's and 60's, it's not as surprising, but disappointing. 4Men/3Women - One male who has passed and one I don't see anymore. 2 Men/1 Woman (all married) - Biden 2 Women (One married, one not) - Trump
  12. Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-elections/exit-polls I was thinking along those same lines. Don't know how accurate this will be when it's all said and done, but I don't believe it will change greatly. But, at this time, take a look at the total vote count difference between them, approx 4.5 million. Now, look at the total difference just in California, it's fairly close to that 4.5 million. I understand that difference will grow once California is completed, but this is way too close for a total vote count approaching 150 million voters. So, kudos
  13. You forgot about the super majority of African-American women who rejected your theory.
  14. Another worthless tweet. https://news.yahoo.com/no-21-000-dead-people-151302680.html
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