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  1. Chris Davidson

    Pauline Sanders

    Chin or Clavicle?
  2. Chris Davidson

    Who changed the motorcade route?

    PhotoCredit to my brother, Greg. (RIP) Approx across the street from the Z pedestal:
  3. Chris Davidson

    Who changed the motorcade route?

    Bell Stabilized: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19WTp-na4XCRB3qwxVdfg7dh9FGFNR1dq/view?usp=sharing
  4. Chris Davidson

    Pauline Sanders

    Linda, I wasn't doubting that it was Pauline. I thought she looked quite old for the photos supplied. Checked "Classmates.com" and sure enough she's in both yearbooks. Here's her later affidavit(gives birthdate/place of birth) along with Sarah Stanton's, which confirmed your research for me. Well done and thank you for the info, Chris
  5. Chris Davidson

    Pauline Sanders

    Double check according to age please. The only person (imo) that looks close to 36/37 years of age in this photo is the taller woman to Mrs R.E. Sanders left. My wife puts Sanders at 50-60 years old, which I agree with.
  6. Hi Chris. These are the actual measurements made of the entrance steps of the TSBD, made at my request some years ago by existing TSBD  staff . Hope they are of some help.


    If they don't transmit properly. email me at ray.mitcham@btinternet.com and I will send them via email.





    TSBD Steps measuremnt.pdf

    1. Chris Davidson

      Chris Davidson

      Thanks Ray,

      Your total (50inches) over 7 steps is 1 inch higher than my recreation steps.

      The height relationship between Frazier and PM seen in Darnell, pretty much matches my wife and me, via my recreation photos.

      So, someone standing 1 step below the landing(as my wife is) would work.



      I did move ourselves up to the top landing (7ft in depth), and took photos of my wife and me. Will post those eventually, so one can get an ideal of the drop-off in human size at 3 and 6 ft increments from the landing front edge.





  7. Chris Davidson

    "My New Thread"

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/190JzmbnyCNkeLi7VdAAtyKqinCjXzkjK/view?usp=sharing The steps are 7 inches heigh. The steps are 12 inches in depth. The photos are taken approx 75 ft from the front step. My wife is 70 inches tall. I am 72.5 inches tall. I raised my heel up to create an approx 3.5 inch difference between us.
  8. Chris Davidson

    "My New Thread"

    Andrej, When I scale the blocks (337%) to coincide with the Oswald ruler at 100% (each increment representing 1 inch), BWF should be taller.
  9. Chris Davidson

    "My New Thread"

    Andrej, Can you double check the height difference between the top of the (red and green) columns in relationship to the height difference between (PM and Frazier)? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ia6AHXs9NlbXXPeXmz5dXJysiYCKag3C/view?usp=sharing
  10. Chris Davidson

    "My New Thread"

    I don't consider overtly posting links to checks/balances for Andrej's work as secret collaboration. Yes, I still believe it's a woman based on my photo enhancements. Enough said on my part.
  11. Chris Davidson

    "My New Thread"

    Andrej, Good to see the inclusion of a measuring scale. The size difference between this one and the previous block measured Oswald provided: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZM8qkE-KYbctkRXbl6T3zu0Ol-4A9Dx1/view?usp=sharing Perhaps others have suggestions for alterations, but I'm fine with it.
  12. Chris Davidson

    "My New Thread"

    Andrej, Download for true size: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HrJ2P5zbl0Lm1Hc9Z4IRde6mbY4HxdIh/view?usp=sharing Scaled Oswald to 66% so the tip of the shoes to the top of his head equals 69 increments/inches. Then used your first Poser model (scaled to 92%) with 30 inch leg length designation as the overlay. Blue lines are (head to chin) and (ground to 30inch) using tip of shoes as the starting point.
  13. Chris Davidson

    "My New Thread"

    Andrej, I believe if you align (your lower block bottom edge) with the tip of Oswald's shoe as the starting measuring point, this will pick up the additional inches. As it stands now, that lower block ends at the upper ankle, which on my foot, is about 3 inches from the ground. Imo Anyhow, Here is the new Poser (upscaled to 107.75%), it is at the end so you get an idea of the adjustment difference you made between it and the previous Poser. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kp0XPlBTRStQP0xx2kqOG1P0g2QFnB-n/view?usp=sharing
  14. Chris Davidson

    "My New Thread"

    Andrej, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TpCqAW19guUqXmzyu0nvKMhDgC4Dt0BU/view?usp=sharing I took the new James Poser and scaled him down at 96.5% (2.5inches too tall) to match the existing Oswald height. Is Poser the correct height now or do I need to upscale Oswald to Poser's height? Just to be clear, does the measurement via the checkered path(30 inches mentioned) equal your leg length (not the inseam) for Oswald?