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  1. Ron Bulman

    Did LBJ Duck?

    So in regard to the initial thread question, per respected researcher Jim Marr's interview of Senator Yarborough he said "Johnson And Youngblood ducked down as the shooting began". Is that a key point? If they both ducked at the first shot and nobody else did... were they listening for shots, did they have fore knowledge? Pure conjecture and speculation on my part. But based in realistic possibility?
  2. Ron Bulman

    Angleton's Testimony

    Yes B.A., you know better than I and Jim better than both of us Sprague's downfall was intentional. He was smeared by the mockingbird poop in the MSM and influence with congressmen and senators was brought to bear. Blakey dumped on the mafia and stonewalled the real investigators. The CIA on top of the Operation Mockingbird stuff brought Joannides (DRE in 63) out of retirement to stonewall Lopez and Hardway. Your right, it is stomach turning, a sad time in our history. We all got bamboozled. And still are to this day.
  3. Ron Bulman

    Did LBJ Duck?

    However, former Texas senator Ralph Yarborough, who was sitting beside Johnson that day, told this author: 'It just didn't happen.... It was a small car, Johnson was a big man, tall. His knees were up against his chin as it was. There was no room for that to happen.' Yarborough recalled that both Johnson and Youngblood ducked down as the shooting began and that Youngblood never left the front seat. Yarborough said Youngblood held a small walkie-talkie over the back of the car's seat and that he and Johnson both put their ears to the device. He added: 'They had it turned down real low. I couldn't hear what they were listening to.'" --Jim Marrs, Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy Edited August 26, 2010 by Robert Morrow
  4. Ron Bulman

    Did LBJ Duck?

  5. Ron Bulman

    Did LBJ Duck?

  6. Ron Bulman

    Did LBJ Duck?

    You see Yarborough and Ladybird. I guess LBJ could be leaning forward or to the right...
  7. Ron Bulman

    Warning to Jimmy Carter.

    Then I'll bump this within it.
  8. Ron Bulman

    Whistling by the Graveyard

    I know I've seen a little clearer picture or at least larger of umbrella man and radio man. If Hargraves is supposed to be radio man as David B suggests I guess there is a resemblance in the fuzzy picture I found. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=ItV5DkjR&id=32926BC56EC75B3D01C87EEF306BF6693E3E1981&thid=OIP.ItV5DkjRf2NRjlibEkqBhQHaEK&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fresources0.news.com.au%2fimages%2f2013%2f11%2f22%2f1226765%2f819612-umbrellaman.jpg&exph=366&expw=650&q=umbrella+man+jfk&simid=608004665319886589&selectedIndex=58&qpvt=umbrella+man+jfk&ajaxhist=0 http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKhargraves.htm If Vidal was umbrella man he'd grown his hair out or was wearing a beatles wig compared to previous pictures. Then again somebody has speculated radio man was Gordon Novel... https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=Oa6TmAtj&id=78DE86CB2A5060202DCDD6D40F5AD4A344AFA59E&thid=OIP.Oa6TmAtjP-6lrY3RACm8IQHaI_&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.alienscientist.com%2fjfk%2fta_tum2.jpg&exph=550&expw=453&q=umbrella+man+jfk&simid=607998806998255159&selectedIndex=186&ajaxhist=0 Are we just whistling Dixie here, by the graveyard?
  9. Ron Bulman

    John Connally's Lapel

    I could see Connally's suit lapel flipping out as the bullet came out his nipple. If it was bunched up like JFK's collar so the magic pristine single bullet could enter his neck instead of T3. But only if he was hunched over forward and turned to the right would the angle be right. Right? Then again, I don't remember pictures of JC's coat and shirt. If this is true his tailored shirt would have remained close to his body. The suit would have bunched. And the bullet holes wouldn't have lined up. Would they?
  10. Ron Bulman

    LBJ Did It To Stay Out Of Jail?

    I remembered right and wrong. LBJ remained stoic throughout the parade, and shots, according to Yarborough. Youngblood leaned back and LBJ forward to listen to the Secret Service walkie talkie like 2 channel radio as they headed under the triple overpass. Yarborough is quite clear that the "cock and bull" story (his words) that Youngblood ever came over into the back seat or sat on Johnson. Yarborough thinks LBJ was preoccupied about his future regarding the hearings going on at the moment in Washington over Bobby Baker. I guess he could have been preoccupied if he had foreknowledge. Mr. McBride thinks LBJ appears to be leaning forward in Altegens. I still wonder if they might have heard the three clicks for victory going under the triple overpass.
  11. Ron Bulman

    Whistling by the Graveyard

    It would be great is someone with access to them and knowledge of how to could post pictures side by side of Vidal and Umbrella man in terms of convincing evidence. As well as Hargraves and "radio man". I remember the claims by Jim Hicks to be radioman without the radio, that after talking with Jim Garrison he was committed to a mental institution (like Nagell). Then again at the end of the following thread Bart Kamp posts a newspaper article that says Hicks was a former Dallas bus driver - as opposed to a CIA op that told umbrella man to pump it up and down.
  12. Ron Bulman

    LBJ Did It To Stay Out Of Jail?

    Thank you. I didn't remember where I 'd read any of what I think I remember. I'll check your book this evening when I get home. Ron
  13. Ron Bulman

    LBJ Did It To Stay Out Of Jail?

    Mac Wallace went to Disneyland in California the weekend Henry Marshall was killed. He was at work on 11/22/63 in California, went home that evening, consoled his upset son and they had dinner together. http://jfkfacts.org/new-look-lbj-joan-mellen-debunks-mac-wallace-myth/ https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-reviews/mellen-joan-faustian-bargains
  14. Ron Bulman

    David Atlee Phillips: The Mastermind?

    Did Diaz Verson know Arcacha Smith?
  15. Ron Bulman

    LBJ Did It To Stay Out Of Jail?

    Let's back up a minute. Malcom Mac Wallace has become a non starter in the subject of the JFK Assassination. Read Faustian Bargains by Joan Mellen and tell me different. It is Well documented. He had no part in the assassination. LBJ benefited from JFK's Assassination by the stalling of proceedings going on against him at the time, literally, that day. But he or Wallace were not active participants on that day imho.