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  1. Hasta La Vista. Don't let the door hit you in the ass. Take Rich with you.
  2. That's deep Jim, thanks. Didn't Hoover live across the street or a house down from LBJ during his Senate years? They hosted each other for supper on weekends occasionally? Read that somewhere, don't remember the source Katherine Graham around the corner or next street over?
  3. Didn't Jim just tell you a couple of day's ago in detail that Marcello didn't even control the New Orleans mob? Neither plot nor the assassination was done by the mob. Chicago involved a couple of possible Cubans who got away and a guy with a history similar to Oswald. A warehouse on a corner. A lot like Dallas. Tampa was about A Man In An Office Building With A Rifle and Milteer, of the KKK. Both threats practice runs I've wondered? But not by the mob. The mob couldn't have pulled all this off and covered it up You claim to be a Former CIA employee. Not an agent. But anybody the CIA would hire would be smart enough to figure out this is BS.
  4. I think you'll find the rest of the book interesting. The studies of the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic alone are enlightening for me. I'll not reveal more about West from the book until you've had a chance to read it. Other than this, "Stephen Pittel, the forensic psychologist, who worked briefly with West in 1968 and referred to him as "the only benevolent psychopath I ever met".
  5. The first time I read your interview of Yarborough in the book I thought maybe it helped confirm a suspicion I already had. That Johnson had foreknowledge. Not that he participated in any way but that something might or would happen in Dallas. Maybe he didn't know exactly how or what would happen. I wondered if it was simply a reaction to hearing the shots, he leaned forward to hear if anything about them was being said over Youngblood's radio. Maybe even asked Youngblood if anything was being said about them. I also wondered if maybe Youngblood turned and said something like Mr. Johnson you need to hear this. But wouldn't Yarborough have heard this if he was paying enough attention to them to notice them crouching over together listening? And mentioned it? I think they both knew where something might happen and wanted to know the results of the shots. I'd thought for sometime prior to reading the part in Nightmare on this that given the assassination was a well planned highly organized operation the planners would want the new guy in charge not to over react and to and in fact cooperate in the cover up. LBJ was supported by big oil and big bidness as Molly Ivins used to say. On the Texas end that was Hoover's buddy Murchison, Richardson, Brown and Root and others. But who were some of the prime investors in oil in particular? Members of the East Coast Establishment. Bushes to Standard Oil. How could LBJ become head of the Senate without becoming familiar with that East Coast Establishment and working with the representatives, politicians and lobbyists, of Wall Street. People like say Dulles may have considered him a buffoon but he was a compliant buffoon. Plus he had to realize that if this could be done to JFK it could be done to him as well. Involvement of select Secret Service personnel was discussed recently on another thread. Might Youngblood have been one of these?
  6. An Oligarchy or Plutocracy since the assassination? I lean to the Latter.
  7. Might Jim Di address this next month in his presentation on Garrison at CAPA next month?
  8. I've got his book, but no faith in it or LBJ did it. Secret Service Agent Youngblood did not jump over the seat to protect LBJ, nor did LBJ duck from shots. But he may have leaned forward to hear what was coming over the SS radio. Per Yarbrough. Maybe dot dot dash? https://parsleyspics.blogspot.com/2011/03/beethovens-5th-and-morse-code.html
  9. W., your having West approve you as "in" at UCLA is fascinating. You really need to read at least Chapter 11 of Tom O'Neill's Chaos. I don't want to get this thread moved like the one on the book was but he relates to Ruby - JFK. The author was looking for info on West in relation to Manson and discovered his previously ignored files, 200 boxes, in the basement of the UCLA library. He spent two months digging. "And then Jolly West happened." Which led him where he didn't want to go, the JFK assassination via Jack Ruby. West tried to interject himself immediately (while at OU) but was rebuffed by Judge Joe Brown. When Ruby was convicted he fired his former lawyers for the appeal. But retained one of them, Attorney and Dr. Hubert Smith. Who immediately brought in Dr. Jolly West. "Nearly a half dozen psychiatrists had found him (Ruby) compos mentis." At this point. "West emerged from Ruby's cell (alone with him) to announce the previously sane inmate had undergone "an acute psychotic beak" sometime in the preceding forty eight hours ." 'From that day forward, every doctor who examined Ruby made similar diagnoses: he was delusional." Peculiar ain't it? The chapter goes much deeper on Jolly. Given your profession and a personal connection the chapter is worth the price and your time. Chapter 10 set's the stage for how he discovered it though.
  10. Yes, she does fit in well doesn't she. With Ferrie, Banister, Shaw and maybe even Bringuier. Isn't that strange? https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKbringuier.htm I wonder about the Guidebook For Marines Bringuier was "found in possession of"... "owned by Oswald". https://www.bing.com/search?q=people+are+strange+video&form=PRUSEN&mkt=en-us&httpsmsn=1&refig=452a5154e4084a85b5740c57bb3bf797&sp=-1&pq=people+are+strange+video&sc=7-24&qs=n&sk=&cvid=452a5154e4084a85b5740c57bb3bf797
  11. I wasn't going to respond but I had the thought he might be with Disney. Reminds me of donald, the duck. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=donald+duck&&view=detail&mid=F796F71D4F64C59EE95BF796F71D4F64C59EE95B&&FORM=VRDGAR
  12. W. Niederhut, in case you missed it this article offers a little info on Jolly West on page 37. For example, "His friend Aldous Huxley suggested to Dr. West during an MK-ultra experiment that West hypnotize his subjects prior to administering LSD, in order to give them "post hypnotic suggestions aimed at orienting the drug induced experience in some desired direction."
  13. More mob did it disinfo? Even Blakey has come somewhat clean. I.E. "if the CIA deceived us...".
  14. One chapter from Chaos on Manson by Tom O'Neil is my primary source, quite detailed. West is mentioned briefly in Lisa Pease's Lie too big to fail. David Andrews posted a link to an article that mentions him in some detail. It may have been on the Manson thread that was moved.
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