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  1. The Paine Files

    Now this turns up. The first thing Jenner says is "this is a continuation...of Mrs. Paine's testimony...we had concluded late in the day yesterday". This was on Saturday the 21st. So she testified on Friday the 20th too? https://www.jfk-assassination.com/warren/wch/vol9/page331.php Yes, she did, and IT was a resumption of testimony on the day before that per Senator Cooper's opening statement! http://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh3/pdf/WH3_RuthPaine_2nd.pdf
  2. The Paine Files

    Not your fault Mc Adams as a source is fractured, he was groomed from Harvard on as a part of Mockingbird. Just my cynical opinion.
  3. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Yes, from what I've read it was a hotbed of anti Castro activity leading up to the assassination, possibly affiliated with A-66. I thought maybe it came from https://www.amazon.com/Radical-Right-Murder-John-Kennedy/dp/1412040558/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1500791891&sr=1-1&keywords=the+radical+right+livingstone but I can't find anything in it at the moment.
  4. The latest from Ruth Paine

    I came across the Harlandale house by accident a few days ago looking for info regarding another thread. I've read it was demolished within a year by a Dallas Co. real estate developer. Deputy Buddy Walthers said Somewhere, I Think, on November 23rd, 63, an informant of his reported Oswald had been seen in it.
  5. The Paine Files

    Thank you Chris, when put up against McAdams Link that Michael Clark provided the "it" gets even deeper. JMc's link to Ruth provides 5 parts, an affidavit, and the Shaw trial testimony. Something more than high topped boots, hip waders or those of the chest variety may be needed given the line of some of the questioning as I read deeper. 1, It starts with no date at 2:20, the 29th in Washington? 2, No date 2:05. ? 3, 9:15, 3/21, we have a match. 4, Just titled "Resumed", no time or date, the only date they had a second session was the first, on the 21st, then? 5, JULY 23rd in Dallas, at the Post Building (across Dealy Plaza from the TSBD?) done by Liebler. Ruth and Marina questioned At The Same Time by him. (6) Jump back a month. Affidavit on June 24. (Just, weird in the progression of events, it and contents of it). (7) Shaw trial testimony. So on Saturday, 3/21/64 they worked all day questioning Ruth in 2 sessions. They flew to Dallas on the 22nd or 23rd, went to Irving on Monday the 23rd and Jenner questioned them at the house. Either before or after Liebeler questions Ruth and Marina together at the Post Office or it's annex in Dealy Plaza. The 29th was a Sunday. Nothing there about the Monday 9:05 testimony. Were they working overtime on Saturday's and Sundays or was it a weekend project?
  6. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Do I understand this right? If the call was at 1:00 on 11/22 then the tap had to be in place prior to the assassination. The Irving PD did not even at the behest of say the FBI start listening in on the suddenly suspicious Paine's phone conversations within 30 minutes of the shots. Somebody was suspicious of the Paine's and or their association with Marina and Lee to justify monitoring the line. Local small suburban police departments didn't do a lot of taps on their own at the time did they? The Paine's weren't dope dealers or otherwise suspected of criminal activity at the time that I've ever read about. Monitored because Oswald was a returned Communist defector, when he only came out on weekends? HE wasn't monitored closely enough for anyone to know about the Beckley address where he stayed during the week.
  7. The Paine Files

    Was the "second" part not done at the house in Irving?
  8. The Paine Files

    According to Ruth Paine's WC testimony I read a couple of day's ago Oswald told her he hitchhiked from New Orleans to Dallas. If he was telling her the truth he didn't bring 6 or 7 small metal hand held file cabinets with him. If anyone would have asked her at the time if she did when she brought Marina I'm guessing she would have said no and still would. Somewhere in her testimony I read in the last month that she was questioned about the file cabinets. Now I can't find it. It is rather long. I re read the second day three or four days ago and did different combinations of word searches on google as well as a couple on Mary Ferrell (3X limit per visit if your not a member). What I remember was her being led, words to the effect of "so there were certainly no six or seven...", at this point they stopped and went off the record. When they came back they changed the subject. Does anyone know of a link to her full testimony, both in Washington and Irving?
  9. Yes Sir. Thank you. Paul, Dr. Scott is most likely where I read about this.
  10. The purchase of them was actually part of a senatorial investigation into gun running at the time? Senator??? Agh!!!
  11. The Paine Files

    That would have been a great question for Liebler to Michael Paine as he did the questioning of both him and Walthers. I guess the lone nutters would say "but he questioned Michael on 3/17/64 and Buddy not until 7/23/64, how could he know? A Proper Investigation would have contacted and questioned him on this. Buttt... LBJ was pressing to wrap up the "investigation" before it got any closer to the election... Well a proper investigation would have noticed the 6-7 metal files in the Dallas County Sheriff'S reports of Deputies Walthers, And J L Oxford prior to March 64 and Liebler would have asked him. Thanks to Jim's thread today on Ray Marcus author Joseph McBride posted a quote from his excellent book relating to that subject, that also quoted Deputy Oxford's report of 11/23/63. I didn't remember reading it when I bought the book a few years back and found it when I came home today but couldn't find the source. Forgive the one I did, I guess old John's good for something after all. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/oxford1.htm It seems to help corroborate the report of Walthers that there were 6-7 metal file cabinets/boxes and that they contained "literature from abroad". In the Garage. Looking for the source of Deputy Oxford's statement I came across the WC Hearing questioning of Dallas Police Department Detective Stovall, one of the six officers searching the Paine home and questioning the people there on 11/22/63. In it he states he found three metal boxes of Phonograph Records, In Ruth's Bedroom. Reconcile That lone nutt's.
  12. The Paine Files

    Test. Couldn't get last post to do so. Thought it was slow speed but waited an hour. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/oxford1.htm
  13. The Paine Files

    I don't think Michael was pointing his finger as part of a pre conceived plot. It's likely he knew just enough to realize some of the potential implications of what was happening and deflecting suspicion from himself and Ruth a deliberately trying to frame Oswald.
  14. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Of course your right Paul. It's 10.8 miles from Irving to Highland Park. http://maps.randmcnally.com/mileage-calculator.do All those country girls in 63' in South and West Dallas, Irving, Oak Cliff, Cedar Hill, Coppell, Grapevine, none of them ever went off to SMU,TCU, UT, certainly none ever to an IVY League school. Ruth was an ideologue in the woods babysitting the poor immigrant Marina? Regarding "World Peace", why did Ruth get kicked out of Nicaragua for asking questions, taking lot's of notes and being suspected of being a spy for the CIA? Why did she get kicked off of what ever island it was they sent her to then for the same thing? "Still Marina was kind and gentle and politely corrected Ruth's grammar". Then again Swathmore's not IVY league is it?
  15. The Paine Files

    I'd like to clarify something I kind of alluded to in an earlier post that has developed further in thought. Michael Paine was pointing his finger at Oswald from the get-go and a "files" comment supports this. He showed up unannounced during the search of the house on the 22nd. Deputy Walthers remembered talking to him "over the ironing board". "How does the guy think, what is he, what does he do?" He said, "He's a Communist. He is very communistic minded. He believes in it." And he says, "He used to try to convince me it was a good thing," and he says, "I don't believe in it". Shortly after this a letter was pulled out of one of the six or seven small metal file cabinets that had a letterhead on it. "and a letterhead that this Paine fellow had told us about, and he said, "That's from the people he writes to in Russia" I.E., those are his files, not ours? I know, speculations, jumping to conclusions. Illogical?