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  1. Hey Paul...  Is it ok to send Dr. Mantik your email address so he can send you a survey?
    I have it from one you sent me





    With their e-mail addresses?

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    From: David Josephs 
    To: David Mantik 
    Sent: Thu, Sep 12, 2019 2:12 pm
    Subject: RE: A 'Steve Thomas' on the EF - he's Good People too

    Yes, both Steve and Paul are great.  They are listed in the Ed Forum as well…

    1. Paul Brancato

      Paul Brancato

      Yes David, of course. 

  2. Hi Frank...

    From what you posted - were you one of the two men in the police car in that alley?

    Was the other person Captain Westbrook?

    Or did we misunderstand?




    Need you help - is the 2nd half of TOWNER a matte?  As the limo moves away, the background gets bigger without any change in  depth of field...


    1. David G. Healy

      David G. Healy

      DJ, the lower image above appears to be further up Elm St than the other frame. The upper image and all it entails should be getting smaller, unless of course the camera had a "zoom" lens. I seriously doubt matte effects was used in this film clip, at least this upper portion of the clip. Tree leaves and sky a bad combination for matte work...

      Keep up the good work btw!



  4. Thanks Ray....  Always have respected your POV and contributions

    .... Suffering the yutz.... And the best goes on

  5. Being an idiot for the entertainment of others has a name...  King's Fool

    What a sad thing to spend your days insulting and debating your betters to prove what Mikey...
       that your really, really, REALLY do know something?

    Yet from what you offer, your paint a picture of a disgruntled middle aged man with no hope of being heard or taken seriously trying desperately to be pertinent.  Your witless humor and insulting manner will take you far...

    :up       You do understand that you're just a whipping boy here right?  A little vitriolic break from intelligent discourse to see what ways you pervert knowledge and understanding.

    Pesky little gnat with obviously nothing better to do...   you must be so proud  :sun

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    2. David Josephs

      David Josephs


      Cause I'm insane Bernie....  and this IS my "help", my "therapy" ...continuing to call out you feckless plebes who can't tie their shoes without asking permission and feel it their right and responsibility to attack what they can't understand.

      You're a parrot Bernie, plain and simply - one assumes your musical endeavors are filled with more creativity and originality... of that I have no doubt...

      Your time here - on the other hand....  :wacko:

      squawk "looks about right"  squawk  "only one Oswald" squawk
      ...  squawk "H&L is fake"  squawk "why does anyone bother" squawk 


      dull and witless...  you see the world as you're told to see it...

      perfect.   :up





    3. Michael Walton

      Michael Walton

      Thank you Jeremy and Bernie for your thoughtful replies.  And David...

      Tell ya what Jeremy... point to ANYTHING in the JFK case and prove it's NOT conspiratorial...  that what we see is what it was...  then start a thread so others can see if you have any of the chops necessary to make a single coherent point...

      ...as I and others have said to you numerous times, not everything was a conspiracy in the Kennedy case. There are many pieces of evidence in it that PROVE conspiracy without any manipulation, alteration, or faking of it.  The Z film is one very good example. But for some very strange reason, you and others think EVERYTHING is a conspiracy when it was not.


    4. David Josephs

      David Josephs

      So you're in a position to tell us what happened to the Zfilm in Washington DC in the hands of SS Chief Rowley by 2am the morning of the 23rd...

      Where did it go Mike?
      What happened to it after that?

      Which film did Dino get?  and Homer?

      Why doesn't the 0183 perforation appear on the in camera original?

      You see Mike... you just don't know yet still offer a terrible analysis and opinion concluding the Zfilm is unchanged from the time it was filmed....

      We are not talking about WHY it would be altered, or HOW... or even WHEN (which of course I can offer you)
      We are talking about the available evidence which SHOWS that a film was in DC well before the NPIC sees one Sat night... and that this film disappears from the hands of the same people running the cover-up...

      Even you can find some curiosity in that film's provenance - or are you simply too lazy to make an attempt?

  6. Thanks Greg...

    That means alot coming from you

  7. Thanks Ed... Had never really gotten into it like that before... is there ANY piece of evidence that's AUTHENTIC ?

  8. Hey there John... I like it, "Dark Side" :-)

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