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  1. Thank you Bernice As you may know it is my belief that this subject may be the primary reason that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. John J. McCloy, Kennedy's chief arms negotiator, had resigned over this issue and Gen. Maxwell Taylor had openly argued against the treaty with the President. Taylor's commencement speech at West Point in June of 1963 is an interesting read when overlaid with the political issues surrounding the Limitied Test Ban Treaty, the roll of an elected President in a Constitutional Government, the security of the United States and the duty of a professional soldier und
  2. Martin My point is to take a person that I beleive to be a knowledgable prosecutor and a person that has spent a great deal of time on researching the assassination, as a person who would prosecute Oswald would have done, and trying to look at what Bugliosi has said while attempting to provide examples of where what he says applies to another person. For example Bugliosi's dealing with the Silvia Odio incident is masterful in my opinion. Bugliosi's position seems to fall right in line with Edwin Walkers research into the Warren Commission Report and those portions dealing with Silvia Odio
  3. John It seems that the State Dept. would receive a copy of FBI reports as well as the Washington Office of the FBI and the local office that was keeping the file. If the file had been forwarded or was being requested the office that was sending or receiving the file would get a copy as well. I believe it was the State Dept. file that was forwarded to Richard Helms. This was confirmed to John Newman by a former CIA routing secretary named Jane Roman when she was interviewed by John Newman and Jefferson Morley on November 2, 1994. Article: "What Jane Roman Said" http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu
  4. Martin You ask, "And how much evidence relating to the assassination did the US federal government withhold before the FOIA and the ARRB?" I have no idea. What I do know for a fact is that John J. McColy did not give Hosty's third note a Commission Exhibit number. I know for a fact that John Newman was able to follow the information trail attached to Hosty's previous two notes to prove that FBI Agent Hosty's information about Lee Harvey Oswald was going directly to Richard Helms prior to the assassination of JFK. While I can only speculate on who had access to Hosty's third note, becaus
  5. Robert This from an official CFR publication: Whitney H. Shepardson (1890-1966) Whitney Shepardson was an international business executive, editor, and author whose strong interest in international affairs began when he attended the Versailles peace conference in 1919. He returned to New York and helped found the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921. From 1934 to 1940, he was the principal editor of The United States in World Affairs, the Council’s annual review of world events. During World War II, Mr. Shepardson headed the Secret Intelligence unit of the Office of Strategic Services (whi
  6. Duncan Thank you for the kind words. As I stated previously I did not start my inquiry believing that there had been a conspiracy. Some 20 years later I "speculate" that there was. Each speculation has led to the need to find some sort of supporting evidence which has usually led to new speculations. When I read Bugliosi's book I found it interesting that he himnself pointed out that if you prove that a person has withheld information that would point toward that persons own guilt, the withholding of that information can, in itself, be presented as evidence to prove guilt. In his b
  7. Duncan Within my speculations I have named the "they" who would need Lee Harvey Oswald to be the "patsy" as John J. McCloy. Following up on this speculation my research led to Attorney Bellin and the, I believe, Rockefeller Commission. Bellin asked the CIA to do a forensic study of Oswwald to see if he was mentally capable of committing the murder of John F. Kennedy. Interestingly the CIA report showed that with the information that was available to the government in 1963, if (and it is an interesting if), they (CIA phsyco docs) had known that Oswald had attempted to murder Maj. Gen. Edw
  8. Duncan I usually do not post about issues dealing with the events of November 22, 1963. Although I began my quest believing there was not a conspiracy most of my research has been an attempt to search for those who were conspirators and, of course, I mow believe that there was a conspiracy. My research has led me to believe that the primary person behind the assassination may well have been John J. McCloy. It is interesting to point out that he is the first person, as a Warren Commissioner, to point out the difficulty of believing in the "magic bullet" as well as stoping the questioning
  9. J Raymond Carroll You wrote: "Helms also knew it was easy to get get an indirect commercial flight from London to Helsinki, yet he left suspicions lingering until Chris Mills -- who had none of the resources available to Helms --looked into the matter." As you may remember Antti Hynonen and I did addtional research on this subject which was reviewed and endorsed by Chris Mills. Of the two flights which would have arrived in Helsinki in time for Oswald to "check into the Torni Hotel when he did in fact check in" only one picked up passengers in Stockholm before traveling to Helsinki (the sec
  10. William You asked: "Can you tell me how much $183.87 would be worth in today's world? That's how much Oswald left Marina on the morning of 11/22/63, taking less than $20 with him." Based on todays current silver value that would equal about $3500.00. I am finding your documents to be a very interesting read. Thanks Jim Root
  11. Bernice Each year, in a class that I teach, I will hold up a 1963 US quarter. I will point out to my students that in 1963 that quarter could buy a gallon of gasoline. I then hold up a 2005 US quarter and explain that this quarter will today buy about 1/12th of a gallon of gasoline. Returning to the the 1963 quarter I explain that because of the value of the silver in the 1963 quarter and with the current price of silver, the 1963 quarter would not only still buy a gallon of gasoline at todays prices but you would receive a little more than a dollar in change as well. Jim Root
  12. Robert Thanks for the info. You wrote: "To further supplement that area it might be helpful to understand one key fact. In World War II, while OP-20-G aka ONI, the Army Signal Corp, later the Signal Intelligence Service and specifically Bletchley Park, Hut 3 Capt. William Bundy was there, and Kullback, Sinkov and Friedman were all working together, General MacArthur and Willoughby had their own crypto section independent of the aforementioned "codebreakers." That is important and of course, the postwar Japanese occupation was MacArthur's turf, someone important left MacArthur's staff t
  13. The post I read on the other thread referred to John B. Hurt's negative opinion of Joseph P. Kennedy. Could this opinion have been influenced by Elizebeth's great effort to apprehend prohibition era bootlegger kingpins? I don't think it even requires Elizebeth to have direct knowledge of involvement by Joseph Kennedy in specific bootlegging operations for the Friedman's and John Hurt to resent Kennedy based on suspicions at the time about how he made his fortune. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizebeth_Friedman#Government_service John B. Hurt's reference above to William Friedman about "u
  14. First: We know that the Raleigh Call was not reported in the Warren Commission Report but it is generally considered to be an accepted fact that the call was made by Lee Harvey Oswald Second: John B. Hurt, at the time of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, had recently retired from the NSA (after over 30 years of service in the field of intelligence) and seems to have been vacationing in France. Third: During WWII intelligence information translated by John B. Hurt (with hand written notes included) were sent directly to John J. McCloy. Fourth: John B. Hurt's Cold War espionage work is
  15. William Of the original members of William Friedman's Team of Cryptologist (which became the NSA) only John B. Hurt's post war work is still classified in total. I was able to have an NSA Historian confirm some languages that Hurt spoke.......notably he left out confirmation that he spoke Russian..... Hurt's first and third wife were the same person. She was a concert cellist and from my understanding was fluent in Russian. Family members suggest that John B. was as well. While I have drawn the conclusion that by neglecting to confirm that he spoke Russian the NSA Historian (albeit in a
  16. Robert I have had a copy of John B. Hurt's work for several years now. It is an interesting read and I have quoted from it in a few threads that I have posted in the past. Couple of thoughts on Hurt's work: He was not very kind in his opinion of Joseph Kennedy He was not very good remembering names of associates and clearly points this out. His reference to working with Meridith Gardner is not by name but is clearly implied Stella Polaris is mentioned and how the code books recovered (drawing from memory) were returned to the Russians was also discussed His reference to the Japanese
  17. Tom FYI I was interested to read this portion of your post: "In May 1957 General Bradburn was picked for assignment to WS117L, the first U.S. Air Force satellite project office, with duty at Western Development Division, ARDC, Los Angeles, Calif. This began a series of assignments of increasing responsibility in the field of military applications of earth satellites." On Nov. 28,2004 I posted this dealing with WS117L and received no replies: "The timming of the launch of the TIROS I Satellite on April 1, 1960 and the downing ot Francis Gary Powers on May 1, 1960 has intrigued me for many
  18. Tom A lot of what I have gathered about Angleton and so many others is that if you take them at face value it can lead you further toward a tightly wound conspiracy involving others rather than a conspiracy involving them. That is not to suggest that they did not understand what had happened after the Kennedy assassination and were not involved in a cover up, but rather the dilemma they must have been in after the fact. Anybody that could be associated with Oswald could be associated with the assassination. Therefore, if I might be so bold as to suggest, self survival and their actual pled
  19. Bernice I ran SS # 386-22-1932 in the SS Death Index and came up empty. Cross checked with Earl A James....nothing then Earl James (over 120 entries) but no match to the SS #. Even checked 586 as the first three digits....nothing. SS #s are issued by region and the 386 numbers would suggest Michigan (or areas close by) as the location where the SS # was issued. Interesting! Jim Root
  20. Jack and Tom Thank you for your responses. As you can see it is easy to speculate on this subject. For Jack...."I suggest that this was to let his sponsors (know)he was receiving their (coded?) messages via RFE" For myself two questions are generated based upon this "speculation" that we seem to share. Who were Lee Harvey Oswald's "sponsors" and who did Lee Harvey Oswald believe his "sponsors" to be? This combination of questions is important because I believe Oswald, in his "patsy" comment, made his "patsy" statement while referrencing his trip to the Soviet Union. If whom Oswald b
  21. Just like to ask forum members if any have collected any information on Oswald's radio that they would be willing to share here? Not sure where I am going with this but perhaps some of you have looked into the radio which Oswald owned and brought back to the USA from Russia. Pricilla Johnson McMillian recently related that Oswald had said that he could receive Radio Liberty (Radio Free Europe) messages while in Russia on his radio. Since she visited the Radio Liberty office in Paris (I believe) just before she departed for Russia and her surprise interview with Oswald this may be of inter
  22. Hi Antti So good to hear from you again.....must thank you once again for the work you did on the FinAir info....much of that early work has helped to lead me to the information that I refer to in this post! First let me make it clear that John B. Hurt did not play any part in the meetings of June 1959 nor would most of the men who were participating in them have known who John B. Hurt was with perhaps the exception of Calvin Bryce Hoover who had approved, as I understand it, Operation Stella Polaris based upon an Ultra Intercept that was translated by John B. Hurt and Richard Helms, whom as
  23. Since my last post on this thread seems to have been some five years ago i feel I should at least update some of my research and thoughts. 1)During the Warren Commission days attorneys/investigators looking into the Silvia Odio incident speculated that "if" Oswald were with the men who visited Silvia Odio then those men may have provided a "cut-out" phone number for Oswald to use if it were necessary. I find it interesting to read that these investigators, who, I assume, were unaware of the "Raliegh Call" would consider the possibility that Oswald would have had a phone number of for a "cut
  24. Robert Frank Rowlett died June 29, 1998. He was involved in the writting of the report on Lee Harvey Oswald's potential intelligence connections for the Warren Commission in 1964. Jim Root
  25. Robert Just to add a few pieces that I have collected over the past several decades: Yardley, for some reason was close enough to John "Frenchy" Grombach to have a Grombach book dedicated to him. Harrod Miller seems to have served with Grombach in central America cica 1930's. Grombach, along with McCloy associate Whitney Shepardson, were the leaders of the Secret Intelligence operations during WW II that were originally organized by John J. McCloy in his role as Asst. Sec. of Defence. Working with and around all of them is Richard Helms and all seem to be associated with Stella Polaris.
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