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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vQE_upmwRKbreGnqpd2MH_s4pKol8A2J/view
  2. And then only McDonald's. Everything else is hearsay.
  3. Wow, Doug looks nothing like I pictured him!
  4. Well supposedly this clip had a tendency to get jammed in the rifle. Mr. Edgar. The cartridge clip was removed from CE-139 by Lieutenant Day of the Dallas Police Department on November 22, 1963 at the crime laboratory for the police department. Shouldn't a clip automatically fall out once the last cartridge has fed into the chamber? Mr. Lutz. This rifle is designed to incorporate that feature so that the last cartridge is stripped out of the clip, then that allows the clip itself to fall or to drop from the opening that you see in the bottom of the box magazine. However, in many cases, and in this particular case, where we functioned the rifle, fed cartridges through it, we found this clip to stay in the rifle after the last round had been stripped and fed into the chamber. Because the lips or the edges of the clip many times will open up, they will spring against the walls on the inside of the box magazine and it will hang up in that area, and even though it is supposed to drop out, many times it will hang up in the box area.
  5. I'm saying that the rifle in the CE 133 photos may or may not be the same rifle as CE 139.
  6. No. There's no good reason to assume that it's the same rifle.
  7. And therein lies the problem. Lawyers don't succeed on the basis of sussing out the truth. They succeed on how well they can manipulate other people to their own viewpoint with rhetoric. In a nutshell, that's also where Bugliosi fails. He was a lawyer, not a scientist. And it shows. You may have alluded to it here, but it needs to be stated outright: The objective from the prosecution perspective is not the truth either. It is to sow guilt about every little thing. A ring in a cup? Guilt. Didn't stick around and chat with people he never chatted with about anything? Guilt. Whatever the evidence is or how contradictory or tainted it is -- guilt. Don't worry about all those problems. They're just normal. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain -- I'll tell you what to look at. The "Oswald did it" evangelists on these forums are acting like prosecuting attorneys at least as much, if not more, than conspiracy theorists act like defense lawyers, and definitely more than "official narrative" skeptics act like lawyers at all.
  8. What window is she talking about? This one? Could she really see the limo turning the corner?
  9. And why does Carl Jones' head look so gigantic in this photo?
  10. Perhaps. But she said she saw him open the back door and place a package in the car.
  11. It doesn't appear that way to me. Unfortunately, the carport is long gone.
  12. Depends on what angle the slats are mounted. The FBI photo seems to show light coming though, but I can't make out any car supposedly sitting on the other side, much less the ability to see somebody putting a package into a particular car door.
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