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  1. Kathy Becket pointed this thread out to me and I'm so happy she did! Mr. Dolva, Mr. Agbat, could you contact me when you get a chance?
  2. http://gaylenixjackson.com/jfk-assassination/the-flaw-is-in-the-foundation-the-nix-film-proves-the-fallacy/ I just came across this post and wanted to tell you three, Robert Mady, Jon G. Tidd, and Chris Davidson how excited I was to read it. I was so excited, I made it a blog post on my website. Thank you all for your civil debate, research and thoughts. I hope this helps find the camera original Nix film or at least makes it apparent that it is important for it to be found. Thank you! You humble me! (I hope I added the link correctly) My grandfather died on this date in 1972. He would
  3. Thank you for your list Paul. We have overlapped on several, but a few I added to my "to interview" list. Thanks again and I will happily share whatever I find!
  4. I look forward to you posting those files Mr. Lazar!
  5. Thank you Kathy for adding my bio and you Doug for your welcome <aha!!> I would like to add that I DO have an agenda...to find the camera original Nix film and to find out more about the man Mo Weitzman testified to the ARRB as seeing "Red Bandana Man". If any of you have information, no matter if you think it amateur, please share with me. I hope to find my grandfather's film before I leave this dust, carbon and hope-filled existence!
  6. Mr. Trejo, I'm willing to help. As you know, I have several leads, video interviews and telephonic interviews with members of former JBS members in Dallas. If you'd like to share some names and addresses of people for me to interview, I will gladly do it. I too think Edwin Walker had much to do with the JFK assassination.
  7. Thanks for this thread! Great entry Paul Trejo and good to hear from you (both here and in email)
  8. Gayle Nix Jackson, author "Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film http://www.gaylenixjackson.com/ Check out my books on Goodreads: <a href="https://www.goodreads.com/profile/GayleNixJackson?utm_source=email_widget">https://www.goodreads.com/profile/GayleNixJackson</a>
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