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  1. Thanks for letting me know, I will look for another way to upload it.
  2. Douglas: The Grimsby call is discussed in the "Dual Life of Albert Osborne" thread. When I researched Osborne for my story I did not find any evidence that he was in Cambridge when the call was made. Have uploaded a document from Eddowes book that mentions the call and it does not include Osborne. Will be uploading a second document about the call and it too does not mention Osborne.
  3. Thanks Michael, I will take a picture of the document and use the other media tab to upload it.
  4. Does anyone know why I am receiving the following message "max total size (for attachments) .14mb? Want to upload another document related to the Grimsby call but can't do it because it is larger than .14 mb.
  5. Ron: Thanks for posting that. I do recall something about a car. Perhaps the 1958 FBI investigation could be related to criminal activities related to auto theft. John Caesar Grossi who also used Bowen as an alias stole cars.
  6. Hi Mathias: The article does mention the council house in Lincolnshire. Grimsby, which is Osborne's city of birth is in Lincolnshire. CE 2195 pg. 36 also mentions that Mrs. Featherstone lives on the outskirts of Grimsby. The city of Cambridge, where the call originated from is in Cambridgeshire. These two cities are about 70 miles apart and it would not have taken Osborne long to travel there to make the call but as far as the article is concerned it does not state that he was in Cambridge.
  7. Thank you David and I'm glad to be a member of this forum.
  8. Not as far as I know. If we had the reporter's name, that would be a good lead to have. I have two documents about the call and both do not name the reporter who received the call or Osborne as the caller. Not mentioning the name of the reporter who received the call is the strangest aspect of this incident. You would expect that MI-5, who reported the incident would have spoken to the reporter who received the call, and released the reporter's name to the FBI who were investigating Kennedy's assassination. I can't upload the second document because I received a message saying that the file is too large, even though it is only one page of text.
  9. In my research on Osborne I found no connection between Osborne and the Soviets but I have a theory, that I admit is not founded on any tangible evidence, it is circumstantial at best, that Osborne may have had a connection to British intelligence. His last posting was in the British army was in Bermuda, which was at that time a British colony. Could he have been recruited there to do intelligence work for the British? He left the army in June 1914 but a travel document that I found indicated that he did not depart for the US until August 1914. By that time Britain was at war and Osborne, who had spent almost 8 years in the army was going to the US. Did he spend his last 2 months in Bermuda preparing for a new career as a spy for the British? I found a newspaper article in a Knoxville TN newspaper dated 1939, that said that he had made 14 trips to Bermuda. Why so many trips, was he reporting to his intelligence bosses in Bermuda? Another interesting connection to intelligence matters could be derived from Osborne's British army record, his lectures in the US about life in India and Britain's interest in Indian nationalist movements operating in Canada and the US. During world war one Indian nationalists were trying to free India from the grips of British rule. Keeping India under its heel was especially important for Britain at this time because they needed India's resources to fight Germany. Britain ran a spy network in both Canada and the US on the west coast of both countries. Osborne often lectured on life in India and he could have based these lectures on his time in India when he was in the army. Could this have been a cover for obtaining information or making connections with people involved in these nationalist movements? I do not have any evidence that places him on the west coast of North America but there are large gaps in his timeline that are not accounted for. More work needs to be done to confirm if he was working for the British but if I had to choose between him being a Soviet or British spy, I would opt for the British.
  10. I did a FOIA on Osborne and what I got back from them were FBI documents that are redacted and a notification that other documents were held back. What is interesting about the them is that some of them were dated 1958. It appears that he was involved in something that they were interested in 5 years before Kennedy's assassination. CE 2195, which is the FBI's report on Osborne, stated that in 1958 Mexican immigration authorities ordered him to leave Mexico. Don't know what the reason is for his expulsion but he must been up to something if both the Mexican and US authorities were interested in his activities.
  11. There is another Mondolini who is connected to Bloomfield. His name is Jacques Mondolini and he is listed as a member of the board of directors of Credit Suisse (Canada). Don't know if he is connected to the Mondolini mentioned in Rivele's research. Below is a list of the board of directors of this organization and one of them is Bloomfield. I found this information in the Bloomfield papers. Victor Nef Louis Bloomfield Jean Jacques Kurz Max Kaiser Roger Petitpierre C. Walter Fessler Alexander Sieben Joseph Porino Frederick E. Dessauer Jacques Mondoloni John J. Morger Richard A. Redler Adolf Walt
  12. I am not sure what attracts people to Montreal but during the American civil war, Montreal was a hotbed of espionage and Jefferson Davis, the president of the confederacy moved to Montreal in 1867.
  13. Read two articles in British newspapers about Osborne, the one in the dailymail and the other in the Grimsby Telegraph. Of the two articles, the Grimsby Telegraph is the worst because it reads like the utterly ridiculous Torbitt document. The claims made that Osborne was a Soviet spy is not based on factual evidence because there is none. There is also no evidence to suspect him of making the Cambridge call because there is no evidence that proves where he was when the call was made. Michael Eddowes book The Oswald File has a copy of the document that describes the Cambridge call. It is attached and it does not mention Osborne. The document mentions a suspect, Dr. Ward and this is based on the fact that he made similar calls prior to the one made on November 22, 1963 but Eddowes states that Dr. Ward committed suicide 4 month prior. So were are left with no real evidence to support the theory that Osborne made that call and more research will be needed to be done to determine who is responsible for making it. Osborne - Cambridge Call - 2.pdf
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