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  1. Thanks Jim: On page 2 can see what looks like January 19, 1953. This is the date than Jon A. mentions. I would like to see his document when he gets back so that it can be compared to this one. Do you know what 1048 and 1049 refer to? On page 3 there is a reference to police records saying that L. Oswald signing something urging the charges be dropped against Sam Darcy 1/7/41. Looked up Darcy he was charged with perjury in 1941. Do you know what to make of this?
  2. From April 6: Jim: Can you clarify something for me. John A. mentioned M.Oswald 1941 Nazis but Malcolm can't verify that, are they quoting different documents? Checked Mary Ferrell for 104-10300-10086 and could not find it.
  3. Book makes a good point about whether or not Oswald asked for Abt. Using Abt to fend off local lawyers offering to help him is a perfect way to paint Oswald red by linking him to a communist and to deny him the legal help he really needed.
  4. Heard back from NARA regarding the scanning of military intelligence documents from NYC in the 1940s. They are not scanning any documents until the current pandemic is over. Research is going to be difficult for the next few months.
  5. Jim: You mentioned that John A. is in Asia. What is he doing there, research on Eckdahl in Shanghai or is he there for other reasons?
  6. John B: John Abt is an interesting person. Not only is he a communist but he is also a lawyer. No doubt he defended many people connected to CPUSA and his legal files and personal connections would be interesting to investigate because they would reveal the names of both real communists and those Abt suspected of working for the FBI.
  7. Put a note in my calendar to borrow this book when the library opens. Will update everyone if I find something interesting.
  8. Thanks Jim. Found an electronic version of the book on EBSCO but am not sure if I can access it using this service. If not I will wait for the libraries to open and then borrow it.
  9. Does anyone have a copy of Peter Dale Scott's Deep Politics and the Death of JFK? The answer to the question I have regarding Harvey's payroll anomalies may be found in chapter 6. Checked Harvey and Lee because I thought John A. had dealt with but in my notes but did not find anything. Found a reference to PDS and he does deal with some of these issues. The question I have is, did someone, A CEO or someone else not connected to the companies he worked for, sign some of his checks? The reference I recall said the check was signed by someone who was not in New Orleans where he was working.
  10. Does anyone recall reading that one or some of Harvey's payroll checks were signed by someone other than the people he worked for? Apparently the check(s) were signed by a president of another company while he was working at: Leslie Welding, Jaggers-Chiles-Stovall or Reilly's.
  11. The CIA's authority to spy internally in the US is indicated in a national security directive ordering the CIA to do so. This directive was revealed in a libel suit brought by Erik Heine, who is a Canadian of Estonian decent. He sued CIA agent Juri Haus for defamation because he accused him of being a Soviet agent. https://archive.org/details/img2406_202003
  12. Jim: Looking forward to seeing this document. Found a reference to military intelligence investigations of Nazis and Communists in NYC in the 1940s. Am looking into getting copies of these documents but it may take a while because of the pandemic. Will upload these documents if and when I get them.
  13. David: Had been wondering how the FBI managed to get statements about the McFarlands and others that were not true but they managed to do so with them and the others on the bus.
  14. Jim: You make a good point about Shaw and Permindex because you can quote a source. Can you quote a source for the assassination attempt on De Gaulle and the shady bank arrangements with Schroeders? This is the problem I have with the allegations against Permindex and CMC. It's not enough to say that they have a connection of some sort to then assume they are involved in covert activities.
  15. Jim: How did John A. find the reference to M.Oswald in 1941, was it a 1953 CIA document? If he still has the document can you upload it.
  16. Jim: Have not checked Mary Ferrell but have located a list of people who were interviewed by these committees. Record Group 233 at NARA has the HUAC documents. I have the HUAC finding aids, which includes the Dies Committee (1938-1944). The finding aids provide a general description of what is in these files. What will be needed is a visit to NARA to review these documents or they can be copied and sent to you for a fee. I doubt that there will be a direct reference to M. Oswald in these files but there could be other people in them that may be linked to her or knew of her activities. For example H. Keith Thompson. He was linked to Marguerite in connection with her book. He is a neo-nazi who also lived in Yorkville in the early 1950s.
  17. Jim: I agree. Much of what is said about Permindex and CMC is not based on fact and people have been saying things about them that are not true, and that are rooted in the Torbitt document, EIR and Dope Inc. While I am still interested in new info about Bloomfield and these companies I am sure that they covered their tracks regarding the covert things they did do.
  18. Jim: Have been working on this as well. Below is the response I received from NARA that may be helpful in your research. "This is in response to your September 2, 2019, request for information about the records of the JFK Assassination Records Collection. Specifically, you are seeking information about Judge John Tunheim's donation of his personal correspondence relating to his time as Chair of the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB). We received your request on September 6, 2019. We were unable to locate any correspondence to or from Judge Tunheim outside of the ARRB records. We did find the Papers of Jack Tunheim in the Collection. This is one box containing transcripts of three Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) investigative reports broadcasts given to J. Tunheim by a CBS producer on 9/25/1998. Otherwise it appears that all other records of his time with the ARRB would in Record Group (RG) 541,Records of the Assassination Records Review Board that are part of the JFK Assassination Records Collection. You can also find a finding aid for ARRB records off of the Collection's main page. Series 1: Administrative Records is currently closed for pending privacy screening for Personally Identifiable Information (PII)."
  19. Jim: The only document I have seen about Shaw is the one that says he is on CMC's board of directors. Permindex was established in late 1958 and there is no evidence that at that time Shaw was connected to it. I read the same documents that Phillips did and yes it mentions the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. I do not doubt that they were connected to Permndex and CMC and that these companies were up to something covert but the documentation does not say what covert activities they were engaged in. Assassination no, but bribery and other covert activities probably.
  20. David: CE 2195 mentions that there was a man and wife sitting in front of Osborne, and that the man was retired from the Bermuda Police Dept. Osborne visited Bermuda many times after departing there in 1914. Have some suspicions that he may have British intelligence connections because Bermuda is a British colony. On the passenger list, there is a name, McFarland who is travelling with his wife that is next to Bowen. Do you know anything about him?
  21. Jim: CMC and Permindex had nothing to do with the assassination. Bloomfield had no connection to it as well. People connected to these 2 companies are suspicious, and as individuals may have liked to see Kennedy assassinated but I see no proof that they acted as a group to have him killed. The many leads that are found in these companies is due to the fact that they are many right-wing neo-fascists who probably have connections to right-wing activities and therefore may overlap with those who actually planned and carried out JFK's assassination. I have uploaded Bloomfield's papers that pertain to Permindex, CMC, President Bush and other things to Internet Archive. https://archive.org/details/louismbloomfield_201907
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