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  1. Jim: When will your documentary be released?
  2. Bart: Thanks for the files. Does Malcolm plan to write a book based on his research and do you know if he has any Marguerite Oswald and Clay Shaw documents?
  3. I agree. Her employment and training records have to be located, if they exist at all. Someone she worked for as a practical nurse has to be found and interviewed. This will be difficult as many are most likely deceased by now.
  4. You are right, looking at the photos you can see that real Marguerite disappears and the fake one appears in the photo at the deprtment store.
  5. John and Jim: Have you been to this website? It has Marguerite pics. http://oswald-photos.blogspot.com/2012/09/marguerite-claverie-oswald-1907-1981.html
  6. Have a number of things I want to research but it will all have to wait until the pandemic is over and archives open. Mistaken Identity lacks credibility but now I am wondering about Aminthe and Leon Voitier.
  7. John: Had another look at Mistaken Identity. On pg. 56 he describes Oswald A as been John A.'s Harvey whose real name is Leon Voitier. He states that he defected to the Soviet Union in 1959. If it can be determined where he was from 1959-1962, when he should have been in the USSR, this would disprove the author's theory.
  8. Jim and John: Do you know if there is an Oswald family tree that includes the Voitiers and pictures of each family member that can be uploaded to this thread? It could help sort out the relationships between family members.
  9. David: What sources of information would be available for Harvey for the period 1948-1952? School records would be one source but the FBI took them. Harvey was too young to work, so there will be no employment records. Telephone book and a city directory but there is no listing for who lived in the back from 1948 to 1954. That would leave eyewitness testimony form neighbours who saw him or people who would have attended school with Harvey during this time period. Was the person who lived in the front of the house during this time period and attended the school he would have attended interviewed? Can you send me your updated timeline when it is completed.
  10. A lack of records about them during this time period could indicate that the CIA decided to hide them form the world, unless of course they were sent out of the city to a remote location. Did the neighbours report seeing any activity at 2220 Thomas Place from 1948-1952?
  11. Disappearing in 1959 would make sense because the Soviets would have used their US assets to investigate Harvey's background. They would do this because they knew about false identities as they did the same thing with Gordon Lonsdale. There are questions that still have to be answered about the real Marguerite. How did she disappear, did she leave eventually New Orleans and change her name? After the newspapers reported Harvey's defection, people in New Orleans who knew her and her son would have questions for her. How would she answer them? What did she do when Harvey made it to the front page of every newspaper in the country when he was accused of killing Kennedy? When the newspapers published Harvey's biography, which matched hers, how did she deny that it was her son? It would be possible that after the assassination that the CIA would have moved her to a place where she was not know and changed her name. This would prevent people from asking her questions.
  12. I remember Jack White's analysis of the back yard photos. It was amazing. When he began questioning the moon landings I was very disappointed. Before he questioned then, I saw him as an historical researcher investigating Kennedy's assassination. After that I saw him a a conspiracy theorist. These are people who believe that the moon landing was fake, the Illuminati and that, as Jim Fetzer stated, no one died at Sandy Hook. Sadly, the media lumps serious Kennedy assassination researchers in with conspiracy theorists.
  13. Does this mean that we were looking at the wrong family? This makes sense because there could be other families with the same name in Yorkville or somewhere nearby.
  14. There are a number of problems with the book. The first one is Torbitt. Author references him a lot in his book. As I mentioned in earlier posts and on other threads about him, anything written by Torbitt can't be relied on. The other problem is that his theory mistaken identity does not hold up very well.
  15. Jim: Went to Amazon to read some reviews about "The JFK Assassination and the Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds." Most of them are favourable and one of them said that it was easier to read than Harvey and Lee. Looks like this one could be the one that presents John's story in a format that is easier to read and understand. There was one negative comment about the author's digressions into other subjects like the New World Order etc. that according to the reviewer taints the rest of the serious JFK research community.
  16. Jim: Visited Baylor, could not find the 1953 document. What I liked about the old format is that it was easy to scan all of the file folders because there was a link, instead of a large icon, for each folder. On one page you can see all of them. Can't do this with the new format because the file folders icons are large. To see all of them the researcher has to scroll down page after page to see everything.
  17. Will be going there today. Will update you on what I find, if anything, and if I learn anything new about searching for documents.
  18. Jim: Baylor has a new layout for John's collection, preferred the old one. It's an Office of Security file so next time I go there will find out if he has a file for this office.
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