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  1. You've now reached the level of worthlessness of George Floyd. I think the mods must have you on ignore, which is where you're going to be with me from here on out. One thing I forgot, Floyd was also a porn star, but his movies have been taken down from Pornhub. A friend says he has them, but there are pictures available. Are you, and Ms Beckett aware of the brutality of how women are treated in the porn industry? Let's see, you've called me a scumbag, a psychopath, a sociopath, and a bey-otch. You have more replies coming in now that I've not read. Bye!!
  2. The question is more of why would the Police respond at all for a $20 loss. Most departments have a cutoff of various amounts, like $250 before they respond. So I don't know what a newspaper is, and I have no acknowledgement of the talking heads on TV, so where do I get my info? It's from a network of investigators around the world that have no NWO agenda like the NY Times or Wash Post, just truth from locals who know what's going on in their neighborhoods. It started with JFK back in the 1960's. We'd meet after a speaker, say, at the 92nd St Y in Manhattan. So what are the loc
  3. ALL internet trolls are psychopaths, look it up, as you need a lesson there, too. I'm not a psychopath. I"ve presented all kinds of evidence which you cowardly ignored, except for declaring you're some kind of burnt out druggie. Who's t-r-0-l-l-?
  4. well good, maybe we'll hear 'I can't breathe' from you in the future, after all, you're an expert on 'Partying'.
  5. I enjoy the banter too, but I'm strictly a lurker, as I can't handle that guy, David von Pein. There are some people that are just a waste of time. The problem is that when someone sees the Mainstream Media as a religion creating their reality. I can't discuss anything with them. There's a much more clear video available now of Gugino holding a phone down by the policeman's belt. He may have been trying to use the phone as a capture scanner to 'skim' and decipher encrypted communication signals of the police. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1268784881422786560.html
  6. I guess the Admin's name is Ms Beckett, and she closed the thread and gave as a reason that 'it may be fake'. I realize that I had it a day before anyone else, but it could have been determined that the autopsy was completed on May 26, and released on June 3 with a simple google. Also, while I realize this is usually a free speech forum, there are limits. Autopsy pdf that may be fake, but it will get corrected later if it's wrong? A list of drugs that no one knows if he used or not? Just throw it out there and see if it sticks, right? Now Mr Caddy states here that 'it could be
  7. Mr Wheeler, they're not critical thinkers except in their JFK research, and that they do that very, very well. If anything current is not in the mainstream media, then they say it's not true. They said the autopsy report that I posted was a 'fake', when it could easily have been proven as true with a simple googling. If it doesn't fit their confirmation bias, then they say it's not true. Cognitive dissonance is quite painful. https://www.startribune.com/george-floyd-autopsy-report-released-he-tested-positive-for-covid-19-in-april/571000102/ you'e wasting your time.
  8. again, the Defense doesn't have to prove anything, it's up to the Prosecution to prove their case. all the Defense has to do is try and muddy up the waters and add reasonable doubt. it also depends on what evidence the judge will allow to be presented in the trial. a defense attorney may present the drug evidence, then maybe the 78lbs of impacted fecal matter and its affect on breathing, then an Israeli expert witness saying they he taught the cop to do that, and the cop was following procedure. the biggest problem the prosecution has is that the homicide charge has been upped to 2nd deg
  9. i didn't miss anything, in fact, i have a lot of info here that's not been posted that bolsters my case. the ME report contradicts your statement that he 'turned his life around.' counterfeiting is no way to turn your life around. (remember, i'm just playing around here, i believe, as many do that this was a psyop. there's evidence that Floyd is still alive. lookup on youtube the ex-police chief that presents her case for this.)
  10. alright, a friend got back to me about the authenticity of the autopsy report, and he states that it was released to press, but the press only printed the first page. they had the whole thing. how is the nutwork going to keep the riots going with that bit of truth out there? btw, i have more info on the autopsy from my friend, and it appears that Floyd had 78 pounds of fecal matter impacted in his colon, and would often defecate himself in public as a result of not having any control over his bowels. he is reported to be a 10 year cocaine addict, had heroin that day in his system, and
  11. what i'm doing here is giving an opinion from someone removed from the 1st world. we have our own culture here that is totally different from the U.S., so therefore, our opinions are different. i'm not saying it's right, i'm saying it's the way it is here. Character assasination?? With a record like this, what kind of character did he have? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8366533/George-Floyd-moved-Minneapolis-start-new-life-released-prison-Texas.html 6 time felon. that heinous home invasion he did of a pregnant woman is particulary disturbing. nothing this bad h
  12. haha, four of the biggest nonsense organizations that there are. the reason people have trouble with me is that i'm the only person you know that has no interaction with the mainstream media, whatsoever. i have no clue as to what's said in the mainstream. i don't watch TV, or read newspapers for even a minute a year. to tell the truth, that preliminary autopsy report probably is fake. to me, everything is fake until i see it up close. that was sent to me by a friend, so we'll have to see. when the official, and final medical examiner report becomes available, i'll most like
  13. get ready for some more riots after the cop is found not guilty, as a defense attorney is going to have a field day with the autopsy report.....(attached) Floyd was postive for these drugs, although i don't know what the other drugs are so i didn't include them. do you have any idea how dangerous fentanyl is?? fentanyl methamphetamine cannabinnoids THC amphetamines morphine sickle cell anemia Covid-19 tested positive isn't Covid-19 an acute respiratory disease? does any of this have any impact on his death? btw, i don't believe any
  14. from the article: "Protests have led to some changes but they haven’t solved the problem. Money has been spent on body cameras, which have rarely had any impact. Similarly, training on de-escalation and racial sensitivity has made little difference." uhh, Multiculturalism doesn't work?? after centuries of failure, it's time to try a new approach, one that stops telling black people they have to act like white people. MC doesn't work.
  15. Yes, pretty well hopeless for many, but not totally hopeless, as there's a few that know the plan. Basically, it first involves just turning off the idiot box. Moving to another country while approaching retirement or actually in retirement is actually prohibitive. How can you use your Medicare if that applies to you? I have to pay out of pocket for most of my medical care. I first spoke Serbo-Croatian, then English, then studied French, then later studied Japanese in college. Learning Spanish in old age has been the toughest mental feat I've ever attempted, and I can't understan
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