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  1. After publication, the "source" contacted Waldo with revisions. The negro was on the 5th floor, not the 6th.
  2. Now thats one guy I wouldn't take out shooting.
  3. Harold Norman in the mock courtroom trial was twice asked if he thought there was an armed man upstairs. He answered only that he thought there was a man upstairs. Harold Norman, at the HSCA, repeated what he heard from his location on the 5th floor; He told CBS exactly the same thing. The problem is that the Carcano was loaded when found. The final loading of that bullet required an additional "clack-clack" working of the bolt. Norman should have heard that, and he would have, at the time, expected another boom. Norman made no mention of that expectation. The first BOOM; I remember one time when we were out shooting. We were on the back of a ute (pick-up) with high-powered rifles. We just got underway, and I was looking into the bush for a target. Unbeknown to me, one of the guys behind me handed a rifle to another guy, and the recipient grabbed it by the trigger and the rifle fired. The unexpected noise was tremendous and I damn near jumped from the ute. The rule of thumb is that you give everyone the heads up if you're about to start shooting to avoid scaring the crap out of everybody. Norman, in fact all three amigos on the 5th floor, should have jumped out of their skins at the sound of that unexpected explosion just 10 or so feet above them. Yet we note that Norman was so collected, he was able to recount the sounds of explosions, the sounds of the bolt actions, and the sounds of shells hitting the floor. Mr. BALL. Did you notice where did you think the shots came from? Mr. WILLIAMS. Well, the first shot-I really did not pay any attention to it haha, yeah right!
  4. Let's say Oswald went to court; The Whaley lineup is invalid, he picked out the wrong number. The McWatters lineup is invalid, he picked out a man that he thought most closely matched teenager Milton Jones. Bledsoe has Oswald wearing the shirt he is supposed to change into after he got home. There goes the prosecution's escape route, the whole thing is invalid. So the defense calls Curry and asks him if he knew about a bus transfer found on Oswald on Friday. "Well, no, I told reporters on Saturday that I had no idea about a bus, in fact we were searching for a negro chauffeur" Then Roger Craig is called up. "I seen him enter a station wagon, in fact, Oswald agreed with me" Oswald walks free
  5. Now that we know that, the guy on the phone could be a WFAA staffer that looks like Ruby .... or Ruby?? Where was he around 1pm?
  6. It's the WFAA guys! Now it makes sense. Below to the left is Jay Watson, and the guy on the right is Bert Shipp an assistant news director/camera guy. The time-stamp for the "Ruby lookalike on the phone" photo would be around 1pm Friday 22nd. Bert Shipp had just got back to WFAA headquarters from filming the limo and spectators at Parkland. Shipp was at the Trade Mart waiting when the motorcade sped by. He jumped in a police car and went to Parkland. He filmed Curry, Yarborough etc, then rushed back with the film.
  7. When I read this, I thought you could contribute a clip for us; The story goes that Peter, Paul and Mary flew into Dallas on the 22nd for a concert at the Southern Methodist. They land as the assassination was happening and Mary says lets get out of here. She checks into the airport and asks for a ticket. Was asked where to, Mary says "anywhere".
  8. I'm thinking along the lines of all those timing runs they did. Somewhere in there they sat Truly and Baker down to hone the official sequence; Mr. BELIN. Mr. Truly, when we were there on March 20th, did you take a walk down from the southeast corner window on the sixth floor with Officer Baker and a Secret Service Agent Howlett--we walked along from that window at the southeast corner of the sixth floor, walked along the east wall to the northeast corner of the building, and then across there around the elevators, and Secret Service Agent Howlett simulated putting a rifle at the spot where the rifle was found; and then we took the stairs down to the second floor lunch-room where Officer Baker encountered Lee Harvey Oswald? You remember us doing that? Mr. TRULY. Yes, sir.
  9. This would be the Belin sworn deposition Truly referred to; https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=39#relPageId=220 I have not seen the "inquiry" details in Dallas, which would pre-date his first testimony
  10. The conversation on the rooftop is worth noting; Mr. TRULY...... And I told the officer that I didn't feel like the shots came from the building. I said, "I think we are wasting our time up here," or words to that effect, "I don't believe these shots came from the building." If Truly did in fact say the above, he doesn't come across as someone that has intent to frame Oswald. Mr. BELIN. Did he say anything to that at all? Mr. TRULY.... I believe he said, yes, or somebody said they did, or some such thing as that. Is Truly saying that Baker heard somebody say the shots came from the building before he ran up to the roof? Who got in Baker's ear? Mr. TRULY..... I believe the officer told me as we walked down into the seventh floor, "Be careful, this man will blow your head off." How did Baker know that someone had been shot before he ran up to the roof?
  11. So that would be just before the Friday midnight press conference;
  12. I remember years back they were saying the guy in the DPD hall on Friday night that looked like Ruby was actually a cop. They named him and showed him in an office. Anyone recall the name?
  13. I believe it was taken at the DPD, maybe Friday night?
  14. Apparently, the guy on the right is not Jack Ruby, so I put Basement Ruby's hat and eye shadow on to see what he looked like, and Presto, 2 Jack Rubys.
  15. A lot of people under that traffic light area. The clanging sound of a super sonic round passing through metal would be notable.
  16. Ruby on Sunday, morning and afternoon. He rushed his shave that morning, he mis-matched his sideburns
  17. It was all about timing to pick your suspect number; Mr. BELIN. What number was over his head? Mr. WHALEY. Well, they--when they walked over the line and they stopped him, No. 2 was over his head, but he was pulling on both of the other men on each side and arguing with this detective, so he didn't stay under any certain number.
  18. So we see that Baker clearly conformed to the official story by the time he testified. His 4th floor stairway man became the 2nd floor lunchroom Oswald. Truly was the first to buckle. He had Oswald in the lunchroom by Saturday. Which leaves us with the identity of the 4th floor stairway man. We are looking for a dark haired white male approx 5'9" 165 pounds that works in the TSBD. I believe I know who that guy is. I'll wait to see if anyone else names him.
  19. Baker's affidavit has a man "walking away from the stairway" on the 3rd or 4th floor. Baker called out and the man walked back towards the stairway. No lunchroom, in fact no room at all. Remarkably, Baker's description of the man matches the ground level witness description of a suspect that Sawyer put out on the radio at approx 12:43. (most likely Brennan) What are the chances of that? We have Truly leading Baker up the stairway, so who would be closer to a man walking away? The answer is Truly. But Truly does not mention he initially saw this man, he continues on, then returned when he heard Baker. Sounds like a puzzle right? Not really. If the man walking away from the stairway was known to Truly as a TSBD employee, why stop? Keep leading the cop to the rooftop where a crazed gunman maybe firing pot shots.
  20. Mr. BAKER - I didn't get anything out of him. Mr. Truly had come up to my side here, and I turned to Mr. Truly and I says, "Do you know this man, does he work here?" And he said yes, and I turned immediately and went on out up the stairs.Mr. BELIN - Then you continued up the stairway?Representative BOGGS -Let me ask one other question. You later, when you recognized this man as Lee Oswald, is that right, saw pictures of him?Mr. BAKER - Yes, sir. I had occasion to see him in the homicide office later that evening after we got through with Parkland Hospital and then Love Field and we went back to the City Hall and I went up there and made this affidavit.Representative BOGGS -After he had been arrested?Mr. BAKER - Yes, sir.
  21. Yes, but there is a big difference in compromising or conforming after the fact, as opposed to being an inside man or complicit in the lead up to the assassination.
  22. Which would then call into question everything Truly stated. Baker's original Friday affidavit precedes and contrasts with Truly's Saturday affidavit. If Truly was the inside man, favour swings to Baker's 3rd or 4th floor encounter, which negates Truly's 2nd floor lunchroom story. It also means that Baker later conformed to Truly's scenario. Further, it was Truly that spoke to Ruth Paine, and later agreed to hire Oswald. By implication, the "inside man" was complicit in positioning the patsy over the motorcade route. Baker stated in testimony that he recognised Oswald, after he was arrested, as the same man he encountered in the TSBD. Therefore, if we believe Baker, it was Oswald on the 3rd or 4th floor, just over a minute after the shooting. Unless of course Baker later conformed to Truly's Oswald ID on the way up the stairs. I'm not convinced ... interesting though
  23. Truly was with Baker. Truly did not report an encounter with any strangers.
  24. No-one saw strangers, except for one old man that entered the ground floor for a leak. What stranger would risk shooting from the 6th floor and hope to escape unnoticed? That plan, IMO, would never be considered in the first place. Until you find evidence of a stranger, you must consider that there were none.
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