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  1. The logic which had Oswald discard 'his' jacket seems to be the same logic that had him hide 'his' rifle. Why bother discarding or trying to hide something that can be traced directly back to you? I'm surprised Oswald didn't leave the revolver shells in an envelope with 'FAO DPD' written on it!
  2. Thanks Sandy, that's a good idea. I'll get onto it. I'm just conscious of not wanting to pester the forum members with daft beginner questions
  3. I've just been listening to a talk about the Tippit case by Dr. Donald B. Thomas, from about 2014 I think. He mentioned Carl Mather and as I was unsure of the relevance I googled his name and found this thread. He said that Carl 'declined' questioning by the HSCA and that the car in question was a 1957 Plymouth Station wagon that was 'Blue over white'. I know next to zero about American vehicles and just as much about this part of the case but figured I'd mention it in case it helps in someway.
  4. I've thought a few times that due to the number of connections there must have been no more than 100 people living in Texas at the time. Obviously that's a tongue in cheek comment but everyone seems to be connected in one way or another. When do coincidences stop being coincidences?
  5. Is it possible that another officer closed the window? Maybe to prevent spectators from reaching in or something? Either way there does seem to be a decent area at the top of the door where a person could lean without the window needing to be open.
  6. I don't believe Spotify gives that info unless you're the podcaster but it's on the iHeart media network which as far as I understand is the #1 in the US. Chartable has some very basic ratings. https://chartable.com/podcasts/who-killed-jfk Not sure about other platforms though like Apple or whatnot.
  7. I've been on here for a very short amount of time but so far haven't had any issues with the moderating team or anyone else really. The people who have spoken to me are usually friendly and polite and if they give me a 'tone' they get one back. Although I don't agree with David he's probably been the most polite LN (no offence) I've spoken to so far which is refreshing. I lurked for a good few months before I joined and in that time it was very clear to me who the argumentative members were. Seemingly not interested in furthering the discussion but criticising the comments of those involved at every available opportunity. In fact I don't think I've seen a constructive comment from Jonathan as yet. My only suggestion while I'm thinking of it would be maybe to consider having a 'Beginner' type section where people like me could ask questions that I'm sure you've all heard 1000 times without having them disrupt the flow of conversation. Either way, keep up the good work!
  8. I like the quote from Vincent Strain which mentions how he essentially believes the DPD did fake the prints as they were getting a lot of heat by the Sunday. I'd post it if I could remember where I saw it.
  9. Did Sandra Styles totally corroborate what Vicky Adams said regarding them leaving the 4th floor? I've heard people say she did and people say she didn't.
  10. I got the impression (from the DPD video clip) that Oswald was frustrated. The police were not telling him anything, he didn't know what was going on and when he was just about to answer a question or find out more the police dragged him away. Shortest press release ever.
  11. One of the many things I can't get my head around is how the LN's are constantly saying how Oswald was an idiot, a loaner, couldn't hold down a job etc etc, but at the same time are happy to assert that he was an excellent marksman, fast on his feet, had ninja like abilities and was a one man army. The limit of his abilities are only ever dictated by the point the LN's are trying to make or get out of. How on earth was he supposed to get from the 'snipers nest', hide his gun between/under boxes, silently traverse across the 6th floor, through a heavy door and down to the 4th floor before two women on that floor leave their position? They probably left by the time he'd pulled his rifle in from the window! Despite all this Dorothy Garner see's nothing. There's a point where knowledge of the subject doesn't matter because such suggestions are nothing short of laughable. I'm sure by 2025 we'll find out he could teleport!
  12. I don't know what all the various studies have shown or what has been proven or disproven about the film but the one thing that stands out to me everytime I watch it is that large sign. Instead of it looking weathered with variations of its shadows and lighting etc it just looks like a modern day vector image just stuck in the video. The colours are very uniform and it all seems to 'perfect' to me to be a real sign.
  13. Yeah but nobody said that those prints are NOT the killers
  14. I know a few people who I'm sure would love to talk to you about it as they have UAP related podcasts, Youtube channels etc. I'd certainly give it a listen.
  15. Thanks Larry. That's the group with Luis Elizondo isn't it? Or at least I believe he has been involved in one way or another?
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