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JFK was on the trailing curve to prevent this?

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The Nickname for the Welch's JBS was the "Belmount Brotherhood", which ties back to the LDS's and their calling everyone "Brother" this and "Sister" that. Plus, look at what JFK was dismanteling, he was going after Koch and Hunt oil depletion allowance, both those were big "Belmount Brotherhood" controllers. JFK was going after the main backer of Welch, which was Rockefeller and his Rothschild buddies via that JFK "US Note" cutting the Fed. Res's. throat. Then going after ending the Vietnam French Colony War, and making Peace with all the terrible Communists, Russia and Fidel.

Most 1963 Oak Ridge USAEC types consider that the JBS were the ring leaders on the JFK hit, as one of their own was directly involved.






The ideology of the NAM was not – and is not – much different than what we now call Neo-Conservatism, which is just another name for right-wing collectivism. Although it opposes Leninism for global dominance, it is amazingly similar to it. This was the beginning of what I call the Ollie North Syndrome: It’s OK to violate the Constitution, lie to Congress, topple governments, smuggle drugs, restrict personal freedom, and kill anyone who gets in the way provided it can be done under the banner of defending America from her enemies. On such a path, eventually we become what we oppose.

In the 1960s, the John Birch Society found itself in the middle of this one-sided, no-real-choice crusade. Tens of thousands of us joined its ranks to oppose Communism, and we hardly noticed the thing called fascism that was silently growing within our own government.

The significance of this fact is that early members of the Society's Council included a few regional directors of the Federal Reserve System, members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and some of them worked closely with operatives of secret government agencies. For example, William J. Grede, an industrialist on the Executive Committee of the JBS Council, was a director of the Federal Reserve Seventh District. Coleman T. Andrews was a member of the Bohemian Club. Spruille Braden, an ambassador to numerous countries who helped to topple their regimes, was an agent of The United Fruit Company, Director of the W. Averell Harriman Securities Corporation, an agent of Standard Oil, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Ralph E. Davis was a director of the Wackenhut Corporation, a private security firm that has contracts for security and paramilitary services of various government agencies including black-box operations. Other Wackenhut board members included former FBI Director Clarence Kelly, former Defense Secretary and CIA deputy director Frank Carlucci (later known for his leadership role in the Carlyle Group), former Secret Service director James J. Rowley, and many others from the military and CIA. George Wackenhut boasted that his company maintained files on 2.5 million Americans who were suspected dissidents.


Although Robert Welch was never a top dignitary in the NAM power palace, he highly respected it, sought personal relationships with its leaders, and even emulated some of its features when he founded the JBS, notably the black-tie events called Council Dinners (ladies excluded from the head table). In private conversations, he tried to convince me that fractional-reserve banking was healthy for the economy, and he was extremely upset when I produced The Capitalist Conspiracy, a documentary that shows the similarity between the Illuminati and the Masonic Order. He never explained what errors had been made in the film. His only comment to me was that I was dealing with something I didn’t understand. All of this now makes sense. The mystery is solved. Some of his strongest supporters and financial donors were bankers and Masons, and he didn't want to offend them. At the time, however, I had no awareness of that, and these encounters were a source of bewilderment for many years.


It is simple----the Nickname for the Welch's JBS was the "Belmount Brotherhood", which ties back to the LDS's and their calling everyone "Brother" this and "Sister" that. Plus, look at what JFK was dismanteling, he was going after Koch and Hunt oil depletion allowance, both those were big Belmount Brotherhood controllers. JFK was going after the main backer of Welch, which was Rockefeller and his Rothschild buddies via that US Note cutting the Fed. Res. throat. Then going after ending the Vietnam French Colony War, and making Peace with all the terrible Communists, Russia and Fidel.

Most USAEC types consider that the JBS were the ring leaders on the JFK hit.


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A little Hoover Secret, per LDS, that certainly helped the Birchers.



So with no hearings scheduled on these cults anytime soon in the Senate Judiciary Committee, law enforcement is not pressed to do its job. Historically, FBI field offices nationwide have been "manned" by Mormons. The Mormon community thus continues to successfully contain the polygamy issue as it has for the last 100 years.

With the shortcomings of the FBI exposed in recent years, Dawin A. John was tapped by Director Rober Mueller to reorganize the FBI's computer files. What qualified Darwin A. John as bureau Chief Information Officer was his prior job as managing director of information and communication systems for the Mormon Church, where he'd served for 12 years.

So what does all the Mormon influence amount to? A reach for power like every other interest group, except that Mormons are loyal first to the church.


There appears to be a significant association of LDS with Masonic issues. With Mason issues, the think to keep in mind is that Mason's Master Lodge is in England and their ultimate loyalty appears to support England to the point they should perhaps become foreign agents. Certainly, it was Ben Franklin's Masonic associations with England that told the British of the successes of the "Colonial Script" and allowed the control of the Bank of England and Rothschild's economic control to take over a degree of exploitation of the US as it grew slowly into IRS, Fed. Res., and a trend for wars at the expense of America.




The Masons also double talk per Jesus and many churches don't speak well of their ultimate teachings, and this stems soly from English Royalty Control from London. The issue of Mason's requiring a belief in god, in some fashion, as a requirement for membership is ultimately one to undermine most all religion's concept of god. Most Masons belong to the simple 3-degree form of Masonry, the Blue Lodges, and only the Scottish Rite takes up the 33 rd degrees that goes into the inner depths of religion and the old Mystery School's teachings. And what one discoveres is most all the religions have been embellished into something beyond what all their roots of religion perhaps intended. Certainly, in the Jesus religion concepts the issues of the Essene and Mt. Camel have been burried from the view of most modern religions. Jesus based religion should be inclusive of the isssues of Mt. Carmel and their Mystery Schools teachings and knowledge, but this is omitted. The term Nazarine applied to Jesus was that for this Essene group, which were much different than that of the Pharisee, Sadducee, Talmudic belief system.


With Masons, the ultimate thing to keep in mind is they are all controlled by the Grand Lodge in London, and the concept for the NWO involves the disruption of all religions via wars, with profits taken by the Royalist's bankers. The design is for a NWO or One World Government, perhaps with all the relgion concepts more normalized into what religion concepts should be about, without each's embellishments. IN this process, the US becomes the pawn for these wars. JFK was going to short circuit those games for wars, religion normalization, and OWG.



Friends and allies »

Amid the spying by Hoover, the FBI director managed to leave the impression with Benson that they were friends and fellow fighters against communism.

Files show they exchanged copies of books and speeches. Hoover sent messages of encouragement when Benson was sick and when his stepmother died. He wrote a note of thanks for Benson’s service when he left the Cabinet. He also once invited Benson to have his son, Reed, apply to become an FBI agent.

In turn, Benson invited Hoover to speak at an LDS Church general conference (which Hoover declined), to attend a concert by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with Benson’s wife, to allow the LDS Church’s Deseret Book Co. to print a compilation of Hoover’s speeches (which did not happen), and even to attend a song recital by one of Benson’s daughters.

“I realize that only in the next life will we fully appreciate all you have done to preserve freedom in this country,” Benson wrote Hoover in 1965. “I am most grateful for your exposure of the communist conspiracy and for the wonderful organization you have established in the FBI.”


Most know that Hoover and LBJ (Both of them Masons and big pals with JBS) were up to their necks in the JFK assassination and both should well have been tried and executed for Murder and Treason against JFK and America. But, what seems to be missing is Hoover's ties with LDS anti-communist issues that started up the JBS which came to a fever pitch in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, as both Hoover and LBJ showed up at Clint Merchison's ( One of the high ranking Dallas Birchers ) place to show support for a Bircher plan to kill a Communist US President.

The other thing most omit, is there was an International Version of the CIA that worked for British Intelligence and Israel, PERMINDEX, which was more out of control than the CIA and highly connected to the Birchers via Nagy in Dallas and Shaw in New Orleans in associations with Banister (Bircher, Minute Man, Hoover Lackie), Oswald's boss.


Via what JFK was learning,

One must consider that the US has been exploited for wars, as the US is fairly young and slow to learn. Great Leaders, like Jefferson, knew the importance of being more isolationist and staying out of Foreign Wars. But by various dupes and tricks the US has been led into various wars and even toward paying for these wars that we didn't start. These were largely driven by the needs of the UK and their Colony exploitation interests and their methods of exploitation using money and banking.

While the US broke from the UK as a Colony, the US was again exploited as Ben Fanklin told the UK how to take control of the US money system via the national bank concepts of the Rothschilds. So, the US never fully freed itself from the UK type Colonial control and exploitation.

JFK sought to set the US free of being used to promote those wars and being exploited by the Fed. Res.'s International Bankers of London. Thus, upon JFK's murder, the US became more Fascists controlled or Oligarchic Controlled, and the issues of Socialism is that "controls" deadliest enemy. JFK found himself right in the middle of that issue of US Freedom, verses Fascist control of the US by the Royalists.

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The 1935 Huey Long Assassination in Lousiana was likely connected to the same mentality that sought to kill JFK. Long had plans to control the Royalists.

The "Square Deal" association sounds too similar to the JBS and the Minutemen. And the gut shot on Long, somewhat like the gut shot to LHO.





But in the early 1960s, the left was bent on pacifying America’s enemies. Unfortunately, pacification and appeasement are often bought with a price—in this case the sovereignty of the United States. Further, any assumption that the left viewed communism as a threat was probably untrue. More than likely, they viewed it as way a to become the powerful SuperParent of the masses and the great provider of social services (also called goodies) from the national treasury. Who could defeat them down the road if they were willing to care for each citizen the way Sen. Huey P. Long (D-LA) suggested—“from cradle to grave?”


After reading a few intro pages, I came to an editorial from The September 4, 1965, edition of the Chicago Tribune. Written by J. Howard Wood, Publisher, and W. D. Maxwell, Editor, titled “One Man’s Battle,” it told the story of the government’s removal of Maj. Roberts from active duty status. Maj. Roberts made a speech before the Daughters of the American Revolution that “offended army censorship and government officials.” He was in danger of losing his position in the army as well as his military pension for speaking the truth about the socialist/United Nation’s takeover of our government.

The “rule” that silenced Maj. Roberts and others was instituted during the administration of John F. Kennedy. It emerged from the noted “Fulbright memorandum” that Sen. J. William Fulbright (D-AR) sent to the president in 1961. At the time, the senator was chairman of the foreign relations committee and was concerned that members of the military were discussing the dangers of communism with such intensity and frequency that they could only be viewed as suffering from right-wing radicalism. The danger was far greater if men, such as Maj. Roberts, told the public what he knew.

Fulbright also claimed that right-wingers believed that social legislation was the by-product of socialism, which was another name for communism. If members of the military were allowed to speak openly against communism, voters wouldn’t support the new administration’s social programs and foreign policies, all of which were socialistic in nature.

A mentor to Bill Clinton, Fulbright was an anti-anti-Communist; and anyone who knows the rules of positive and negative integers understands that an anti-anti-communist is a communist. He strongly believed in peace through education, although the content of his educational programs might prove to be more in keeping with socialist indoctrination. The September 4, 1965, Chicago Tribune editorial didn’t let the senator off the hook. It claimed his goal was to “embark the [Kennedy] administration on a campaign to suppress any statements by military men which might be offensive to the Kremlin” because they were starting to “‘mellow’” and were “moving toward ‘convergence’ with the United States and the west.”


At the time, Maj. Roberts was an information officer at the time. He was stationed with the American 24th division in West Germany where he was creating a program to train the troops about the goals and dangers of communism. That assignment ended shortly after the highly decorated commander of his division, Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker, was warned by his superiors because of his vocal belief that some politicians were sympathetic to communism and that required the election of pro-American conservatives. Walker had already been reassigned in November 1961 for putting John Birch Society literature in the hands of US troops stationed in West Germany. He was relieved of his command by Elvis J. Stahr, Secretary of the Army, because of his outspoken anti-Communist activities. According to the web site of the society named for Walker, “in the John F. Kennedy administration, anti-Communism was an unpardonable ‘crime’” (www.eoffshore.com, Par. 1).

Walker’s affiliation with the infamous John Birch Society did not bode well for him. Such membership made him a right-wing radical in the eyes of more moderate Americans. The fact that Maj. Arch E. Roberts served under Walker’s command and his willingness to speak before organizations steeped in American patriotism made him another target in Kennedy administration’s efforts to silence hard-line-anti-Communists.



Completely stymied by Long's political maneuvers and legislative victories, his enemies formed a paramilitary organization called the Square Deal Association to plot armed insurrection. The movement likened itself to the 1874 white supremacist uprising against the state’s Reconstruction government.

In January 1935, 200 armed Square Dealers stormed the East Baton Rouge Parish courthouse, prompting Governor Allen to call out the National Guard and declare martial law.

In July, Huey declared that he had discovered an assassination plot against him. Long’s associates had eavesdropped on a secret meeting in New Orleans, which included four Louisiana congressmen, New Orleans Mayor Walmsley, and former Governors Parker and Sanders. Another man, identified as “Dr. Wise,” was introduced at the gathering.


Dr. Carl Weiss, approached Huey in a corridor and shot him at close range in the abdomen. Huey’s bodyguards immediately opened fired on Weiss as Huey ran to safety.

Weiss was killed instantly, and Huey was rushed to a nearby hospital, where emergency surgery failed to stop internal bleeding.

Huey died two days later on September 10, 1935, eleven days after his 42nd birthday. His last words were, “God, don’t let me die. I have so much to do.”

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1961 US Congress considers the John Birch Society

In Washington DC, the US Senate considers a motion to launch a formal investigation of the John Birch Society, an ultraconservative organization founded in 1958 by Massachusetts businessman Robert H. Welch, Jr. Established in Indianapolis, Indiana, the John Birch Society was dedicated to fighting what it perceived to be the extensive infiltration of Communism into US society.

Welch named the society in honor of John Birch, considered by many to be the first US casualty in the struggle against communism. In 1945, Birch, a Baptist missionary and US army intelligence specialist, was killed by Chinese Communists in the northern province of Anhwei.

The John Birch Society, initially founded with only eleven members, had by the early 1960s grown to a membership of nearly 100,000 Americans, and enjoyed annual private contributions of several million dollars. The society revived the spirit of McCarthyism, claiming in unsubstantiated accusations that a vast Communist conspiracy existed within the US government.

Among others, the organization even implicated President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, leading Congress to consider an official investigation of the John Birch Society. However, during the subsequent Senate inquiries, the organization’s outrageous claims were rapidly discredited and its ideology was generally ridiculed by a mainstream US that had grown wary of radical anti-communism after the public debacle of the public hearings conducted by Senator Joseph McCarthy in the early 1950s. By the mid-1960s the John Birch Society had faded into insignificance.

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Some things were obvious at the time, and they still are obvious:



"...In 1963 the Dallas Morning News was published by a man named Ted Dealey [as in Dealey Plaza]. When criticized for it later, Dealey said that before agreeing to print the JBS ad, he'd read it meticulously and approved it, arguing that it 'represented what the Dallas Morning News have been saying editorially'.

"Actually, in agreeing to go to Texas, JFK knew he was heading into extremely hostile territory. Joe Pool - the Democratic Congressman from Dallas - was heavily backed by big money . He told "Big D" constituents that the Kennedy administration had "turned my stomach". The mayor of Dallas - Earle Cabell - was a friend and associate of Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society. The mayor and his wealthy cronies hated JFK. Some of them affixed bumper-stickers to their cars saying "K.O. the Kennedys". Their wives played a game called "Which Kennedy do you hate the most?". Prosperous, well educated young marrieds gathered over jumbo highballs in the trendy suburbs to swap jokes about assassination and lewd gossip about the First Family.


"Prayers continued. The nation's suspense continued. So did mute phone lines, official fears of a plot, and, through the Joint Chiefs' global alert, the quick knotting of the Pentagon's awesome fist. Erratic reactions also continued, triggered by unsuspected inner quirks. The pathetic refusals to accept the facts persisted, though they were being defeated as each passing minute eroded individual defenses of denial and misunderstanding. Those who needed solitude paced their lonely rooms and streets, those who required company forged intimate friendships with strangers they would never encounter again, and those capable of speculation wondered about the source of the shots. Nearly all the conjecture led in the same direction. There was little doubt about the political convictions of the sniper. It was assumed that he and his accomplices, whose existence was also assumed, were agents of the Radical Right. This was true even of the surmises of members of the John Birch Society...

"...Cardinal Cushing greeted his naval visitor with five hoarse words: 'Jack Kennedy has been assassinated...' He couldn't go on. His lips were working furiously, but there was no sound, and the admiral hastily withdrew. Ted Sorensen had been the rhetorician of the New Frontier, and at 2:35 he was also the most prestigious aide at the White House. Sitting across from Behn in McNally's office he felt that he should assume some responsibility, yet he couldn't. He felt shackled; if he had been standing in the middle of a stadium, he could have done nothing. At length he stirred a little and said with slow bitterness, 'They wouldn't even give him three years,' and left the East Wing for the West... In the West Wing Reardon shouted at Sorensen, 'I'd like to take a xxxxing bomb and blow the xxxxing State of Texas off the xxxxing map!' ... In Phoenix, Arizona, a thirty-three-year-old man fired two shots through the window of the local John Birch Society office.


"...Once the identity of the assassin had been established elaborate attempts were made to sponge away the memory of these incidents. The Radical Right wasn't contrite. Its initial glee was confirmed and reconfirmed; during a meeting in the Cosmos Club which was brought to the attention of the FBI in Washington six months after the tragedy, a retired Marine Corps general told an admiring group of retired military officers that 'It was the hand of God that pulled the trigger that killed Kennedy.' But the radicals were content to leave the guilt in Oswald's grave. Their goal had been achieved, and they were anxious to avoid the undertow of public disapproval.

"...The swift solution of the riddle of who had fired the shots was to have the effect of dissipating early reactions. This was lucky for the gloaters. Had the assassin been identified, say, as an agent of the John Birch Society, Birchers everywhere would have been in for an awkward afternoon. It was also fortunate for domestic tranquility. Almost as soon as conclusions had been drawn, they were to be confounded, and instead of hysteria the national attitude became one of pervasive sadness."






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Crossing 2,500 views statistic.

Even the Jack Ruby story has extensive clear connections to the John Birch Society connecting the Jewish associations to the JFK hit. Even General Walker is pushing Jacob Rubenstein as part of the kill JFK plot. Bircher General Walker and Hunt both have NAZI connections and the JFK plot of which Milteer spoke intended to connect the JFK hit into a Jewish plot. Germany even supplied the issues of Rocket and Nuclear technology to Egypt to draw in the PERMINDEX interests.

Just like the John Birch Society, via Banister, were into setting up LHO for killing JFK, they also intentionally brought in PERMINDEX and its Jewish Commanded kill squad for the hit on JFK.

The Birchers that planned the Kill JFK scheme were voicing their plot's information to take down the Jewish involvement part of the JFK plot that led to LBJ and Hoover.

The Birchers plot drew in the highest Govt players and Intelligence and guaranteed the Birchers would not be investigated and they'd get away with their plot.



Mr. RUBY. ome persons are accusing me falsely of being part of the plot . . . a plot to silence Oswald. . . . [T]he people that have the power here . . . already have me as the accused assassin of our beloved President.(17) I tell you, gentlemen, my whole family is in jeopardy . . . as to their lives. . . . Naturally, I am a foregone conclusion. My sisters Eva, Eileen, and Mary, I lost my sisters. My brothers Sam, Earl, Hyman, and myself naturally -- my in-laws, Harold Kaminsky, Marge Ruby, the wife of Earl, and Phyllis, the wife of Sam Ruby, they are in jeopardy of loss of their lives . . . just because they are blood related to myself . . . Consequently, right at this moment I am being victimized [falsely portrayed] as a part of a plot in the world's worst tragedy and crime at this moment. . . . At this moment, Lee Harvey Oswald isn't [seen as being] guilty of committing the crime of assassinating President Kennedy. Jack Ruby is. How can I fight that, Chief Justice Warren?(18)

Ruby was also very specific about precisely who was most actively pushing the theory of his involvement in a conspiracy:

[T]here is a certain organization in this area that has been indoctrinated that I am the one that was in the plot to assassinate our President. . . . The John Birch Society.(19)

Ruby was correct; the John Birch Society was indeed spreading propaganda implicating Ruby as part of a Jewish conspiracy. In fact, Ruby correctly named resigned US Army Major General Edwin Walker as one of the society's leaders in Dallas,(20) and it is quite telling that when Walker appeared before the Warren Commission, he insisted upon referring to Ruby by his birth name, Rubenstein.(21)

Ruby continued:

If certain people have the means and want to gain something by propagandizing something to their own use, they will make ways to present certain things that I do look guilty."(22) . . . If you don't take me back to Washington tonight to give me a chance to prove to the President that I am not guilty, then you will see the most tragic thing that will ever happen. And . . . I won't be around to be able to prove my innocence or guilt.(23). . . I am used as a scapegoat, and there is no greater weapon that you can use to create some falsehood about some of the Jewish faith, especially at the terrible heinous crime such as the killing of President Kennedy. . . . Now maybe something can be saved. It may not be too late, whatever happens, if our President, Lyndon Johnson, knew the truth from me. But if I am eliminated, there won't be any way of knowing. Right now, when I leave your presence now, I am the only one that can bring out the truth to our President, who believes in righteousness and justice. But he has been told, I am certain, that I was part of a plot to assassinate the President. . . .(24)

Ruby's attorney Joe Tonahill asked, "Who do you think is going to eliminate you, Jack?" Ruby replied, in another statement that has been quoted out of context by even reputable journalists such as Seth Kantor, "I have been used for a purpose [for propaganda by anti-Semitic organizations like the Birch Society], and there will be a certain tragic occurrence happening if you don't take my testimony and somehow vindicate me so my people don't suffer because of what I have done. . . . You have lost me though. You have lost me, Chief Justice Warren. . . . I won't be around for you to come and question me again. . . . All I want is a lie detector test, and you refuse to give it to me."(25)

For those more intent upon pinning the blame on Ruby than discerning the true nature of the facts, the only thing left to do is insist he was lying. One assassination researcher has even made repeated claims that the polygraph test Ruby eventually took indicated that Ruby was, in fact, lying. This researcher has claimed that "a panel of 9 polygraph experts determined that there were blatant signs of deception during Ruby's polygraph test, when he was asked about knowing Oswald and about involvement with Oswald in the assassination."(26)


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This is a very interesting piece on JFK assassination that brings into the knowledge of the press and previous assassinations. The web site brings out various interesting issues such as JBS Phonex HQ and the Welch support of Goldwater in Phoenix. Goldwater was big pals with Curtis LeMay. :



Evidence of The John Birch Society, Head Quarters (Phoenix, Arizona) at the time November 22nd, 1963 brutal day. John Birch Society window shot out in Phoenix, Arizona on the exact same day that Kennedy was killed. (Cover up begins). Right wing groups hostile to Kennedy, the Phoenix Connection. Three pieces of Evidence take play according to the Mohave Miner published Thursday November 28th 1963. Three are mentioned in the Warren commission - pg 272 - the 4th piece of evidence is left out. Lets take a look at the Article.

Also see the link: John Birch Society exposed: John Birch Society is mentioned on page, 275, 276, 345, 657 in the Warren report.


It is also a fact that William Randolph Hearst I was tied to the William McKinley assassination who also was a 33rd degree Mason. Though he served two terms in the U.S. Congress, Hearst's political ambitions were mostly frustrated as he failed in two bids to become Mayor of New York City (1905 and 1909) and one race for governor of New York (1906). He was a prominent leader of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party from 1896 to 1935, but he became more conservative later in life. It is also known that Hearst had many ties to the Hollywood industry.


A group met for a party in Dallas hosted by Clint Murchison, another business tycoon with close links to the Geneva mafia. On November 21st 1963, the night before the assassination those present at the event included J. Edgar Hoover, Clyde Tolson, John J. McCoy, Jack Ruby, George Brown (of Brown and Root), numerous mafia kingpins, several newspapers, TV reporters, and Richard Nixon. The party began to wind down at around 11 o' clock when the attendees were shocked to witness the arrival of Lyndon Johnson who had traveled from Houston; Clint Murchison immediately called a meeting.

Much is to be said about the morning of November 22, 1963...Unlike Dwight Eisenhower who had ignored newspapers, Kennedy scanned the leading dailies every morning soon after waking up. On that morning at the Texas Hotel JFK awoke to read the paper and was naturally alert to the reaction to the tours first day, and he found that the feud between conservative Gov. John Connally Jr., and liberal Sen. Ralph Yarborough had become the biggest political story in the Nation. Dallas news front page read: Now have in mind the LBJ powered the Dallas press. Headline Dallas Press Nov, 22nd “Storm of Political controversy swirls around Kennedy on Visit”, and "Yarborough snubs LBJ.” A third in side was headed, “President’s visit seen widening state to a Democratic split.”

The stories Kennedy had read had convinced him that the political bloodletting had become serious. Seizing the phone that morning after reading the news paper of Dallas he told his aid Ken O’Donnell that he wanted Senator Yarborough to ride in the Vice-Presidents car today, and no excuse would be excepted. O’Donnell then told Larry O’Brien that we must spell out the alternative for Yarborough--either he rode with Lyndon today or he walked. That morning Kennedy missed the inflammatory on the next page ominously bordered in black like an announcement of mourning under the sardonic heading; “WELCOME MR. KENNEDY TO DALLAS…..,” an organization styling itself as “The American Fact-Finding Committee”--a local coordinator of the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY and Nelson Bunker Hunt the son of H.L. Hunt. It later developed that they were the committee's most prominent members. Hunt Had fliers made up that was going around Dallas prior to JFK arrival, which stated John F. Kennedy wanted for treason. Madeleine Brown states that Hunt had even given her one of the fliers which she had up to the day of her death.. Link: John Kennedy wanted for treason flier. Make sure to follow the link down below the wanted for treason page. I find the information to be a fact in the following link due to information I have in The Los Angeles Times, October 2, 1962. I believe that Texan General Edwin A. Walker was a part of the assassination process. Walker was taken into custody by orders from Kennedy for inciting a riot of rebellion. Walker was arrested at a roadblock in Oxford, Mississippi at noon on Monday October 1st, 1962 for insurrection against the United States. He waived preliminary hearing when arranged before U.S. Commissioner Omar Craig, who set Walkers bond at $100.000.


It is said that the Hearst Newspapers were characterized by appeals to ignorance, prejudice, envy, and hatred. It is a known fact that Hearst hated the Kennedy's because of prior business deals between Joe Kennedy, and William Hearst I.

JFK kept is enemies close so that he might have a voice against certain idealist. John Kennedy voiced is opinion to what he believed media corruption could incite by stirring the caldron. Also he suggested infiltration through certain groups who had the connections, and power to cover certain subjects that determined major plans of action by controversy which brought to play a distinctive role as interfering in national and foreign policy. Even though JFK kept them around, using them more than any Past Presidents before him. More than once JFK rejected the circulations of the editors and journalist that gave speech to create war.

At higher levels informal cooperation between the CIA and corporate media executives was often instrumental in censoring the publication of information that the CIA found objectionable. This informal cooperation was made easier by the fact that in addition to the cozy relationship shared between the CIA and reporters, the executives at many of the nation’s largest press outlets such as CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, Time, Newsweek and Life magazines were intimate friends with individuals at the highest levels of management at the CIA. The CIA would stand out as a singular power center for Yale University alumni in general and Skull & Bones initiates in particular. The term "spooks," the well-known CIA term for a clandestine operator was originally Yale campus argot for a secret society members. "Bones club" within the CIA which helps promote the intelligence careers of members of the Yale secret society.



How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up




The history of the CIA’s involvement with the American press continues to be shrouded by an official policy of obfuscation and deception for the following principal reasons:

■ The use of journalists has been among the most productive means of intelligence‑gathering employed by the CIA. Although the Agency has cut back sharply on the use of reporters since 1973 primarily as a result of pressure from the media), some journalist‑operatives are still posted abroad.

■ Further investigation into the matter, CIA officials say, would inevitably reveal a series of embarrassing relationships in the 1950s and 1960s with some of the most powerful organizations and individuals in American journalism.

Among the executives who lent their cooperation to the Agency were Williarn Paley of the Columbia Broadcasting System, Henry Luce of Tirne Inc., Arthur Hays Sulzberger of the New York Times, Barry Bingham Sr. of the LouisviIle Courier‑Journal, and James Copley of the Copley News Service. Other organizations which cooperated with the CIA include the American Broadcasting Company, the National Broadcasting Company, the Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps‑Howard, Newsweek magazine, the Mutual Broadcasting System, the Miami Herald and the old Saturday Evening Post and New York Herald‑Tribune.


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Buy a Piece of JFK Dallas Gen. Walker Hate Printing for big $$.



(John F. Kennedy) Original "Wanted for Treason" Handbill. John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) 35th President. On November 21, 1963 "Wanted for Treason" handbills were distributed on the streets of Dallas, before Kennedy's scheduled visit. These handbills bore a reproduction of a front and profile photograph of the President and set forth a series of inflammatory charges against him. Robert A. Surrey was eventually identified as the author of the handbill. Surrey, a printing salesman employed by Johnson Printing Co. of Dallas, had been closely associated with General Edwin Walker. Walker was known for his right wing political views and for having been an assassination target of Lee Harvey Oswald in April 1963. Bernard Wiessman, responsible for the black-bordered "Welcome Mr. Kennedy" advertisement in the November 22 Dallas Morning News, also an associate of Walker's and a prominent John Birch Society member, testified to The Warren Commission that he saw a copy of one of these handbills on the floor of Walker's car shortly after November 22nd. The commission found no evidence of any connection between those responsible for the handbill and Oswald or the actual assassination. However, Oswald attended a meeting held by Walker in Dallas one month before the assassination. An original 9" x 12" "Wanted for Treason" handbill, has uneven toning and age spotting. These handbills are excessively rare there are only three others known to exist.




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This is a little more information on the JBS and the issue that Robert Welch was even too far right for Barry Goldwater and William Buckely to ignore. Welch was backing Goldwater for a US Presidential Run.

In 1962, Goldwater networked with William Buckley as part of the plan to depart from the extremes of the Robert Welch Communist behind every tree effect that even jumped on Eisenhower. That was to become the political end of Welch, slowly over time, to be associated with anything serious.

Yet in 1963, These Welch and JBS extremes in Dallas became the hate and the network of murder intending crooks that killed JFK.

This article does present that the Welch and JBS types got into the issues of Fluoridation, which they considered Communistic in intentions. Fluoridation is a common technique that was discovered by the Chemists of IG Farben to make people more tolerate of control via dulling their mind's accuity. Fluoridation in the US, is more the tool of the run away Nuclear Arms Race and the Strategic metals needed for wars, because the fluoridation hides the effects of these dangerous industrial pollutants associated with these processes to protect capitalistic industry interests and cost reductions. It also dumbed down the people to allow fascist type control of the growing power of the Mil / Ind Network that operated like a giant IG Farben on an international basis.

Welch was half right and pointed the finger in the wrong accusing direction, as he did with Communism to promote Fascist like control over the US via the Mil/Ind Networks fear mongering and dulling people's mind using the fluoride in the public water supply. In Germany these fluoridation tricks were only used in the Prisoner camps, and similarly in Russia in the Siberian work camps, but in the US it became a capitalistic national policy to keep the nation dumb and ripe for exploitation.



The John Birch Society should be renounced by Goldwater and by everyone else—Kirk turned his eyes on me—with any influence on the conservative movement.

But that, Goldwater said, is the problem. Consider this, he exaggerated: “Every other person in Phoenix is a member of the John Birch Society. Russell, I’m not talking about Commie-haunted apple pickers or cactus drunks, I’m talking about the highest cast of men of affairs. Any of you know who Frank Cullen Brophy is?”

I raised my hand. “I spent a lot of time with him. He was going to contribute capital to help found National Review. He didn’t.” Brophy was a prominent Arizona banker.

Goldwater said he knew nothing about that, but added that Brophy certainly was aware of Goldwater’s personal enthusiasm for the magazine and especially for its Washington editor, Brent Bozell. “Why isn’t Brent here?” he turned to Baroody.

“He’s in Spain.”

“Well, our—my—Conscience of a Conservative continues to sell.” Bozell, who was also my brother-in-law, had ghostwritten the book, which had given Goldwater a national profile.

Kirk said he could not imagine Bozell disagreeing on the need to excommunicate the John Birch Society from the conservative movement.


We resolved that conservative leaders should do something about the John Birch Society. An allocation of responsibilities crystallized.

Goldwater would seek out an opportunity to dissociate himself from the “findings” of the Society’s leader, without, however, casting any aspersions on the Society itself. I, in National Review and in my other writing, would continue to expose Welch and his thinking to scorn and derision. “You know how to do that,” said Jay Hall.

I volunteered to go further. Unless Welch himself disowned his operative fallacy, National Review would oppose any support for the society.

“How would you define the Birch fallacy?” Jay Hall asked.

“The fallacy,” I said, “is the assumption that you can infer subjective intention from objective consequence: we lost China to the Communists, therefore the President of the United States and the Secretary of State wished China to go to the Communists.”

“I like that,” Goldwater said.

What would Russell Kirk do? He was straightforward. “Me? I’ll just say, if anybody gets around to asking me, that the guy is loony and should be put away.”

“Put away in Alaska?” I asked, mock-seriously. The wisecrack traced to Robert Welch’s expressed conviction, a year or so earlier, that the state of Alaska was being prepared to house anyone who doubted his doctrine that fluoridated water was a Communist-backed plot to weaken the minds of the American public.


In the next issue of my magazine, National Review, I published a 5,000-word excoriation of Welch:

How can the John Birch Society be an effective political instrument while it is led by a man whose views on current affairs are, at so many critical points . . . so far removed from common sense? That dilemma weighs on conservatives across America. . . . The underlying problem is whether conservatives can continue to acquiesce quietly in a rendition of the causes of the decline of the Republic and the entire Western world which is false, and, besides that, crucially different in practical emphasis from their own.

In response, National Review received the explicit endorsement of Senator Goldwater himself, who wrote a letter we published in the following issue:

I think you have clearly stated the problem which Mr. Welch’s continued leadership of the John Birch Society poses for sincere conservatives. . . . Mr. Welch is only one man, and I do not believe his views, far removed from reality and common sense as they are, represent the feelings of most members of the John Birch Society. . . . Because of this, I believe the best thing Mr. Welch could do to serve the cause of anti-Communism in the United States would be to resign. . . . We cannot allow the emblem of irresponsibility to attach to the conservative banner.

The wound we Palm Beach plotters delivered to the John Birch Society proved fatal over time. Barry Goldwater did not win the presidency, but he clarified the proper place of anti-Communism on the Right, with bright prospects to follow.


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Per the John Birch Society and Fluoridation, they apparently tapped this person that started the whole "Red Scare" named "Keneth Goff". The JBS then sent him all around telling the dangers of Communism and Fluorides. He came to Knoxville's Churches and all around. A Knoxville Politician named Cas Walker took up the Fluoride and Communism torch. Lots of the Oak Ridge Nuke Plant workers lived in Knoxville and attended these churches. All the Red Scare issues came to fuel nuclear weapons production for Oak Ridge.

This Keneth Goff appears to have started it all with Congress and the Dies Committee, this leading to McCarthyism, and rampant nuclear weapons work.

More of the details follow:


I watched the Cas Walker (The Old Coon Hunter) TV Programs (It was called the "Farm and Home Hour") in the Mornings on WBIR-TV and saw these Fluoridation and Communism issues personally, plus read the same in his WatchDog Newspaper. Cas Walker is a local legend and WBIR-TV has archived many of this shows.

The story of Cas Walker and Keneth Goff in Knoxville, Tn.


Fluoride - It's "encroaching Communism," Folks!

While a member of the Communist Party, I attended Communist training schools in New York and Wisconsin ... and we were trained in the revolutionary overthrow of the U.S. Government. "... We discussed quite thoroughly the fluoridation of water supplies and how we were using it in Russia as a tranquilizer in the prison camps. The leaders of our school felt that if it could be induced into the American water supply, it would bring about a spirit of lethargy in the nation, where it could keep the general public docile during a steady encroachment of Communism. alleged communist Kenneth Goff

The nutcase who made this statement was appearing at churches in the East Tennessee area in the early sixties, in most cases sponsored by elements of the John Birch Society. Another more lovable nutcase, groceryman Cas Walker, was making the case against fluoridation on his weekly tv show. It seems like the messages of Goff and Walker stuck with a few folks even up until today.


This appears to be an industry spin document, that attempts to sidestep the simple scientific facts that fluorine in the body is generally a cumulative effect. It is a serious enzyme poison because of its affinity to trace metals essential for enzyme processes. And various studies link fluoride to diminished IQ, mental lethargy, health effects like dimentia and alzheimers, and the effects of CFS.


The bottom line what the Uranium Bomb projects and the defense metals industries like aluminum needed to hide that the toxic releases of fluoride emissions cause health harm to plants, animals, and humans. It is a whole sordid mess of cover ups worse than the JFK assassination cover up.


And in this one see how the issue of Religion was taken up to become the weapon against Communism. Unfortunately, as this grew it became more the cause for extensive and extreme military build up, huge national debts, scaring the public into funding more wars, and fueling the defense industry to extensive wealth. The Mil/Ind Networks bankers and industry partners cleaned up on these tactics and still does today.


Recruitment into the Communist Party

In 1935 Kenneth Goff was employed at a Wisconsin newspaper. That year he was invited to attend a “workers school” sponsored by the Federal Employment Relief Administration, a recovery project of FDR‘s New Deal administration held on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. Goff soon discover the school to be totally communist control. Classes consisted of discussions on how to organize a worker's society and the comparisons of socialist and communist systems. In the evenings the young students would sing revolutionary songs, including The Internationale.[1]

On one occasion Goff was invited to attend a private Communist lecture held at the home of a party member. The guess speaker was a Jew from New York with the name Cohen who gave a report on the Seventh World Congress of the Communist Party. The speaker made the point that liberals were similar to armies without generals and that only trained leaders could win the world for international Communism. Comrade Cohen declared the Communist Party to be the vanguard of the worker’s revolution with members of generals ready to lead the masses.[2]


He renewed his Christian faith and began a crusade to expose communism in America. Kenneth Goff was appointed national chairman of Gerald L. K. Smith’s group Christian Youth for America in 1949.[3] Goff founded his own organizations the National Youth Organization in 1943 and Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute in 1950. He spoke in every state of American--mostly to conservative church groups--and wrote a total of 28 books and pamphlets.[4]

In 1964 Kenneth Goff became a member of Liberty Lobby's Board of Policy.


This is basically how he eventually took up with the JBS types and went on tours of churches to escallate the fears. He took up anti-Semetic and neo-Nazi support.


Kenneth Goff

Oliver Kenneth Goff claimed to be a former member of the Communist Party [1936-1939] turned Christian. In 1939 he volunteered to give testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee about supposed firsthand knowledge of a major Communist conspiracy to take over America. This began a long career of giving testimony before different government bodies and public speaking engagements on the ‘Red Menace.’ In hindsight it is obvious that much of what Goff claimed could not have been true, but he was considered ‘the’ expert by many government officials for the next several decades.

Many people’s careers and reputations were ruined by Goff’s claims of inside knowledge about their involvement in Communist organizations. He especially targeted religious leaders and urged church goers to investigate their own pastors and send the details of anything suspicious to him. [see Traitors in the Pulpit, 1946] By the 1950’s the Reverend Goff’s politics and religious writings had begun to lean to the far-right. He took up the causes of anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism and supported a wide assemblage of extreme right-wing organizations.


JFK was sure to know this same information, because his brother RFK worked with McCarthy. JFK certainly started stepping on the Nuclear Plants toes with the ending of Atmospheric nuclear testing because of the fears of nuclear testing and the wide releases of materials like Sr-90 that deposited in childrens bodies and caused health and illness concerns in the public's eyes.

Since JFK attacked the Bone Seeking Sr-90 issue of the Nuclear Weapons world, he was perhaps one step away from finding another Bone Seeker toxic material called Fluorides from the Nuclear Production work and Strategic Metals industry releases that had been causing highly identifiable health harm to plants, animals, and humans.

The weapons and strategic materials industry pulled the wool over people's eyes with the issue that fluorides protected people's teeth from tooth decay, primarily due to the tooth decay probems caused by high uses of cheap sugar in the US foodstuffs. Fluoride's enzyme killing effects killed the bacterial bugs that caused the acids causing tooth decay. But failed to tell them the more serious downsides that the fluoride has cumulative effects in the bones, harms cellular enzyme processes, upsets thyroid processes, concentrates in the Pineal Gland, and is linked to the chronic effects of aging, arthritis, dimentia, Alzheimers, and lowered IQ's in children.

Fluoride was protectionism for the US Sugar Industry, and the same for the Fluoride Polluters tied to US national security. All one has to do is look at the rates of tooth decay in societies not using processed sugars. Most of India makes a fine example, as their rates of tooth problems are extremely low and they don't have fluoride in the public water. But areas of India do have problems with fluoride naturally, and there is an abundance of serious health problems well associated.


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Robert Welch and Doctor Revilo P. Oliver----The John Birch Society using religion to battle communism.

One of the more interesting issues is Oliver ended up testifying before the Warren Commission over one of his works called: "Marxmanship in Dallas"

Oliver sticks to the JBS script that Oswald done it because JFK was a Communist. Oliver's best pal is W. Kendall, who was big OSS and CIA connected. Years later, Oliver eventially breaks with Welch as Welch starts to tell the Oligarchs are the problems and shifts from the Communist theme.



In 1958, Oliver joined Robert W. Welch, Jr. in being one of the founding members of the anti-Communist John Birch Society. Oliver wrote frequently for the Birch Society magazine American Opinion, his most widely-noted piece being a two-part article called "Marxmanship in Dallas" that asserted that Lee Harvey Oswald had carried out the assassination of President John F. Kennedy as part of a Communist conspiracy. In Oliver's opinion, the Communists wished to eliminate Kennedy as a puppet who had outlived his usefulness. Oliver testified before the Warren Commission on the basis for his assertions but was unconvincing. He was reprimanded for his remarks by the University of Illinois' Board of Trustees, but they did not try to unseat him.[6][7][8]

In the 1960s, Oliver broke with American conservatism and, having become convinced that Welch had either cozened him from the start or sold out later, he even severed his connections with what he called "the Birch hoax." He thus came to openly embrace an essentially far-right worldview, and eventually to assist William Luther Pierce in forming the National Alliance, a white nationalist organization, a significant portion of whose supporters and members would re-form under the name National Vanguard.

Dr. Oliver was an editorial advisor for the Institute for Historical Review, an organization devoted primarily to historical revisionism of World War II and Holocaust denial. He was also a regular contributor to Liberty Bell.[9]

He retired in 1977 and committed suicide in 1994, aged 86, suffering with emphysema.[citation needed]

[edit] WorkOliver believed that religion was one of the major weaknesses of his nation and civilization. He characterized Christianity as "a spiritual syphilis," which "has rotted the minds of our race and induced paralysis of our will to live."[10]

[edit] PseudonymsHe also used the pen names "Ralph Perier" (for The Jews Love Christianity and Religion and Race) and "Paul Knutson" (for Aryan Asses). It is sometimes claimed that Oliver was the actual author of the Introduction (credited to Willis Carto) to Francis Parker Yockey's Imperium.

[edit] As a palindrome"Revilo P. Oliver" is a palindrome—a phrase that reads the same backwards and forwards. One of his articles was denounced as a transparent fraud because the palindrome looked suspicious, but according to Oliver, it was a family custom that went back six generations.[11]


Extensive readings on Oliver



Keep in mind that Oliver's pal was W. Kendall, who was a Trotskyite, later a Catholic, and came to teach in Dallas. W. Kendall was also OSS and CIA. So, the Dallas JBS had a serious Intelligence Operative tied closely to Oliver.


Kendall became a Trotskyist and went to Spain during the Spanish Civil War. His experiences with the Spanish Republic led him to renounce his communist convictions.

Kendall served in the OSS during World War II, and stayed on when it became the CIA in 1947.

He joined the Yale University faculty in 1947, where he taught for fourteen quarrelsome years until Yale paid him a handsome sum to resign. Among his students was William F. Buckley, Jr., with whom he participated in the founding of National Review; as a Senior Editor he constantly fought with the other editors (they say he was never on speaking terms with more than one person at a time). A friend of Kendall's, Professor Revilo P. Oliver, gave him credit with convincing him to enter political activism by writing for NR. [1]

He later converted to Roman Catholicism, taught at the University of Dallas, was a founder of the politics program, and was co-founder of the doctoral program there. He stayed at that institution until he died of a heart attack in 1967.


It becomes extremely interesting that former OSS and CIA Kendall converts to Catholic and moved down to a Catholic University in Dallas in 1961.

More extensive readings on W. Kendall:


In 1961, after over a decade of grief, fighting with the liberal orthodoxy at Yale, he offered them the let Yale buy out his tenure. This allowed him to start a Politics program modeled after his experience at Oxford at a newly formed Catholic University--The University of Dallas. At Dallas, Kendall spent the rest of his life until he died of a heart attack in 1968.


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Found an online book called: "The Men Behind The Guns" by W. R. Morris

Lots of the content is claimed to be from Harry Dean, but Mr. Dean explains there are some issues that are misleading from Morris. The overall all gist of the book is that the "John Birch Society" types of Dallas (especially Gen. Walker), California, and New Orleans were right in the middle of the JFK hit.

The book exposes some very important associations with Ronald Reagan and the John Birch Society and how they got him in as Governor of California. This also explains why Reagan is busy stonewalling Garrison on the sobpeona of the PERMINDEX files that Clay Shaw moved to California to keep them out of Garrison's reach. And it explains how all the double dealing in New Orleans offered safe haven for witnesses to keep from telling Garrision the information needed to convict Clay Shaw and get to the roots of the Birchers involved in the JFK hit.

The On-Line version of the book is here:



It is interesting that NBC could have broken the story on National TV, but it appears the Mockingbirds took control and the ring leaders for the JFK assassination missed front row center exposure:



This book hits very close to the core of the hate toward JFK that manifest itself in the City of Hate in Dallas, Texas. Blend in the issues of Hunt being a main John Birch type, add in Guy Banister in New Orleans as a Bircher. Toss in Garrison's finding Clay Shaw and add in Ferenc Nagy in Dallas, as the local connections to PERMINDEX. And you find most of the ring leaders on the kill JFK plot.

Interesting that this is yet one more person from Tennessee that seems to get close to the JFK assassination ring leaders. Tennessee gets into the middle of more issues from those of religion discoveries by Ron Wyatt (Red Sea Crossing Markers from Soloman and the real loaction of Moses Mtn. in Saudi Arabia) The issues of the Highlanders Folk School at Monteagle, Tn., where Sewanee is located, that trained the Civil Rights people, including MLK and Rosa Parks.

Keep in mind that Monteagle and Sewanee were right next to each other in Tennessee and a so called "Communist School" was teaching right next door to the Episcopal Churches main School of Theology in Tennessee.


Tennessee had the City Councilman Cas Walker that jumped in the anti-Fluoride bandwagon and Communist plot there. The KKK started in Tennessee. A school was blown up in Clinton, Tenneessee to kick of the serious hate issues against Blacks and Communism.

Perhaps this is why Tennesseans are a little more clued into who killed JFK also, because it was told the Day of in Oak Ridge. Tn. as to Who Done It.

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If one really wants a look into the JFK Presidency and who the chief JFK murder conspiracy plotters were, then one only needs to check what JFK's White House Secretary voted as the leading suspects:



Even JFK's Secretary Thought Lee Harvey Oswald Did Not Act Alone

A handwritten note by JFK's personal secretary is up for auction and it is very interesting. On it she list people she believes were involved in the assassination of her boss. The first person she lists in none other than LBJ!! As Susannah Cahalan writes in the NY Post:

John F. Kennedy's closest aide was the queen of conspiracy theorists.

Evelyn Lincoln, his personal secretary, wrote down a list of suspects in her beloved boss’ assassination — and it included both Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

The never-before-seen personal note, scribbled by Lincoln as she sat aboard Air Force One returning to Washington on the day of JFK’s death, lists those she thought might be behind the president’s murder.

The note, estimated to be worth $30,000, is now on the auction block.

Her note listed “Lyndon, KKK, Dixiecrats, [Teamsters boss Jimmy] Hoffa, [the] John Birch Society, Nixon, [south Vietnam President Ngo Dinh] Diem,Rightist, CIA in Cuban fiasco, Dictators [and] Communists.”



This list is very telling, as Mrs. Lincoln like many others were talking on the plane ride back about who would kill JFK. One must recall that JFK commented they were heading into serious "Nut Country" as the headed to Dallas, as that is where Crazy Walker lived and HL Hunt, who JFK had in his sights for the Oil Depletion Allowance cuts.

Note that the John Birch Socienty is written in a different color ink, like this was the very first entry on her notepad. Note how the three items above seem to have been added after the JBS notiation.

That would make Lyndon the very next entry, as Lyndon's campaigns were often supported by HL Hunt, one of the big bankrollers of the JBS and big pal with Bircher Edwin Walker.

Then she has the KKK, which was allied with the JBS in the South on Civil Rights issues and Communism. Then the Dixiecratsm which are the same mold, people like George Wallace who was tied to HL Hunt, then Curtis LeMay. And Barry Goldwater for a time.

The line items that follow the JBS entry appear to be the lesser potential players. The JBS didn't like Nixon, so he is lower in the suspicion list. Nixon did try to pacify the Birchers via the Moongoose Operations against Castro, so he was in the frey to a degree. The Birchers were big pals with Ronnie Reagan and Congressman Rouselot, both of California, like Nixon.

It appears Nixon did figure out part of the JFK plot, as he did somewhat go after the Drug issues from Vietnam and he even sent Mexico Police out to get Lucien Sarti, and he was killed in a shot out. Nixon appeared to be going after their games on the sly, but they were also after him on the sly. Nixon knew enough to bust open the dirty laundry.

And Mrs. Lincoln did too. And So did Oak Ridge, as they had some players connected with the Dallas Operation to off JFK.


Milteer's connections, etc.




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The Birchers Today:



The JBS has changed since the times lots of their membership plotted to kill JFK. Members like HL Hunt and Gen. Walker in Dallas, with Banister in Orleans, and a Conressman Rousselot from California. They got away with that one, maybe, and Reagan helped them all hide from Garrison. All that JBS blunder did was usher in the age of the Mil/Ind Network and pushed the US into Fascism where the Congress is bought and paid for by these Industrial Oligarchs.

Certainly the JBS seems to have turned the corner since those times and Ron Paul is picking on the same thing JFK did, the Federal Reserve. Correct move there. Toss out the foreign usury bunch that drags the US into every war that comes by and charges the US for their war making.

Also, the Birchers need to come clean on the past to be able to move honestly forward into open and honest disclosures to fix the broken and overrun American system, not by Communism, but by extreme Fascist Oligarchic Industry Control of the political processes. IMHO

Posted by: Magnum Opus | August 27, 2011 at 07:26 PM


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I see the thread is about to pass the 3,000 mark, and got there without the help of the Liverpool, UK readership.

As far as the Birchers go, they seem to never stop causing some kinds of problems. After the time of Robert Welch a person named Congressman Larry McDonald of Georgia takes over the JBS leadership and he gets tied into running secret data bases via the "Western Goals Foundation," that spied on Americans, and its informations get used to figure out who to target next. Larry McDonald inherits the CIA Project Pagasus tapes on the JFK assassination involving Johnson, Hoover, Rockefeller, and Dulles, then is suddenly on a CIA associated flight that gets blown out of the air and the CIA tapes vanish.


Then there turns out some very odd issues with the Russian Communists blasting a Korea 007 Airliner out of the sky with Larry McDonald being the only one of a special group invitation riding that airplane. Somehow these Korean air flights had been associated with Spying, and the plane had lots of its communications disabled and it ends up flying over some interesting Communist defense testing and the US satellites are all watching the defense systems illuminate. And they work so well, the flight Larry McDonald is on gets shot down. Very sordid story there. Like they can't see the Soviet Coast and stay well away, even if the communications is off.


The above article offers lots of very good observations:

The plan, I think, is the old one of world dominion in a new form. The money-power and revolutionary power have been set up and given sham but symbolic shapes (“Capitalism” or “Communism”) and sharply defined citadels (“America” or “Russia”). Such is the spectacle publicly staged for the masses. But what if similar men, with a common aim, secretly rule in both camps and propose to achieve their ambition through the clash between those masses? I believe any diligent student of our times will discover that this is the case. – Douglas Reed


“You may object: ‘Look at all the great things [Founder, Robert] Welch has done – he has exposed the Illuminati.’ Baloney. The Illuminati was merely a branch of the Conspiracy. How can one attack the Illuminati without attacking the diabolical power behind it: organized Freemasonry? Welch has provided the most valuable service of all time to the Conspiracy. He founded an organization to neutralize millions of Americans from discovering what the true power behind the Illuminati really was. And we concede the Mason’s chose an extremely clever man to do the job. Welch, with the help of the Belmont Brotherhood, plays his role very effectively.“


Contrary to the JBS position on Freemasonry are the facts of history. Organized Freemasonry has proven itself over centuries to be a secret society which foments revolution wherever it establishes a base of operation. That Masonry binds its initiates to a code of conduct antithetical to patriotism is the subject of a lengthy and well-documented series offered by the Ministry of Biblical Defense and titled America’s Subversion: The Enemy Within. Facts substantiated by the writings of Masonic scholars and determined by U.S. state legislature investigations provide abundant proof that, within the United States, there is a fifth column dedicated to the overthrow of its constitutional government. The Constitution of Freemasonry, written in 1721 by Dr. John Anderson of Aberdeen, Scotland, laid the groundwork for universal treason, rather than loyalty to country:


Masonry’s Aberdeen spirit had entrenched itself on American soil. Oaths of secrecy, oaths swearing penalties of death for breaches of secrecy, oaths swearing to obstruct and pervert justice, oaths swearing to cover-up crimes of fellow Masons, crimes not excepting murder and treason, had defined an esoteric, inner value system, veiled by exoteric principles of charity and brotherhood. The “blue code of silence” which has even in modern times eaten away at America’s law enforcement community, countenancing drug dealing and even murder by sworn officers of the law, in principle has reflected Masonic code subverting justice, not excepting murder, not excepting even treason.


In 1979, Gen. Patton’s cousin, Congressman Lawrence McDonald, founded the Western Goals Foundation as a front for the JBS intelligence network. McDonald directed the organization until his untimely death in the downing of the Korean airliner, KAL 007 in 1983, the year he succeeded Robert Welch as JBS Chairman. Western Goals was discontinued in 1986 following a power struggle for McDonald’s position. According to the Interhemispheric Resource Center GroupWatch, files of which are available on the Public Information Research database, Western Goals had worked with Reinhard Gehlen:

McDonald formed a foundation branch in West Germany in 1981. The organization, called the American-European Strategy Research Institute, was set up with a $131,982 injection from the U.S. office. That figure represented more than a third of Western Goals’ operating budget at the time…

The German affiliate is Western Goals Europe E.V. This German branch is also known as the American-European Strategy Institute. It acknowledges working with Reinhard Gehlen, a former Nazi who has been honored by the elite lay Catholic organization, the Knights of Malta (SMOM). SMOM gave its highest award of honor, the Gran Croci Al Merito Conplacca, to Gehlen in l948. Gehlen, who was not a Catholic, was awarded the honor because of his efforts in the “crusade against godless Communism.” Gehlen headed Adolf Hitler’s spy operations against the Soviet Union during World War II. After the war, he and his spy apparatus–staffed mostly by former Nazis–were recruited by the CIA. He became the first director of the BND, West Germany’s intelligence agency.

Western Goals drew on both private and official government files to become one of the largest and most influential private intelligence operations in the U.S. According to GroupWatch, Western Goals was able to bypass legal restraints placed on government intelligence agencies:

...groups like Western Goals allow “the ultra-right [to keep] tabs on its ‘subversive’ domestic opposition…”(10) In Western Goals’ case, this service was apparently not performed only for like-minded private groups. Elton Manzione quotes an East Coast police intelligence source as saying Western Goals had a reputation of acting as a “clearinghouse” for some police departments whose intelligence- collecting functions were restricted by laws such as the Freedom of Information Act. Manzione noted that both the CIA and National Security Agency have received information from John Rees’ Information Digest (see below). (8)…According to a 1976 investigation by the New York Assembly’s Office of Legislative Oversight, Information Digest was supplying information to the FBI, CIA, and the National Security Agency.

The internal spying nature of the John Birch Society became known when its espionage against private citizens in connection with the LA Police Department was discovered:


Birch Society member, John Rees, whose Information Digest supplied information to the FBI, CIA, and the National Security Agency, was one of the earliest members of the Western Goals Foundation and its principal espionage agent. Instrumental in obtaining Rees’ entrance to Western Goals was J. Peter Grace, who was also chairman of the Order of the Knights of Malta in the United States and president of W.R. Grace and Co. from 1945 until three years before his death in 1995. Profiles of J. Peter Grace in Who’s Who in America list as his credits: Bachelor of Arts from Yale University in 1936, Assistant Secretary at W. R. Grace (1936), President and CEO (1945), Newcomen Society, Council on Foreign Relations, Knights of Malta (American Chapter of the Board of Founders), Knights of Malta President, address: 1114 Avenue of the Americas.


Establishment it purported to despise. Nor is its progeny, the Council for National Policy, a conservative, anti-Communist organization, but rather a globalist organization, anti-American and unpatriotic in the extreme. Noting the curious crossover tendencies between right and left in the World Anti-Communist League, authors of Inside the League offer the following insightful analysis:

The first enemy for both political extremes is the center. Both ultra-leftists and ultra-rightists have the same primary objective: to polarize the country, to implement the breakdown of the governing system, and ultimately to create a situation of chaos where armed conflict will be between the right and the left, the center having been discredited by its failure to prevent it…


We contend that Soviet communism was merely one phase of the global dialectic, fascism and communism being two expressions of the same conspiracy. Nicholas Murray Butler of the English-Speaking Union has informed us: “Communism is the tool by which Britain’s international finance is knocking down national governments in the interest of world government, world police and world currency.” The true conspirators are identified in The New Unhappy Lords:

If the facts concerning the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations be accepted, it will be seen that the proper study of political mankind is the study of power elites, without which nothing that happens can be understood. These elites, preferring to work in private, are rarely found posed for photographers, and their influence upon events has therefore to be deduced from what is known of the agencies they employ. There are dozens of such agencies, and financial support received from one or other or all three big American foundations – Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford – provides an infallible means of recognizing them.

The real conspiracy is neither exclusively communist nor fascist, but elitist, inexorably moving society through progressive deconstruction and redefinition to a Third Way society, in which a partnership of government and business will subjugate and control an enslaved workforce to serve its own purposes. That the final world empire is a composite of these forms is a concept which finds basis in Bible prophecy, specifically the hybrid “beast” of Daniel 7:3-6 and Revelation 13:1,2:


A.K. Chesterton said in Candour, “At times Capitalism and Communism would appear to be in conflict, but this writer is confident that their interests are in common and will eventually merge for one-world control. That policy outlined previously in Woodrow Wilson’s Point Six has never been dropped…

“Capitalism and Communism, in terms of power, are merely their twin mechanisms to destroy the sovereignty of Christian nations. They will merge them into the projected super-state, where their financial power will exercise full sway and masterdom through that monopoly of atomic energy which is being sought with such feverish and fiendish persistence. They are selling us into slavery and using our material resources for their own nefarious world-wide purposes. To say that in exposing their plans for world domination we are playing the Kremlin’s game is to act as an unconscious agent of Christendom’s betrayal.”


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