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Just for the record, this is still an unconfirmed report. It is very possibly true due to his age and health issues.

However, I have not (nor has anyone else I have contacted) received a similar email. The Fort Worth and surrounding

newspapers haven't reported anything as of yet.

Stay tuned.

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Agreed, Monk. Others were on the (short) list and at least one recipient has responded to the entire list. However, still unconfirmed.

The email (by all appearances from Jack's account, although this can be faked) was signed by two other people, names unknown to me. I assume (if it is genuine) that they had no idea whom to send the notification to. The short list of people it was sent to might have been one particular list of contacts they found on his computer.

I will shortly be offsite and away from computer contact for the next three days.

This is one case where I wish I am absolutely wrong.


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