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He sure did.

It is amazing how those covering this Coup D Eta such as Posner , Gary Mack and the rest of the crowd think they know more than a physician.

It is important to note that all one needs to be able to do is add in order to understand this issue. The alleged bullet weighed 161 grains off the shelf and was presented at 158. The governor went to his grave with more than these 3 grains. Not considering the fact of the mushrooming effect as explained by Dr. Wecht, weight loss alone blows the silly notion that this bullet caused all these wounds.

And make it CASE CLOSED for the silly Lone Neuters.

I will close with the disturbing feeling that that I have to even write about this issue. NO WHERE else in the world would someone have to state FACTS to counter such a silly argument that is the Single Bullet THEORY.

Only in this fantasy land do bullets do these magical things. Only in the case of the Kennedy assassination do Secret Service Agents just sit there , or stand motionless when the POTUS is obviously under attack. Only here was there a good young man, who served his country as a Marine , knew a foreign language well enough to work in that country and appear to be native, who was obviously on some kind of assignment for his country be used in the pathetic manner he that he was.

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I contacted (via email) Posner off and on for the last 15 years about the recordings he had or claimed he had of Dr. Boswell and James Tague. I really wanted to find out if he had the tapes that he claimed he created and possessed. I corresponded with Dr. Aguilar off and on pertaining to this as well.

So if anybody in the research community knows if he ever released these tapes, proving he made them, please post the information. I would be most grateful.

I learned in 2007 that Mr. Posner was going to donate many of his documents to Boston University. I asked Mr. Posner (via email again) if those tapes were included, and I asked the pertinent dept. at Boston U. if they had them - never received a response from either party.

In July 2004 via email exchange, James Tague was very adamant in telling me that he never spoke with Posner. My. Tague is a true gentleman, but I think he was getting pretty tired of people asking him that question. Nevertheless, he stated:

(below is Mr. Tague's email message);

"I have no recollection of ever talking to Posner, the quotes he attributes to me I never made, period, and that is documented by years of repeating what I remember over and over, and the same and always the same, for 40 years".

And finally, I emailed Posner from his website last week, asking him again about the recordings, and as of this date have not heard back from him.

So if anyone has any information as to Posner's claims of recording Boswell and Tague - once again thanks for sharing the information

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You can't get a response on something he made up out of thin air..

Posner is a "magician with the truth" and a charlatan, who under any intense scrutiny could be reduced to a babbling brook of tears and tantrums.

like Bumliosi, he is an intellectually lazy opportunist who picks from the low hanging fruit to ply his trade and bilk bozos of their hard earned cash...

"Closet Closed" is a great example of this.

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And finally, I emailed Posner from his website last week, asking him again about the recordings, and as of this date have not heard back from him.

So if anyone has any information as to Posner's claims of recording Boswell and Tague - once again thanks for sharing the information

perhaps emailing his attorney Mark Lane with your request will prompt an answer. Probably one you won't like.

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I would sit down with Posner or Bumliosi any time, any where, any day of the week.

I would destroy their methodology, their reasoning and their evidence, point for point. Then, I would destroy their character.

There is a reason however that people of this ilk only do interviews with other showbiz media types and not John Q Public types: because there is a time limit, they can bully all they want, interupt and generally act like asshats...they know they can push the agenda with little recourse or moderation.

cornered? change the subject. asked for credentials? turn the question around.

"I know you are but what am I " or again, my fave from a shivering stuttering Bumliosi; " turn the camera off ".

Of course, there are far better, more well equipped and experienced people here and elsewhere who could do this as well..
But I promise, I could make Posner cry...

I deal with these kind of narcissistic snake oilers all the time..

problem is, they only fight glass jaws in a ring where they know the fight is rigged...

they aren't experts, they are celebrity grave robbers pushing fiction on those too poorly educated to think critically..

Posnuerd, Bumliosi, if you are reading this, the offer stands...bring it...

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Dr. Wecht didn't clean anybody's clock. Wecht is just flat-out wrong about several things, including the large fib he told about Governor Connally going to his grave with bullet fragments in his chest, which is dead wrong.....

ARLEN SPECTER -- "Was any metallic substance from the bullet left in

the thoracic cage as a result of the passage of the bullet through the

Governor's body?"

DR. ROBERT SHAW -- "No. We saw no evidence of any metallic material in the

X-ray that we had of the chest, and we found none during the operation."


And Dr. Wecht continues to make the absurd claim about the Warren Commission's test bullets that were fired into goat ribs and a human wrist. Wecht HAS to know full well that those bullets did not in any way mimic the flight path of the SBT bullet, because those WC/Edgewood Arsenal bullets did not travel through TWO bodies before smashing into the goats and the human wrist bone.

And yet Wecht, in his passionate arguments, continues to make it seem as if the WC test bullets were an exact duplication of what CE399 is said to have done. That has always been one of Wecht's dumbest arguments. It was dumb in 1986 when he said it at the Bugliosi/Spence mock trial; it was dumb when he brought up those Warren Commission test bullets in 2007 during a radio debate against Vince Bugliosi; and it's just as dumb here in late 2013 as well.

Wecht Vs. Posner on Anderson Cooper 360

(November 22, 2013) (MP3 audio version):



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And yet Wecht, in his passionate arguments, continues to make it seem as if the WC test bullets were an exact duplication of what CE399 is said to have done.

unfortunately, up till today you have not been able to attain measurable support for the 1964 WC, lone nut, Single Magic Bullet, LHO did it all by his lonesome theory (excepting wing-nut authors whom were paid kings ransom to write nonsense, of course). To think after all these years. The WCR was fraud in '64, it is today. No amount of disinfo will change that.

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From your site link here... I'm going to point out your whoppers here...

Based on the official evidence in the John F. Kennedy murder case, all of the following things are true:

-all Greek soldiers may be men, this does not mean all men are Greek soldiers. Also, your "Official Evidence" refers to the frequently erroneous and outlandish WCR.

- Before we continue, can you tell me how many of the members of the WC expressed doubts about the findings? Can you tell me of other "Officials" who expressed doubts about the findings? LBJ himself said he doubted the findings so I saved you a trip there..

1.) President John F. Kennedy and Texas Governor John B. Connally were shot by rifle bullets in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on Friday, November 22, 1963.

- This is always a good place to start..yes they were.

2.) Lee Harvey Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano rifle (Serial Number C2766) was located inside a building which overlooked the assassination site (the Texas School Book Depository) when JFK and JBC were being wounded by gunfire.

- There is no conclusive secondary evidence that this rifle was ordered or owned by LHO. The chain of custody of this rifle is also disputed. Please show alternate evidence, outside of the disputed and questionable WCR that this was in fact his rifle.

- Who gave the realtime report stating this rifle was inside the building during the shooting.Your statement here is problematic. Was there a rifle found there? Yes. Not during the shooting but after. Your statement here is misleading and untrue.

3.) A nearly-whole bullet (Warren Commission Exhibit #399) was found inside the hospital where JFK and JBC were taken after the shooting. And CE399 was found in a location within the hospital where President Kennedy was never located prior to the bullet being found by Darrell Tomlinson. (Nor was JFK's stretcher ever in the area of the hospital where Tomlinson discovered the bullet.)

- So CE399 was found in a hospital. Please explain in detail, without citing previous points, how the only way this bullet could have arrived at Parkland is by falling out of JC.

4.) Bullet CE399 was positively fired from Lee Harvey Oswald's a rifle.

- When was this bullet fired? Please prove without a doubt that this bullet was fired contemporaneously with the wounding of JFK/JC. Please use a source outside the WCR to corroborate this.

5.) Bullet CE399, based on the above points in total, HAD to have been inside Governor Connally's body on 11/22/63.

- This statement is false. Redo. Please provide evidence for this supposed causality then please explain how a bullet found in a hospital and of questionable origin HAD to have come out of JC. In order to prove your theory, prove an alternative theory as well. (this is known to grownups as a "double-blind". )

- Please provide evidence that this bullet couldn't have come from inside Cary Grants toupee, a can of soup or hand delivered by bigfoot: please explain how the fact that a bullet "is found " somewhere makes it "from" somewhere..

- Please provide an alternative theory that does not involve JFK/JC: provide other possibilities that might bring a bullet into Parkland, then a list of things you can discount empirically that preclude the bullet arriving there for any other reason then the reasons you have provided.

6.) A man who looked like Lee Harvey Oswald was seen firing a rifle at the President's limousine from a southeast corner window on the 6th Floor of the Book Depository Building. No other gunmen were seen firing any weapons in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd.

- There is no conclusive proof that anyone saw Oswald firing that rifle. No pictures and no eyewitness accounts that would be admissible in a court of law. The man they arrested loosely fit a description that was released to the police and the news media and that description varied in different accounts as it did with the Tippit suspect.

- Please explain who saw him fire that rifle from the window and made that statement before his arrest. Who said "LHO was shooting from that window" ?

- Please provide conclusive proof that there were no other gunmen in Dealey Plaza that day and in doing so, please explain why witnesses and police from the motorcade ran towards the knoll.

-Please explain why in most of the photos from that day, a large quantity of people were looking in the direction of the overpass and not at the TSBD.

7.) No bullets (or large bullet fragments) were found in the upper back or neck of John Kennedy's body. And no significant damage was found inside these areas of JFK's body either.

- Please explain outside of the WCR, using secondary sources how you arrived at this erroneous statement. Please define your use of the term "damage".

8.) No bullets (or large bullet fragments) were found inside the body of Governor Connally after the shooting. The only bullet, anywhere, that can possibly be connected with Connally's wounds is Bullet CE399.

- Please explain in detail why CE399 is the ONLY bullet that can be connected with JC and his wounds without referring to your previous points and using a secondary source.

9.) Given the point in time when both JFK and JBC were first hit by rifle fire (based on the Abraham Zapruder Film), and given the known location of Governor Connally's back (entrance) wound, and also taking into account the individual points made above -- Bullet CE399 had no choice but to have gone through the body of President Kennedy prior to entering the back of John B. Connally.

- Without citing your previous points, explain an alternative theory that demonstrates how this bullet had "no choice" but to have traveled through JFK to arrive in JC.

- Please explain in detail using other references outside of the WCR another example that backs up this claim.

- Please explain your use of the term "choice" in relation to ballistics. Please define this empirically.

- Please explain in detail your experience in timing the shots from the Zapruder film, what methodology you used and how you arrived at your conclusions.

Please answer these questions without asking other questions...to the best of your ability.

see you in six months

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Hi Dave

If you wish to discuss WC evidence, let us look at an x-ray of JBC's right forearm:


Could you explain to me how CE 399 was able to strike the radius bone so squarely, yet be able to have enough velocity left to pass cleanly between the radius and the ulna and penetrate JBC's left thigh?

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