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Evan Burton

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When the Movie JFK came out I had many students asking me about the assassination.  While I remembered that day vividly and had read/seen information about the assassination during my lifetime, I knew i was not particularly well read on the topic.  I went to a used book store and bought a copy of the Warren Commission Report.  Within just the first few pages I realized that Oswald was also accused of attempting the assassination of Major General Edwin Anderson Walker.

I was hooked on searching for a reason why Oswald would want to assassinate Walker.  Without getting into a debate about that assassination attempt let me just say that I have uncovered several historical facts which have led to a few thoughts and ideas that I share on this forum occasionally.

In No particular order these are some things that peak my interest still to this day.

General Walker was traveling by plane in Europe at the same time as Oswald was in the process of defecting to Europe. My research shows how they could have been on the same plane at the same time.....but no passenger lists were presented of that travel in the WC Report

One day before Oswald arrived in Helsinki the US Ambassador provided information to the State Dept. describing how a US citizen could obtain a VISA into the Soviet Union....Oswald followed those direction exactly which begs the question.....how did Oswald know how to do that?

That same Ambassador was directly involved with a unit that Walker was part of and ultimately commanded during WWII

A connection between Walker and John Hurt of the NSA can first be made in the 1930's

The two men who researched Oswald from the NSA for the Warren Commission were both associated with John Hurt, Frank Rowlett and Meridith Gardner.  (I have a picture with Hurt and Frank Rowlett together).

Walker can be associated with Operation Stella Polaris (as can Richard Helms, John Hurt, Frank Rowlett and Meridith Gardner).

In the first note (as reported by in the Warren Commission Report) that Oswald writes to the State Dept. to begin his attempt to return to the USA from Russia, Oswald mentions another note that he had written long before the one reported in the WC Report.  WC Rport plays this off because "they" found no other "first" note.

If Oswald did write a first note as he said then that note was written prior to the Overseas Weekly investigation of General Walker began.  That investigation framed Walker as a "Right Wing" nut job and led to his resignation from the military despite his very distinguished career prior to that time.

Oswald referred to Walker as a man who did not want to see peace between the Soviet Union and the United States and and as a leader of a bad organization.  Why that description?

The Raleigh Call never made it into the WC Report. Why?  The phone operator present makes it clear the the Secrete Service was listening in on all calls.

Walker has a military career that is very interesting to say the least.  It suggest both bold fighter but also a man who was regularly involved in intelligence operation.

It suggests when and from where Gerry P. Hemming was recruited into intelligence work by Edwin Walker (While Hemming never admitted that to be true to me he did become very forth coming while providing me with answers to other assassination connected information after i first asked him to verify that information.

Walker was involved in several WWII military operations of direct importance to Asst. Sec. of War John J. McCloy during WWII.

I do have a copy of a letter written by McCloy to Walker several months before the assassination and have found copies of that letter in three different places that make it easily available.

The timing of Walkers phone call from a German Newspaper (Walker received the call while at the Captain Shreve Hotel in Shreveport, LA at 7:00a.m.) the morning after the assassination is interesting to say the least.  How did the reporter know where and when to locate Walker and then report the story of Oswald's assassination attempt on Walker before the FBI began investigating that link.

Walker's close connection to General Maxwell Taylor that goes back to Walker's cadet days at West Point and continues throughout his career is remarkable in many ways.

The beat goes on but my time today is limited......so much more.


Jim Root

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2 hours ago, Jim Root said:

When the Movie JFK came out I had many students asking me about the assassination.  .......


The beat goes on but my time today is limited......so much more.


Jim Root

That is absolutely fascinating Jim.

My apologies to you Jim, but I have to ask the following rhetorical question, not to you, but to the wind...


Why can't Paul Trejo bring anything, ever, new to the table. His signature says that his interest is in "research" into General Walker. Yet he neverstarts a thread with anything new or interesting. He says he has access to all of Walkers papers but nothing ever is presented from that trove. All we get is his muddying the waters of other threads, with the same stuff, over and over.


Mr. Root, I am looking forward to seeing more from you.




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Several years ago Gary Mack helped arrange an opportunity for me to view the Walker papers.  I had not expected that and at the time only had a few hours of time available.  I was first told that there was only one box of Walker material.....then found out that there was only one box that had been cataloged and was available at that time.  Paul has assured me that he has had access to more material than I ever saw.  For that I envy him!

A couple of things that popped out at me in the brief time I had were the letters Walker wrote and received that were written at the time of the Overseas Weekly/Congressional controversy.  I got the feeling that Walker was clearly confused about what was happening but seemed convinced that he was being set up in an intelligence operation for some reason and that he was blindsided it.

Secondly were some notes, as I recall written by his secretary, that documented pages from the volumes of the Warren Commission documents.  When I later followed up on that information I found that it almost all had to do with information about Silvia Odio and the investigation into that incident.  I found that interesting.

In reality I do hope to get to have an additional opportunity to pick my way further into the Walker papers at some time in the near future.  

Pretty sure my search would be productive in some way.  To use a quote about a Nepoleonic era spy, Edwin Walker, "A Very Slippery Fellow"


Jim Root

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Through all these decades of research the Sylvia Odio story seems to just gain more and more weight and credibility than the reverse.

Taken as fully true, there is no doubt now that it is one of the major keystones of a conspiracy.

Where is Sylvia Odio now? Did she pass away?


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On ‎8‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 0:57 PM, Joe Bauer said:

Through all these decades of research the Sylvia Odio story seems to just gain more and more weight and credibility than the reverse.

Taken as fully true, there is no doubt now that it is one of the major keystones of a conspiracy.

Where is Sylvia Odio now? Did she pass away?


Sylvia Odio still lives.  Among the living linked with the Warren Commission and immediate aftermath are the following:

1. Sylvia Odio
2. Ruth Paine
3. Michael Paine
4. Bernie Schwarz
5. Larrie Schmidt
6. Harry Dean

If anybody knows any others, please share that. 

Also, I agree with you that Sylvia Odio told the HONEST TRUTH.   Gaeton Fonzi also accepted this, after careful examination of her testimony and personal interviews with her during the HSCA investigation.  She was the key.

I believe the account told by Harry Dean (who is also a member of this FORUM) who says that Loran Hall and Larry Howard were the "Leopoldo" and "Angelo" who drove Lee Harvey Oswald to the apartment of Sylvia Odio on or about September 25, 1963.

The Warren Commission had to insist that Sylvia Odio was a Fibber, because her testimony was PROOF that Oswald had ACCOMPLICES, and so goodbye LN theory.

Anyway -- back to the theme of this thread -- I myself went through three stages.  LNer, then, after seeing Oliver Stone's 1991 movie, JFK, I was a CIA-did-it CTer.  Then, after reading everything I could get my hands on, around 2007 I became a Walker-did-it CTer.  I know Harry Dean personally, and I have had a written correspondence with Jeff Caufield over the years -- as well as with Gayle Nix-Jackson, Ron Lewis, Larrie Schmidt, Ruth Paine, Gary Mack and Jim Root.

--Paul Trejo

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