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Judyth Vary Baker to be on Coasttocoastam tomorrow night

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That W-2 appears to be opened or separated on the right so it makes sense to me that the writing wouldn't match. The dots may have been lined up there. If you move the paper over and down (for the dots to cover the other dots,which looks about like the distance that "INC's" are apart), it looks like it would line up. Also, I think Judyth was in FL during the time these are sent out. This would've been mailed to her in '64.

Not "Copy B" Kathy. Most citizens will happily show their Copy C of their W-2 - the one you keep while Copy B - goes to the IRS.

If there are other forms for those years then by all means - produce them.

Yet between there not being a matching form in any year and her having the wrong copy of the W-2 and finally.. where is the Reilly Coffee copy?

The other thing that always intrigued me was the bus ride they shared daily for months - guess they were cautious just not overly - no one on the bus or the driver would recognize the same two getting on blocks apart and sitting together and getting off together... every day?

If any of the physical evidence supported her story she would offer it, instead we get this W-2 and Anna Lewis as her bona fides.

What other do with that is up to them - I find it terribly assumptive to think we'd all just nod our heads and be amazed. But then that's why there are sheep, wolves and the dogs who protect the sheep.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

None of that is produced in this instance.

The way I see it Ed Haslam created a parallel universe with MF+TMV and Judyth walked right in. They both come from Bradenton, FL. I think they may have been in cahoots even befor Ed's book came out. He even talks about seeing a'false JVB'. It is all very suspicious. And yes, Judyth is a master storyteller, weaving a plot she has probably devised for unsuspecting readers...had her book been put out as 'historical fiction' she would have made a great deal of money and had a movie by now, imo. Good job of debunking!

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