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I have given permission to Invision to upgrade our Forum software. Our present software is no longer supported and the problems one member has contacted me about an inability to PM another member appear to be related.

Once the upgrade is complete the forum may look a little different and we will just need to get used to that. It is better - if we do have problems - that we are using a forum software that is supported.


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10 hours ago, Thomas Graves said:

Why is no one posting?

I go away for five days and it seems to wither on the vine.

Because it's clear from the evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald did it (alone).

Ergo, a "JFK Assassination Debate" forum is a needless and fruitless entity.

Obligatory ----> :)


Edited by David Von Pein
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@ James R. Gordon:


Is there any possible way to re-direct the old permalinks (i.e., the anchored links that will take a viewer directly to an individual post within a forum thread) so that those old links that were there before the recent software upgrade will still work on this new version of the EF and point to the correct post?

Here's an example showing the differences in the URLs when comparing the "old" and "new" permalinks:





I've got tons of old EF links posted to my websites, which are all now pretty much broken (as far as pulling the page down to the exact post I want to highlight on my pages). So it would be nice if (somehow) the old links could still manage to go to the correct posts via a re-direct prompt of some kind (if that's possible with this new software).

The bright side of this situation (for me) is that the old links aren't totally worthless/useless, because fortunately the new software here at EF will re-direct the old links to the proper thread and the correct page number within the thread. But it always goes to the very top of that page, instead of going to an individual post (as it is supposed to do).

Thanks for any help you can provide in this regard.


Edited by David Von Pein
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1 hour ago, Ray Mitcham said:

James, why is no longer possible to see who is on the site at any given moment. Was this a deliberate omission or just an error?


I, too, miss that feature.  I always look forward to seeing that Cowboy Bob is here.

--  Tommy  (with smiling "sun" face, wearing sunglasses)



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David I will will check with Invision about whether the new version can still keep your original hyperlink references.

Ray and Thomas, I believe when you click on "Follow" you get a list of who is one line. I will see whether this can be placed at the bottom of each page as before.




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