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McIntyre Photo Ellis or Bellah?

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10 hours ago, John Butler said:

Thanks Robin Unger for your posts and clarification.  I think they probably just told you the name of the policeman without providing back up information.  Correct me if I am wrong. 


Robin Unger says you can click of one of the frames in Bell film posts and it will enlarge.  If you do that you will see that the motorbike cops are approaching the light pole shadow and are not crossing it. 

If you look at your post of Bell they are also approaching the light pole shadow and not crossing it.  It looks to be the same distance for the motorbike policemen from the shadow in both of the frames posted by you and Robin. 

Meanwhile, the limousine and other vehicles are moving a distance of 20 - 30 ft. or more.  These vehicles are moving but the motorbike cops are not.

Whoever scripted the editing of Bell made mistakes.  I am pointing out two in these posts.  The first was the difference in the number of railroad workers on the overpass in Bell vs. Altgens 7.

Another big mistake in scripting teams is Altgens 7 does not have motorbike cops in it.

I might say here that all of you guys have been a great help in figuring this out. 

How many railroad workers can you see in Altgens7, John?

According to the Bell film, the lead motorcycles were far ahead of the lead car, that's why they aren't visible in Altgens 7.

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Thanks for this post on HSCA reports.  There is interesting stuff there.  Particularly, Seymour Weitzman's Dr. Laburda'a interview.  I don't think I have read anywhere that Weitzman had mental issues after the assassination.  His psychiatric issues involved his fear of being assassinated because of what he knew about the Kennedy assassination.  This fear of the government or mysterious assassins fits my biases about witness testimonies.

Way to many witnesses changed there initial statements to match what the government's story was.  Bonnie Ray Williams, Bill Newman, or Harold Brennan are good examples.  There are many others.  Weitzman's experience highlights what witnesses believed whether it was true or not.  Mary Moorman's relative, I think, was Warren Reynolds who changed his testimony after he was shot in the head.  It cleared his memories and he was then able to identify Oswald as the shooter of Tippit.

Another interesting thing was Jim Garrison's suspicions that Buell Frazier was a person who didn't tell the truth and was involved in the assassination.

Interesting stuff.


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Question about the first three side-by-side pics in the original thread;

Is one of these the McIntyre photo or are all three photos by this fellow as part of a film?

Now I know where they got that picture of the George H.W. Bush look-alike in Dealey Plaza that day. In the upper left hand corner of the first photo on the left you see the Bush look-alike.

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Then, when Oswald was shot, our stock dropped right to the bottom again, as if it were our fault. But it wasn’t our fault; we had orders to move him like that.         
Chief Curry told me later that evening, “I want you and one jockey to come down here, and we’re going to move Oswald to the county jail at two o’clock and nobody will know about it.” Then what happened?           
Elgin Crull, the city manager, and Earle Cabell, the mayor, eventually gave Chief Curry direct orders, “No, you will not do that! You will notify the news media and the press so that they can be in the basement with their lights and cameras set up before you move him.” That’s what got him killed! But we took the blame for it, and all of us were called a bunch of dummies. It eventually cost Curry his job because somebody else laid it on him and it wasn’t him at all. But he wouldn’t speak up!       

I was never too up on the who, what, how and whys of the insanely negligent and illogically risky order given to and countermanding Chief Curry to transfer Oswald during the day and just feet in front of a blinding light glaring, pressed in, question shouting and hard to monitor crowd versus at night without notice which was the most basic and rational Oswald transfer safety measure called for, especially since Oswald was clearly the most threatened individual on the planet at that time.

The Dallas police and Curry were vilified for Oswald's murder right inside their own building with 70+ armed security present. I have been one of those who has vilified them.

I still believe that their failure to catch and stop an armed strip joint owner from walking right into their basement at the most important time of Oswald's brief walk by them justifies the vilification.

However, as related through this officer's recollections, it was the totally illogical  ( and totally suspicious ) higher authority ( Crull's and Cabell's ) decision to abandon the most basic security measures rationale that Oswald's case called for that put Oswald just inches in front of Jack Ruby's 38 Colt Cobra Revolver.

Truly, Oswald was "lynched" in that DPD basement the morning of 11/24/1963 thanks to Crull and Cabell and/or whoever else ordered "them" to set Oswald up for this.

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The first photo montage is from various sources:

1) The picture left photo is of Sgt. Bellah taken in front of the TSBD with others.  I cropped the photo to just Bellah being mainly visible.

2) The center photo is a crop of the motorcycle police Sgt. in the McIntyre photo.

3) The picture right photo is of Sgt. Ellis shaking hands with President Kennedy.  The photo was just cropped to Sgt. Ellis.

I should have done this earlier in an analysis of the McIntyre photo.  I couldn't find a picture of Sgt. Ellis or Sgt. Bellah.  I knew this was needed but, was to lazy to look up the appropriate photos.  Then I found the one of Sgt. Ellis and once I put the montage together I noticed I may have made a mistake in my conclusions about McIntyre.  I'm wobbling on whether I have or not.

Good eyes on picking out the George Bush lookalike. 

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