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Steve Thomas

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12 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:



Besides this, what is the evidence he was there?


I don't know of any other records that show Oswald was at the YMCA on October 3rd.

In Mary Ferrell's Chronologies, she writes that Lee did not call Marina that day and wonders why. 


He does go to the Texas Unemployment Commission, is interviewed by a Harry Sanderson, and files an unemployment claim.

They closed at 4:30 each day.

FBI 105-82555 Oswald HQ File, Section 118




Oswald 201 File, Vol 3, Folder 9A, Part 2


FBI interview of Harry Sanderson. Harry Sanderson processed an unemployment claim for Oswald on October 3, 1963.


Why the word "Service" appears on his YMCA receipt:


Mr. JENNER. And the last in this series is dated October 3, 1963, and in this instance it is in the name of Lee H. Oswald, and it shows an address, whereas, none of the other of the first four had an address, and the address is listed here as Toro [spelling] T-o-r-o, Calif. [Spelling] C-a-l.
I notice something on the first of the series which I notice again on this one of October 3, 1963, which is the printing on the line, entitled, "Membership fees," and there is the word written in longhand, "service." That's true of the first and the last of these receipts--what does that indicate?
Mr. HULEN. That indicates that he was a serviceman and that, in my opinion, that waives the membership fee.


The first receipt is for the night of October 15, 1962 (This is page 190 of vol. 20)



Steve Thomas

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On the same evening of Oct. 3, 1963 and the next day:

Oswald in Aliceland?

A Tale of Two Days: A Tale of Two Oswalds

by Chris W. Courtwright

Presented to JFK Lancer's *November in Dallas* Conference on November 21, 1997


Approximately 17 witnesses place Oswald in and around Alice, Texas on the evening of Oct. 3 and the following day. According to Google Maps, Alice, Texas is 393 miles south of Dallas.

Chris Courtwright's write-up is here.

Another write-up by Dave Reitzes is here.

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Thanks, Joe.  The kind words are most appreciated.

The period from the last few days of September to the earliest days of October 1963 is the only time I can think of when even two Oswalds may not be sufficient to explain all that happened.  In barely a week, we have an “Oswald”:

  • supposedly returning to Texas from Mexico City
  • checking into the downtown Dallas YWCA
  • wandering around Alice and environs, 400 miles from Dallas
  • visiting the Texas Employment Commission
  • trying to purchase rifles from Robert McKeown, Castro’s arms supplier
  • visiting Sylvia Odio

No doubt there are other things I’m forgetting from this very period.  It’s clear, though, that the plot to establish the patsy was now in overdrive.  The purpose of the Alice area encounters has always eluded me.  Perhaps it was just to create a “fog” of evidence making a cohesive analysis impossible.

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On 10/26/2019 at 9:41 AM, Steve Thomas said:

Upon his supposed return from Mexico on October 3, 1963, Oswald checked into the YMCA. For his address, Oswald listed Toro, Ca.

(20H192)  https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1137#relPageId=212&tab=page

What do you think, is the significance of this?


From Mary Ferrell's Chronologies:



Steve Thomas

Just passing thoughts.  Whether Oswald went to Mexico or not, or another O was in Alice instead of Dallas...  I guess the YMCA required or at least asked for an ID?  Might he have used an old Military ID with Toro on it, if he didn't want to reveal his real address to anyone?  Also I've read Ruby used to work out at the YMCA.  Might he, Oswald or others have ever rented a room to meet to discuss business discreetly?

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American-born Lee Oswald was the one who was stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station at El Toro in the late 1950s.  For part of that time, Russian-speaking Harvey Oswald was at the much smaller Marine Corps Air Facility in Santa Ana, only about ten miles away.  Some researchers, as well as some Warren Commission staffers, didn’t realize these were two different facilities.

Five years before the assassination, in November 1958, Lee Oswald opened a bank account at the West Side State Bank in Ft. Worth and listed his address as the Marine Corps Air Station in El Toro.  Why this same Oswald would list his address as “Toro” in 1963 is a mystery. We believe the American-born Lee Oswald worked extensively with Jack Ruby in the summer and fall of 1963.


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