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Documentary on Tink Thompson's "Last Second in Dallas"

Gil Jesus

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Thanks for posting this, Gil.

A very good summation of the book in 80 minutes, and some of the highest-quality photos and movies I've seen in a documentary. 




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I love Tink buI this program made me wince a few times. 

There is a problem in the research community that parallels a problem in our society: confirmation bias.

But that still doesn't excuse the program's presenting the Harper fragment as being found to the left of the limo at 313, when Harper repeatedly showed researchers where he found it, and it was a hundred feet or so to the west of the location shown in the program. 

Tink and Doug also claimed Chaney did not receive any blood spray from the deadly head shot. But that's not true. Here's my summary of an interview conducted on the night of the shooting.

(11-22-63 interview with Bill Lord on WFAA television, apparently in the early evening) “I was riding on the right rear fender... We had proceeded west on Elm Street at approximately 15-20 miles an hour. We heard the first shot. I thought it was a motorcycle backfiring and uh I looked back over to my left and also President Kennedy looked back over his left shoulder. Then, the, uh, second shot came, well, then I looked back just in time to see the President struck in the face by the second bullet. He slumped forward into Mrs. Kennedy’s lap, and uh, it was apparent to me that we were being fired upon. I went ahead of the President’s car to inform Chief Curry that the President had been hit. And then he instructed us over the air to take him to Parkland Hospital and he had Parkland Hospital stand by. I went on up ahead of the, to notify the officers that were leading the escort that he had been hit and we're gonna have to move out." (When asked if he saw the person who fired on the President) "No sir, it was back over my right shoulder.” (At the end of the interview, Bill Lord, now back in the studio, adds "This patrolman was so close to the president that following the three shots his uniform was spattered with blood."


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Thanks for posting.

This may be one of the best, or even the best, treatment the JFKA has gotten in mainstream media. 

If I understand the background correctly, this excellent production was produced not by the ABC network but by the ABC affiliate in San Francisco. That makes it even more remarkable.  Not a big-dollar operation. 

I do not know what role the reporter, Dan Noyes, played in the production, but he appeared to know what he is talking about----not a talking head. 

Sure, I have some negative comments---the Walker shooting is taken on faith on Marina's word, for example, and not enough context. I am wary of the audio evidence, which sure sounds like static on a tape, and is not necessary to the conclusion. 

And what a conclusion! The show concludes the JFKA was the result of a conspiracy with a shooter behind the picket fence. And likely another shooter, in addition to shooters int he TSBD. 

From mainstream media, you cannot ask for much more than that. 


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