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David Atlee Phillips: Oswald never went to Mexico!

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OK, so DAP said he was uncertain whether LHO visited MC, or wanted to generate confusion about the visit. Do we have audio of what DAP said? 

But...knowledge about the CIA handling of LHO's visit to MC, like everything else, may have been held closely on a "need to know" basis closely by Bruce Solie or James Angleton. DAP was not in the loop. 

After the JFKA, Solie nor Angleton was about to blab, "Oh, LHO was our man in MC." 

John Newman, of course, knows all about the WWII virus and Bruce Solie. Anyone know what is Newman's latest thinking on this topic? 

Previously, Newman held that LHO was in MC and also impersonated, pretty much my view. 

Newman also thinks the whole MC story is a diversion.  

I think I disagree. If it can be shown the CIA was running LHO in MC, that adds a lot to the complexion of the JFKA. 


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On 12/25/2022 at 11:50 PM, James DiEugenio said:

Danny knew they all related back to Phillips.  As he unveiled the chart, Phillips ended up going from one to three cigarettes in the ash tray, and apparently oblivious to how many he had already going..

Consciousness of guilt?

Not the original by Patsy Cline (excellent too, google it).


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