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Sandy Larsen

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Andrew Cuomo, himself de-frocked, condemns ongoing state prosecutions of former President Trump. 

3 hours ago  Andrew Cuomo has criticized Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg over his decision to try to prosecute Donald Trump, suggesting the move was politically ...

It sure looks like the US is descending into a banana republic, with both parties willing to weaponize the prosecutorial and impeachment processes---often linked (under the table) with the intel-surveillance state. 

The possibly pending New York State charges against Trump are...misdemeanor charges. People do not go to prison on misdemeanor charges. They pay fines. Big whoop. 

The 'Phant impeachment of Clinton was naked party politics (and it backfired largely), while the Donk impeachment of Trump was even slicker---the Donks got the surveillance and prosecutorial state do some fog-work (it may also backfire. It has been exposed).

Just remember--- in America the topic is never why is $1.4 trillion of your money taxed away every year to fund the military, but rather---who is winning the red-kool-aid, blue-kool-aid pissing wars? 



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