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Interview with Tunheim

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JIm Harwood sent me this.

This is the kind of thing I always objected to with the Board.  And he is the last one alive.

BTW, what he says Oliver did at the end of his 1991 feature, Oliver did not do.

And what is the evidence for a sectioning of Kennedy's brain being done?



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My access denied. 

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It’s a short interview from 2017, Pete, “authored” or conducted by Chris Hrapsky. Here’s a little off the top:


REPORTER: It’s been 50-plus years since the Warren Commission concluded that it was a single gunman that killed the president. And only a third of the American people believe that.
JUDGE JOHN TUNHEIM: It’s fascinating. I think people want to believe in conspiracies because they think it attaches a greater importance somehow to an event. But I think also the fact that the investigations were done as quickly and probably not as thoroughly as they are done today. And there are a lot of holes in the file, lot of gaps.
REPORTER: Is it true that the president’s brain was missing at some point?
JT: Well that’s an interesting question. . . The brain was removed, which is not an uncommon thing. They did slices for further study. . . Brain tissues—when they were all done with it—they were all put together and shipped off with the other autopsy materials, which went to the White House physician. Later he turned that over to Robert Kennedy, who later turned it over to the National Archives. In that three or four step process things went missing.
REPORTER: How was the JFK Assassination Records Review Board formed and why?

JT: The movie JFK was out in 1991 and [Oliver] Stone (director) came out on a trailer at the end of the movie when it was in theaters and said ‘Everything in this movie is proven by files that the government is hiding from you. Write your congressman.’ And people flooded Congress with demands to open the files. So Congress passed this law requiring the Executive Branch to set up this process to review the files and to release whatever could be released.


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US websites that don't want to apply the European GDPR are denied access to European servers 

(that is, if they don't want to they apply these standards they will deny acces to visitors from the EU)

GDPR = general data protection regulation (the strongest privacy and security law in the world)

It's all about collecting personal data by people that render goods and services in the EU (also newspapers that sell news, etc).  

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In the interview, Tunheim gave the entire WC of the murder.

Oswald would have been convicted at trial and he is the only suspect.

The fingerprint evidence was included as well as the rifle mailing.

Horne said that all the Board members were in this school of thought about the case.

Tunheim was quiet though, as opposed to Hall and Nelson.

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