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I've come to feel this way on this day over the last several years.  Knowing what happened the next day 60 years ago.

Back in the late 90's - early 2000's, after becoming more interested in the JFKA in the late 80's, I began buying a new book or two or three in the fall as the assassination anniversary approached.  Then I became frustrated by January-February after reading and purposefully put the subject out of mind.   Before I found JFK Facts in 2012 (?) then the Education Forum a few years later and the courage to discuss it publicly.

I still get melancholy on this day and tomorrow about what might have been.

I posted these pictures a while back.  JFK and a radiant Jackie arriving in Fort Worth almost 60 years ago to the minute.  Then the speeches and parade through down town before they went to Dallas. 

JFK’s last day: Rare photos of Nov. 22 visit to Fort Worth TX | Fort Worth Star-Telegram


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Great photo above.

Look at the excitement of the crowd!


Men going Ga Ga over gorgeous Jackie. Women going Ga Ga over the tan, fit and handsome JFK.

And this is in supposed JFK hating Texas?

Clint Hill inches behind Jackie as always.

Jack Valenti reveling in the exciting moment. Gee look at little ole me! I get to be part of this ... Wowie Zowie!

LBJ left straggling several people behind. No one is even looking at him.

Smiling restrainably but seething with jealously over the movie star reception reaction of the crowd JFK and Jackie were receiving I am sure.

I've mentioned many times how JFK and Jackie ( especially together ) simply created frenzies whenever and wherever they went into the public arena.

Their popularity had transcended into uncharted territories.

Huge crowds so electrically charged it was beyond anything any President and first lady had ever elicited. Look again at that JFK/Jackie greeting crowd photo above to see this.

People screaming, cheering, laughing, even crying!

The next morning at Love Field, some almost near fainting with orgasmic facial expressions upon actually touching JFK's and Jackie's hands!

And LBJ had to see all this frenzied celebrity JFK/Jackie adulation close up time and time again.

Nobody in those adulation crowds even noticed the big bellied, elephant eared, hang dog faced VP.

Nobody cheered and screamed and cried upon his presence.

Like hundreds of other photos of super charged crowds going bananas over JFK and Jackie, the above one actually electrically charges you even today.

JFK's "Camelot" image may have been exaggerated at times, but there was never ever any exaggeration needed to describe the almost mass hysteria adulation reaction by electrified screaming cheering crowds who came out to see JFK and Jackie in person...both here in the USA and all over the world as well.

JFK ( and Jackie ) were "by far" the most admired and adored and attractive U.S. President and first lady in our history.

It was all simply an extraordinary phenomena.

And when JFK was struck down, that inspiring excitement time instantly disappeared like a sublime feel good dream upon awakening.

We were left with LBJ.

No more screaming with excited joy and attraction crowd events.

JFK and Jackie K. truly were a wonderful, beautifully attractive and inspiring phenomena. 

To this day, we've never seen anything close to the worldwide adoration and celebrity fame and excitement their presence generated.


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Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was the most glamorously attractive and adulated woman in modern history ... world wide!

Her natural born physical beauty was goddess like and her rigorous formal education and high society upbring just added to her aura of sophisticated glamour.

She spoke 3 languages ( maybe Italian too?) was extremely well read and a good writer and editor. She appreciated and was drawn to and promoted the finer artistic aspects of culture.

Ballet, great artists and writers, theater, music, architecture and interior design, high fashion style ...you name it.

JFK had class already, but his beautiful and sophisticated young wife Jackie took their combined union glamour to unheard of worldwide adulation and adoration heights.

Half the world was in love with them.

And this epically romantic true-life story, all just instantly "blinked out" in Dallas, Texas at 12:30 pm on 11,22,1963.

A tragedy truly of Greek and Shakespearean proportion.

One that will be studied and talked about for a thousand years.





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47 minutes ago, Ron Bulman said:

Leaving Fort Worth this morning, 60 years ago.


Wow...look at that massive crowd!

All to get a simple glimpse of John and Jackie Kennedy!

And in a city that was usually considered to be JFK hating?

Like I have stated many times...JFK and Jackie had transcended into a realm of celebrity adoration and adulation unheard of in our history, and most probably modern worldwide history.

JFK's enemies saw what was happening with JFK's unprecedented popularity. It had reached idolization status, domestically and abroad.

They knew JFK was going to be reelected. And that RFK could very well have ridden JFK's mind blowing world popularity to become elected president himself after JFK's 8 years. A dynastic Kennedy family reign.

JFK's adversaries could not let that scenario become reality.

Only JFK's pre-1964 election death could stop it from happening.

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Not one mention of this 60th anniversary of the JFKA on CNN's national news webpage.

None I could find.

Think I'll see of it's the same thing on ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.

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It's a strange one for me. I'm from a time and place where it's hard for me to comprehend the adoration, respect and trust that people had for JFK and Jackie, and maybe other politicians of the time. Especially the reactions of the public after his death. That seems the most surreal to me. Save for a handful of people, I'm generally not deeply affected by the deaths or other misfortunes of people who I do not know personally or have never met. Initially I thought that I just lacked empathy (and in some situations I do) but it seems to be down to some kind of automatic disconnect. Ignorance is bliss.

Unfortunately I have a morbid curiosity and in my quest for answers I often watch or view things that I then cannot erase from memory. Because of this I've seen some of the most horrific things you can imagine, and as a result of that, nothing really surprises me anymore. A government (or elements within it) conspiring to assassinate it's own President is a drop in the ocean compared to what some of our species are capable of.

I'm not totally sure what it is specifically about the murder of JFK and Oswald that has affected me. With JFK's death I don't think it's the actual event 'caught on tape' that hit me, but more to do with the fact that he had put his trust and safety into the hands of people who were there to protect him. And this betrayal was witnessed publicly in a very real and humiliating way. Oswald's death is similar in many ways. Regardless of whether you believe he was guilty or not, his safety and trust was placed in the hands of the police who are there to serve and protect and uphold the law. He too was betrayed in a real and humiliating way, and you could argue even more publicly (at least then) as it was televised and audible.

When we spend time looking into the minutiae of such events we're getting in deeper and making ourselves more vulnerable to whatever we discover. During the anniversary of such an event we're going to reflect even more deeply on everything we've learnt and discovered so far. I guess the more we learn, the worse it is. I always maintain that absolutely everything comes at a cost, we just have to try and remember that sometimes the truth is worth paying for.

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