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Senator says no way it wasn’t a conspiracy.

Cory Santos

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2 hours ago, Cory Santos said:

This should not have been moved

Since I pushed the political angle, go ahead and remove my posts and restore the thread to the JFKA section.

I just call ‘em like I see ‘em.  Ron Johnson and Tucker Carlson are playing y’all for chumps.

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1 hour ago, Sandy Larsen said:

(I returned this thread back to the JFKA Debate forum, sans the political debate.)


As long we get to keep this full thread in Political Discussions, I think you made an excellent decision, Sandy.

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The enemy of our enemy is our friend.

For many “The Enemy” is the long dead perpetrators of the JFKA.

Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson has announced himself an adversary of the perpetrators of the JFKA, specifically naming Allen Dulles.

Many here regard Ron Johnson as a new found friend.

Johnson is a member of the MAGA cult, which seeks to return Donald Trump to power with as many government positions as possible filled with Trump sycophants.

They plan on cleaning out the intelligence agencies using the JFKA as a rationale.

The perpetrators of the JFKA are long gone, but Dictator Don is hard at work.


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Over at the EF-JFKA mirror thread Ben Cole wrote:

Look: if Adam Schiff or MTG, or Trump or Biden, or other high public office holders say they read two high-quality books on the JFKA, and they think there is merit in those books, than that is news for the EF-JFKA. 

These statements are as rare as hen's teeth. 


Since when do we stop questioning the motives of top politicians?

Edited by Cliff Varnell
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