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Where was Rip Robertson?

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Wow these are pretty convincing pictures James. My computer has been fouled up so I havent been able to look at all the pictures you have posted. Thanks for all the pictures they help alot it just seems to me that they are so hard to prove. (the ones from Dealey Plaza) well thanks again skydog

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No worries, Skydog.

It is important to point out that doing comparisons of people present in Dealey Plaza is pure speculation. Some, like the Robertson comparison are very convincing and others not so due to the poor quality of what there is to work with.

When the photo archives is completed, there will be several comparisons on offer which are most thought provoking indeed.



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In recent years JFK researchers have taken a growing interest in William (Rip) Robertson. Born in Texas he joined the United States Marines and served in the Pacific during the Second World War.

After the war Robertson joined the Central Intelligence Agency and became involved in what was later to become known as Executive Action (a plan to remove unfriendly foreign leaders from power). This including a coup d'état that overthrew the Guatemalan government of Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 after he introduced land reforms and nationalized the United Fruit Company.

Robertson became a CIA outcast after he was found responsible for ordering the bombing of a British ship which he had mistakenly identified as Russian. He moved to Nicaragua where he worked as an adviser to the government of Anastasio Somoza.

Robertson returned to the CIA before the Bay of Pigs operation. He commanded the supply ship Barbara J and disobeyed orders by landing in Cuba with Brigade 2506. Afterwards Roberson became a member of staff at CIA's JM WAVE station in Miami.

In the winter of 1962 Eddie Bayo claimed that two officers in the Red Army based in Cuba wanted to defect to the United States. Bayo added that these men wanted to pass on details about atomic warheads and missiles that were still in Cuba despite the agreement that followed the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Bayo had originally fought with Fidel Castro against Fulgencio Batista. He disagreed with Castro's policies after he gained power and moved to Miami and helped establish Alpha 66. His story was eventually taken up by several members of the anti-Castro community. William Pawley became convinced that it was vitally important to help get these Soviet officers out of Cuba. Pawley contacted Ted Shackley, head of the CIA's JM WAVE station in Miami. Shackley decided to help Pawley organize what became known as Operation Tilt. He also assigned Robertson to help with the operation. David Sanchez Morales, another CIA agent, also became involved in this attempt to bring out these two Soviet officers.

In June, 1963, a small group, including Robertson, John Martino, William Pawley, Eddie Bayo and Richard Billings, a journalist working for Life Magazine, secretly arrived in Cuba. They were unsuccessful in their attempts to find these Soviet officers and they were forced to return to Miami. Bayo remained behind and it was rumoured that he had been captured and executed. However, his death was never reported in the Cuban press.

Robertson was later sent to Vietnam. He died in 1970 from the after effects of malaria.

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Thanks, John, excellent information.

For some time, I have been very interested in some of the people gathered at the corner of Main and Houston. I have put together this comparison below. I must stress that it is highly speculative and for discussion purposes only. It should also be remembered that about 10 feet away, just on the Main Street side of the corner, are strong look-a-likes for Gerry Hemming and Lucien Conein. Now this is either one of the greatest coincidences in history that so many look-a-likes decided to gather in this one particular spot or something more sinister was in play.

Anyway, with this line-up below, I do believe the common denominator is JM/WAVE.



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For those who might be interested.



This comparison has always been quite compelling and almost completely convincing that it is in fact Robertson.

And in that regards, there is another item in it of which most would not initially observe.

Old Habits die hard!

Such as an Officer in the US Military Services, saluting the President of the US as he goes by, which happens to be a part of military protocol, even if standing in a crowd.

The right-hand gesture of the "look-alike" almost appears to have, by instinct, have raised his right hand to the brim of his hat, as if in a somewhat "instinctive" salute, and then at the last minute decided to grasp the brim of the hat in lieu of offering a salute while in civillian clothing.

Perhaps not! And perhaps merely grasping the hat to keep the wind from blowing it off, or blocking the sunlight.

Nevertheless, few others appear to be offering an "almost salute" to the President.

Just thought you may want this trivia into the pot for consideration.


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For those who might be interested.


Now that is a dirty nest indeed for William RIP Robertson .....

Edited by Shanet Clark
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The right-hand gesture of the "look-alike" almost appears to have, by instinct, have raised his right hand to the brim of his hat, as if in a somewhat "instinctive" salute, and then at the last minute decided to grasp the brim of the hat in lieu of offering a salute while in civillian clothing.

I came across a photo or frame from one of the films the other day that shows Robertson holding the hat brim before the limo gets to the corner or is in his sight because of the other people. Perhaps he was holding it because of wind (was the hat too big for his head?), who knows.

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I am most assuredly in the camp that believes the DP Individual is indeed Rip Robertson.

Regarding Shanet's graph which, is in my estimation 'cutting edge' it reminds me of a phrase uttered by Clay Shaw/Tommie Lee Jones in Oliver Stone's JFK, "One like's friend's, that have friend's."

Edited by Robert Howard
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