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  1. hahaha--someone else sent me a couple items (Harry liked to tape our conversations) Send me what you have!
  2. Very cool! I did that in 1991; maybe early 1992. You must have Harry's files!
  3. I worked with Harry a few times. Sure, he was eccentric and had some off-the-wall views. That said, he did some very important work (especially on the medical evidence) and was passionate. He was like a quarterback who was a gunslinger- sure, he threw some bad interceptions, but he also made some great throws and some amazing touchdowns.
  4. HUGE thanks to Jessica Shores for finding these! CLICK ON THE SIX IMAGES TO ENLARGE!
  5. (NOT uploaded by me, mind you...but very interesting) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wehsGYXeaN4&fbclid=IwAR3kQFZyrNtrdxCSmyJJM6Z1sFJKy-Ps7Oi9ijqSKXgeOD9Uju50tEIG1Ho&app=desktop
  6. Thanks, Joe! As I told Kyle, this is one of my failings: I was unable to contact the Kellerman daughters, let alone even learn their (married) names, first or last. Harold Weisberg, who gave me the info, died in 2002. Perhaps somewhere on either June's or Roy's Find A Grave memorial (one or the other) left a memorial with contact information. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/31443145/june-virginia-kellerman https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/25757775 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Kellerman
  7. I think a few factors will always keep interest in the assassination: 1) the internet- there are many blogs, forums, images, etc., not to mention You Tube videos; 2) books- like I said previously (this is not to brag but to make a point), my books sell every week with 0.0 mainstream press. They are basically just "sitting there", so to speak, yet people are going to Amazon and buying them. That is a good sign. Likewise, I see interest in several other titles; 3) the Kennedys- countless color (and black and white) images and films/videos exist to make them "come alive", despite the 55+ years since the assassination. Interest in all things Kennedy (not just JFK) is alive and well---books continue to be best-sellers, networks still produce popular programs from time to time, etc. 4) President Kennedy was "only" 10 presidents ago and was OUR LAST ASSASSINATED PRESIDENT: in a weird sort of way, that "helps", too (example: if we had a president assassinated since that time, perhaps it would quell interest in JFK's murder somewhat or even a lot); 5) Interest in other big historical topics (WWII, Vietnam War, Lincoln, Civil War, etc.) is alive and well, albeit in concentrated (academic) groups...so interest will never truly die. Again, keep in mind: the first 30 years after was still very recent: Jackie was still living, the Connallys, JFK Jr, Ted Kennedys, etc. We had the Stone film, it was still the 20th century and pre-9/11. I think it is an awful lot to ask for the same amount of enthusiasm existing 55 (+) years later. That said, the 5 points above are evidence that the interest is still there. I believe the public can be injected with enthusiasm via another QUALITY movie like "JFK" (not crap like "Parkland"). Just look at the media stories involving Ted Cruz's dad "knowing" Oswald, the 2017 file releases, etc. It is "there"...just a little more dormant now.
  8. Hi, Paul---sorry for the delay in getting back to you (I log in sporadically here). To be honest, I am (now) on the fence. I also spoke to Robert Bouck (9/27/92). He believed there was a conspiracy BUT (a big but) he believed Oswald was the only shooter, a much more "conservative" view than one espoused in The Inheritance. Also, Forrest Sorrels died in 1993. I was unaware that his widow was still living then. When I briefly spoke to Sorrels in 1992 and his daughter was serving as his home nurse. On the other hand, Secret Service agent Roger Warner's conversation is more or less documented by the correspondence in the back of the book. I still stand behind my overall praise of the book (even Rich Pope admitted it is a "fun read"), but I would like to see transcripts, audio tape, or some kind of evidence to back up the conversations myself.
  9. Definitely! Another thing to keep in mind in the good news, bad news department: while all of Clint Hill's books (all three of them) were best-sellers with much media attention, they were very pro-government and pro-Warren Commission; the equivalent to three Posner books.
  10. Matt Douthit. It is a pro-conspiracy book. He interviewed quite a few still-living witnesses in the medical area including the very elusive Gregg Cross who attended the Bethesda autopsy, among others. This is in addition to much primary and secondary source work. He is much aware of all the work that has gone before him and has built on it.
  11. One more thing: I know of a young (early 20's) author of an upcoming massive book on the medical evidence who is a savant on the case and a tremendous write, as well. Also, when I was in Dealey Plaza in 2016, many young people were walking around and were very enthusiastic about the case. Hope springs eternal. (always remember: the Lincoln movie from 2012 was huge and all things related to President Lincoln were red hot at the time: books, Tom Hanks specials, etc. Give the people a spark and they WILL be interested. If Oliver Stone was to do ANOTHER ASSASSINATION MOVIE, interest would spike up yet again. The case was pretty dead from 1980-1988)
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