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  1. OSWALD IN D.C. 9/27/63 !

    Good points, Cory. With a straight face, I can honestly say this was completely overlooked until Bill Simpich brought it to my attention the other day---!! This was a WARREN COMMISSION DOCUMENT, TOO! It says a lot that even the extremely meticulous author/researcher John Armstrong did not know about this. As I detail in my first and third books, there were credible threats to JFK's life on 3/23/63 (Chicago), 11/2/63 (Chicago again), and Florida on 11/18/63 (technically, 11/9/63 onward- the Joseph Milteer prediction/threat, etc.). This statement---ORIGINATED BY AGENT FLOYD BORING, of all people--just adds more grist for the mill, so to speak.
  2. OSWALD IN D.C. 9/27/63 !

    This is brand new (completely overlooked by John Armstrong and everyone on Earth except Bill Simpich and myself) and yes, you are correct about Nagell.
  3. OSWALD IN D.C. 9/27/63 !

    https://vincepalamara.com/2017/09/14/per-secret-service-agent-floyd-boring-oswald-in-d-c-92763/ Special thanks to Bill Simpich
  4. Via Jim Harwood---Vince: can you post this link at Education Forum under the Joan Mellon/LBJ thread. It's a 1997 Newsweek report of the phone tapes made by LBJ. You'll find LBJ doesn't want to be President in 1964, complains that he cant get rid of the Kennedy admin. and just doesn't want the job of President. These idiots that blame the murder of JFK on Johnson just amaze me. http://www.newsweek.com/johnson-tapes-173886
  5. Hi, Jim! He was there- I remember him (saw his picture on Facebook)!
  6. Joan Mellen may not have "killed" the LBJ-did-it theory, but she sure landed a huge blow to it. LBJ was a bastard and DEFINITELY a part of the cover-up...but Joan's book destroys the Mac-Wallace-as-assassin idea, among other things. I was at the 2016 conference with R. Stone and company and they had 0.0 substantive to refute Mellen's book; as if they never read it. The crowd booed Mellen "in absentia" (it was clear they were rankled that she would dare dispute the theory) but, again, no one refuted her evidence. Read it (with an open mind).
  7. Jim Marrs Has Passed Away

    Highly recommended- GET THE DVD: https://www.amazon.com/Crossfire-Plot-that-Killed-Kennedy/dp/B00Q3LLU8Q/ref=sr_1_3?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1501721650&sr=1-3&keywords=crossfire I met Jim in 1997 and 2016 (both times in Dallas); great guy.
  8. Palamara's New Book

    Thanks, Joe and Ron- you two would love my latest book: it strengthens my first one greatly and adds more fuel to the fire about Blaine, Hill and McCubbin.
  9. Palamara's New Book

    Thanks, Jim! Great review from Joe!
  10. OH MY GOD---from a friend who requested anonymity: "I asked the rep for Clint [Hill] what he charges for speeches he wants first class airfare n hotel paid for n speeches start at $10k." STARTING AT 10,000 DOLLARS?!?!?! I know he has made a mint with his three books but wow! By the way- Hill and his co-author Lisa have officially been together since 2013 and now live together in San Francisco. LIKE I ALWAYS SAY: it is the people promoting the OFFICIAL story who make the money...the rest of us lose money or break even and, in any event, work for a living. Hill hasn't worked since 1975! http://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/features/why-i-blame-myself-for-jfks-death-248893.html Hill, who lives in Virginia, is “happier than I have ever been” with Lisa McCubbin, the journalist he co-wrote the memoir with. “The calendar says I’m 81 [now 85] and she’s 48 [and still younger than his two sons], but I feel 52.”
  11. very FAST (second and third) shots- matches Lee Bowers and countless other (ear) witnesses (from Sam Kinney's ONLY television interview- 1993 TODAY show): see also:
  12. Deathbed confession? FBI Doyle Williams planted CE399-?

    Joe- thanks! You are spot on. You must get my new (third) book--you will find several items VERY interesting, indeed. https://www.amazon.com/Not-So-Secret-Service-Agency-Kennedy-Assassination/dp/1634241207/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1477961936&sr=1-5
  13. Deathbed confession? FBI Doyle Williams planted CE399-?

    Chris- I am skeptical about this "neighbor's" story.
  14. Deathbed confession? FBI Doyle Williams planted CE399-?

    Thanks, everyone. I have mixed emotions about this one (too): on the one hand, very tantalizing and compelling...on the other hand, where is the (hard) proof? Reminds me of the neighbor of Sam Kinney, yet Sam himself, in three detailed conversations with me, never even hinted at what the neighbor espoused. I will see what I can do about a follow up to this.
  15. [J. Doyle Williams [see Reasonable Doubt, pp. 71-72 (based on Feb. 1983 interview); see also 18 H 795-796 (Berger), 798-799 (Johnsen); 21 H 261 (Price); RIF#18010082-10454: 1/31/78 HSCA interview of SS agent Tim McIntyre; Also: Bloody Treason, pp. 90, 91, 93, 96, and 110; 5 H 132, 144; 18 H 96 and Pictures Of The Pain, p. 105: photo of Williams; 22 H 841, 910; 23 H 681; 24 H 523; No More Silence, pp. 130 and 164. Doyle Williams was also the man who portrayed Connally in the Arlen Specter/follow-up car (limousine) re-enactments, wearing Connally's actual jacket] From another forum today: "James Suggs--- The oddest thing I'm from Ft. Worth, Recently I was talking about JFK with an old friend I trust. He said his friend had told him that his uncle, Doyle Williams, who had been an FBI agent back then, had made sort of a deathbed confession that he had been the one that had placed the bullet found on the gurney at Parkland Hospital. Can Mr. Williams being an agent then, here(?), his whereabouts on 11/22/63 and whatever else be confirmed perchance."