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  1. I think little francois had his feelings hurt because no one agreed with him hahahahaha!!
  2. Hi, Lawrence! I know a couple of researchers who are actively searching for Harry's archives- stay tuned! Vince
  3. Hi, Joe! Oh, yes--Harry definitely believed there was some Secret Service involvement. He was especially suspicious of Bill Greer (although NOT as a shooter). He admired my work and mentioned me in the two newer editions of High Treason, as well as High Treason 2, Killing The Truth, Killing Kennedy and The Radical Right. The small chapter on the Secret Service in High Treason was a huge inspiration for me back in 1989. When I met Harry at the Third Decade conference in Fredonia, NY in June 1991, he was pleasant, albeit also a little gruff at times (he remembered my Feb. 1991 letter that was actually meant for his "co-author" Groden! As it turns out, Harry actually wrote High Treason and Groden only added the photos and his reputation to the book). HUGE yes to your last sentence LOL!! Harry was actually a nice guy trapped in a tortured soul. He inherited some money (and he made a lot from his first two books, both NY Times best-sellers), but he was shunned from his family because he did not want to pick up the family business. Plus, his mother was abusive toward him. THIS book is Harry's autobiography: a sad and compelling (yet inspiring) book, indeed: https://www.amazon.com/Journey-into-Whirlwind-dictatorship-mind-control/dp/1470086662/ref=sr_1_29?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1538705222&sr=1-29&keywords=harrison+livingstone Despite having arguably the two biggest conspiracy books ever (and some of the other ones did ok, as well), Harry was shunned by most of the community for his brusque personality and especially for his book KILLING THE TRUTH, as he took several luminaries in the case to task; an ill-advised idea on his part. That said, despite some poor writing at times, his books (especially HIGH TREASON 2) are valuable for the medical evidence and all the primary witnesses he interviewed.
  4. by vincepalamara Sage advice the (late) best-selling author Harrison Edward Livingstone gave me in early 1991. At that point, I scrapped my manuscript (which was nothing but other people’s work, more or less) and went head first into contacting and interviewing as many Secret Service agents as I could, thus “cornering the market”, so to speak. Livingstone was the co-author of HIGH TREASON + he authored HIGH TREASON 2, KILLING THE TRUTH, KILLING KENNEDY [not the lone nut book with the same title!], THE RADICAL RIGHT, and many others. He passed away in 2015. Livingstone and I interviewed JFK autopsy witness Jerrol Custer on 11/22/91 (for HT2) and Steve Barber in 1992 (for KTT).
  5. Vince Palamara

    VInce Palamara - Why is there a SS agent

    You're preaching to (my) choir Yes- McHugh is on record both in 1975 (Canadian radio interview) and to the HSCA that he was asked, FOR THE FIRST TIME, not to ride in the limo by the Secret Service "to accentuate full exposure." Now, to clarify--this was the first time he was ASKED not to ride there. Either he or fellow military aide Ted Clifton USUALLY rode there (about 80 percent of the time or more) but not always. The previous trip in Florida involving the longest domestic motorcade JFK ever undertook was very similar to THE longest motorcade (Berlin, June 1963): agents rode on the rear of the limo, motorcycles were in good quantity around the limo, the press photographer's flatbed truck ran in front of the limo, the military aide rode in the front seat, #1 agent Behn [Berlin] or #2 agent Boring rode in the limo, MULTI-STORY BUILDING ROOFTOPS WERE GUARDED, military and police lined the streets and faced the crowds, police intermingled in the crowds themselves, good protective intelligence, and the press bus and Dr. Burkley were both close to the limo.
  6. Vince Palamara

    VInce Palamara - Why is there a SS agent

    Sorry----JUST seeing this now (I don't check in every day). The agent in question is Glen Bennett- please see my blog on him for a whole lot more, as well as my latest book WHO'S WHO IN THE SECRET SERVICE: http://glenbennettprs.blogspot.com/
  7. Vince Palamara

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    I will correct you: you are wrong. 2007 is calling---old news. PAT SPEER also is on record as having briefly changed his mind once; big deal. So has Deb Galentine and a few other conspiracy advocates. Look at ole Freddie: he used to be a conspiracy advocate! Of course at least one shot came from the sniper's nest; so what? The question is: did OSWALD fire the weapon or did someone else? In addition, this has 0.0 to do with shots from OTHER locations. In addition to authors Flip de Mey and myself, author Barry Ernest also obviously posits this belief, as he does not believe Oswald was on the 6th floor firing, regardless of whether or not his rifle was used, etc. Expand your mind and come down from the silliness. Having an open mind is a good thing. It is not a crime to change your mind and go back to a position you had before. Otherwise, there would be no divorced people in this world: "Hey---you told your first wife you loved her? WHY are you remarried then? You are not allowed to change your mind...and I have this love letter to your first wife that 'proves' you are wrong now." See my point?
  8. EXCELLENT post/ topic. Another thing I would add- you MUST get Flip de Mey's book THE LEE HARVEY OSWALD FILES. Anyone in the world, Oswald included, could NOT fire the Mannlicher accurately if it was brought in broken down (assuming it even WAS brought in broken down---where were the tools? No oil marks on the bag, etc.). The rifle could not be sited properly even if reassembled. I highly recommend this book---Flip, being from Holland, is totally detached from all the lone nut versus conspiracy side nonsense: he views the case dispassionately and goes thru ALL (and I mean ALL) the lone nut evidence; all the issues that can make even the most confident conspiracy advocate uncomfortable- the rifle, the bullets, the mail order form, the bag, etc. etc. etc. https://www.amazon.com/Lee-Harvey-Oswald-Files-Kennedy/dp/9401432961/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1538262684&sr=1-2 Vince
  9. Vince Palamara

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    A book I HIGHLY recommend that tackles all the issues Fred brings up and a whole lot more (all the inconvenient "lone nut" bits and pieces about the bullets, rifle, the bag, etc. etc. etc.): https://www.amazon.com/Lee-Harvey-Oswald-Files-Kennedy/dp/9401432961/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1538261609&sr=1-2&keywords=flip+de+mey This book, along with Jim DiEugenio's latest, is my favorite book on the case (Barry Ernest's book is right up there, too). Flip's other book is amazing, too: https://www.amazon.com/Cold-Case-Kennedy-Investigation-Assassination/dp/9401413967/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1538261670&sr=1-1&keywords=flip+de+mey That said, get/ read The Lee Harvey Oswald Files: Why the CIA killed Kennedy Flip doesn't avoid ANY "lone nut" items. He goes into gory detail on everything- the postal money order, the backyard photos; you name it. So many conspiracy books DO gloss over a lot of the evidence that appears, at first glance, to demonstrate Oswald's (sole?) involvement...Flip's does not. The two de Mey books, DiEugenio's two books, and Barry Ernest's books- indispensable. Posner, Bugliosi, Litwin, Moore, Belin, etc.: debunked.
  10. Wow----over 4500 views for Fred Litwin's book stating Oswald acted alone and only 144 for my pro-conspiracy book...what gives? Reverse psychology?
  11. Joe, thanks! I always like your posts. Get a load of this--motive? For some?
  12. THREE DIFFERENT AGENTS WEIGH IN: On cloud nine now- I had a former Secret Service Agent (who requested anonymity, otherwise I would add this to my book!) tell me: “Vince, the fourth appendix in your book decimates the JFK detail. It is like a fiery courtroom final summation. Honestly, how anyone can defend them after what you have written is beyond me. We learned a lot of what NOT to do in training based on their performance.” Wow. Another agent actually featured in the book, Dan Emmett, wrote: "I appreciate the favorable review of my humble service. This book is highly relevant in that it provides information on many historically significant happenings in the Service and those who were there. Many ,as you point out, have been forgotten with time which makes your book even more important. You will eventually receive some poor reviews by some that are unhappy over not being mentioned, or over some of those who were. If that happens, don't let it bother you. Old former agents can be a vindictive lot. Also let me say that you have become a "real" author. By that I mean your writing is very professional and, you continue to produce works." Yet another former agent actually wrote an Amazon review- John Carman:"BEST EXPOSE OF ITS KIND SO FAR! I am former U.S. Secret Service and I know what REALLY goes on inside the U.S. Secret Service on many different levels including at the White House and FMD/WHD 1974-1977. I was also the one that interviewed John W. Hinckley in 1976 to have him committed to ST. Elizabeth's Mental HospitalThe Duty agent that night FAILED to admit Hinckley and 5 years later Hinckley was arrested for shooting President Reagan, SA-Tim McCarthy, Jim Brady and others.Vince Palamara has the guts to expose the REAL Truth!Way to go Vince !!!" https://www.amazon.com/Whos-Who-Secret-Service-Historys/dp/1634241819/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1520593855&sr=1-4