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  1. THE TOP FIVE BOOKS: The JFK Assassination by James DiEugenio Destiny Betrayed SECOND EDITION by James DiEugenio The Girl on the Stairs by Barry Ernest The Lee Harvey Oswald Files by Flip de Mey (warts and all) Inside The ARRB (Volumes 1-5) by Douglas Horne
  2. One thing I can "give away": it is a PRO conspiracy book. It strongly advocates for conspiracy in the death of JFK.
  3. Hi, Dan! I will see if I can (the publisher seems to prefer I keep a tight lid on it until publication). That said, see my other comments to everyone else. If I can, I will
  4. I believe my book is a paradigm shifter for the better. It's greatest strength is the benefit of hindsight (56-plus years), the ARRB releases, etc. My big "tag line" on my book is that it is NOT the "same ole same ole": SBT, Oswald's bio, theories, rinse, repeat, zzzzzz Also----no tangential waters: dozens/hundreds of pages of "fluff". I like everything to the point.
  5. Thanks, Anthony! Oh, yes---Trine Day seems to be doing well. Kindle is really keeping things going, no doubt. My first two books have done very well...my last two books did so-so. Unfortunately, not a whole lot of people are into the Secret Service like I am LOL My new book coming out early next year is something people have been asking me to do, off and on, for years---write a detailed book on just the assassination and what I believe/know happened. I think it turned out really well.
  6. It covers all aspects regarding the assassination- the physical evidence, the eyewitness evidence, the medical evidence, Oswald, Ruby, Tippit, suspects, the state of the case, what is valid, what is not, etc.. I firmly believe in the phrase "don't bore us- get to the chorus." You won't find dozens or hundreds of pages of tangential material where you are asking yourself "when can we get to the point" or "is this truly relevant and important?" I wrote a massively detailed work that gets straight to the point and is firmly NOT the "same ole same ole" when it comes to many assassination books.
  7. Sounds like a large body of work there Vince! I'll second Joe's comments above. Sometime in the future could we arrange a Skype link to DPUK so our membership can get an interview with yourself and Bart to discuss the book? Thanks, Pete! Sounds good to me!
  8. MY BEST BOOK! COMING SPRING 2021. HONEST ANSWERS ABOUT THE MURDER OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY: A NEW LOOK AT THE JFK ASSASSINATION (2021) Over 500 pages; a lot of detail, specifics, and documentation; decidedly NOT the “same ole same ole”. This one turned out great!
  9. I met Tom Wilson when Harry Livingstone and I filmed autopsy x-ray technician Jerrol Custer on 11/22/1991 (myself, Wilson and Custer all come from Pittsburgh, PA, with Wilson and Custer living just a street away). The contents of this interview ended up in High Treason 2 (and, to a lesser extent in Killing The Truth). Wilson was quite a curmudgeon. I would use another word, but I don't want the moderators to block me haha. Wilson, as you will see on the tail end of this video, freaked out and did not want to be filmed. He just presented in Dallas at the first A.S.K. conference (which was filmed before a fairly large audience) and would end up appearing on episode 6 of The Men Who Killed Kennedy in 1995 (I was on episode 7, but I digress). For some reason, he did not like this one bit. On a personal note, I found his stuff fascinating but unconvincing. It seemed pretty far-fetched, to be honest. Postscript: Custer (who I would end up filming again--this time with author William Law in March 1998---died in 2000 and Wilson died soon after!)
  10. Thanks a lot! I think a lot of you will be impressed with my assassination-only book coming out early next year: THE JFK ASSASSINATION UNCOVERED: HONEST ANSWERS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS ABOUT THE MURDER OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY (2021) It is between 400-500 pages at the moment, but it's not about quantity*--it should always be about quality and new evidence/ assessments. I can tell you this: my book is NOT the same ole same ole and there is a lot of (new) information that will pleasantly surprise a lot of you (NOT the typical book that takes you, ad naseum, thru the single bullet theory, Oswald's biography, etc. Those already exist many times over. Paradigm shifts are required now). My other four books focused on the Secret Service, the Secret Service in the context of the assassination, or the medical evidence. THIS one is about the assassination. Like my other four books, it will be published by Trine Day. I would like it to come out even sooner, but I have no control over that LOL (unless I went the CreateSpace venue, which I refuse to do). * I only mention the length because I have come across far too many brief books. One book on the case is only 76 pages long and they are charging full price (!)- c'mon, now! Vince Palamara
  11. Fair enough. Good to hear from you, David! I look forward to your next book. Your first book is a classic.
  12. See my post, Pat--I'll bet you didn't catch his David Ferrie and Guy Banister references...and Lifton!
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