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    In-depth Interviews with Tosh Plumlee

    Them's were the days around here.
  2. What witnesses do we trust to have been correct in saying was Oswald walking on Tenth St., from the corner and toward the alley? As opposed to having exited the cop car in the alley and then being cut off by Tippit?
  3. Could two cars have been trailing Oswald, at walking speed, from a block away, and one gone off and around the block, into the alley?
  4. If there's a police car (Kroy and Westbrook?) pulled up at the middle of the alley that Tippit pulled up to block the mouth of in order to intercept "Oswald," how did the cops in the alley car know to pull in there?
  5. David Andrews

    Thoughts on Q Anon?

    My thought: If we ignore it, will it crawl back into its hole? Is that working yet? Let me put forth a new conspiracy: I Anon. In I Anon, Trump is secretly working with Obama to keep the AHCA alive, for the benefit of the insurance corporations and the destruction of the working poor. What, that happened?
  6. The Joesten article says things that perhaps needed to be said, and makes important challenges, but it does so with hyperbole, tactlessness, and a naivete about what was at stake for RFK and the Kennedy family. This is more invective than journalism or history, as if Joesten feels RFK is not taking as many risks as Joesten himself is. It's useful. though, for the descriptions of Johnson-did-it sentiments among insiders.
  7. It would be grimly amusing if "Harvey" and "Lee" didn't know each other, and each had one half of those divided dollar bills to make contact with at the theater. But we digress...
  8. David Andrews

    JFK's three meetings with General MacArthur

    with that third long conversation on pdf. Can somebody point me to a link for the JFk/MacArthur conversation transcript .pdf?
  9. If accurate about the Oswald escape, there's the influence of variables: -- Two Oswalds? -- Competing interests in the direction of the cover-up? How does Martino's statement affect the view that Oswald was always the designated patsy? Throwing this out for all, not specifically Larry.
  10. David Andrews

    Juan Romero passes away

    Juan Romero, 68, Ambassador Hotel bellboy who comforted a dying RFK, moves on: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/the-busboy-who-tried-to-help-a-wounded-robert-f-kennedy-in-1968-dies-his-life-was-haunted-by-the-violence/ar-BBNTXZH?li=BBnbcA1 "In our many conversations over the years, [Romero] said he often felt we were moving further politically from what he saw as a Kennedy legacy of tolerance and compassion."
  11. David Andrews

    The Three Failed plots to Kill Kennedy Pt 2

    There are quite a few past threads here that consider Freeport Sulphur, Clay Shaw, and broader connections. There should also be documents collected at the Mary Farrell Foundation site.
  12. I think the legend is that he put on "his jacket" (so that the white Eisenhower windbreaker could be "found") and "his trousers" (or "pants," depending on the delicacy of the WCR historian). He's photographed being brought in wearing the controversial (Lovelady v. Oswald) nubby, brown-checked shirt, So did he "change his jacket (shirt)" or "put on a jacket"? Or neither?
  13. This is petty but significant: Oswald, staying at the Paine house, didn't even get in a proper morning wash before work on the 22nd, and throughout his day in jail protested that he wasn't allowed a shower. That famous, saggy-necked T-shirt looks like yesterday's model as well. Um, wouldn't you?...
  14. David Andrews

    Kennedy Ripples

    Hasn't Sylvia suffered enough?
  15. David Andrews

    New book: He Was Expendable

    Kudos to the author for paraphrasing the title of John Ford's WW II PT boat movie, They Were Expendable. Doubtless a film Kennedy saw,
  16. David Andrews

    OUR HIDDEN HISTORY podcast on JFK and Tippit murders

    What I meant: Since Tippit blocked the alley entrance with his car, was it because the subject that he next talked to through the passenger side window had walked down the alley toward Patton (instead of walking along the Patton sidewalk until Tippit stopped him, as is commonly supposed)? And might that person have walked toward Patton after exiting the police car said to be waiting further up the alley? This puts a new spin on things: subject gets out of one police car in the alley and walks down to Patton, where another police car pulls up at his feet. After a verbal exchange through the car window, the cop gets out and starts to come around the front of the car. That might make a subject carrying a pistol feel like he was being set up. Could the subject have been brought to the alley in one cop car (Westbrook's/Croy's), walked down to Patton Street, and been spooked by another cop car (Tippit's) pulling up and blocking the alley where it met the street? Or, instead, was Tippit directed (by radio?) to pull up and block the alley and confront the subject, who had been ordered to shoot Tippit? Too much police focus on one alley to not make the alley significant to the Tippit killing.
  17. David Andrews

    JFK Exhumation 1967

    See also the past thread on this.
  18. David Andrews

    OUR HIDDEN HISTORY podcast on JFK and Tippit murders

    I have a feeling that the story Officer Mensel (sic) told Mrs. Tippit was a lie, and that Tippit was marked for death regardless. Also, since Tippit blocked the alley with his car, did he first observe the person he talked to through the car window exit the alley onto Patton, having been brought there by the alleged Croy/Westbrook car, and dropped off further up the alley?
  19. David Andrews

    JFK Autopsy Photo decoded?

    The bullet was eviscerated? It had its guts torn out? An organic bullet, like a small, flying pet store turtle?
  20. David Andrews

    1963, Heroin, Cocaine, and the assassination

    Some opinion on narcotics and post-Vietnam SE Asia fighting: http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/kiss_the_boys_goodbye.htm Opinion, he said.
  21. David Andrews

    1963, Heroin, Cocaine, and the assassination

    The question is - where did the mainland China networks and opium resources go after the fall of China? Chiang Kai-Shek may have retained his connections and exploited them, so Anslinger could blame the trade on the Reds. But Chiang couldn't control much of the mainland opium from Formosa. Did the Reds really burn it all, and encourage less lucrative farming?
  22. David Andrews

    Allen Dulles

    Who's Dulles looking to? would be a question. That guy below him smacks of the fading past. Thanks for the book.
  23. David Andrews

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    I believe DP spook is wearing what they used to call a car coat, which meant an overcoat with a shorter length, so you could get into your trouser pockets while driving.
  24. David Andrews

    Question for Doug Caddy

    Hunt, at JFKA time, may have been better connected to the Agency through Dulles and other pre-Helms old-schoolers than he was at the time of Watergate, and may have been immune to danger from Morales. This doesn't mean we should believe all points of his "confession," however - or believe any of them, for that matter,.
  25. David Andrews

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    Hello there! I might be alone, behind widow's peak man (sometimes ID'd as "Lucien Conein"), over on Main Street. Though, y'know, it's hard to spot any of us in the Hughes film... Look at me - I'm six feet ahead of "Gerry Hemming," but Hughes didn't catch us.