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    Russian-born oilman is a vivid presence in JFK files

    I could see the DeMohrenschildt-Oswald friendship happening under innocent terms, given a quixotic man-of-the-world type who - if for no other reasons than intellectual curiosity and pity - took a shine to a former defector who was a similar duck out of water in Dallas,. However, I have no belief that GDeM was innocent and uninterested.
  2. David Andrews

    Gene Wheaton

    It would be interesting to know what evidence or details Ganis is holding, after the poor review of the book on Kennedys and King, and his discursive and uninformative podcast appearance.
  3. David Andrews

    Bush not in Dallas- He is dead

    Alors, Carlier -- Our kinder, gentler president destroyed a city and many inhabitants to silence his Iran-Contra drug-dealing partner, install a docile successor, and secure the canal. Puts him up there with Leopold of Belgium.
  4. David Andrews

    Bush in Dallas photo

    An inference: Prouty had a desk in Lansdale's outer office, and must have seen him leave the room many times.
  5. At the time of the White Album, there was also a reaction among the Beatles against the psychedelic pilings-on of the Sgt. Pepper-Magical Mystery Tour period, and a desire to make a more "raw" and unpolished record. This is why George Martin was unfairly sidelined though present: there was little regard spared for yesterday's successes. It was a movement that persisted through the Get Back/Let It Be period, where Martin was eliminated entirely, but brought back when The Beatles wanted an elaborate closing statement on Abbey Road.
  6. David Andrews

    Monroe, Miller and HUAC

    I realize that PBS programming can be viewed as MSM apologetics and obfuscation, but persons interested in the influence of Marilyn Monroe on the careers of John and Robert Kennedy could do worse than consider her involvement in the Red Scare of the 1950s, principally through her relations with playwright Arthur Miller. The perils of that marriage are too seldom considered:
  7. David Andrews

    Bush not in Dallas- He is dead

    It's sad that our politicians making us complicit in the murder and exploitation of other peoples, while treating us like a rabble to be economically oppressed, doesn't breed more disrespectful laughter. It's sad that the recession hasn't produced a disrespectful Left in America., as happened after WW I with the Bonus Army, and as happened with the labor movements after the Great Depression. We are oppressed because we are stupid enough to not be disrespectful, or worse. https://fas.org/irp/offdocs/walsh/
  8. David Andrews

    Bush not in Dallas- He is dead

    George H. W. Bush should have remembered that every person the Contras and the death squads tortured, raped, mutilated and murdered in Central America was a human being with hopes and aspirations, personal and political. Some living persons may need to look at photos of a Salvadoran body dump as a corrective to their reactionary conservatism. Sod humility. The Bushes were not humble killers and profiteers. My opening statement may be an unreasonable expectation of any politician. No American president since Kennedy has recognized that an individual American has hopes and aspirations, personal and political. Why, then, should we expect any of them to care more for the citizens of an oppressed nation? The fact is: our governments since JFK have required us to stand acquiescent to the exploitation and murder of Southeast Asians, Central Americans, and Iraqis and other Islamics. For this, we have received no bounty, no booty; and Americans are now treated, economically, as no more significant than the aforementioned "enemies" of our nation. We are complicit to murder and atrocity, thanks to our leaders, yet have received no reward - quite the opposite. Shouldn't we be tearing up the streets over this, like the gilets jaunes are tonight, in la belle France? We have received neither our war bonus, nor our peace dividend, for being accomplices to political murder. We watched people die, and didn't even get paid for it. No one worldwide, should hate Americans for our politicians' depredations: we never got paid for any of this. Like you, World, we could be murdered at any time for objecting, The guilt and sadness is in that we did not object when you were slaughtered. I lived through all this; I am witness. The rest is satire.
  9. "you were diverted" from common decency; "perverted too" 'nuff said, what a shame; "inverted" i. e., reversed from our original goal of freedom and justice; "no one alerted you" The man needed a rhyme, was still developing as a lyricist. and had something of a moralistic streak that came and went and came again - y'see what I'm sayin' here? The song definitely moves from a particular address to a holistic message - "I then look at you all"; "I look at the world and notice it's turning," etc. But it's hoping too much to see The Beatles as in cahoots over this message, when George felt slighted by John and Paul, John himself was growing disaffected with Paul and the group, and Ringo quit briefly. Meanwhile, producer George Martin sat sidelined in the control room, scribbling crosswords and feeling neglected while the group members independently communicated their sonic desires to the recording engineer. This was hardly an atmosphere of coherence. It was more like the contractual obligation to make another record being blown out to its artistic and personal limits by talented, chafing, uncertain ace musicians. McCartney may have wanted to be a cheerleader and came off like a gang boss, but even he couldn't corral Lennon, and he had a diminished regard for Harrison's talents. (If you want to hear genius-level Harrison, pick up All Things Must Pass, which is how Beatle music should have sounded after 1970, and is, without exaggeration, every bit as good as the White Album.) I think the key to the White Album is seeing it as variations on Beatle themes that had developed since the Rubber Soul and Revolver periods. What coalesced in the past was pushed beyond restraint here, yet retained its character and redefined the status quo. Other acts had these ambitions by 1968, though, as here, character was telling of success.
  10. David Andrews

    Bush not in Dallas- He is dead

    There really aren't enough words to condemn the evils Bush is responsible for in Central America, right down to the "caravan." If you don't know any of these words, DVP, then no one can help you, and you can help no one.
  11. I'm thinking that I stole that 'I'm thinking...I'm thinking' rhetorical trope from the novel The Friends of Eddie Coyle by George V. Higgins. I'm thinking it has predictive powers.
  12. David Andrews

    Missing Film?

    It's tempting, but I can't see it definitively. Aspects of the head appear to change in different frames - sometimes "Lee,." sometimes not - and it looks like a fuller head of hair, not just longer hair or windblown hair.
  13. David Andrews

    Missing Film?

    I dunno - the Turning Man looks too handsomely chiseled (hair included) to be LHO, but anything's possible given the angle and the medium. Looks like a Bond movie version of LHO, but I wish I could freeze the GIF and be sure,
  14. Revolution No. 9 is a movie waiting to be cut to the soundtrack.
  15. The White Album is infuriating because you want to cut it shorter, but you still can't come up with fewer than three sides. Even some of your least favorite repeat listening has become cultural staples, thanks to Beatle fame and the album-oriented FM radio of the past (remember that?) You start feeling guilty when you try to cut it on tape or CD-R. But how many times can you listen to Bungalow Bill, the least valuable souvenir of a passage to India? Apparently, forever.
  16. I'm thinking Jenkins has an agent that got him on this Valuetainment show, alongside such spielers as Michael Franzese and the card mechanic. I'm thinking this Dallas-based infomercial is the best his agent could get him. See where Jenkins turns up next. It's possible he and his agent are fishing for a book deal.
  17. Report post Did Jenkins possibly get, inadvertently, naively (?), exposure?
  18. Another presentation of Valuetainment Studios in Dallas, TX. Keep your eye on the red queen. (RIP, RIcky Jay, beau jongleur). What Jenkins has is a hard-working agent:
  19. Wait - this Benny Hinn-wannabe is the guy who also interviews Michael Franzese for his MobFather infomercials. Do they play these shows on cable TV at 3:00 AM for shut-ins? Why does Jenkins' opinion on Lyndon Johnson matter? Interviewer: "That was the entire question I wanted to ask you today."
  20. There is a link below to a good White Album site. In particular, open up each of the sub-tabs under the Songs tab. Some useful facts and Beatles quotes are within. What the blogger lacks in critical polish he makes up for with fresh observations and striking research. One of the things about the White Album is the number of songs that are parodies of non-rock songs or established rock genres; it's a small revelation, for instance, the way this blogger sees the cliched, over-the-top lyrics of Yer Blues as a parody of the British Heavy Blues genre that ended up invested with Lennon's own screaming pain. The White Album shows a band struggling to find its future after managerial loss, religious disillusionment, multiple creative influences (especially Dylan) and changing musical tastes. If the result drags in the assassination culture of the 1960s. we can't be surprised. I'm not sure, though, that one can establish a universal theory of what the album is "about," thematically, since one will find the kitchen sink tossed in also. But I'm looking forward to your thesis. "Y'know, I listen to the White Album and go, 'We should have had less of this and more of that,' just like the critics do. But, at the end of the day, it's the bloody Beatles' White Album. Shut up." -- My favorite McCartney quote, paraphrased. https://www.thewhitealbumproject.com/
  21. David Andrews

    Phyllis Hall saw bullet on Kennedys strecher cart

    Memory play tricks: there was no JFK funeral train. The account of how she saw JFK brought in is different in the two videos. Didn't earlier testimony by this lady inspire reports that a bullet was protruding from JFK's scalp near his ear?
  22. I believe that the Marina of 1993 and perhaps of today is the classic example of someone who immerses herself in conspiracy books, conferences and discussions and, like most Americans, comes away thinking "Well, there simply HAD to be some sort of conspiracy." Oh, please, dude: Jack Ruby? What exactly was the occasion of Marina and her handler appearing on Cavett? Did Marina need the lousy $300 scale they were paying talk show guests? Or could it have had anything to do with the HSCA, still in operation that year?
  23. See my post just above for the context of Marina's statement within the Enquirer article. The textual juxtaposition of being spied upon by "various spooks" (Enquirer-speak, not a Marina quote) with Lee maybe being in the same predicament (Marina paraphrase) leaves open whether only Lee, or Lee and Marina each, was "a double or triple agent" (Marina quote) because they were spied upon (Enquirer-speak). Is disinformation the intent of the quotation style in the Enquirer article? Remedial Reading help is not required here, just honest journalism. If someone has the Dick Russell book, it would be helpful to post the Marina quotation in full and original context.
  24. Yes, I see that now. So it's old news trotted out for the gala 55th anniversary. Quotations from the Russell chapter were probably made under Fair Use, so nobody was interviewed or paid for this. The Enquirer pastiche reads: "She also believed she was caught up in the conspiracy, her phones were tapped and she was being watched by various spooks - who she even believed could murder her! " 'Maybe Lee was in the same kind of predicament - a double or triple agent - and he did not know who he was really serving,' said the Russian-born mother of three." Because of Enquirer style and ethics, we have no idea whose situation 'the same kind of predicament' refers to - anyone interested would have to read Russell to find out. The second Enquirer paragraph quoted barely seems to connect to the first. Hoo Noes?!