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    Question for Doug Caddy

    May I bump? Can anyone tell me if there is a film or another photo of the north side of Main Street near the Houston corner that shows the figures sometimes ID'd as Gerry Hemming (tall, crew cut, rear) and Lucien Conein (widow's peak) in this spot? The Robert Hughes film, for instance, shows the people to the left of "Hemming," but others who may be the two mentioned are obscured by camera blur or by the back of a traffic cop in Hughes' POV. If you look past the cop in the Hughes film when he bends right to get a look at the limo passing, there may not be anyone at all standing between the two window ledges, as "Hemming" is in the Altgens photo below. Thanks.
  2. David Andrews

    McIntyre Photo Ellis or Bellah?

    Am I right that the correct (second tested) section of curb that Ellis saw hit by a bullet was judged not the site of a bullet hit by the WC? Ellis's report doesn't seem to have disrupted the SBT. I've forgotten exactly how this played out, though.
  3. David Andrews

    New JFK search tool

    Is Dusty Springfield the most overrated great singer? Discuss.
  4. David Andrews

    Chasing Our Tails?

    Before the end, Ruppert did not much care for D*n**l Sh**h*n either - for whom Wheaton worked as an investigator: http://rigorousintuition.ca/board2/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=21565
  5. David Andrews

    Chasing Our Tails?

    At the time at FBI, "Follow Mr. Hoover's orders" may have superseded "Don't embarrass the Bureau," at least for a select few.
  6. Off-topic curiosity: Where did the Moorman photo without the thumbprint come from?
  7. It seems like the motor cop is staring at walkie-talkie man, too. If that's what he's got in his hand. What's up in these Cancellare photos soon after? Two cops, no questions for walkie-talkie? https://www.jfkassassinationgallery.com/displayimage.php?album=33&pos=4 https://www.jfkassassinationgallery.com/displayimage.php?album=33&pos=5
  8. A better probing of the Hersh paradoxes than I would have expected.
  9. David Andrews

    Shocking Statement about the Kennedys

    DiMaggio barred Frank Sinatra from Monroe's funeral, which is as good as saying he barred Giancana.
  10. David Andrews

    Are you a "Q", or are you an "R"?

    This is possibly some genius's spin-off of the earlier BS that supposedly dead or out-of-the limelight politicians and celebrities have been given plastic surgery and acting lessons so they could have second careers (e. g., JFK survived to return as...Jimmy Carter). That's still kicking around the internet, but never became as successful as this superhero-subterfuge version with pronounced Hollywood influences. Here's a pertinent thought, though, from a Twitter user, quoted on Slate.com: Jordan Weissmann ✔@JHWeissmann The frightening thing about QAnon isn't that a bunch of Americans believe in a looney conspiracy theory (what else is new). It's that they're waiting for Donald Trump to arrest his entire political opposition. These people are ready for military rule. 9:30 AM - Aug 1, 2018 11K 3,787 people are talking about this
  11. David Andrews


    Pardon my earlier indelicacy. There was something about DVP's post that irked me.
  12. David Andrews

    Records release regarding intercepted messages

    John Abt was chief counsel to the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA). Whittaker Chambers identified Abt as a political associate of Alger Hiss in Chambers' HUAC testimony. Didn't the Dallas PD or Henry Wade (or someone from his office) tell the TV newsmen that Oswald had requested John Abt to represent him? If Oswald actually made the request, it might have been a signal to his handlers that he was still willing to play ball and impersonate "Lefty Lee" to incriminate communists in general, and Castro in particular.
  13. David Andrews

    Encountering the Ghost of JFK in Dallas

    The Dallas JFK memorial looks like a monument to stonewalling. It has that Lego-dots motif to show you how it clicks into other bricks in the wall.
  14. David Andrews

    Records release regarding intercepted messages

    Any circumstantial evidence of Phillips' personal involvement with Oswald in his book treatment, The AMLASH Legacy?
  15. David Andrews

    Trump and the Unspeakable? Part II

    Paddy Chayefsky (Network) wrote Altered States. It's pretty smart if you listen. I watched Disney's Davy Crockett on DVD a couple years ago. The good parts were as good as remembered from childhood, the bad parts were worse.
  16. David Andrews

    Records release regarding intercepted messages

    I have to double-check, but I believe that timeline is from the back matter of Dick Russell's book on Richard Case Nagell, The Man Who Knew Too Much. I think Russell has a short chapter on Dinkin in the second edition. Later I'll see what Russell's source is for the October 22 1963 letter from Dinkin to RFK and report back.
  17. David Andrews

    Interesting video by Professor Kroth

    I haven't found time to watch the whole video, but aren't several of new revelations Korth finds in the Trump-released documents just restatements of information available through previous research? Just in the first ten minutes: Jack Ruby's "fireworks"; Eugene Braden's criminal record; Eugene Dinkin. For a guy who claims to not want to write any more books on the JFKA, this guy keeps churning them out fast and p*mping them hard. Does Korth really start this video with James Files and his all-star crew of assassins (he left out Ed Sullivan), and let Files' tale pass without later comment?
  18. David Andrews

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    We all know that about the first part of the digraph. There is ample evidence that the second part is not always random.
  19. David Andrews

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Paul B: "As for Harvey, I think it’s worth reading and considering the info in the new book The Skorzeny Papers. The author suggests we look at Skorzeny seriously, that he may have been QJWIN." + + + I've always felt that some CIA cryptonyms were not randomly generated, but assigned because of aptness to the subject or for comic intent (viz. JM/WAVE = Miami station). So, what characteristics might QJ/WIN suggest in the nameholder? Do they fit Skorzeny (who rescued Mussolini) better than anyone else? Does the WIN designation stand for a result that only this agent could achieve? A willingness to go for broke?
  20. David Andrews

    JFK Assassination Film: Proof of Tampering?

    See this article for eyewitness to Jackie on the trunk: http://www.jfklancer.com/pdf/toni.pdf
  21. David Andrews

    The Running Woman

    I couldn't find the Debra Conway article Steve cited, but then I did, so I deleted my help request.
  22. David Andrews

    The Running Woman

    Delete, thanks
  23. David Andrews

    A question to David Lifton

    ‘It is not satisfactory,” Ford replied according to Giscard. “We first concluded that it was not an isolated crime, it was something organized. We were sure that it was organized. But we were unable to find out by who it was organized’ Giscard told the same story to Le Parisienmagazine in 2013. He said Ford told him, “We came to the conclusion that this assassination had been prepared. There was a conspiracy. But we were not able to identify which organization had sponsored it. ” + + + I wonder about an assertion like Ford's You would think this implies that some investigation was made by the FBI and a preliminary conclusion for conspiracy reached by the WC, but then abandoned, with the investigation and conclusions subsequently taking their familiar lone-nut course. But what if the "organizations" suspected were just the usual pro-Castro suspects, and their investigation was dropped for political reasons? Ford may be just blowing smoke and saying nothing in his remarks, and we don't see it because we're not accustomed to subtlety in the man.
  24. David Andrews

    Youtube and conspiracy theories

    Aren't they making money on that plethora of sources? Why would they sacrifice tales of the Reptillians and the Greys (Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, respectively, I think) just to foster approved disinfo?