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  1. Nix film fakery? How done?

    Leaving the video's David Ferrie-in-Dealey-Plaza ID totally aside, what do competent film evaluators think of this "hidden figure" shown in a "previously unavailable Nix original copy"? What about the proffered "enhancement" of the "figure"? Just curious, not deluded.
  2. Nix film fakery? How done?

    Ferrie's accepted alibi for 22 November is that he was in a Louisiana courtroom on business for G. Wray Gill, Carlos Marcello's attorney. I'm not sure if there's an official record showing he was there. I was more interested in how this unidentifiable figure, which is visible in other Nix copies, seems to move in this copy and not in others - but maybe it's an illusion and maybe mere fakery. Maybe it's just trees and leaves in the background.
  3. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    Ron, if lost, remember that Prouty cited Lansdale as Allen Dulles' s protege, noting that Dulles's backing got Curtis LeMay to promote Lansdale to Air Force general. However Lansdale may have regarded Kennedy, it's always been "Dance with the one(s) what brung ya." Kennedy didn't give EGL the Vietnam ambassadorship, and Mongoose foundered under uncertain policy control. Lansdale's zeal for a Castro assassination couldn't have helped in the last days of Mongoose. Lansdale may even have been shunted aside by JFK and RFK as a part of the Dulles-LeMay gang. How did LeMay, two years older than Lansdale, hang on at JSOC while Lansdale was retired from USAF, if not by power of reputation? Kennedy should have packed off LeMay with Lemnitzer, but the PR angle on losing two seasoned Chiefs would have been bad. It might have happened had Kennedy won in 1964.
  4. Toronto Film Review: ‘Chappaquiddick’

    Both Rothstein and Rosenthal regarded as NYPD intelligence players? Any other players from NYPD?
  5. The Discoveries of Jim Garrison

    How do you imagine Hunt's "sacrifice" would play out? Notoriety for Hunt would to lead directly to CIA, and the concept of a "rogue" would be an unthinkable liability for the Agency in 1963. Watergate burglary and conspiracy were an infinitely easier sell years later, after Hunt "retired." Doug Caddy, other than the "alien presence" attribution, did Hunt say anything else about the assassination or about JFK? What was his attitude, if he showed any?
  6. The Umbrella Man Feature Film

    And, you know, when I say that part about "pending" and "eventual" agendas out loud (as it were), the idea of an Oswald brought back as an all-purpose patsy and/or "assassin" seems even less strange to me than it already does. There's always a long game factored into power's planning. But we digress....
  7. The Umbrella Man Feature Film

    My feeling is that the Mockingbird control strategy has changed from burying dissent and pacifying the suspicious to fomenting suspicion and dissatisfaction for divisive social and political ends, some of them not existing but pending, or eventually desirable to power.
  8. The Umbrella Man Feature Film

    Loved that as a kid - but not paranoid enough for the real world. Needs action by the second step.
  9. Edward Lansdale

    Nice finds, Ron. Remember that Lansdale, with his approval of "gangster elements," consulted with Oliver North and John Singlaub on the Contra War.
  10. LBJ -- the movie trailer

    The cast is somewhat diminished compared to Jackie, and few paid for that experience. Even a film based on Robert Caro's books would be an improvement in truthfulness. This looks more like a picture about a beleaguered, middle-aged astronaut who suddenly gets the moonwalk Go signal. That said, I loved Woody Harrelson''s work in the True Detective ensemble cast, and many outings in Jennifer Jason-Leigh's career, and Bill Pullman's. There will probably be an award for Woody in LBJ, based on the longtime regard for him, which I share. But people wanting a more nuanced LBJ film should check out HBO's Path to Power with Michael Gambon, probably on DVD now.
  11. LBJ -- the movie trailer

    I know "we're not ready" for a film of the conspiracy allegations and Johnson-warts-and-all , but we're not going to see any blemishes here beyond his toilet habits, nor any inkling from this of his corruption. In the IMDB listing, Bobby Baker is not among the characters. So - no different from any TV miniseries.
  12. Roscoe White/Ricky White

    It's on Dave Perry's webpage (see link in post). Perry is good at debunking stuff that's crying to be debunked, but an irritant to honest researchers. Handle with care. I tend to believe him on the Ricky White affair, on the grounds that no one in film or publishing put credibility in the "evidence" or the tale. I get the feeling - from more sources than this - that the clergyman was a fast-buck seeker. It's a shame that so many people expect so much money out of a book deal, when the royalties can be hideously small.
  13. Roscoe White/Ricky White

    I'm forgetting in my advancing age: did Ricky White ever write (or co-write) a book on his alleged find of the Roscoe White diary? Does anybody know the published work that gives the best account of that affair? THANKS
  14. The Discoveries of Jim Garrison

    I don't dispute you, but how could silencing Oswald be accomplished by Ferrie waiting for a phone call at a skating rink? Who would have needed Ferrie's convincing on that? Someone once suggested (I forget where I read this) that Ferrie went to take that call because he was trying to save Oswald from execution. Can't provide details on this. Whatever he did, Ferrie brought two teenage boys, which suggests he needed cover and alibis. If he was going to fly someone out, what would he have done with the boys? Alternately, if he had some in-town action or meeting planned, he would have needed to ditch them for a time. Maybe he was the bagman for some payoff. So, who knows? Like to see Jim Di's take on this one, or any other opinion or research.
  15. The Discoveries of Jim Garrison

    To pilot a planeload of conspirators to Mexico or Central America has been a popular supposition.
  16. The Discoveries of Jim Garrison

    Ferrie's money probably came from Marcello, and he was probably under pressure to stay local and connected.
  17. The Discoveries of Jim Garrison

    Methinks David Ferrie should have left Louisiana by 1964.
  18. Roscoe White/Ricky White

    Ricky White told Larry King that his father was a member of the "Right Wing of the CIA". He was on Larry King LIve and still couldn't get a book deal? I think absence of the diary collapsed the thing. I'd love to see that show. I'd love to know if there was really a diary/novel. Too bad no iPhone pictures back then. "He spilled his guts that night, he told her (Geneva White) everything. There are a lot of other events that I'm very privy to, I have many hours of tapes that are locked in a vault and are safe, I've got affidavits, and I'm here to tell you that there's a lot of stuff that'd blow your mind." Rev. Jack Shaw Claimed to be the White family minister http://dperry1943.com/ricky.html
  19. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Yet some organization (formal, informal, hybrid) built his well-publicized and evidenced "Lefty Lee" legend domestically, in New Orleans and Dallas and Mexico City, and created a look-no-further patsy. Plans for a political assassination may not have inspired the defection, but his return and subsequent activities are another development. Also, add up his unaccounted for expenses: an office on Camp Street in NOLA, helpers to hand out leaflets, a "trip to Mexico" (or hiatus somewhere in September 1963) while he was "drifting between jobs" - the latter is also part of his "disgruntled" legend. Oswald is most probably ONI. What CIA and FBI did with him is to be explored.
  20. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason - See Oswald and the CIA by John Newman for the false defector angle.
  21. Again...it must be those rogues!
  22. Roscoe White/Ricky White

    I keep an open mind about Roscoe White, who deserves more and better research. But it says something that a monied promotional concern formed to get a book or movie deal out of Ricky and Geneva's melodramatic "I Was Mandarin" tales couldn't plug all the holes in the story to a publisher's satisfaction. Everybody and his mother can get an "I Killed JFK" contract, including the people who wrote about JFK taking an accidental head shot from a Secret Service man's AR-15. Even James Files. Why not Ricky and his mom? The Dave Perry article linked to above casts serious doubt on the White documents and photos not "stolen by the FBI." Suspicion surrounds Roscoe White - evidence does not.
  23. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    Even innocent me owns a pair of fake glasses. And people who don't want to be recognized put on their readers or little-used prescription lenses all the time.
  24. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    Lansdale's tall, but not like Dulles. He makes Dulles look like a big bruiser, which is surprising. I think he's a good size match for Dealey Man, and I'm guessing he had the time after retiring to grow his hair out.
  25. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    I knew a person with diagnosed mild acromegaly, and Lansdale resembles that person very much in head and body shape. I wonder if acromegaly could be the reason for the "deformed" left hand. Note that Lansdale's not that tall, but seems to have longer arms and a longer head than the taller Allen Dulles.