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  1. Mark Wengler

    Who was QJ/WIN

    Is there any good photo's of mankel????
  2. Mark Wengler

    Jean Souetre

    Could someone post all links to Jean-Rene Souetre
  3. Mark Wengler

    Gordon Michael Dwayne Novel

    Interesting info James.
  4. I looked at the FBI vault for information on Gordon Michael Dwayne Novel. I am getting reply like Michael Sidorovich / Michael Jackson . You would think they would have a file on him???
  5. Mark Wengler

    johnny roselli autopsy report

    There is only one person. Who could have ordered the killings of Sam "Momo" Giancana and Johnny Roselli . That person was Santos Trafficante Jr.
  6. Mark Wengler

    johnny roselli autopsy report

    I was wondering this Johnny Roselli was killed and put into a drum. Jimmy Hoffa was killed and supposedly put into a drum. I think the same person killed both men.
  7. Mark Wengler

    johnny roselli autopsy report

    Cory i went to the Fl. The Bureau of Vital Statistics is striving to improve! Here is what they say. A Florida Death Certificate "With Cause of Death" is confidential by Florida Law and may only be issued to: -The decedent's spouse, parent, child, grandchild, or sibling (if 18 years of age or older). -Any person who provides a "Will" that has been executed pursuant to state statute 732.502; an insurance policy or other document that demonstrates his or her interest in the estate of the decedent; -Any person who provides documentation that he or she is acting on behalf of any of the previously mentioned persons. Fifty (50) years following the date of death, "Cause of death" becomes public information and anyone may obtain a Death Certificate with this information. Any time period prior to the fifty years, "cause of death" is considered confidential by Florida law.
  8. Mark Wengler

    johnny roselli autopsy report

    Thanks for the info.
  9. I am trying to find a copy of johnny Roselli's autopsy report. Look on line could not find it
  10. Mark Wengler

    Death of Marilyn Monroe

    I think it was Sam Gancana. that had her killed. I think it was this. She was going to talk about the plots to kill Castro.
  11. Can't download it☹️
  12. I have been looking for I am looking for NARA 124-10193-10468 . I don't belong to the Marry Ferrell web site So any help i would grateful.
  13. Mark Wengler

    Interesting CIA interview with a Cuban exile.

    Otto Skorzeny was working for Mossad in 63. You don't think David Ben-Gurion. Had the balls. To take out a American President!! If proof was found that Mossad was behind the assassination. Israel would have been turned into a smoking crater.