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  1. Thanks for the note. The press made the Grenada conflict out to be a lot easier than it was. Sorry to hear about your friend. I had heard rumors about Russians there but I don't know who told me. It wasn't SGM Tadina. I doubt it was true because if so we'd know all about it. There's no reason for our side to conceal that.

    I know SGM Tadina's aircraft was under fire when they jumped and that takes some guts. Their mission was to seize the airport I think.

  2. I had a friend that was in Grenada invasion . He hinted that there may have been Russian troupes there. He would never come right out and say it. Sadly my friend is no longer around. 

  3. Thomas Eli Davis III

    On Davis take away the beard and the little point of hair sticking down on his forehead. He somewhat looks like Oswald. Remember some people calmed to see Oswald. But records show Oswald was somewhere else at that time.
  4. The Lopez Report

    What is the difference between the report released in the 90's and the one released in 2003. I have the one from the 90's. Do i need to buy the report over again?
  5. Now we have the answer

    Old news . But new evidence says H.H Holmes was Jack The Ripper.
  6. New book - QJ/WIN: Who Killed JFK and Why

    Here is the people i heard who could be QJ/WIN. Jose Marie Andre Mankel. / Mozes Maschkivitzan / Jean Souetre
  7. i remember reading somewhere that Oswald found that guy at the unemployment office. Is there a document or something stating this??
  8. The1975 CBS Special

    I downloaded the video's and i am going to burn them to DVD'S
  9. The1975 CBS Special

    Finally I have been looking for this for years.
  10. Carlos Marcello Admits Involvement

    Can someone post this document.
  11. I think that O'Donnell and Powers stayed on with President Johnson was loyalty to President Kennedy. They may have thought by staying that could get some of his policies passed.
  12. Condition of Oswald's Rifle

    I remember reading somewhere that the rifle needed some work before they even tested it. That what i am looking for.
  13. Everything i have read about O'Donnell . He and JFK was close friends. I don't see O'Donnell being part of the assassination.