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  2. I once referenced Baker's claims about GHWB on Greg Parker's Reopen the Kennedy Case site and was attacked like I had worn a mask and a Black Lives Matter shirt to a Trump rally. Have never been back there.
  3. It doesn't prove it is he in the photo but it certainly proves him to be a serial xxxx and spook who denied up until the time he took charge of the CIA that he was every involved with it. The Hoover "Bush" memo proves that. In 57 years nobody has come forward to claim they saw Lee Oswald firing shots from the 6th floor window either. So obviously he did not.
  4. History Channel is airing the first of a 3-part program tomorrow on Jesse Marcel's diary, which details his Roswell experiences. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13447894/roswell-investigator-indestructible-debris-alien-crash-journals-reveal/ Now, more than 30 years on from his death on June 24 1986, his grandchildren - Jesse Marcel III and John Marcel - claim he was ‘ordered’ to deny what was actually discovered at the crash site. Speaking to the Daily Mail, his grandson Jesse Marcel III said: “He was made to be the fall guy. “He was the head of intelligence in Roswell, New Mexico and followed his orders. “In essence, he was at the heart of the story and heart of the conspiracy or cover-up.” The wreckage was first discovered by WW ‘Mac’ Brazel, who spotted ‘odd pieces of metal and debris’ scattered across Foster Ranch. Jesse Marcel III said: “Even animals had a sense about whatever it was and did not want to go around it. “He (Marcel) had examined the debris in the field and determined it was not made by human hands.”
  5. And he has the receipts, by calling the FBI and suggestng a mentally challenged Houston Republican Party yard boy was involved in the assassination and his wife writing a letter home to nobody from the beauty parlor.
  6. I expected nothing less from Biden. The Tanden nomination is an abomination. Still....
  7. Merry Christmas to all of you punks. This airs tonight. The time listed here is Mountain, I'm pretty sure. Director Penelope Spheeris surveys the late-1970s Los Angeles punk scene: X, Black Flag, Fear, Germs, Catholic Discipline, Alice Bag Band.
  8. Yep. It was four years ago when I first read it. Still, they were interested, gave all expense-paid trip for him. I'm sure late 1980s Donald Trump was on his best behavior while there, not recorded doing anything.
  9. It wasn't LaRouche, but it was an article by Kathleen Klenetsky in LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Report from July 14, 1987. (Same thing). "The Soviets are reportedly looking a lot more kindly on a possible presidential bid by Donald Trump, the New York builder who has amassed a fortune through real=estate speculation and owns a controlling interest in the notorious, organized-crime linked Resorts International. "Trump took an all-expense paid jaunt tot he Soviet Union in July to discuss building the Russians some luxury hotels."
  10. Sanders guy here. Good points, all. Little of the Democratic Party's mostly ineffectual response to Trumpism has been its embrace of Neocons, apart perhaps from the party's inability to/resistance to finding new leaders and distancing itself from rightwing, militaristic Clintonism and Clintonistas, but none of it is surprising. If there's one constant about the Democratic Party, it's that it will seek out and find ways to disappoint its left wing on every issue. Be all that as it may, It's a lesser of two evils thing. While the Democrats and Neocons are plenty evil, history has shown that nothing good ever comes from nationalism and cults of personality. They always devolve into ignorance, lawlessness, violence and mass death, which we are already abundantly witnessing merely four years down this road. No Gabbard for me, either. And it has nothing to do with her claims to want peace and bring all the troops home. There's just something wrong about her -- maybe her humorlessness? or her pal'ing around with Dana Rohrabacher, hobnobbing with brutal dictators around the world? Plus, four years of a cult is enough. We don't need another cultist in power.
  11. Came to same conclusion four years ago when I found Larouche writing from 1987 that Donald Trump was being groomed by Russians to run for president. On the nose.
  12. Trump called her directly to twist her arm. And they've been told their job is done. They can't rescind.
  13. If the president has such a great case for voter fraud, why is this guy leading the effort? This is an actual photograph today from an actual press briefing he is giving. Yes, that's his hair dye streaming down both sides of his face. This is barely even funny anymore. Just sad and pathetic. Rudy Giuliani’s Hair Dye Melts Down His Face After Reenacting ‘My Cousin Vinny’ in Unhinged ‘Election Fraud’ Press Conference: WATCH
  14. Been away for a while. Did we ever find out who the woman with the leg tattoos is?
  15. On track to be 2024 front runner. Imagine how stupid the party will be by then.
  16. We should have hanged every man jack of them. That's how you have to deal with the losing side of a revolution -- try and hang the leaders, financiers, seize their holdings, exile their relatives. If you don't they and their descendants will never stop causing trouble.
  17. You are referring of course to William Barr's DOJ altering documents to create a false claim that Biden started any Logan Act investigation into Mike Flynn. Literally altered documents.
  18. James Surowiecki, author of the Wisdom of Crowds, writes in the Washington Post today about how numbers like those being promoted here by Robert Wheeler, are not wrong, just presented out of context. A little digging shows the numbers/claims are not really outrageous at all and absolutely predictable. The goal is merely to get this stuff spread on Facebook to create the appearance of corruption and delegitimize Biden's election: "Flat-out false numbers are, of course, easier to debunk. So the more artful way of presenting dubious numbers has been to simply omit any context, and to suggest the numbers are self-evidently outrageous. When former federal prosecutor and Trump ally Sidney Powell appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News show Sunday, she said her group had identified “at least 450,000 votes” in “key states” where the ballot had been marked for Joe Biden but for no other candidate. This, Powell argued, was clearly problematic, while Bartiromo, for her part, said it merited a “massive government investigation.” The only problem with this analysis, as many people have pointed out since, is that “undervotes” — ballots where voters don’t vote in all the races listed — are surprisingly common in the United States, so much that in 2016, close to 2 million more votes were cast for president than for Senate candidates. The 450,000 number, then, isn’t especially surprising... ...The same is true of turnout numbers. In a recent piece for the Trumpist site the National Pulse, Steve Cortes — a senior adviser to the Trump campaign — claimed the 84 percent registered-voter turnout in Milwaukee this year “def[ied] reasonable expectations.” What Cortes failed to mention was that registered-voter turnout in Milwaukee in 2016 was 80 percent. So the increase to 84 percent, far from defying expectation, was predictable, given that turnout in Wisconsin as a whole was up about 5 percent... ...No one’s really trying to prove these claims, because they can’t; there is no meaningful statistical evidence of election fraud. What they’re doing is trying to create uncertainty, and doubt, to make it seem like something — even if not the particular thing they’re talking about — is wrong. They’re playing on our instinctive sense that where there’s so much smoke, there must be fire somewhere. But there is no fire. There are just lots of toxic, billowing clouds of nothing, blown here and there by a remarkably efficient smoke machine. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/11/11/vote-fraud-statistic-trump-ballots/
  19. I'm with Joe on this. Just because right-wingers are corrupt XXXXX, they assume everyone else is. Why I don't buy the the election fraud BS is because I've dealt with county clerks/local election administrators for 35 years professionally -- from Virginia to Arkansas to Ohio and now Montana -- and in all cases, the ones I've encountered are upright, good people who take their jobs and service to the public seriously. The level of corruption it would take to pull off what you allege is simply fantastic and not believable. I'm a county clerk, I'm going to risk my job, my reputation and jail to get Joe Biden elected president? What is in it for me? It just doesn't make sense.
  20. Both Politifact and Reuters have debunked those graphs as evidence of vote fraud.
  21. A week later and the angry calls to my little daily newspaper are increasing with heightened vitriol. Of course we don't even cover national and international news, just use a limited amount of Associated Press content to fill holes. Nonetheless, had to write an extensive memo for our reception desk and news department on how to deal with people who have been radicalized by the rightwing noise machine and their cult membership. I've been dealing with this for years. Basically said to just remain calm, let them vent and not to engage them in debate. They don't want to debate, they just want to scream at the media for reporting something different than what they know the evidence-free truth to be. Thank them for the input and tell them they'll pass it along to the higherups, but most of the time they don't get that far. They just say what they want to say and slam the phone down. It's stressful, particularly so for people who aren't used to having abuse heaped upon them. We run some syndicated columnists on our editorial page -- largely conservative ones -- and we're even under attack for them. Conservative is no longer enough. You have to go "full retard" or you are the enemy. At my last paper I had the local police come in and conduct a class on what to do in the event of a shooter coming in. Fortunately, coronavirus has forced us to lock our doors and not a lot of concern at the moment on that front. I suspect it's going to get worse before it gets better.
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