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So, in other words, NO

No one really knows conclusively the identity of the man in the short sleeved shirt shielding his eyes depicted in A6 at the end of the yellow line.

But everyone is still willing to defend their unflinching belief that DOORMAN can only be LOVELADY.

Even though LOVELADY informed us via an unequivocal statement as recorded in the Official FBI report and accompanying Official photographs that DOORMAN could not have possibly been LOVELADY. Upon the release of Official FBI report and photographs, the media printed the photographs and proclaimed LOVELADY wore a short sleeved shirt that day and this attire was identified by "experts" to match DOORMANS attire... as they say CASE CLOSED!


The WC ignored the FBI report and ignored the FBI photographs during LOVELADY testimony...because? (You must have some comprehension as to the reason why this evidence had to be ignored !!!)

Is anyone really awake or is everyone stillimmersedinanightmarecreatedfromfalseevidencedeceptivelypoundedintotheirbrainsfromacontrollinggovernment?

...can I just say that I believe it is insanity to maintain the belief LOVELADY was DOORMAN, it must be primarily deep conditioning that influences retention of an illogical belief LOVELADY can only be DOORMAN.

Actually do some analysis for yourself, LOOK at the photographs and films from DP, how many people wore short sleeved shirts that day?

Do you need to insist that it is a mere coincidence that LOVELADY claimed to wear a short sleeved shirt and a man on the steps at the end of the yellow line may have been the only man in DP that was wearing a short sleeved shirt, can someone please calculate the odds of that?

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Help from the Forum

Is it true the State of Texas and the US Congress were in the process of organizing official investigations into the death of President Kennedy when LBJ as a stop gap created the WC to thwart these independent investigations?

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The short answer is no....actually Johnson himself pushed for a Texas Court of Inquiry held under authority of the State AG. Its pretty clear he expected it simply to validate the FBI report. When it became obvious that there was broad push back to the idea of no national investigation he moved to a fall back position.

In sequence, his first solution was to simply accept the FBI report, the second to let Texas run an inquiry and endorse the FBI report. Ultimately he was forced to create a Presidential Commission - which was still intended to endorse the FBI report. One of the fundamental problems with that was that the FBI report had been so rushed that its shooting scenario was flawed (based on the Teague injury among other things) and had to be replaced with another solution. In doing so the WC virtually ignored the discrepancies with the FBI report.

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Looking for help from the forum:

From the sixth floor window, at which point would the President become visible to someone on the sixth floor, what Zapruder frame would this be?

Same question but by someone on the fifth floor?

Thanks in advance

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12 pieces of evidence that are conclusive or compelling.

1) LOVELADY statement to FBI.
2) LOVELADY FBI photographs.
3) Failure of FRAZIER to unequivocally identify LOVELADY.
4) Failure of LOVELADY to identity himself in a manner that is recognizable.
5) WC shenanigans to direct LOVELADY to purposely use a black pen in a dark area - must be considered as a deception to hide the truth, SPECTRE knew this mark could not be later identified, this was not a mistake this was a calculated move to obscure the truth. The identification of LOVELADY was of paramount importance and the WC failed in all aspects to identify clearly and definitively where LOVELADY was located. A simple X on the person would have been ideal and definitive.
6) LOVELADY reference to short sleeved shirt, man on steps where arrow points is the only person with short sleeves in photograph.
7) This FBI evidence was also accepted as true and factual by the FBI...
8) ...And the WC...
9) ...And the mass media, in addition the information was published and presented as being absolutely true and factual.
10) The mass media even proclaimed 'experts' confirmed the attires of DOORMAN and LOVELADY matched.
11) Efforts by the FBI to make the photographs of LOVELADY in short sleeved shirt mimic as closely as possible the shirt seen on DOORMAN.

12) Couch Film Frame - showing SHELLEY and LOVELADY walking toward the rail yards immediately following the assassination, LOVELADY can be seen in the light colored shirt, which is a conclusive confirmation that LOVELADY wore the short sleeved shirt, just as he had claimed.


Mr. LOVELADY - Well, I asked who told her. She said he had been shot so we asked her was she for certain or just had she seen the shot hit him or--she said yes, she had been right close to it to see and she had saw the blood and knew he had been hit but didn't know how serious it was and so the crowd had started towards the railroad tracks back, you know, behind our building there and we run towards that little, old island and kind of down there in that little street. We went as far as the first tracks and everybody was hollering and crying and policemen started running out that way and we said we better get back into the building, so we went back into the west entrance on the back dock had that low ramp and went into the back dock back inside the building.
Mr. BALL - First of all, let's get you to tell us whom you left the steps with.
Mr. LOVELADY - Mr. Shelley.
Mr. BALL - Shelley and you went down how far?
Mr. LOVELADY - Well, I would say a good 75, between 75 to 100 yards to the first tracks. See how those tracks goes---
Mr. BALL - You went down the dead end on Elm?

Anyone know who the policeman was that was running in front of LOVELADY and SHELLEY?, that appears to be going for his gun?

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The DPD cyclist that I know Malcolm Couch shows is Marion Baker. If that is the one you are talking about that is too early for the image to be Lovelady. If that is not the DPD cyclist you are talking about please show an image of the one you are referring to.

I agree that the person you refer to as Lovelady does indeed appear to be wearing a checkered shirt. However the hair style is very different. The facial features appear wrong.


The Lovelady/Oswald argument has been done to death on this forum. I am not sure the membership want to see the Ralph Cinque arguments re-hashed again on this forum.


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If you watch the Couch footage, you can see that this DP Officer is reaching for his gun as he is running down the street toward the rail yards.

LOVELADY is obscured in this image behind SHELLEY and the crowd that is between them and the camera.

LOVELADY also claimed to see BAKER and TRULY run into the TSBD

Mr. LOVELADY - As we left the steps I would say we were at least 15. maybe 25. steps away from the building. I looked back and I saw him and the policeman running into the building.
Mr. BALL - How many steps?
Mr. LOVELADY - Twenty, 25.

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James, what are you talking about wearing a checkered shirt?

You must have made a mistake, LOVELADY is in the light colored shirt and SHELLEY is in the dark shirt, LOVELADY can be seen to the right of SHELLEY.


This is the same shirt as seen in the FBI photograph, it is light colored, in no way is it similar to the dark colored shirt as seen on DOORMAN.


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How on earth can you claim the Lovelady figure is Lovelady? That figure is even more blurred than the figure you claim is William Shelley. William Shelley wore a dark suit. That figure is clearly wearing a top that appears to be checkered.

The image you are using is far too poor to be able to make any judgement.


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James: Easy

1) Person on the right looks like LOVELADY, person on the left in no way looks like LOVELADY.

2) Man on right seems to have receding hairline, same as LOVELADY, man on left does not have a receding hairline.

3) Man on right has short hair, man on left has longer cut hair with a higher wave in the front.

4) Shape of LOVELADYs head appears to be a match for the man on the right, definitely not a match for man on left.

5) LOVELADY is likely shorter than SHELLEY.

6) LOVELADY was photographed by the FBI in a light colored shirt, which LOVELADY in an official FBI interview claimed to have worn.

7) Shirt matches the look of man shielding his eyes on the steps at the end of were the arrow points in A6.

8) Two men depicted matches actions claimed in testimony by LOVELADY.

9) Can see PO running in front of them as claimed by LOVELADY

10) Man on right appears that he could be wearing a short sleeved shirt, this is hard to discern and can be disputed, actually all the evidence points to him being LOVELADY and we know he is wearing the short sleeved shirt, just as he claimed.


Your resistance to evidence is remarkable.

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After analyzing the listed evidence there can no longer be any question as to which person depicted on the steps is LOVELADY and which person depicted on the steps is OSWALD.

Now move on so you may solve the mystery of the murder of Our President.

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What is most ironic, OSWALD told us that he was just the "patsy", those of us that believed Our President was killed as a result of a conspiracy did not believe OSWALD when he said he was innocent.

We have been tricked into a continuous search into OSWALDS past for some connection to the assassination and after 51 years we have not found any connection. Maybe it is time to stop looking, when does one realize that doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is crazy?

The mental resistance to OSWALD being on the steps has been conjured by the government, would they do everything possible to make you believe LOVELADY without question was DOORMAN and OSWALD without doubt was absolutely not on the steps?

The realization must occur that there is overwhelming evidence that LOVELADY was the man shielding his eyes and the logical reality is DOORMAN is OSWALD.

Why would OSWALD not have been on the steps if he is innocent, he most likely would have come out to see the President, if OSWALD was innocent why did he claim to Captain Fritz he was on the steps during the assassination?

Was OSWALD a patsy and innocent, did he know anything about the assassination? Then why was OSWALD on the steps during the assassination? OSWALD would have been as curious to see the President as any person in Dealey Plaza, he was a quiet man without friends, he would have likely come outside as the motorcade was imminent and would have been in back of the crowd, after the President passed by OSWALD went back inside along with the majority of employees that worked in the TSBD.

If the idea that OSWALD was DOORMAN and therefore on the steps of the TSBD during the assassination frightens you, that is conditioning, it is ok to know OSWALD was on the steps during the assassination.

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