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Allen Dulles had many reasons to kill JFK

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Very fascinating, I'm looking forward to diving into this book.

Interesting that even though the book was published in 2014, it doesn't seem to be readily available. No surprises there.

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Very interesting about how far back Dulles and George D. go in history.

One of the reasons why Dulles had an assistant to keeps arch on that issue while he was on the Warren Commission.

Indonesia was a very key coup. Everyone was distracted by Vietnam when it happened. But to the power elite, it was more important.

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I read an excerpted chapter from this book at DPF.

There is some fascinating stuff in it that I was not aware of.

First, Kennedy was working with Hammarskjold on a solution to the Indonesia problem. New to me. Fascinating stuff. I mean we all know how contemporary presidents feel about working with the UN especially GOP ones. And Hammarskjold was out there. He intervened in Congo because Lumumba asked him to.

Second, I have not read Miller's book about Hammsrkjold's assassination. But I did not know that Truman actually called it that! In other words, Truman knew what happened to Dag, and he likely knew what happened to Kennedy. And in the former case, when asked to elaborate, he said, I will let you guys figure that all out. In other words, he was not going to go further, hoping they would. This seems to parallel what he did with JFK in his famous editorial.

Third, I guess I forgot that Dulles' name was on the Desmond Tutu documents about the Hammarskjold case indicating his cooperation in the plot. I guess that is in the Miller book. Talbot should have included that in The Devil's Chessboard.

This Poulgrain book looks really important. Too bad he could not get an American publisher. Its expensive on Amazon.

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I found that same publisher yesterday and considered buying it, until I learned the shipping is over $22 to the US, more than double the cost of the book. Nope.

Yow! No wonder academia is in the dumps.

Check other Asian book marts online - there's gotta be a better deal.

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My introduction to a chapter excerpt from the book and a link to that chapter.


This looks like a real keeper.

I will be working with the original publisher to find an American distributor. Meanwhile, please read. Gripping stuff.

If it's available as an eBook you can eliminate the shipping costs...

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That is definitely something I want to check into. If we can get him an American distributor.

This book should be getting the maximum exposure.

BTW, the stuff about Dulles and Hammarskjold was not even in the Talbot book.

Can you imagine how much stronger it would have been if he had it?

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