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201 File - Help needed

Paz Marverde

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52 minutes ago, Paz Marverde said:

Please, I need your help. Thanks in advance. If a CIA document states that news about someone are inside a 201-XXXXXX file, where XXXXXX stands for whatever number, does this mean that that someone is CIA agent?

Not necessarily.  Could just be a person of possible future operational interest.


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From what I have garnered, a 201 file is really an information file of someone who is of interest to the CIA.

It is a very common file, one of the most common in the CIA.

Almost everyone of interest has a 201 file.  But that does not mean they are an agent.


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Paz, there's a bit more... Maybe I'm wrong about Philip Agee... But he says there is usually more than one per person



Files are maintained on all agents and they always begin with the number 
201 — followed by a number of five to eight digits. The 201 file contains all the 
documents that pertain to a given agent and usually start with the PRQ and the 
request for POA. But the 201 file is divided into two parts which are stored 
separately for maximum security. One part contains true name documents while 
the other part contains cryptonym documents and operational information. 
Compromise of one part will not reveal both the true name and the operational 
use of the agent. 



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Reading the info provided by David, if all agents have a 201 file, then whoever has a 201 file must be an agent. Agent meaning CIA agent.

One step further is ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES HAVE A 201 FILE. CIA agents are federal employees so that is why they all have 201 files.

I hope that answers your question.  

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George, considering the comments of Jim, Larry and David I have to disagree.  It sounds more like to me if they invited an applicant in for an interview he or she would be of interest and they would establish a 201 file.  Also if they become aware of information that a person was associating with a suspected foreign agent they would be of interest and a 201 file might be created.  In either case, where it went from there might determine if a more clandestine file was also created.

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Paz didn't ask "what is a 201 file"? She asked and I paraphrase ... if a 201 file is opened on someone are they CIA?

Given the information provided by David the answer would be yes.

But we really don't need the information David provided.

All we need to know is that all employees who work for the US government have a 201 file prepared for them. Since CIA agents are US government employees naturally a 201 file is prepared for them. (IOWs, Oswald had a 201 file and therefore he worked for the federal government either for the CIA, the Navy or the FBI or all three.)

I know what a 201 file is. But I did not say anything about what it is. Strictly for the purpose of answering the question I do not disagree with Jim, David or Larry.

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