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Could members please look at their own entry to the biog thread and look in the top right hand corner for something which looks like the following

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Click on this and this is the discrete url of your existing biography entry. There should therefore be no need to transfer all these biographies so long as people paste their own biog url into their signatures.

confused :angry::up

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Is the school mentioned in your bio. on Haverstock Hill, up the hill a little way from Chalk Farm tube?

I tried two email messages from the Forum bio site but they bounced, hence this note.



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I'm Leslie Simonfalvi, director of the International Language School Group and the International Teacher Training & Development College in Budapest, Hungary. We teach English for Speakers of Other Languages [TESOL], a high number of subjects in English [including History], and we train teachers to do the same.

We also teach LD students and of the three possible definitions of LD [i. e. Learning Disability, Learning Difficulty, and Learning Difference] we believe in the last, and the joyful learning of English, as well as the joyful learning of History in English are therapeutic for our students.

I've been Course Director for the 'EDEXCEL - University of London Diploma in Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages' training courses in Budapest since 1994.

For the past three years I've been very busy writing an integrated program [Dilemmatic Grammar] that mainly focuses on the students' comprehension on top of their knowledge of facts and figures.

Leslie Simonfalvi



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Hello. My name is Nelson Redd. I am an occupational safety and health instructor and safety traning program developer living in the U.S.A., in the central Ohio area.

I have been a student of the JFK assasination since the late 1980's.

My other interests involve motorsports (stock car racing) and coaching youth baseball and americian football.

Nelson Redd


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I have a (History/English) University Honors degree from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, where I graduated Phi Beta Kappa. I studied British/Imperial and American History and Shakespeare at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. My father was an amateur historian, and we spent our vacations visiting battlefields rather than theme parks, so the study of history has always been an important part of my life.

I have always felt a connection to the Kennedy family, and the assassination of President Kennedy affected me greatly. I also happened to be visiting in New Orleans the weekend the Garrison investigation hit the papers, so I have felt a connection to those events as well.

I began researching the assassination seriously in 1988, and decided to focus on the presidential limousine basically because nobody else had, and it seemed so important to me.

I have presented on the limousine at the 99 and 02 NID sponsored by JFK Lancer, have been published in DPUK and KAC, as well as contributing the essay "SS-100-X" to CAR CRASH CULTURE, ed. Brottman, Palgrave 2002.

I also host a website on all things limo at www.jfk100x.com

Pamela McElwain-Brown

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My Biography

I shall attempt to be my own Boswell without, of course, the man's talents, so please bear with me.

Though I joined the Forum a couple of months ago, I am only now writing this profile of myself.

I am James Patrick Kevin McGrath of Greenbelt, Maryland. I graduated from The Catholic University of America (in Washington, D.C.) with a B.S. in Architecture. I subsequently, went on to become a licensed architect with registrations in Maryland and the District of Columbia. I work out of my own practice, McGrath & Company, with emphasis on residential design. I am a member of the Potomac Valley Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, as well as the Maryland Society of Architects.

I am also a fledgling environmental scientist, having earned, a few years ago, an M.S. in Environmental Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm a member of the AIA's Committee on the Environment and am devoted to acquiring and sharing knowledge relative to the use of recycled materials (of all kinds) in construction; reducing waste and pollution during, and resulting, from the construction process; offsetting the production of pollutants as byproducts in the manufacture of materials used in building construction. I expect to contribute to the Technology Forum.

I am also a field advocate for the poor in terms of helping to provide affordable housing for families who haven't a chance even to rent a decent-sized apartment in many of today's American metropolitan markets. This is, in my opinion, the greatest "silent crisis" (because statistics cannot tell the full extent) contributing to the widening breach between the wealthy few and increasingly poorer and stratified middle and working poor classes.

I'm proud to be a veteran volunteer of a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, and have held the positions of Board President, Secretary, and Chairperson of the Construction Committee with that affiliate. As an architect, I became, through a process of self-elimination, a project manager of one of two "test houses" constructed in 1992 in preparation for that year's Jimmy Carter Work Project (JCWP). The purpose was to construct the house over five consecutive weekends to simulate the tasks and goals that the JCWP teams, of volunteer carpenters, were expected to perform during each of the five consecutive days of the JCWP Blitz Build. Our blitz build encountered problems starting the third week, but this helped the planners of the event streamline the process to ensure that all houses would actually be built, from slab up, in five days' time

As a matter history, 1992's Event was the first one where all houses were complete enough to allow the families to move in by the end of friday of the week.

I have always had a haunting interest in the death of John F. Kennedy beginning at age sixteen when I watched a special ABC broadcast, hosted by a little-known television personality by the name of Geraldo Rivera, in which the Zapruder film was shown, for the first time, to the American public. These days I follow the research of Doctor James Fetzer and his panel, which is how I've come to know that the 1977 showing was of the "Extant" Zapruder film. Ironically, I went to elementary school with the son of one of the White House police guards (not Secret Service) who, the son claimed, helped clean the presidential limousine of blood and remains the

weekend after the assassination. To my knowledge, neither son nor father have ever been interviewed.

My thanks to any out there who've managed to read this far.

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I am Bill Miller, a long time researcher of the Kennedy assassination. My main interest are in the realm of the photographical record and the witnesses statements and testimonies. I have studied the case for over 20 years and last year I recieved the Mary Ferrell Award presented for the discovery of new evidence in the JFK assassination murder case.

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My full name is Eddy Joseph de Jong and I am Director of Learning

Technologies at Whitefriars College a boys secondary College of 1100

students run by the Carmelites in Donvale, Victoria, Australia. My

interests are in using technology to help students to learn and to that

end we have an installed base of 1200 notebooks used by all our students

and staff.

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I'm John Geraghty, I am a student of Economics at University College Dublin, I have a keen interest in the assassination of President John F.Kennedy. My principal belief is that it was a CIA operated and funded coup d'etat. I intend to study for a masters degree in film studies and to produce both film and documentary.

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Guest Jan Daniells

I'm an English teacher living & working in Jersey, Channel Islands. Have been an English lecturer (in F.E. colleges), a Head of English (in an 11-16 school) and am currently an English teacher/Head of Careers (in a 14-18 school).

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