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I am an eLearning Developer at Trinity Grammar School, Kew (in Melbourne,


I am a former Outdoor Education teacher who made the switch 4 years ago to

work directly with teachers to create useful tools for online development of

learning materials.

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My name is Neil Matheson.I became interested in the Kennedy

Assassination in approximately 1992 after reading"Best Evidence"Since then I have

collected over 100 books on the assassination and even more documentaries and

other commentaries on VHS.I have been a member of Rich Delrosa's JFK Research

forum for about 3 years.

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Hello All,

I thought I had already introduced myself awhile back, but I seem to keep

getting messages from John, reminding me to put up my bio.

Anyhow, here it is, and I hope I did it right, this time.

My name is Theresa C. Mauro, aka Terry Mauro. I graduated from Los Angeles

City College with a A.A. in Radiologic and Nuclear Medicine Technology in 1976.

I attended California State University Dominguez Hills in 1994 in an attempt to attain my B.S. in Nuclear Medicine, and left a year and a half later, due to the scheduling conflicts in my work and study loads. I also needed extra monetary

income due to my newly acquired "single" status following my divorce in 1995.

So much for upgrading my credentials for now, I suppose. But, there's always

retirement to look forward to.

I've been an ARRT [N]/CNMT/CTNM in Nuclear Medicine Technology since 1976-77.

I reside in Culver City, CA USA, where I'm employed at Brotman Medical Center,

and Western Imaging Center in Culver City, as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist.

I have been a student of the assassination of John F. Kennedy from the day it

occurred on November 22, 1963, when I was 18 years old. I became an avid student following the Warren Commission findings in June 1964, based on their absurd explanation of ballistic accuracy regarding Lee Harvey Oswald's alleged

"guilt, by association", to a weapon of questionable identification (Mauser vs Carcano). I remember the early reports shortly following the shooting. And, although, at the time I hadn't totally equated the term "due process" with a citizen's right to representation in a court of law, I was still cognizant of the fact that this alleged "killer", was being repeatedly denied access to a lawyer by the obvious way in which the law enforcement officers were ignoring his requests, right on national television. This reminded me of what I'd learn to associate with the terms: vigilante tactics, mob rule, and a "kangaroo court".

Then came the primitive sketches rendered during the questionable [iMHO] autopsy that had taken place at Bethesda, and distributed to the press, later in June 1964, following the release of the Warren Commission Report. From what I observed there appeared to have been a total disregard for what is known as forensic accountability, vital to investigations such as homicides. Due to the slipshod manner with which crucial evidence was carelessly handled, and in my estimation, damaged and contaminated beyond a reasonable doubt, there appeared to be absolutely no protocol concerning the chain of possession required when handling evidence, especially in a case of this magnitude, an assassination

of the President of the United States. This has led me to doubt those government

officials who are assigned to protect and secure the interests of their citizens, and their constituency. Especially when the very principles upon which the U.S. Constitution had been erected are so blatantly and publicly ignored. I am thankful

to those earlier researchers for putting themselves on the line by questioning the

results they found to be contradictory, and apparently false, in the Warren Report.

It really drove home the point to the American people, who were just beginning to

have doubts in their minds, as to whose vested interests were really being catered to from that moment in history to the present one, today.

My other interests include my dear friend Donna's Lippitt Morgan horse farm in

Florida, and the study of the Lippitt Morgan horse lineage from the original Justin Morgan horse to his present day heirs. This is an interest I hope to pursue into

my retirement, 10 years from now, when I plan to relocate to Georgia, and my

own 10 acre piece of farmland.

Well, I hope this is a sufficient enough bio for you, John.

Warmest regards,


Edited by Terry Mauro
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I'm Liz McGinnis from Perth, Western Australia. I have been teaching history in high schools since 1980 and have been involved in both state and national history teacher associations. I have helped on a few publications both in print and online - the most recent being a professional development package on cartoon analysis for the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library (http://john.curtin.edu.au/education/cartoonpd/index.html).

I teach mainly to year 11 and 12 students covering units on the USA 1917-45, Germany 1918-45, Russia 1900-1941 and Australia 1945-90.

I use the net mainly as an extended library of primary source material but also for inspiration when I feel jaded!

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I'm Cormack Kirby and am Head of English and of Post 16 Education (IB Diploma Coordinator) at the International School of Toulouse. I was previously Head of English at Northlands school in Buenos Aires and before that Head of Humanities at Yeovil College in Somerset, UK. I have also taught in Devon and Harrow in the UK.

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John Simkin and the Ed Forum:

As you know, my approaches to History includes strategic, cultural and climatic geography...

In this I follow the annales school of Marc Bloch and Fernand Braudel.

Textual and critical post-modern approaches have discouraged the study

of history's structural and strategic underpinnings,

but the new digital capacities and continuing interest in cartography and geographic factors can make a difference in history.

When I address the OAH or the state historical conferences,

My historical map lectures are very well received and my

strategic geographic reasons for cultural and political events always stimulates debate.

Finally I notice a number of USA universities want to teach

DIgital GEographic Systems, but need to bring in British Geographers because

of shortfalls in staffing pool of american geography Ph.D.'s

Did You Know That/ many British geographers are finding work in the growing geography departments in the states. The technology is driving the field as it diversifies from its strategic/mineral roots and climatology/weather training roots.

For example at Georgia State the Geography Department is the Anthropology/geograph department....state schools do better than the private universities..some private universities have no geography departments....shocking.

Shanet Clark, Woodruff fellow

Atlanta, Georgia State

is the University History Fellow active with the Organization of American Historians, American History Association , Southern Historical Association and National Council History Educators or the acronyms... OAH, AHA, SHA and NCHE summa cum laude BA GSU 2002. 42 years old. I have read heavily in legitimate intelligence and Watergate history. Should be able to offer sober reality checks, facts, citations, etc.

Edited by Shanet Clark
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Guest Jane Bosace

I am Jane Bosace from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I'm a retired teacher of Junior and Senior High English and Jr. High social studies. I'm very much interested currently in matters prehistoric and looking for some discussions on that here...especially in the Middle East.

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Dave Martin

After 13 years teaching history in the classroom I worked as history adviser for Dorset LEA for 10 years. For the past 6 years I have been a freelance history adviser. I have been involved in the use of ICT to improve history teaching since 1980. My other development interest is in the use of historical fiction in history teaching and I run a web site to support this at


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GSU History Fellow active with the Organization of American Historians, the American History Association, the Southern Historical Association and the National Council of History Educators (OAH, AHA, SHA and NCHE).

Shanet Clark graduated summa cum laude with a BA in History from GSU 2002. Legitimate intelligence and Watergate history, able to offer sober reality checks, facts, citations, to the debate while he completes his masters' degrees.

Writer / Historian.

Born 3/14/1962: Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia. Outdoorsman.

Married to B.B.C Clark, Charleston S.C. 10/1/96 Parish of St. Michael.

Resides Atlanta, Georgia: Democrat. Anglican, Disciples of Christ.

Historian with an interest in intelligence and counter-intelligence circa 1956-66.

Map Lecturer, with radio and tv experience, auto-didactic and a compulsive reader.

Writer, married, Anglican, black sheep of an old Virginia family, southern bohemian writer

....Shanet Clark, Atlanta Georgia

Edited by Shanet Clark
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Hi -

I'm Dave Bodner and I live in the heart of New York State - nowhere near the Big Apple, Baghdad On The Hudson, Sin(cerity) City, New York City - whatever you want to call that big place down there keeping the Statue of Liberty company.

I've been looking through the other intros, at least 5 pages so far!, and it seem us yanks are way under-represented here. Count me in as from the Blue States of America. In another 5 years we may decide to rejoin the good 'ole USA ;-)

My biography has other details, including a (useable) picture.

My interest in this board is primarily the JFK assassination topic, although John (Simkin) is encouraging me to get in on the science discussions also. I'm doing volunteer work at Sciencenter, which is a science museum in Ithaca, NY. Besides that in Ithaca there's also Cornell (sort of the JPL of the east) and a rather interesting cemetary where 2 of the giants of the nuclear age are buried within 50 meters of each other. Leo Szilard originated the famous "Einstein Letter" which got FDR interested in making us the first nuclear power. Szilard later regretted his involvement and tried in limited ways to restrain the nuclear genie. Close by is buried Carl Sagan - who more than anyone else helped bring the nuclear monster under some kind of control. Actually, only half of Szilard's cremains are in Lakeview Cemetary. The rest of him is in his home town, Budapest. Where else could you get such trivia?

As an American who sat through that awful day in 1963 I may be able to bring some local color to bear if there really aren't many US nationals here.

How about it, John? Do you have a breakdown by location of members that you could share?


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Hello my name is Justin Martell I am here to learn more about the assassination of John F Kennedy. I am 29 years old and have been interested in the case since I saw the movie JFK when I was a teenager. I really became hooked when I read the book Coincidence or Conspiracy by Bernard Fensterwald about 6 years ago. I have since read a number of books on the assassination: Heritage Of Stone, High Treason, The Last Investigation, The Man Who Knew Too Much, parts of Oswald and the CIA and Best Evidence. I have also visited numerous websites, this one being by far the best. I am from Sacramento California, during the week I am a bricklayer and on the Friday and Saturday nights I am a drug and alcohol counselor so I don't have much time to research but I learn more and more every day that I visit this great forum.

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