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  1. How much credibility has been given to this statement by Gary Underhill ... and by whom? If true, Underhill expresses his frightened almost disbelieve that the forces he believed were behind the assassination actually carried this assignment out and even got away with it. Since that time of course, MLK and RFK were also taken out. Seems the forces who got JFK felt emboldened enough with that success to continue their murderous policy of taking out the top society influencing icons of that era, no matter how high their level of national popularity and political standing. One could imagine Gary Underhill's feelings if he had lived to see MLK and then RFK taken out. Whether there was a Corsican Mafia hit team or an American one, remember Colonel Dan Marvin ( who posted right here on this forum ) stating in his TMWKK interview, that our secret agencies would contract out to the Mafia to do hits in this country where they couldn't do these themselves per the dictates of their original charter. And when one listens to Bill Harvey's wife reflecting in a late year's retirement home interview on her and her husband's personal hatred feelings regards JFK and Jackie Kennedy during his presidency "they were real scum" and that they felt Mafiosi Johnny Roselli was a real patriot ( versus JFK and RFK being the opposite ) and Roselli being someone who Bill Harvey would prefer riding shotgun with, I think any reasonably intelligent person can see Dan Marvin's take on the JFK hit seems more believable the more we know of how married these dangerous wings of our secret agencies were with the murderous and corrupt Mafia.
  2. Paul, we didn't have to go. That was good. However, I will always remember seeing those huge lines at the final processing counters where hundreds of young fellows who weren't so lucky were having their papers stamped "1-A" and told they could sign up now or take 30 days to get their personal affairs in order. Remember, these young men were being drafted. They weren't joining out of choice.
  3. A few comments on the Vietnam war: Here we are 50 years later and the Vietnamese treat our tourists better and with more friendliness than many other SE ASIAN countries. They lost 2 to 4 million in that conflict. And their post traumatic stress from all that must have been 10X times worse than ours. Did we really need to lose and damage all that life and spend 100's of billions ( trillions in today's money ) on the entire war effort ( this includes the massive cost of beefing up our troop count, hardware production and fuel costs there and here at home ) just to reach the peaceful relationship we have now? Can anyone look at this current reality fact and say anything but no? Can't we gain more support from poorer countries by investing our monies there to "improve their economies" versus dropping more bombs on them than we did during all of WWII? The latter option sure seems like a massive and insanely stupid money wasting investment toward that goal. Had 6 brothers all serve during that time. All enlisted. 4 Navy ( one retired as a chief ) 2 Air Force. All 6 signed up out of financial and career need. We were single mom welfare kids ( father's years of binge drinking finally took him out of the picture ) and there was no meaningful or decent paying work opportunities in this smaller town area and no one could afford college. 2 used their benefits after serving to attend school. One earned his doctorate. I was the 7th and last son. Had 1969 draft number 51. The day after I turned 18 I got my letter saying " greetings..." Was more conscious of political and government discourse and less trusting of our leaders than older brothers. Who wouldn't be after JFK, MLK and then RFK were taken out. And like so many my age, I sure didn't want to go to Vietnam for many reasons. Least of which was the reading of our high school bulletin every morning where once every 2 to 3 months we'd hear about another of our classmates being reported killed there. And it was curiously ominous to me that it seemed like all the kids from our school that were being killed in Vietnam or had joined to serve or been drafted were from low income families. Right up my poor kid alley! Kids from better off families somehow all got out of serving at that time. High draft numbers or for reason's I could never figure ... just never went or had to join the military. I didn't evade or burn my card or run off. I went to the draft induction center in Oakland like I was told with 200 other poor looking kids out of Salinas, CA at 5 in the morning on what seemed like 5 or 6 ugly old buses. Went through the whole humiliating induction center process ( they yell at you like you just arrived at boot camp already ) in my underwear holding a basket with my clothes. We would be told to march in order without questions and follow colored lines on the floor. We would arrive at "stations" where they would test or ask you about your eyes or feet or sexual orientation, etc. At each one of these stations one or more fellows would be pulled out of line. When I made it to the "feet" station I raised my hand when it was shouted " ANYBODY HERE GOT ANY PROBLEMS WITH THEIR FEET?" I had bone deformities in both feet! And I had twisted and turned and sprained my ankles so many times as a boy through teen years, my tendons were torn and stretched and I had many bone chips that had calcified into joint movement obstructions. That was my ticket out. Went back home on a Greyhound bus the next day oblivious to the fact that I had split the back of my pants the day before. Next few years were rough trying to get on my feet. But I felt lucky not having to go to Vietnam during that time.
  4. Garrison's analogies couldn't all be great. Most were very good and even creatively interesting, thought provoking and even hilarious. The one about swallowing a "greased cannonball" in his "On The Trail Of The Assassin's" still makes me laugh heartily. JFK himself had that same gift of combined intelligent, interesting and well placed witty anecdotal humor communication skills and talent.
  5. HA HA HA HA HA ...
  6. Garrison really frightened the powers to be with his intelligence, his commanding and professional presence and his high level communication skills both spoken and literary. Garrison was more gifted in these ways than most of our presidents. View and listen to some of the many pubic speaking videos of Dallas DA Henry Wade and then compare them to those of Jim Garrison. The disparity is cringing. Same with their writing skills.
  7. I try to view the televised Jim Garrison NBC response at least as often as whenever it comes to mind or is presented or comes up in a posted link. It is such an important presentation not just about the subordination of the truth regards the assassination of JFK at the highest levels of our government and major press entities, but also a highest concern wake-up-call warning to every American citizen that this "conflict between truth and power" is a rock hard reality that does and will always exist in our country and our government and that average citizens need to understand, be and stay aware of and face up to when it occurs. It's also importantly interesting to note how much this Jim Garrison presentation echos point by major point President Eisenhower's 1960 MIC warning farewell address speech that was delivered with just as much passion and high concern.
  8. Mr. Caddy, I just viewed the film "ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN" again for the 6th time or so. Each viewing of this film, I'm always disturbingly reminded of not just the true depth of corruption ( the list of perps went on and on ) at the absolute highest levels of our government but how blatantly and long term this massive corruption was carried on and how the entire citizenry of this country was so easily kept ignorant about it all until it was finally exposed by first journalistic and then congressional investigation. And also even after this unprecedented criminal constitution violating enterprise was being revealed, that (as Jason Robard's Ben Bradlee character says in the film ) ... "half the country still doesn't give a XXXX about it all." I totally agree with Bradlee's sad film line assessment of widespread American apathy ( even if Bradlee never actually said this in real life) and feel this great flaw in our societal mind-set is one of the main reasons we and our constitutional democracy have been so abused by so many and for so long. This 50% apathy never really left us in my opinion since Watergate as well as manipulation to keep so many ignorant of what is really going on behind the still existent Wizard Of Oz government curtains. But Doug Caddy, since you were actually right there next to and even involved with the Watergate event and many of it's key historical figures and so generously willing to reveal what you knew and know, I am inspired to ask your take on a few script aspects of "ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN" if I may. Hal Holbrook's "Deep Throat-Mark Felt's" character's most pop culture remembered line to Robert Redford's "Bob Woodward" in his dark shadow-under ground garage scenes is "Follow The Money." Apparently this line was not actually spoken by Felt and was created by screenwriter William Goldman. That line does however, fit what actually happened in Bernstein's and Woodward's investigative efforts to a large degree, but there was another Deep Throat to Bob Woodward line that was more ominous and important in my opinion. And I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding this line and whether this was also from Goldman's creative license or an actual line that Woodward may have quoted in his Watergate memoirs? This Felt line was the one telling Woodward that the Watergate "cover-up" by Nixon and his cabal was more about covering up much more serious criminal and subversive activity that had occurred "nationwide" for many years before Watergate and that involved all the most powerful lettered agencies. This one line in the film has always given me greater concern in it's implication than just the Watergate break-in and the many other "dirty tricks" that the Republican party was perpetrating to sabotage the most feared Democratic candidates. I remember listening to one of the Nixon tapes ( or reading a transcript of this ) where John Mitchell tells Chuck Colson that this Watergate thing was just the "tip of the iceberg." My God, one can imagine what that implies? D C, do you know if ( or feel that ) the Felt line to Woodward was an actual quote and if so, your thoughts about what this more serious subterfuge activity was, including perhaps JFK cover-ups and maybe even killings? Could you remind me again as to what character in the film is you by another name? What are your feelings regards the over-all script of ATPM as done by William Goldman? Your feelings regards how Bernstein and Woodward ( and Ben Bradlee ) are portrayed in the film versus what you may know or feel about them in real life? There is so little in the film ( nothing really ) about your personal insider's story regards the DC police and their own corruption and efforts to entrap and physically harm you. I would imagine that you feel that the film misses so much more serious and heavy intrigue and corruption that you personally experienced than the average person could imagine? Thanks for any thoughts you may share on the film and my questions.
  9. RFK had to be taken out...sooner than before building up a stream locomotive campaign movement that could not be stopped. RFK would have defeated Nixon. Being defeated by two Kennedy's for the highest office in the land in one lifetime within 8 short years probably would have sent Nixon into his delusional breakdown sooner than 1974.
  10. As always incredibly informative. The MSM sphere graphic is a nice addition tool in better understanding how newsworthy events are handled, processed, filtered and their truths controlled.
  11. Until we quit living in and accepting a false reality history world and acknowledge and face the true level of LBJ's murder ordering corruption ( as well as so many other false histories such as those Oliver Stone mentions in his documentary "The Untold History Of The United States" ) we will continue to stumble and meander half-blind in the darkness such false reality history lies create.
  12. Just going on my gut feeling here, but in studying the Carousel Club Oswald and even the smiling, thicker necked young Marine Oswald, I do not see, feel or read them as serious and reserved book readers who liked Russian opera music and books by Russian philosophers. Not the Oswald George DeMohrenschildts or even Marina Oswald described at all. Now the pictures of Oswald in DPD custody do look like George De M's Oswald. Could we have a Manchurian candidate doppleganger here? And if so, on whose side?
  13. The overruling of the Mac Wallace jury and their finding of murder with malice by presiding judge Charles O. Betts is one of the most outrageous incidents and indicators of LBJ's incredible corruption and power ever. How anyone can read the detailed and documented historical record of this Doug Kinser/Mac Wallace murder story and it's trial outcome and LBJ'S influence and control of it ( let alone the murders of Henry Marshall and other person's who threatened LBJ's standing, power and wealth ) and not see this ... is such an extreme case of choosing to live in a false reality history world that you can only conclude that people of this mind set are either very immaturely irresponsible and/or apathetic or perhaps even mentally ill...or genetically incapable of knowing the difference. Whether one likes or respects Robert Morrow and his topic message regards LBJ's corruption on a "Mafia Godfather" multiple murder ordering level versus our main stream historical record one of LBJ as much less corrupt - there is just way too much evidence and testimony available to keep clinging to that main stream false reality. With help from the likes of main stream revered Robert Caro and the monied groups who paid him and promoted his books and writings ( and others like him ) the full and honest historical truth of LBJ's corruption is still being ignored, buried, downplayed and altered. It's truly sad that the great majority of our society still seems psychologically unable ( fear of scary truths?) to accept realities such as LBJ's true and full measure of corruption and to at least question the main stream media and our "official stamp of approval" history books and their selectively edited and downplayed version of LBJ's true level of corruption despite all the documented records, evidence and testimony that is so clearly contrary to their watered down takes.
  14. The conflicting testimonies are incredibly intriguing and even more so because of their numbers. I hardly ever gave the "two Oswalds" story much thought and consideration but when one reads all the testimonies it is much harder to dismiss. Regards the Carousel Club photo of a possible 2nd Oswald, this fellow looks a bit heftier ( stronger ? ) than the Oswald we all saw on national TV starting 11,22,1963. And his right ear seems to stick out farther and differently than the arrested Oswald. And wasn't Oswald known as a total teetotaler? The Carousel Club Oswald looks like he's knocked back a few beers and has booze stupid eyes as he ogles the stripper on the stage.
  15. Prouty's sure that Lansdale was the man behind the event. And Prouty's connection to Mae Brussels is interesting.