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  1. I just read the Ronald Ecker piece and have read this twice before. The more I read of strange and possibly JFK assassination connected stories like this in my later life, which allows me the time and freedom to do so, I am struck with a common and unsettling realization thought. And that is the growing awareness of a reality of the world around us being a much darker, corrupt and secret hidden agenda one than most average people could even imagine. Even if this Osborne fellow wasn't directly involved with Lee Harvey Oswald it is clear and documented enough to conclude that he was involved in secret doings most of his older adult life that were of a nature far from the innocent and benevolent image of helping and guiding poor abandoned orphans to see and live and spread the Christian gospel. One of the most disturbing aspects of serious study of the JFK murder has been the frequent findings of previously well hidden doors that upon opening and entering reveal dark caverns of secret agenda and usually constitution violating corruption in size and scope and on levels that just shake you. You realize that for generations since probably WW II, we have lived in a society that is so much more influenced and controlled by powerful secret and non-elected groups and people with their own separate self interested agendas ( other than the common good of us all ) than most Americans want to believe. Eisenhower tried to give us a push into understanding and confronting this darker societal reality but his farewell speech warning was neglected and left to be nothing more than a hardly mentioned side note of our historical record. God help us in our effort to keep the JFK-in-Dallas 11,22,1963 truth search from becoming the same.
  2. I believe that Bill Harvey's wife and her husband's summed up feelings about JFK ( as heard in the YouTube interview posted earlier in this thread ) as more telling than many would think. In this, she referred in a disgusted tone to both JFK and his wife as "real scum" and "idiots." Now this is something she said in her older age years! You would think that with the living of life and experiencing the ups and downs and sadness and losses and self-reflections of such combined with the usual tempering of age, that Mrs. Harvey might finally have one ounce of sympathy for someone like Jackie Kennedy and her children and their tragic loss of their father before she herself left this mortal coil and faced her own life review judgement. But no...this disparaging old woman is as hard and mean and hateful in her last years as the poison apple one in Snow White. And if Mrs. Harvey felt that at ease openly expressing such deep despising vitriolic hate toward JFK in her last years in a public shared interview, one can imagine how much more hateful she and her husband were " in private " toward JFK during his presidency and up to 11,22,1963. Coupled with Mrs.Harvey's perverse and sickening praise of Mafiosi Johnny Roselli as a true patriot at the same time disdainfully trashing JFK as scum...You certainly have someone ( and her husband ) whose psychological bent hatred of JFK was so great, you are forced by reason in that scientific field to consider them as serious JFK assassination foreknowledge suspects. W. Harvey and D. Rosales were both reported to express not just this extreme and deep level hate and disgust toward JFK when he was alive, but even bragging about how they ( Rosales anyway ) got rid of this bastard and his brother later on. JFK simply had too many powerful enemies in this country like those two to ever survive trying to change the status quo which enabled them.
  3. Bumping this thread to generate more comments on Bill Harvey and David Morales.
  4. Whenever I see the Albert Thomas-To-LBJ smiling and winking photo, I feel anger.
  5. M. Walton I don't think the Albert Thomas-to-LBJ winking photo is too off topic regards the subject of LBJ's level of corruption. I also consider this photo one of the three most disturbing ( to a sickening and disgusting degree ) I have come across in my JFK assassination historical interest quest. Isolated Zapruder film frame 313 is of course the most disturbing image of all. The autopsy full facial and naked body one of JFK on the slab or table perhaps the second most. These images are the stuff of nightmares. One's that millions of us have all probably had. But to see the almost indescribable facial expression anguish of Jackie Kennedy in the wink photo juxtaposed with Thomas's smiling, winking, almost celebratory " Atta Boy Lyndon - you did it Baby!" one just shakes and wrenches my gut feeling suspicion regards LBJ's ( and those close to him ) corrupt , even evil nature.
  6. Steve R. I agree with most of what you are stating.
  7. Paul, I am not disbelieving of Ruth Paine's answer to your question as to what her and her husband meant by one of them saying "We both know who's responsible." I think most Americans on 11,22,1963 knew something about the extreme right wing and JFK hating mentality of the most powerful and wealthy of Texas and who lived in the Dallas area. Also the JFK hating race mind set in many Southern cities such as Dallas. Who wouldn't suspect someone in JFK's murder who would go so far in their hatred to pay for and distribute something as inflammatory as those JFK "Wanted For Treason" flyers and newspaper ads? Most adult Americans knew JFK was hated "rabidly" all across America but especially the South for his stance on the race issue. It's important to know however that Ruth Paine did acknowledge the call and the "we both know who's responsible" statement made in this.
  8. Steve R. I like your term "Political Atheist" but at first thought one would probably interpret this to mean someone who doesn't religiously align themselves to "any" political group and the main candidates who lead and represent them and their commonly held views. Trump is not really an "outsider" in this regards. He is a lifetime member of the "Corporate" political party. Yes, this is a real political party. Distinctly separate from the two main ones we are used to recognizing but more powerful than either. Trump clearly represents and promotes the interests and agendas of this political group ( our top 1% to 5% of our wealthiest citizens who own and control over 75 to 80% of our nation's corporate assets ) as a number 1 priority well above the rest of Americans. Corporate America is that 1% to 5%. This is the small minority class of wealthy which owns and controls "the majority interest" in them which is basically the bulk of our nation's assets. The Corporate political party loves not being recognized as such ( obvious why ) but their powerful dark shadow presence is always there and influencing and manipulating and controlling elections and candidates and the other two main stream political parties more often than not. Trump's blustering and outraged yelling, finger and hand waving, podium pounding rhetoric about illegals and Obama care and so many other insecure emotion based ( fear, anger and personal frustration ) issues are all just over-the-top animated reality show theatrics ( which he is very experienced with ) and meant to dupe millions of angry and frustrated and easily manipulated American voters into thinking Trump and his wealthy class party are somehow the ones to lead them into their own promised land of ...what ... a society free of all that scares and frustrates them? But, this crazy reality show theatrics political gain format works in it's end game goal! Just like tens of millions of Americans now being absolutely enthralled with the inane TV shown daily doings of characters whose celebrity fame and attraction is nothing more than having incredibly large backsides, acting outrageous, being married to other odd people, haggling over pawned items and storage lockers and other crazy contexts. It's not unreasonable to say that our society and culture in the last 20 to 30 years has been seriously dumbed-down due in great part to this massive reality show media blitz ... coupled with the fear and hate mongering radio and TV political talk pundits who do this daily. Trump's popularity is born more from all these sad negative decline aspects of our current societal state than anything close to this created image of USA greatness saving crusader. To me, Trump is actually not mentally and emotionally right. He seems to be living in his own delusional bubble world of narcissistic grandeur that is so over-blown and out-of-touch with reality, that it is bound to POP and become exposed for what it truly is...a delusion. Just hope we all get through this crazy T.V. Reality show presidency without too much damage. Again however, Trump is the Corporate Party's man. They are just hoping to get as much of their agenda priorities pushed through with him in office as they can before he may be asked ( or ordered ) to go back to his previous occupation.
  9. Oh, my error. You said "Ruth's CIA Handler" not Oswald's.
  10. Sandy, are you referring to George DeMorhenschildts?
  11. Pence could be the President without ever having to go through the intense and sometimes brutal scrutiny and background checking all the other candidates in the 2016 campaign had to go through. At least we knew much about each of the major candidates who put themselves out there campaigning and we were able to make and have a more informed opinion and feeling for each. If Pence had thrown himself into the 2016 Presidential campaign at the beginning, I guarantee you he would have been one of the first candidates rejected once the media and researchers got through exposing his extreme ( more extreme than any candidate in the whole process ) political and social view background for all to see. Yet here he is, one step away from the Presidency with a President who may be forced to resign before his first year in office is complete. God help us.
  12. I just viewed the documentary "Fifth Estate" and in this we see Giuliani also make a cryptic-foreknowledge news claim ( it's something big ) on a segment of what appears to be a Fox political talk show. And when the host asked him how big...Giuliani tilts his head back cockily and his face takes on an almost devilish pleasure expression complete with one of the creepiest wide tooth baring Grinch type grins I have ever seen while he says ... very big - or important?
  13. Trump would be out of office in less than 6 months. How many American adults have seen this video piece? Sadly only a minuscule amount. One of the most outrageous Trump lies that this documentary shows is footage of Trump speaking from the dais at his Moscow Miss Universe Pageant in 2013 where he publicly states he had spoken to Putin indirectly "and directly" and then viewers immediately see film footage of Trump years later at one of his Presidential campaign rallies saying " I've never met Putin" "I don't even know who he is." ??? Even our favorite JFK event reporter Dan Rather is publicly stating this Trump/Pence/Russia leadership situation has descended into "chaos." Thanks Danny...now if we could just get Tom Brokaw to do the same... maybe something will come of their combined sage warnings of concern.
  14. I know there are still millions of Americans who do not get why Trump has never released his tax returns ... or even care about this. Such is the political educational and emotional low bar state of this country. That is one main reason Trump may somehow survive the coming investigations. There is only one reason for refusing to let his fellow Americans see those returns. If Trump and his backers thought those returns would make Trump look better than he looks now...they would have already sent copies to every media over-night priority mail. Now imagine if Trump is forced to resign and Pence becomes our President. I think we all should start scrutinizing this fellow big time right away. My instincts tell me he would be much worse than Trump or G.W. Bush in his even more extreme religious, political and social views and beliefs. And the most powerful groups that would want to keep Pence in office beyond 2020 know what it would take to make that happen despite more Democrats registered than Republicans ... no matter how ominous and fear propagating those methods and actions may be. Pence scares me way more than Trump ever could.