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  2. It is proof, your personal opinion doesn't carry any weight on this. There is zero evidence for two Oswald's in the TSBD, if so start listing it. No doubt it can be refuted w the back of a hand....as it is worthless and can be easily explained by looking at the larger picture at play here, something I really miss seeing from a lot of people here. You got some nerve introducing an even smudgier pic with the 6th floor hooey, than the Darnell stills. I thought it was already decided a decade or so ago that it was utter indiscernible rubbish. Why are you trying to flog this dead horse again? Sixth floor smudge indeed. I am going to tell you something else, and you will not like this. Had Armstrong paid better attention to Malcolm Blunt's research then he would have noticed the real stuff instead of speculating his rear off with Hansel and Gretal type innuendo. In the coming months I will release the stuff that puts the real story out, the one we at ROKC have been propagating for a few years already. No amount of dragon glass will even make a dent into it. And that's it from me, I am way too occupied w the above mentioned material (scanning/archiving etc.) and forum life isn't as appealing as it used to be.
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  4. I failed to proof read my post before placing it on the forum. Heres the corrected copy: Hi. I'm Joel Peralez from Houston, Texas via the South Padre Island area where I was born and raised until the age of 21, whereupon I attended and graduated from The University of Texas School of Law in Austin, Texas. I've considered all the theories over the years, including the late Sherry Fiester's blood splatter analysis and the direction of the fatal shot from the area of the southern most area of the triple underpass, but I couldn't square the credible conclusions regarding the blood splatter analysis with the fact that a witness was located in the triple underpass area at the time of the assassination, cut in the face by a piece of concrete struck by a stray bullet, but evidently failed to hear a rifle shot nearby! Why, I asked myself. Then, last night, the thought occurred to me that if a silencer was on the rifle used by the shooter in the triple underpass area, that would explain why the nearby witness failed to hear a nearby rifle shot. I then googled "silencer 1963", and discovered that silencers were available that year, but ONLY TO THE US MILITARY. I came across an article on silencers and the jfk murder i'd like to share with the forum. I will update and post the article shortly. In the meantime, Google the info as indicated above and the article should appear. None of the commentators that I have heard or read about, including the house select committee on assassination considered the use of a silencer. It would explain so much. I.e., rifle shots made from the grassy knoll and the school book depository were distanctions, while the real killer made the fatal head shot from the triple underpass -as sherry fiester concluded in her fine analysis- employing a SILENCER as part of the murder weapon. 
  5. Hi. I'm Joel Peralez from Houston, Texas via the South Padre Island area where I was bon and raised u til the age of 21, whereupon I attended and graduated from The University of Texas School of Law in Austin, Texas. I've considered all the theories over the years, including the late Sherry Fiester's blood splatter analysis and the direction of the fatal shot from the area of the southern most area of the triple underpass. I couldn't square the credible blood splatter analysis with the fact that a witness was located in the triple underpass area at the time of the assassination and struck in the face by a piece of concrete that was struck by the stray bullet - and evidently failed to hear a rifle shot nearby. Why, I asked myself. Then, last night, the thought occurred to me that if a silencer was on the rifle used by the shooter in the triple underpass area. That would account for the witness not hearing the rifle shot nearby. I then googled "silencer 1963", and discovered that silencers were available that year. but ONLY TO THE US MILITARY. I came across am article on silencers and the jfk murder i'd like to share with the forum. I will update and post shortly. In the meantime, Google the info as indicated above and the article should appear. None of the commentators that I have heard or read about, including the hoiae selwct committee on assassination of jfk considered the use of a silencer. It would explain so much. I.e., rifle shots made from the grassy knoll and the school book depository were distanctions, while the real killer made the fatal head shot from the triple underpass as sherry fiester concluded, employing a SILENCER as part of the murder weapon.
  6. Seems like an excellent analysis: https://www.lawfareblog.com/what-mueller-found-russia-and-obstruction-first-analysis?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  7. I've located the text of that 1996 interview with Johnny Brewer. It can be found here. On the second page of the interview—here—Brewer does, indeed, say that the radio station he was listening to on 11/22/63 could have been KLIF. But he then adds, "but I honestly don't know". ____________________________________________________________________________________
  8. Paul, Regarding your post on the previous page.... No doubt certain Warren Commission apologists will just call that one of those amazing coordinated typos... you know, the kind of thing that happens all the time... like Magic Bullets, Magic Postal Money Orders, disappearing wallets, etc. As you probably know, John A. has written extensively on how the FBI altered the Dictabelt time stamps by transferring them tp audio to tape, editing the tape, and then re-cutting new Dictabelts. Here is a link directly to the altered Dictabelt discussion: https://harveyandlee.net/Tippit/Tippit.html#Dictabelt
  9. I know nothing of the kind. The two "Davis" bullet shells have a perfect, unbroken, 1-man chain of possession (Doughty & Dhority). Each officer marked the shell they got from the Davis girls. Check Dale Myers' book for up-close photos showing those markings. And those 2 shells were fired in Revolver V510210. CTers have no way out re: those two shells.
  10. Stephanie: No, I have never been afraid at what I know but maybe I should have been in past times. Right now I am being harassed frequently, including two entries into my residence when I have been away, by thugs stemming from my giving information to Special Counsel Mueller in 2017 about Roger Stone that Mueller undoubtedly explored during his investigation and which may or may not be in the redacted version of the Mueller Report released by AG Barr. The information may also be used by the prosecution when Stone faces his criminal trial in November. Also those who hired the thugs are upset about what I know about the history leading up to the two FISC (court) FISA warrants issued in 2017 that Barr is claiming are part of the "spying" on the Trump campaign. I plan to write about this in the EF in the near future. Mueller Report Likely to Renew Scrutiny of Steele Dossier https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/19/us/politics/steele-dossier-mueller-report.html
  11. Dave, Not even the Warren Commission could link any bullets from that gun to Tippit's body. What they tried to link were the shells (cartridge cases) that were allegedly found at the scene with the above gun, but the problems with the cartridges are infamous: the bullets recovered from Tippit's body don't exactly match the shells. Some of the tested shells do match the above gun, but nobody can say for sure that the tested shells were, in fact, the same ones recovered at the Tippit scene. Not even the officers who marked the shells can say for sure. We just don't know, and the possibility of a later switch is real. Firm conclusions (based solely on the ballistics evidence) are impossible here, thanks to the apparent "mis-handling" of the evidence. You know this.
  12. Prior to Watergate, almost any conversation that I had with Howard Hunt included his talking about the Bay of Pigs military debacle, which he is on record for blaming on JFK. Howard was consumed with bitterness at what had occurred as were his Cuban-American friends in Miami. MPD Carl Shoffler knew that Howard and Dorothy were my closest friends in Washington and he feared at some point in time they would have told me too much. As I have recounted elsewhere, in April 1972 Howard introduced me to Lawrence Houston, the CIA General Counsel, at a meeting during which they tried to recruit me as a CIA agent. I demurred in giving them an answer. Watergate broke two months later and that changed everything.
  13. Jim, I will see your 1:15 death certificate and raise you one better : As you undoubtedly know, the Warren Commission "investigation" was hampered by the apparent incompetence of the Dallas PD in their own inability to make and provide a transcript of all Dallas Police radio traffic for 11/22/63. The Warren Commission published their Exhibit 705 which were the transcripts from the first and second Dallas PD submissions, plus the March 23, 1964 FBI verified submission of the "complete" logs for channels one and two. The DPD dispatch log as published by the Warren Commission was typed up by the DPD and verified by the FBI after listening to the entire DPD tape collection. On page 408, after being alerted that Tippit was shot, the following appears: "Disp: 10-4 603 and 602, 1:10 p .m" 1:10 pm . . . Lest anyone think this is a typo, check out the time stamp notation at the bottom of page 408. This is only a total of 63 words later than the previous time stamp. There is a second time stamp of 1:10, but this time the "0" has been partially whited out and typed over with a "9", but the original "0" is still plainly visible. So, on the logs according to the Dallas Police themselves, and verified by the FBI , the two earliest Dallas dispatch time stamps after the shooting of Tippit read "1:10", one of which was subsequently re-typed to read "1:19" And the Warren Commission published it! How did it happen? My guess is that the DPD and FBI were desperate to push the Tippit shooting back by roughly 7 or 8 minutes, so they phonied up the transcripts by '"adjusting" the times from the originals. Notice that many of the time stamps are (parenthetically noted), but the "1:10 pm" stamp is not. I bet someone went through and determined which time stamps needed "adjusting", put a parenthesis around those, and somehow overlooked the 1:10 time stamps. The second one was caught (and typed over), but the first one on page 408 was not. And there it sits to this day. The first two Dallas Police Time Stamps after the Tippit shooting were "1:10 pm" http://www.aarclibrary.org/publib/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh17/pdf/WH17_CE_705.pdf
  14. Speculation. Where is the Willis girl in the Bronson frame?
  15. Says the man who thinks the Warren Commission got it right!
  16. Butch Burroughs told author James Douglass that two Oswalds were arrested in the Texas Theater. From p. 292-293 of JFK and the Unspeakable: Butch Burroughs, who witnessed Oswald’s arrest, startled me in his interview by saying he saw a second arrest occur in the Texas Theater only “three or four minutes later.” He said the Dallas Police then arrested “an Oswald lookalike.” Burroughs said the second man “looked almost like Oswald like he was his brother or something….” Douglass goes on to talk about Bernard J. Haire, owner of a store just two doors away from the theater, who saw the Oswald lookalike taken out the back of the theater. For decades, Haire thought he had seen the arrest of “Lee Harvey Oswald.”
  17. Bart, I wouldn't call that proof, but it is good evidence! I really hope Oswald WAS outside the theater during the shooting, because that would be the quickest, simplest way to disprove the entire Warren Commission nonsense! As for the evidence two Oswald's, or at least two people who looked like Classic Oswald, one in a white shirt (as seen by many witnesses) and one in a brown or dark red shirt (also as seen by many witnesses) were inside the TSBD, just look at this image of the white-shirted Oswald in the TSBD window: Many people saw the Oswald in the darker shirt. There’s also tons of evidence of two LHO’s in the Book Depository. For example, one left in a bus and taxi, the other in a Nash Rambler. No doubt you’ll want to tell me that one Oswald never rode on a bus and taxi. Then how do you explain how U.S. Army civilian employee Stuart Reed just happened to take high quality color photographs on the same roll of film of the front entrance of the TSBD, WcWatters’ bus 1213, and the front of the Texas Theater just as “Lee Harvey Oswald was being dragged out. Remarkable coincidence? No, obviously a planned operation designed to capture the movements of one of the “Oswalds,” i.e, the patsy. Harvey and Lee Depart the TSBD
  18. It's fun to fantasize, isn't it Jim H.? You must think so, because you sure do a lot of it around here.
  19. That’s easy. You will not admit it but many of us here know that the Tippit murder was a planned event, part of the set-up of Russian-speaking Lee HARVEY Oswald by American-born LEE Harvey Oswald. Who do we think was instrumental in this? None other than Captain Westbrook, the personnel director who had the magic disappearing wallet with Hidell and Oswald IDs at 10th and Patton and the Eisenhower-style jacket AND, I’ll bet, the .39 revolver used to murder Tippit, all given to him by LEE Oswald. Around 2:15 PM Sgt. Hill (assigned to Westbrook’s personnel office) brought the .38 revolver taken from HARVEY Oswald at the theater, to Capt. Westbrook's office. This gun should have been taken immediately to Homicide and Robbery, but Hill brought the gun to the personnel office. This .38 revolver remained in Capt. Westbrook's personnel office for the next hour! Our bet is that Westbrook secretly switched the revolver now laying on his desk, taken from HARVEY Oswald at the theater, with the .38 revolver used to murder Tippit and given to him by LEE Oswald. One hour later the .38 revolver used to murder Tippit was initialed by police officers in Westbrook's office, entered into evidence, and turned over to the FBI later that evening. At 3:15 PM Det. Baker arrived from Homicide and Robbery to pick up the gun. Before surrendering the gun to Det. Baker, officers McDonald, Bentley, Carroll, and Hill initialed the .38 revolver (see above). THE GUN PICKED UP BY DET. BAKER AND ENTERED INTO EVIDENCE was now the gun used to murder Tippit. The gun taken from HARVEY Oswald at the Texas Theater disappeared and was never seen again. Det. Baker took possession of the .38 revolver and 6 rounds of live ammunition (3 Western .38 Special & 3 Remington-Peters .38 Special) and then returned to Homicide and Robbery. --Above adapted from John Armstrong’s write-up on my website: The Murder of J.D. Tippit
  20. "Now, Skinny that's five and no more" (Misquoting Gene Hackman in the movie Unforgiven) If one summarizes one has this list: 1. A rifle shot to the left temple 2. A rifle shot to the right temple 3. A rifle shot to the upper right forehead (frontal bone rather than temporal bone) 4. A rifle shot from the front which makes a massive occipital wound as seen by Parkland doctors 5. A rifle shot from the Sniper's Nest blowing out the top and right side of the skull If we say these all happened in one event then that presents a problem. If we are talking about high powered rifles such as a 1903 Springfield, a British Enfield, a German Mauser, a M-1 or M-14 or even the lowly Carcano then 5 wounds would not leave much of the skull from their force. So, something different must have happened. Maybe a combination of some of these produced the effect that is noted. I really don't know. But, I favor No.3 and No. 4 for head wounds. Possibly, in this manner. A gunshot wound from a small caliber pistol such as a .22 or .32 silenced (probably not larger than a .38) and shot from the crowd. This round penetrates through the skull form left to right or from right to left and produces a right forehead and left temple wound. Then there is a rifle shot that produces the massive head wound from the front to the rear as seen by Parkland doctors. This could include the right temple wound. The top and side wound plus maybe the right temp are produced later either before the autopsy or during. At the time there is more shooting than this producing other wounds or missing. There is enough shooting to produce confusion along Houston Street and Elm Street to confuse witnesses with hearing more than 3 shots. As I said I don't know I'm just guessing based on my reading of events.
  21. Game over. Make all the excuses you can conjure: http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2010/08/Lee Harvey Oswald's Revolver
  22. Game over. Make all the excuses you can conjure.
  23. I have often wondered if the Texas Theater was like my home town theater back during the days of segregation. In our local theater the balcony area was used for black people only. Maybe that is why the stairs were located near the entrance at the Texas Theater. At home there was a private entrance into the balcony from outside the building. Inside the theater there was a set of stairs leading to the balcony but, that was roped off and accessible only by black people. I always wanted to see a movie from the balcony. I got to later when my brother ran the projection booth. It was cool. But, I don't know if I was forced to sit there. I bring this up to show that a white person going up to the balcony area would be very noticeable if they had the same practices as our local theater in 1963. I know from personal experience that Texas was still segregated to a certain point in 1969. Some night clubs were private and blacks were not allowed. In Austin there were mixed race clubs where white and black people could socialize. But, not in Killen, Texas outside of Fort Hood.
  24. Even after all these years of putting up with the silly rantings of conspiracy theorists, it still burns both sides of my toast when I hear these CTers insist that Lee Harvey Oswald didn't fire a single shot at Officer J.D. Tippit---despite the fact that Sweet Lee was caught red-handed with the Tippit murder weapon in his hands just 35 minutes after murdering the 11-year veteran Dallas patrolman. Plus, I'd like to know how on this Earth Tippit could have been declared "DOA" at Methodist Hospital at 1:15 PM (as many conspiracy theorists firmly believe) when we know that his body was still lying in the middle of Tenth Street as late as 1:18 PM? The ambulance didn't even arrive to pick up Tippit's body until 1:18:59 PM [see Dale Myers' "With Malice", page 104, 1998 edition]. Let me guess --- Conspiracy theorists think that the Dudley Hughes ambulance slip is a fake too, right? That ambulance call slip was stamped with the time of 1:18 PM ["With Malice", page 101, 1998 edition].
  25. Tony, The white-shirted Oswald may have been starting to walk down the stairs from the balcony when a number of Dallas cops encountered him, which doesn't, however, mean I think Brewer was honest. From John's write-up on November 22, 1963: The police dispatcher reported that the suspect was wearing "dark trousers and a white t-shirt" and "Have information a suspect just went in the Texas Theater on West Jefferson ... supposed to be hiding in balcony." Deputy Sheriff Bill Courson entered the front of the theater, hurried up the stairs to the balcony, and was "reasonably satisfied in his own mind" that he met Lee Harvey Oswald com­ing down the front stairs. If this young man was LEE Oswald, then he was wearing a white t-shirt and dark trousers. Lt. Cunningham and Detective J.B. Toney encountered the young man and began to question him, perhaps because he matched the description of the suspect. As Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers rushed up the stairs to the balcony, he saw the officers as they were questioning the young man. Don't forget how the Texas Theater was laid out, with the stairs to the balcony near the entrance of the building.
  26. What a pitiful excuse! Right up there with the dog ate my homework (and the original Dallas Dictabelts). Many witnesses knew Tippit was shot well before 1:15. From John A's writeup on my website of The Murder of J.D. Tippit. The Warren Commission concluded that “the shooting of Tippit has been established at approximately 1:15 or 1:16 p.m.” That conclusion, however, was based on the need to give HARVEY Oswald sufficient time to walk from the North Beckley rooming house to 10th and Patton. The best evidence indicates that Tippit was actually killed at about 1:06 p.m. Several witnesses, including Frank Cimino, Albert Austin, and Francis Kinneth thought the time was slightly earlier… closer to 1:00 PM. 1:00 PM. About 1:00 PM Frank Cimino, who lived at 403 E. 10th St., heard four shots and saw a police car parked on the street and a police officer lying on the ground. He walked across the street and stood beside Helen Markham, who was the first person to approach Tippit as he lay dying on the street. 1:00 PM. At approximately 1:00 PM Francis Kinneth heard two or three shots and saw a policeman laying on the pavement near the front of his police car. 1:00 PM. Sometime after 1:00 PM Albert Austin heard two or three shots and saw a policeman lying in front of a police car on the left front side. 1:06 PM. Helen Markham had just arrived at the northwest corner of 10th & Patton, en route to catch the city bus one block south at Jefferson & Patton (at 1:15 PM). She told the Warren Commission it was "6 or 7 minutes after 1." She saw a police car drive slowly past her and pull over to the curb. She watched as a young man walked over to Tippit's car and began talking with him thru the passenger side window. A minute later the young man stood up and backed away from the car as the officer slowly got out of his car. As the policeman began walking toward the front of the patrol car the young man pulled a gun and shot the officer. Markham began screaming and shouting as she watched the young man run west across Patton Street and hurry south toward Jefferson Blvd. Markham hurried over to the policeman, lying next to his car on the pavement. She told the Warren Commission that very soon an unknown man arrived: "He had a hat on. I thought he was a policeman." This man was likely Sgt. Croy, who was wearing a white police hat. As a reserve officer Croy was not allowed to carry a gun, which may have caused Markham to wonder if he was, in fact, a policeman. Croy, according to his Warren Commission testimony, interviewed Markham for the next 5-10 minutes and then turned her over to officers when they arrived on the scene. If the man wearing a hat was not Croy, who Markham thought was a policeman, then who was it? 1:06 PM. Mrs. Margie Higgins, who lived at 417 East 10th St. was watching television and later told reporters, "Well, I was watching the news on television and for some reason the announcer turned and looked at the clock and said the time was six minutes after one (1:06 PM). At that point I heard the shots." Mrs. Higgins described the shooter and said, "He definitely was not the man they showed on television." Mrs. Higgins was perhaps the first citizen to call the police (circa 1:06 PM). 1:06-1:07 PM. Mrs. Frank Wright lived at 501 East 10th St, a half block from where Tippit was shot. She heard 3 shots, looked out her window, and saw a man lying in the street. She ran to her phone, dialed "0," and said to the operator, "Call the police, a man's been shot." When the police received Mrs. Wright's call they pushed a button that connected directly with the ambulance dispatcher, and an ambulance was dispatched immediately. Mrs. Wright then ran outside to join her husband and said, "It wasn't a minute until the ambulance got there." Mrs. Wright was probably the second citizen to call the police (circa 1:06-1:07 PM). When Frank Wright ran outside he saw "a woman come down from her porch, about three or four doors from the intersection of 10th & Patton, the same side of the street as Tippit's car.... I heard her shout, 'Oh, he's been shot!,' throwing up her hands. Then she went back up toward the house." This woman, likely Mrs. Ann McCravey, was never interviewed by the DPD, the FBI, or the WC. She was, however, interviewed by the BBC. 1:06-1:07 PM. Mrs. Doris Holan lived directly across the street from the Tippit shooting, on the 2nd floor at 409 E Tenth Street. Mrs. Holan had just returned home from her job a few minutes after 1:00 PM when she heard several gunshots. From her 2nd floor bedroom window she had possibly the best view of the murder scene, and saw Tippit lying on the street near the left front of his patrol car. Mrs. Holan observed the shooter as he was walking across Virginia Davis's lawn toward Patton. Mrs. Holan also noticed a 2nd police car parked in the narrow driveway between two houses directly across the street (car #207, occupied by Capt. Westbrook and Sgt. Croy). Tippit's car was parked on 10th St., directly in front of the narrow driveway, and prevented the 2nd police car from driving onto 10th St. Mrs. Holan watched as a man, who I believe was Capt. Westbrook, get out of the police car and walk over to Tippit's body. The man appeared to observe the bullet wound on Tippit's head, and then quickly returned to the police car that was backing up toward the alley. If this man was not Capt. Westbrook, then who was it? In 1990 a resident of the neighborhood was interviewed by JFK researcher Prof. Bill Pulte, on the condition of anonymity. This resident said that he heard that a man walked down the driveway and approached Tippit just after the shooting. In January, 1968, Playboy magazine interviewed Jim Garrison. In response to the Garrison interview a reader wrote to Playboy and said, “I read Playboy's Garrison interview with perhaps more interest than most readers. I was an eyewitness to the shooting of policeman Tippit in Dallas on the afternoon President Kennedy was murdered. I saw two men, neither of them resembling the pictures I later saw of Lee Harvey Oswald, shoot Tippit and run off in opposite directions. There were at least half a dozen other people who witnessed this. My wife convinced me that I should say nothing, since there were other eyewitnesses. Her advice and my cowardice undoubtedly have prolonged my life--or at least allowed me now to tell the true story....” (Playboy, January 1968, Vol. 15, No 1, pg 11) 1:06-1:07 PM. Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig was searching the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, when a rifle was discovered. Craig wrote, “… At that exact moment an unknown Dallas police officer came running up the stairs and advised Capt. Fritz that a Dallas policeman had been shot in the Oak Cliff area. I instinctively looked at my watch. The time was 1:06 PM." NOTE: The 2nd police car, parked between two houses on a very narrow driveway, could not be seen by most witnesses to the shooting, including Clemmons, Burt, Smith, Wright, Virginia Davis, Barbara Davis). But Mrs. Holan, who lived directly across the street from where Tippit was parked, did see the 2nd police vehicle. Both she and Aquilla Clemmons saw two men at the scene of the shooting, and one of those men came from the 2nd police vehicle. The location of the 2nd police vehicle, parked between the two houses on a very narrow driveway, was no accident. The precise location of this vehicle, hidden between the two houses, and the arrival of Westbrook, Croy, Tippit, and LEE Oswald at the same time and at the same location is the best indication that Tippit's murder was pre-planned and involved both LEE Oswald the occupants of the 2nd police vehicle. 1:06-1:07 PM. Barbara Jeanette Davis heard the shots, walked to her front door, and saw the shooter walking thru her yard toward Patton Street. She then called the police and reported that a police officer had been shot. Barbara Davis was probably the third citizen to call the police (circa 1:07-1:08 PM). Her sister in law, Virginia Davis, also heard the shots and looked out the screen door of her home as the shooter (LEE Oswald) was cutting across the yard in front of her house. She watched as he threw two empty shell casings onto the ground. Virginia testified before the Warren Commission: Mrs. Davis. We saw the boy cutting across the street. Mr. Belin. Then what did you do or see? Mrs. Davis. After he disappeared around the corner we ran out in the front yard and down to see what had happened. Mr. Belin. Then is that when you saw the policeman? Mrs. Davis. I saw the policeman lying on the street. Mr. Belin. All right. Did you see or do anything else? Did you see anyone else that you know come up to the policeman? Mrs. Davis. No sir; there was a lot of people around there. Mr. Belin. Do you remember about what time of day this was? Mrs. Davis. I wouldn't say for sure. But it was about 1:30, between 1:30 and 2. Mr. Belin. All right, after this, did police come out there?Mrs. Davis. Yes; they was already there.Mr. Belin. By the time you got out there?Mrs. Davis. Yes, sir.Mr. Belin. Then what did you do?Mrs. Davis. Well, we just stood out there and watched. You know, tried to see how it all happened. But we saw part of it.Mr. Belin. Then what did you do?Mrs. Davis. We stood out there until after the ambulance had come and picked him up. 1:07-1:08 PM. Virginia Davis told the Warren Commission that after the shooter (LEE Oswald) ran around the corner of her house a policeman "was already there." I believe this policeman was reserve officer Sgt. Croy who, along with Capt. Westbrook, was sitting in police car #207 when LEE Oswald shot and killed Tippit. Westbrook drove away in the police car, while Croy remained at the scene. If the police officer seen by Virginia Davis seconds after the shooting was not Croy, then who was it? 1:07-1:08 PM. After cutting thru the Davis's front yard the shooter (LEE Oswald) hurried onto Patton Street and walked past the rear of William Scoggins' taxi, which was parked at the corner of 10th & Patton. As the shooter walked south on Patton Street, Scoggins called his dispatcher (D.G. Graham) and reported that a police officer had been shot. The dispatcher called for an ambulance, which arrived within two minutes according to Scoggins, and then called the police. The taxi company dispatcher was probably the 4th citizen to call to the police (circa 1:07-1:08 PM). 1:07-1:08 PM. The shooter hurried south on Patton Street, where he was first seen by Ted Callaway and then by L.J. Lewis, who was at Johnny Reynolds used car lot at the corner of Jefferson Blvd. and Patton (510 E. Jefferson Blvd). Lewis heard 3 or 4 shots, and soon saw a man running south on Patton while attempting to load a pistol that he was holding in his right hand. Lewis saw the man as he turned the corner and began walking west on Jefferson Blvd. Lewis went to the car lot's office and was probably the 5th citizen to call the police (circa 1:07-1:08 PM). 1:08-1:09 PM. Domingo Benavides was sitting in his truck on the opposite side of the street facing Tippit's car, and watched LEE Oswald as he left the scene. He remembered, "the back of his [LEE Oswald's] head seemed like his hairline sort of went square instead of tapering off. His hair didn't taper off, it kind of went down and squared off." HARVEY Oswald's hairline, as we know from numerous photographs taken at the police station, extended well down his neck and past his collar line--it was not "squared off" as described by Benavides. A few minutes after the shooter disappeared from sight, Benavides got out of his truck and walked about 15 feet to Tippit's squad car. He told the Warren Commission that he used the police radio, notified the police dispatcher that a police officer had been shot, and gave the address as 410 East 10th Street. However, Benavides's voice is not heard on the police dictabelt nor is his conversation with the police dispatcher written on the DPD police transcript. It is very possible that Benavides saw police Capt. Westbrook, the 2nd police car, and Sgt. Croy in uniform when Tippit was shot, but dared not report that two Dallas police officers were involved in the Tippit shooting. 1:09-1:10 PM. T.F. Bowley was driving west on 10th Street and arrived a few minutes after the shooting. He looked at his watch--the time was 1:10 PM. Domingo Benavides told the Warren Commission that as he was using the police radio to report the shooting of a police officer, a man was standing beside him. This man was T. F. Bowley, who also used the police radio to report the shooting. An original DPD police transcript, found in the National Archives, lists the time of Bowley's call to the police as 1:10 PM. Bowley's voice can be heard on the police dictabelt and his report to the police dispatcher is written on the DPD police transcript. 1:09-1:10 PM. Ted Callaway worked at a used car lot on Jefferson Blvd., across the alley from where Virginia and Barbara Davis lived. He heard the shooting, and soon saw the shooter hurrying south on Patton at a distance of about 60 ft. Callaway described him as "white male, 27, 5'11", 165 lbs, black wavy hair, fair complected, wearing a light gray Eisenhower type jacket, dark trousers, and a white shirt." When interviewed and filmed many years later, Callaway again said, "he had on a white Eisenhower type jacket and a white t-shirt"--once again, the shooter was not wearing a brown shirt, just a white t-shirt. After the shooter walked around the corner at Patton and Jefferson Blvd. and disappeared, Callaway hurried one block north to 10th & Patton. The ambulance arrived and Tippit's body, with help from Callaway and Bowley, was loaded in the ambulance and driven to the nearby Methodist hospital. Ambulance driver Clayton Butler told the HSCA, "I was on the scene one minute or less. From the time we received the call in our dispatch office until Officer Tippit was pronounced dead at Methodist Hospital was approximately four minutes." (circa 1:13-1:14).
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