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  2. To Michelle Goldberg: How did you feel about what was happening to America under Reagan and W? To Anne: What romance with Russia? The USSR/Russia has been portrayed as the Axis of Evil since Truman took office. When Kennedy, and then Nixon tried for detente, they were both removed. Reagan had an absolutely golden opportunity to forge a genuine detente with Gorbachev, and he let the hardliners wreck that moment. Gorbachev had gambled so much on the Iceland deal and then he lost and we saw what happened. The Neocons got their man in Yeltsin and he sent Russia back to the economic Stone Age. Russia is not a communist country anymore. And Putin was correct on Syria and we now know that Trump was intimidated by false intel to retaliate against Assad. This is how powerful the Neocons are. And that includes in academia. Anne Applebaum will will now find it easier to get books published as she advances her career in the ivory tower. About 80 per cent of the time, The Atlantic is only good for bird cage liner.
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  4. 1) Trump fired his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for lying about a conversation with the Russian ambassador. 2) Trump admited he fired James Comey in order to tamp down the FBI investigation into Russia/Flynn. 3) Don Jr. released the texts of an e-mail chain "Russia - Clinton -- Private and Confidential" https://www.cnn.com/interactive/2017/07/politics/donald-trump-jr-full-emails/ The Trump Tower meeting was the result of "secret cooperation" between the Trump campaign and Kremlin figures. Secret cooperation = collusion. Who stopped Jim DiEugenio from writing an article about Trump over the past 4 and a half years? He reports being "engulfed" by RussiaGate, which is highly curious. DiEugenio has all the time in the world to launch barbs at Democrats but it's taken this long for DiEugenio to not yet write an article thoroughly eviscerating Trump? What pray tell is keeping him? Trump's white supremacy doesn't rate a mention? Jim DiEugenio has no one to blame but himself for not going after Trump ages ago. Another guy who doesn't understand the word "collusion." "Russia - Clinton -- private and confidential" is the operative definition of "secret cooperation." Jim DiEugenio missed the opportunity. To refer to you as over-rated really doesn't do it justice.
  5. The False Romance of Russia American conservatives who find themselves identifying with Putin’s regime refuse to see the country for what it actually is. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/12/false-romance-russia/603433/ December 12, 2019
  6. Wait...this isn't about the dueling conferences?
  7. Michelle Goldberg is right on. Democracy Grief Is Real Seeing what Trump is doing to America, many find it hard to fight off despair. By Michelle Goldberg Opinion Columnist https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/13/opinion/sunday/trump-democracy.html
  8. Dennis, I agree. What was so horrible about trying for detente with Russia?
  9. It's not like Russia Gate is the first false narrative the MSM has leaped to support. WMD in Iraq. Architects & Engineers presented their findings on WTC 7 three months ago. It was brought down by controlled demolition. The implications are Earth shattering and not a peep out of the MSM. Oklahoma City, CIA Cocaine, the real Watergate Story; 56 years later and documents are still sealed. The MSM doesn't care about tax policy or climate change or Betsy Devos. They are complicit in all of the false narratives of those aforementioned events, and many more. They care about keeping the status quo, so Trump's got to go. The MSM is already dug in so deep they'll try anything at this point. Russia Gate was clumsy. Ukraine Gate is a dumpster fire. This is the 1000 pieces being splintered, with the hindsight that the last President that made any real splintering effort had his head shot off. The fake chemical weapons in Syria is a big deal. Who or what has the influence and resources to get the watchdog group to lie?
  10. I completely agree with that and would add that any possible normalization of tensions between America and Russia was made politically impossible by Russia gate as well. I'm not saying Trump would have definitely done so, but he certainly was less hawkish to Russia than Hillary, verbally anyway.
  11. Just a brief update on the above. Public School 30 in Manhattan was once located at 230 E. 88th St., but it is long gone. Located there now is a 14-story apartment building that Trulia says was built in 1967. Manhattan’s current P.S. 30 is also called Hernandez/Hughes School and is located at 144-176 East 128th St. in Manhattan. According to its website, it is a pre-kindergarten to 5th grade elementary school. Google has few references to the old PS 30 at 230 E. 88th St. in Manhattan. One is from a book exactly 100 years old (published in 1919) entitled “Directory of Social and Health Agencies of New York City. “ Here is page 134 of that old book, which under “Refraction and Contagious Eye Clinics,” lists “P.S. 30, 230 East 88th St. (tel. Lenox 8391).” Which begs the question, Was the structure at 230 E. 88th St. a public school or some sort of health facility? That question is answered by plate 115 of the 1930 insurance map linked by the NYPL. P.S. 30 in the 1919 book is clearly labeled as a New York Public School. The question now is how to obtain detailed student information on a school that has not existed for at least forty years, and probably longer. The answer will be, I suspect, relatively hard to find. Since John B. located an FBI doc from 1966 indicating that Grace Gardos had a son in Budapest, it might be best to spend research efforts trying to establish if that son was John, born in 1939. If it was, then Grace’s son John Gardos was not Russian-speaking Harvey Oswald and difficult research will not be required.
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  13. Are you referring to Epstein, or the murder of Marilyn Monroe on the same day she was visited by RFK by various sources, or the JFKA? Can you be more specific?
  14. The way the MSM leaped to support this Russia Gate narrative was really puzzling to me. What made it worse is that this concept then engulfed and buried all the things Trump did that I thought were really objectionable, or at least should have been so. For example, his giveaway tax plan, the Pentagon budget, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, appointments like Betsy DeVos, loading up the judiciary system with rightwing crazies, his non existent support for antidotes to global warming etc. etc. All of this was drowned out by Russia Gate. Which now appears to have been a false alarm. Not only was it a terribly missed opportunity, but it now provides a chance for the GOP to take advantage of a misfire. To say this was all badly played does not really do it justice.
  15. Censorship? Do you mean the MSM is not covering this very important Wikileaks dump yesterday? Assad did not use Poison Gas on his owns people? RELEASE: Third batch of documents showing doctoring of facts in released version of OPCW chemical weapons report on Syria. Including a memo stating 20 inspectors feel released version “did not reflect the views of the team members that deployed to [Syria]” https://wikileaks.org/opcw-douma/ Anyone here know anything about Poison Gas? Anyone here know anything about how to properly dispose of Poison Gas? How about improperly?
  16. There wasn't the concern over an uncontrolled autopsy, a thorough crime scene search, a competent interrogation AND a trial for the patsy
  17. So it’s Greenwald’s pompous authorial tendencies and not the FBI’s abusing “it’s power in severe ways to subvert and undermine U.S. democracy” that’s the takeaway here... Along with the dismal performance of most of the American mainstream media, the past three years have seen concerted efforts to impose censorship on internet platforms and social media. Google and Twitter are aggressively removing or marginalizing information from both left and right margins as well as antiwar and anti-imperialist groups. Facebook came under concerted attack just a few weeks ago for its reluctance to do the same. This censorship regime is justified by reference to false narratives of Russian interference, conspiracy theory and fake news, against which the public must be “protected.” Soon enough it will be the democratic system itself that citizens need be protected from. Its been a psychic meltdown promoted by lies. (realize that sounds pompous too, but its still the case)
  18. When the real powers to be see certain candidates emerge as front runners that they deem as real threats to their number one agendas ( their personal wealth and control ) They then start the REAL power plays to diffuse their leads. The media went bananas attacking Howard Dean after he won the Iowa caucus primary vote in 2004. Headlines: DOUBTS ABOUT DEAN!" The DEAN SCREAM was replayed 1,000's of times on radio and TV. Dean was made to look like a complete nut with a massive disinformation campaign. And it worked. Dean was too much of a common working man defending threat to the top 1% to be allowed to be the 2004 presidential candidate. This election it's Elizabeth Warren. Exaggerated negative stories being planted everywhere about her. She made over a million dollars! She's not an honest candidate for the working person! Warren made that amount over several years! Any $80,000 a year person in the country makes almost a million dollars over the course of years. Trump's "kids" make many times that amount! Can you imagine the amount of money the Student Loan industry will pay to keep Warren out of the final candidacy? Same with the drug and medical industry? And Wall Street and on and on and on? The 1% and billionaire class of this country has their Golden Boy in office with Trump. Warren Buffet stated that Trump's tax cut made him $29 BILLION dollars instantly! My wife and I lost any benefit of the tax cut with constantly rising gas, food, utility and other basic necessity cost increases to a laughable degree. Warren is a threat to this massive wealth status quo. And Paul is right. This super wealth influence is a big part of "both" parties power bases.
  19. Paul, As a retired middle school teacher I can back up what you are saying completely, with the exception of middle girls who mature earlier than boys at that age and some are still recognizable in later years. I can generally recognize the girls, and I might not remember their names, but not the boys. The boys from that age group change so much that they are not recognizable in later years. Good point. From what you are saying the mysterious caller probably knew the family and knew the circumstances of John Gardos becoming Lee Harvey Oswald. If she wasn't talking about John Gardos who could she have been talking about? She mentions directly that Lee Harvey Oswald is the son of Emil Gardos and she knew the Uncle which she does not directly name. The Uncle can only be Fred Blair or one of his brothers or a brother of Emil. Fred fits the bill as the easiest and simplest answer. Paul said, "Finally, I find it highly improbable that 15 years later the woman caller could or would have associated the arrested man in Dallas with Emil Gardos from the 1940's, unless she knew the boy by name. There is no way that she could have looked at the face of the arrested man in Dallas and linked him with the boy from Yorkville in the 1940's just on facial characteristics alone. " If this is true then the mysterious caller must have known the circumstances of the Oswald Project and had kept up with it over time. This may point to someone very close to the Oswalds over time, or at least someone who had a connection to the Oswalds over time. She is claiming that John Gardos is Lee Harvey Oswald. Could this reference the time of 1947 or before or could it reference the time 1952-1954 which would point to the Fuhrman's, mother and daughter. By 1947, the summer and fall, Harvey is in Texas with the short Marguerite and the Gardos are still in the country. "No, her identification of our "Oswald" was based on something else - she knew the Dallas man was the little boy "Oswald" from Yorkville because he was still using the same name" I'm not so sure of this. But, it is a possibility to keep in mind barring evidence to the contrary. If you are not right, then this could imply that this mysterious caller has a close relationship to this Oswald Project scenario. On the other hand if you are right this still implies the same. Maybe, we should look at the motivation of the mysterious caller and try to make sense out of it as a way to get closer to her identity. I need to think about this. Remember this so-called autobiography: In this he says he has no sisters or brothers. He states that his parents are dead. His parents being dead or telling him his parents are dead might be a reason to put him with Marguerite Oswald. And this would have to have happened prior to 1947 perhaps. If this is true the mysterious caller may have only known John Gardos as Lee Harvey Oswald. How much one can believe this autobiography is open to question since it mixes the records of Harvey and Lee. Having no brothers and sisters might be a clue to Grace and Emil having other children in Hungary. It might be a clue to telling Harvey in later years his parents are dead to cover up their moving to Hungary so that he would not try to look them up. At this point we have more suppositions than answers. We need to continue researching and thinking.
  20. I totally agree Doug regards JVB fearing for her life after 3 people she personally knew in New Orleans were being murdered or dying under suspicious circumstances. I guarantee you, there were probably hundreds of people who saw or heard things about the JFK assassination or the central characters involved...that probably kept what they saw, heard and knew to themselves the rest of their lives ...and rationally so with so many suspicious deaths reported regarding so many connected to the JFK tragedy. JVB may have some aspects of Aspergers syndrome. And it does appear she has had some emotional trauma in her life so effecting, that living in a more romantic and important life of her wishing may be another partial reality. But, dog gone it...she did work at Reilly's coffee during Lee's time there, and she was hired and let go at just about the same times Lee was. And she knew that Lee had and wore flip flops ( did she read this before she mentioned it?) Where was that little fact written about before Judyth? I'm joking a little here...but if JVB wasn't terrified as soon as Oswald was killed and after Dr. Sherman's horrific death and David Ferries so-called suicide...she should have been.
  21. She and her life with JFK is an almost surreal story. So glamorous, classy and romantic and then ending instantly in such an epically brutal and tragic way. A story to be remembered for all ages. The stuff of Shakespeare for sure. I feel lucky that I was alive to be a personal witness to JFK's and Jackie Kennedy's life during his presidency and knew and felt the actual vigor and excitement of their unprecedented attractive, charismatic and new adventure type energy and just old enough to understand just how special they both were to the nation and especially our huge number baby boomer youth at the time. I know the American way is to reject Royalty privilege verses the common liberty, justice and opportunity for all in our Democracy based nation and society...but it was hard not to feel and see that JFK and Jackie just had a natural royalty like aura around them...and most of us loved to gaze at it's glow.
  22. David, One part that bothers me about the call is the fact the woman kept mentioning "brother-in-law", presumably Fred Blair who certainly does fit very well. Yet we have no evidence that Blair and Emil Gardos were both in NYC itogether in the mid-1940's. This doesn't mean they were not there together, merely that we have no evidence. We know that Gardos, after living in NYC for a decade, was out of the country by 1950, so the 1940's (probably before 1947) is the key timeframe. We have no evidence at all that Blair was in NYC at any time. But more importantly, at the time of this woman's call, she was remembering events from at least 15 years before, a time when our "Oswald" was only 6 to 8 years old. What in the world made her connect the 24 year old "Lee Harvey Oswald" in 1963 with the little boy from Yorkville in the 1940's? Why did she associate this boy with Emil Gardos and Fred Blair? If little John Gardos did indeed grow up to become our "Oswald", how in the world would this woman know that, unless he was using the name "Lee Harvey Oswald" back in the 1940's in Yorkville? Yet, how could that be - Emil Gardos would not have already conferred the name "Oswald" on his own biological son at the time this woman caller knew them both! After all, Gardos had not yet been separated from his son! (Actually, we have no evidence they did ever separate, and we have some evidence (the 1966 FBI memo) they never did separate.) On the other hand, if at the time our woman caller knew Gardos and the little boy, and if the little boy was already using the name "Oswald", then that would seem to be evidence that Gardos was some sort of foster figure to the boy. Finally, I find it highly improbable that 15 years later the woman caller could or would have associated the arrested man in Dallas with Emil Gardos from the 1940's, unless she knew the boy by name. There is no way that she could have looked at the face of the arrested man in Dallas and linked him with the boy from Yorkville in the 1940's just on facial characteristics alone. A person's appearance changes as they grow up - as a teacher, I can assure the readership that kids' faces change tremendously every year during adolescence and beyond. She could not have been sure of her identification (yet she was so certain, she drove to New Haven, Connecticut to place the call!) based on physical or facial characteristics alone. No, her identification of our "Oswald" was based on something else - she knew the Dallas man was the little boy "Oswald" from Yorkville because he was still using the same name.
  23. From the article: “After the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald, Judyth Baker claimed she received a phone-call from David Ferrie warning her that she would be killed if she told anyone about her knowledge of these events.’ https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKbakerJ.htm Judyth was born in 1943. She was 20 years old when JFK was assassinated in1963. At that time she lived in New Orleans. In the wake of the Kennedy murder three of her close friends were killed: Lee Harvey Oswald, Dr. Mary Sherman and David Ferrie. To her, as it would be to anyone else, it would be wise to shift into obscurity to avoid being another victim. She emerged publicly in the mid-1990’s. Why at this time? The opening of the internet to public and commercial use made it possible for her to tell her story. Up until then there really was no truly viable means to do so. The passage of time made her feel safe.
  24. David, I'm pretty much in the same boat when it comes to facebook. I don't have an account and trying to use the wife's, well I'll need help. If it doesn't offend anyone from this point on I will leave it. If another objects I will remove. A lot of good questions are posed in your comment. I'll to give my thoughts on this. Who was the mysterious caller afraid of and thought might kill her. 1. Communists- She may be a communist and an FBI informant. There would be revenge and execution. This was standard for Russian spy agencies or communist groups. 2. She is not giving this information to the FBI or the press. She fears the press and a general announcement. If she was an FBI informant, why wouldn't she give this information to the FBI? Something to think about. 3. FBI- Would are favorite government police agency do that kind of thing or use corrupt police officials such as in Dallas. The FBI finds this call credible and alerts several other FBI posts and higher up. It is judged to keep this secret- Top Secret and not to be declassified. 4. CIA- She is revealing the heart of the Oswald Project. She is revealing that there was a high level conspiracy involving government agencies. 5. A combination of rogue elements above. 6. There is a hint of cooperation between the communists and the FBI in some of the references. "Plus, by process of elimination we should be able to narrow down who could have even known about Oswald's father and uncle... maybe look for other GARDOS children born from 1935 to 1942 or so... ? This would be nice if we could find the info. 1. I can't find any evidence concerning the Fuhrman's being communist. Doesn't mean they were not. There has to be some reason Albert Jenner and John Pic omitted info on Margaret Pic's family. If they were communist they would probably have known the Gardos in New York during the right time period. 2. Jim Hargrove likes the Blair family as a possible place to begin looking for the mysterious caller. I will not disagree. We have too little information on where the Blair family members were living during the years in question. The Blair family are what is known as likely suspects. 3. We don't have any information on the Gardos family other than Census info, addresses, government records, and newspaper articles. None of these really give much information on the family of the Gardos folks during the years 1940 to 1947-50. 4. Grace Gardo's granddaughter has been identified. She is a Hungarian. We don't know whether her father is John Gardos, or some as yet unidentified family member of Grace and Emil. 5. There could be others. FBI docs mention at least two informants. It would be nice to know who they were. I really haven't paid much attention to the Grossi comments. I should go back and read those. "Would Fred Blair have told his wife Mary? They did disappear for most of the 40's... right?" I think Fred had 3 wifes. They were Elizabeth, Naomi, and Mary. Mary Keith was the owner of the infamous Mary's Bookshop. Naomi was a communist poet. I don't have any info on Elizabeth other than the record mentioning their marriage. Any of these women would be somewhat informed on what Fred was doing since they were communists also. I'm sure Fred had his secrets. There are several references about the whole Blair family being communists. One source says Fred goes underground at the time of the Red Scare. This is from 1946 to the mid fifties. Another says he went underground in 1951-1955. At some point one needs to tie Fred to the 77th Street address. I believe the informant was someone who lived in New York city for an extended period of time. From the 1940s to the 1960s. She lived in the same area (.04 to .07 miles of Yorkville) during the relevant time in order to know that Emil and Grace's son was Lee Harvey Oswald (Harvey). She had to have know Fred when he was living at 77th and Second Avenue. Fred was mostly based in Wisconsin. He went undercover by perhaps moving to New York, the communist capital of the US, during the Red Scare. Do you know anything else about Lee Oswald the life guard at Lake Mendota? He was going to the University of Wisconsin, Madison. This was a school Fred Blair worked extensively to spread communism. Who are the likely suspects: 1. Mary Fuhrman or Margaret Fuhrman Pic. 2. Blair female family members, or a wife of one of Grace's brothers. 3. One of the wife's of Fred Blair. 4. An unknown FBI informant. 5. Marguerite Oswald (the short Marguerite). 6. Marina Oswald (with a foreign accent and faking an aged voice). This one is really stretching and the same applies to Margaret Fuhrman and Marguerite Oswald. They were all in Texas at the time. 7. Whoever the mysterious caller was had to live fairly close to New Haven, Conn. The call was said to be local.
  25. I, too, remember reading (somewhere) that JVB's "story" did not begin to emerge until after she took classes in creative writing. You and I probably read the same source. If true (note that I said "if"), then her credibility really takes a hit. Was she going through any personal trauma at the time? (A divorce, perhaps? Something else?) Were these classes a form of restorative therapy that then, with the development (creation?) of the "Me and Lee" story, took on a life of its own? I must be frank: I don't believe the basics of her story. Our "Oswald", the man with whom JVB allegedly had an affair, was not an assassin, so any claim that he was an important part of a plot to kill Castro is ridiculous. Further, there is no evidence that our "Oswald" knew anything about cancer research or much about science generally. His conversations with people were about politics, government, communism, Marxism, and sociology. In 2013, Marina put up two of "Oswald's" personal books for sale on a public auction. One was a copy of the Communist Manifesto from the 1930's, the other a collection of cartoons from a noted communist Hungarian Jew, Tibor Kajan, a man nominated several times for Hungary's Kossuth Prize. Not a science book in sight. https://historical.ha.com/itm/books/social-sciences/-john-f-kennedy-lee-harvey-oswald-s-personal-books/a/6106-38424.s?ic16=ViewItem-BrowseTabs-Auction-Archive-ThisAuction-120115
  26. This is an excerpt from the preface to my 2018 autobiography, Being there: Eyewitness to History. Robert Merritt about 18 months ago testified before the Mueller Grand Jury in Washington about the FBI's illegal pre-FISA activities that were part of the Huston Plan. One of the great mysteries of Watergate is the role played in it by the controversial Huston Plan. Robert Merritt was the sole employee of the secret Huston Plan. White House Counsel John Dean took over administration of the Huston Plan after Tom Huston was eased out. Merritt recently recounted to me a key aspect of the plan that has never before been revealed. This was the existence of a secret court that convened in a secret location in Washington before which Merritt appeared on at least twelve occasions in 1971 and 1972. Each time he submitted to a three judge panel there an affidavit sworn to by him but which was actually written by the FBI that was shown to him only fifteen minutes before the court convened. Invariably the court would issue a warrant for wiretapping or search or surveillance or a combination of these aimed at a specific target. In at least three cases the target was a law firm. The only law firm Merritt remembers today was Arnold & Porter for which a wiretap warrant was issued. Another target was the Institute for Policy Studies. The secret court always convened a 1 A.M. and was located beneath an apartment building on P Street, NW, three blocks west of Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. Entrance was gained through the garage beneath the apartment building. Inconspicuously located there was a small elevator that held only three persons that descended two stories further down beneath the apartment building. The elevator opened onto a small corridor that led to a door that had three separate locks on it, each of which required a separate key. Once that door was opened there were two other unlocked doors that ultimately led to a small courtroom. On each side of where the three judges sat were American flags. The judges wore black suits, not judicial gowns. “In God We Trust” appeared on the wall behind the judges. Merritt, following the orders of the FBI agents, recited to the judges the basic contents of the affidavit prepared by the FBI of which he had no personal knowledge. He then submitted the affidavit to the judges who read it and then handed it back to Merritt to sign. Lawyers from the U.S. Department of Justice were always present. The proceeding usually lasted 45 minutes after which Merritt was escorted out by the FBI agents and subsequently driven back to his residence. When President Nixon fired John Dean as White House Counsel in April 1973, Dean took the only copy of the 31-page Huston Plan with him and submitted it to Chief Judge John Sirica. To this day this copy has remained among the federal court’s sealed records beyond the reach of a subpoena. Its contents are unknown to the public.
  27. I'm quite anti-Facebook... yet I guess if one puts things out there, one takes one chances.... so it's up to you... Back to the subject.... WHO do you think are the likely candidates for those who would kill the caller if given her NAME...? I get the impression she's more afraid of the Communists than the US government... Plus, by process of elimination we should be able to narrow down who could have even known about Oswald's father and uncle... maybe look for other GARDOS children born from 1935 to 1942 or so... ? Also the process of her finding out about Dallas Tippit and deciding to find M/M Jack Tippit in CT... where does one get the info on the OTHER Tippit's? Interesting how GOSSI and this Jack Tippit are both artists/cartoonists fwiw.... So who, living in NYC Nov 1963 would have known about the Oswald doubling in the 40's AND know about the relationship... and spoke with an accent.... Would Fred Blair have told his wife Mary? They did disappear for most of the 40's... right? DJ
  28. David, I never gave it a thought. This photo is posted on the internet under the search Russ Geck. It takes you to the Russ Geck facebook page where this is just one of several family photos posted on his page. It is available to the public. If you still think this is a no-no and an invasion of privacy let me know and I will remove the photo. I don't want to do anything that is harmful to one. Your reply will be appreciated and acted on.
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