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  1. Bell Gif frames taken from "The lost bullet Documentary"
  2. My interpretation of the head wound.
  3. My interpretation of the head wound.
  4. Nice work Chris. When you did the small Bronson GIF, it showed Marylin Willis's parents standing next to the white column. Is that Phil Willis standing in front of Linda Willis ?
  5. “Texas Monthly” interview with Rosemary Willis Roach, her sister Linda Willis Pool, and mother Marilyn Willis Credit: Anthony Marsh Marilyn: My husband was an executive salesman at the Downtown Lincoln and he had a friend that worked in the used car department and someone that identified himself as Oswald took him on a wild, wild ride. A test drive. Oswald couldn't even drive a car. TM: When the gunshots went off, what were you doing? Your kids were running around. Marilyn: Looking for them. My parents had gone around the end, if you're familiar with Bronson's picture, the jacket on his book. It shows my mother. She's in a white coat with a blue scarf tied around her head. My daddy's following her. They went around the south end of the center of Dealey Plaza. My husband had gone up the sidewalk, and the two kids following him, and I was stuck there in the last window of the pavilion in Dealey Plaza by the reflecting pool. Well, I didn't know where they were, and I set out to find ...the Roaches.
  6. Lesson in perspective: actual standing location of the woman with the blue scarf.
  7. Z216 Re-Enactment Rosemary Willis standing location marked
  8. Willis family standing next to the white column as seen in the Bronson film.
  9. Chris I am not so sure that is Phil Willis in Muchmore. I always thought this guy was wearing a cap on his head.
  10. John You appear to have a problem with "perspective" regarding the assassination photo's, and this is causing you to make incorrect assumptions regarding the various assassination photo's and films. The woman with the blue scarf was no where near the Stemmons sign.
  11. Chris Looking at Willis 6 Willis appears to be standing on the grassy area when he snapped the slide. how long after snapping Willis 5 do you think it took willis to move down Elm st to the grassy area. ?
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