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  1. Have just heard (on Youtube) - and been impressed by - Major Ralph Ganis' passionate Lancer summary of the motive for the JFK hit, and am rereading the book, sans the supporting pictorial docs. Not by his nominating the Rometsch/Bobby Baker fiasco, but by his reconstruction of the reasoning of what he calls "the National Command structure" in their terrible decision to terminate the JFK presidency, of which CIA, and perhaps Skorzeny, were mere instruments. Hence the continuing power of the coverup. The evidence is there: JFK was in conflict with not just CIA and Joint Chiefs, but his Cabinet and many advisers...on Vietnam, on Cuba, on Indonesia in particular(he was due to visit in '64 I believe), on N-testing and detente. With de Gaulle, he envisaged a truly free world tolerant of neutral nationalists, even of the left, and tripartite governments in the Non-aligned world. Though revered by a frightened world, to Cold Warriors and the Warfare Economy, he had to go. I await sadly for Hank Albarelli's treatment of the Skorzeny Papers, and thank Major Ganis for his...
  2. Am also grieved by Hank Albarelli's death. Much admire the passion and dedication to truth and justice his books so eloquently display. Have pre-ordered two copies of Coup, due 12 November according to Amazon.
  3. Just guessing that Lansdale's connection(perhaps even case officer status )with Ngo Dinh Diem was an important factor. Those who got rid of Diem and his brother then had little further use for Lansdale and cleared the decks for all that followed. I believe the CIA station in Saigon was in real flux from mid 1963, with John Richardson and Peer Da Silva holding the fort as the US geared up for war over 1963-64.
  4. Cliff Varnell's argument pillorying Harriman as a mastermind of the JFK assassination falls down thoroughly IMHO by the fact that Harriman was the leading Democrat in those "wise men"; sure an Establishment figure, and with his brother kingpins of BBHarriman, who Jock Whitney, Benno Schmidt(Texas buddy of David Rockefeller) and Prescott Bush worked for, if memory serves me. Dulles, Lodge, McCloy, Earl Warren, Douglas Dillon, et al, were diehard Republicans. JFK's appointment of Lodge and numerous Rockefeller Republicans was his undoubtedly idealistic attempt at bi-partisanship, which sadly for the US and the rest of us, failed indeed backfired. But please don't blame Averill Harriman. His work on the tripartite Laos Agreement was heroic but unsupported and sabotaged by CIA and others like Lodge to whom he had entrusted his SE Asian policies in that dark year of 1963.
  5. Re VN War origins: I seem to recall from research done years ago that Nixon travelled to Asia for Pepsi Cola, as a Mudge Rose client I know not. Also reportedly he met a woman in HK who became a lover. Wasn't there also a source identifying Henry Cabot Lodge as an informant to anti-Castro Cubans of JFK secret back channels to Castro. At the time of my research 1972-75,inspired by PD Scott's chapter in the Gravel edition of PPapers, the Institute of Policy Studies book Washington Plans an Aggressive War, was enlightening and now neglected. And LBJs quote to a General "Get me re-elected and you'll get your goddamned war". Also covert use of Thai BPP and PARU's.
  6. My personal metaphor re Four Leaves is the five-party UKUSA intelligence-sharing agreement (yeh right) between US, UK, Canada, Australia and NZ- the US of course being the stem to which all data flowed. Such a deal involving CIA satellites AND ground stations would serve many purposes, not least to mollify CIA and maybe even Curtis LeMay.
  7. Bill et al, I would be guessing Four Leaves may refer to plans for the Pine Gap ground satellite station near Alice Springs, introduced to Australia's Parliament in I think Dec 1965 as a DARPA project for something like "high altitude space research", but importantly for real time detection of Eurasian missile launches, nuclear tests etc. Pine Gap became important enough to overthrow Whitlam in 1975 when he started asking questions about CIA control of Pine Gap, AND important enough to pull the plug on Nugan Hand, dump Opp Leader Hayden for the more reliable Hawke in l983, so he could once more renew the treaty covering PG.
  8. Thanks Jim for a masterful review of The Devil's Chessboard. The truth will out in that those refusing to review the book only serve to confirm its veracity in the public mind. A couple comments--more than deceit, betrayal seems to have been the hallmark of Dulles, starting with his wife, his son, his sister and her Jewish husband, Quaker and Unitarian do-gooders, Europe's Jews, American presidents to name a few. Betrayal - of personal trust and of principles and practices we assume all take for granted. With a good chuckle and puff on the pipe. John Loftus's novel The Witness Tree is an intriguing look at the Dulles siblings, and rarely mentioned. Which brings me to another "self evident truth", ie when something or someone is betrayed, as Dulles did repeatedly, it may well be not simply sadistic or perverse (though that too), but for a "higher purpose" - in this case in defence of Capitalism and individual Capitalists. For the Dulles's that meant Sullivan and Cromwell clients primarily Standard Oil NJ=Esso=Exxon and ultimately the core Rockefellers Nelson and David. The Twin Towers. AWD and JFD were the ultimate managers for this class. Perhaps a sequel tying their betrayals and slaughter in our name to their true authors will be titled The Neverending Story. Thanks again Jim and of course David
  9. Jon Tid: Good point but one which I dispute…through his Texas power base in the judiciary and political system, from circa 1948-49 to say the mid 1960s he was "the boss of Texas", but through connections vic Humble Oil, owned by Esso-Exxon, through King Ranch's love-hate relationship with LBJ and huge annual payments($120 mil in c 1965) from Esso-Exxon for many many wells on King Ranch land, through personal ties to people like Benno Schmidt and his close associate David Rockefeller- both in Australia and Texas, I believe Clark wielded a lot of influence.Bob Kleberg had a direct line to Allen Dulles and Benno S, a UT law graduate, was right hand man to Jock Whitney. I realise this seems kind of tentative, but think about it. These were real,longterm financial institutions and and people like John Connally, even Clint Murchison and Sid Richardson, were well down the American power structure. After his ambassadorship, LBJ named Clark to the Latin American Development Bank, where Rockefeller's IBEC and lesser vehicles such as Deltec international wrecked havoc in the 1970's. David Andrews:Granted these accounts are anecdotal, and my effective research days ended after the Whitlam dismissal, but I find intriguing LBJ's mental decline, the breakdown of the LBJ-Murchison-Clark power structure and the transfer of power in the Texas, the South and ultimately the US itself. Maybe one key is the UT Board of Regents and law school, its members, Watergate is undoubtedly another…in short the evolution of power following the JFK catastrophe, from which the world has never recovered. TWIMC, thanks for reading this.
  10. Thanks Douglas Caddy for reviving the alleged involvement of LBJ through Ed Clark….as a young journalist at Adelaide airport in 1965 I spoke briefly with then Ambassador Clark on his familiarisation tour of Aus, no doubt including preliminary visits to the future sites of the Pine Gap/ Nurrungar satellite ground stations, and Murchison's Delhi natural gas project. John Connally also had an interest in a seperate oil pipeline and of corse King Ranch was then Australia's largest non-govt landholder. Later at my first in Lancer conference, a young Texan in the bar at the Love Field Radison Hotel claimed an elderly relative resident in San Augustine who was a longterm doctor friend of Clark's actually heard Clark's deathbed confession re the JFK assassination. He would not give details but spoke of his and other family's attendance at Lady Bird's funeral and another doctor relative's membership with Clark and Lady Bird on the UT Board of regents. Said Clark's daughter sold the bank in SA and returned to her mother's home in I believe Mississippi. I wonder if any of this can be verified, though the doctor, a GP still practising in 2007, is undoubtedly now deceased.
  11. Thanks from Down Under, as this has become a Great Institution
  12. Larry and Paul, thanks for your comments. Noted in his Spartacus bio, Cubela and other internal dissidents made contact with Rafael Quintero (Operation40) in Cuba circa 1961, yet Cubela refused a lie detector test and was part of a known leaky operation. Sounds like a deeper op involving but not limited to known plotters in relation to the Odio affair and NO and MC antics BEFORE the assassination and Alvarado. DRE, Hal Hendrix, Havana letters etc AFTERWARDS. Anthony Summers finds plausible the AM/OP link to RFK and the 2012 Brian Latell book fingering Cubela as a double agent, but will not connect the dots as if we are not in the NEED TO KNOW-category. The RFK phone that called Harry Ruiz-Williams and Haynes Johnson("One of your guys did it") has been hanging off the hook for 50 years, despite whatever Bobbie said or did thereafter. Paul, you are dead right about JFK changing on the Cold War, Mafia-CIA cooperation(more RFK than JFK perhaps) and violent overthrow of the Castro regime. And this is duplicitous? The "signal speech" is nothing if not ambiguous: in my reading it is not the "small band of conspirators" but "foreign imperialism...dictated by external powers" that the speech refers to, despite the headlines."This and this alone divides us",JFK said. Summers egregiously overlooks the evolution of American society and JFK himself after the Freedom Rides and the Cuban Missile crisis and Vatican II Oct 11,1962, Pacem in Terra April 11, 1963, death of John XXIII June 3, the Peace Speech June 10, the Civil Rights Bill June 11,"Blowing in the Wind"(200,000 sold in one June week), the Test Ban Treaty July and ratified almost unanimously by the Senate in September. I could go on... but as far as it goes, Not in Your Lifetime is thoughtful-provoking book, wherefrom much of this polemic was drawn.
  13. In general, Summers is keen to point out the DUPLICITOUS behaviour of the Kennedy Brothers both in relationship to the Mafia and Castro. In his latest analysis, the Mafia emerge as most likely conspirators in league with anti-Castro Cubans. He appears to suspend judgement against the CIA, pending withheld documents. In particular, it has always puzzled me why the AMLASH op of Des Fitzgerald and Cuban "turncoat"/ double agent Rolando Cubela is trotted out - by Summers and others - to help prove that JFK and RFK plotted the assassination of Castro, which according to the CIA-DRE-LBJ-ETC version, led to a pre-emptive strike by Castro.While Summers does not follow that logic to blame Castro, neither does he countenance the EQUALLY PLAUSIBLE possibility that the CIA USED Cubela(acknowledging he was a likely double agent) as a conduit to Castro in order to set-up Castro to take the fall for the JFK hit. When patsy Oswald was captured not killed, this scenario became infinitely risky and untenable. As I understand his recent work on LHO and Mexico City, Bill Simplich implies David Phillips may himself have been out of the final loop and "played" by the ultimate plotters. WERE DES FITZGERALD AND/OR BOBBY KENNEDY ALSO UNWITTING PARTIES TO AN ELABORATE MIS-DIRECTION PLAY IN THE AMLASH OP? Or Am I just another Kennedy Hagiographer?
  14. Have just finished the 2013 rewrite of Not in Your Lifetime-an impressive analysis of many of the relevant and reliably known parts of the jigsaw puzzle that is the assassination of JFK. And many of those first located, interviewed, and put in context by Anthony Summers over many years. And now in more depth and detail. I was however disappointed to find no reference to the work of Douglas Valentine linking the same "million dollar men" identified in NIYL - subserviently - to the CIA in the cause of "national security". As I recall, Federal Bureau of Narcotic agents interviewed in The Strength of the Wolf state Trafficante, Marcello and Giancana in particular had "Get Out of Jail Free" cards. At this late date, it seems only a more collaborative effort would now advance our understanding. A couple of other observations-Jim Douglass' book strongly and I believe persuasively argues that after the Cuban Missile Crises, JFK was truly on the road of redemption. Did this alter his and/or Bobbie's approach to Castro, and to the National Security State, as Schlesinger Jr seems to say? I question Summers' concentration on "betrayal of the Mafia" as the main motive for the assassination, rather than just the Mob's reason to be involved. To dismiss JFK Peace Initiatives towards Russia and Cuba and policy shifts on Vietnam as not relevant is just too reductive and simplistic in my opinion. No doubt Summers' book is a strong scaffold to be built upon and strengthened not replaced like just another theory, for theory this is not.
  15. I should not have implied Dulles palyed the active part - as far as we know - in securing Mary's diary, but "No Knock" Angleton and close collaborator Dulles were both definitely active in tying up loose ends in the JFK hit.
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