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Robert  Harper

Trump and the Unspeakable? Part II

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On 5/16/2018 at 11:26 AM, Robert Harper said:

But it was unarmed civilian protesters, not militants, who Israeli soldiers targeted on Monday


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On 5/16/2018 at 12:55 AM, David Josephs said:

A nicely worded piece Robert... till I hit the nuke issue and that tired old cliche of the rift between these men...


I was leaving some time for David Josephs to re-comment on my comment to his post,  since I respect him and his work on this Forum. I was unsuccessful in trying to message him before I comment again.
This thread is meant to reflect upon - and memorialize - some aspects of James Douglas's "unspeakable"that might apply to the Trump years. His current envoys to the Middle East, Jared and Ivanka are -  in Norman Finklestein's quip - the Ken and Barbie of American diplomacy. Dolls generally don't speak, and those that do, have a string that's pulled enabling them to do so.
Mordecai Vanunu was the original whistleblower. In 1986 he told the world that Israel had nuclear weapons and published photos of the secret Dimona works in the British press. He said Prime Minister Ben Gurion ordered the assassination of JFK because the President opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. Ben Gurion resigned in protest over JFK’s Israeli policies. Vanunu also wrote a letter in 1997 saying that there was even a link between the assassination of Kennedy and Israel’s launching of the 1967 war.Vanunu was kidnapped through a ruse by Mossad, and spent 11 years in solitary confinement for his speaking of the unspeakable. To this day he is not allowed to meet with foreign visitors, nor to speak publically.
Along these lines it is pertinent to recall Congressman's Paul Findlay's comment from 25 years ago: "in all the words written about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned, despite the obvious fact Mossad complicity is as plausible as any of the other theories." It shouldn't surprise anyone that he was attacked feroushly by the  Lobby and did not return to Congress. The other 534 members got the message and pretty much have kept to it since (with one or two exceptions). 
Journalist Andrew Cockburn has stated: “There has been since almost the earliest days of the Israeli state and the earliest days of the CIA a secret bond, basically by which Israeli intelligence did jobs for the CIA and the rest of the American intelligence. You can’t understand what’s been going on with American covert operations and the Israeli covert operations unless you understand that.
(Dr. Syed Mujahid Kamran 2017): "The conflict between JFK and Israel was simple, even though the JFK-Ben-Gurion correspondence, that contained evidence of this conflict, was not declassified for at least three decades after JFK’s assassination. Parts of it were kept classified even after a lapse of over four decades. There is nothing in this correspondence that should have been kept secret for so long. The correspondence reveals very clearly that JFK wanted to find out about the activities that were going on at the nuclear reactor that had been secretly built at Dimona. JFK wanted to ensure that Israel would not become a nuclear power. Perhaps the real reason for the concealment of this correspondence was to prevent the American people from becoming cognizant of Israel’s secret nuclear program. Such an awareness on the part of the American people would certainly have, at that time, led to cutting off of much needed American aid to Israel. The real beneficiary of this delayed declassification was only Israel. A deeper reason could be that had the public known of this correspondence, Mossad would have been, along with the CIA, a real suspect in the JFK assassination."
Avner Cohen and William Burr have written on this topic and Jim DiEugenio has referenced them. A review of the film JFK, referred to it as "the Kosher Version" which 10 years ago or 30 years ago, I would have thought absurd. Oliver Stone was a truth-seeker, and to me, has always had a halo affixed to him for his work on that film alone. How many works of art have had a political punch like that one? Lincoln thought that  Uncle Tom's Cabin had. Thomas Paine maybe with Common Sense? To Kill a Mockingbird? Catch-22? Grapes of Wrath? The list isn't that long.
But since the premiere of JFK,  I've read books on Angleton and on counterintelligence; we've had the disclosures of JFK and Ben-Gurion letters; we've had historians reviewing JFK's actions against colonialisms of all kinds. We now have information that Angleton - who was in charge of the the Israeli division of the CIA also had organized crime attachments (John Whitten testimony to both House and Senate) that ran deep. We learned in Jefferson Morley's book,  that Israel has two monuments to Angleton; and we have learned drip-by-drip of the connections Angleton had with the fascist Gladio and P-2 in Italy. It was Angleton, who took over from Whitten, the CIA "investigation" of Lee Harvey Oswald. We have since learned that the producer of the film, Arnon Milchan, was a long time Mossad asset who has recently boasted of his friendship with the guiding light of the Dimona project Shimon Peres, as well as his own  participation in the acquisition of the nuclear material. Indeed after reading The Zhivago Affair (2014) subtitled:  The Kremlin, the CIA and the Battle over a Forbidden Book and Who Paid the Piper (1999) subtitled:  The CIA and the Cultural Cold War, I no longer approach works from any studio or publishing house,  without wondering if - and to what extent - the CIA as America''s propaganda tool, is involved. False flags can be placed in artworks as well as in newspapers or on ships.
This speculation doesn't demean Stone, nor diminish his accomplishment; rather it is meant to illustrate how writers on the NY Times,  Washington Post or The Nation magazine likely didn't know of the absence of an impartial spectator in their exchange with their employer.
It certainly was an  "invisible hand" that moved the market of ideas post WW II, but it was a greedy and slippery and tax deductable hand as well. 
Edited by Robert Harper

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Most recently , as Joan Mellen discovered, Clay Shaw was a "highly paid"CIA assest. Helms and Shaw lied under oath about this. Shaw was on the Board of Permindex. Permindex was owned by CMC of Rome, which was founded by a Hungarian Jew named George Mandel who had deep connections with Israel and the Mossad. The Stern family funded Clay Shaw’s defense.  The Stern family owned WDSU radio and TV stations in New Orleans (which broadcast Oswald's "interview") and prior to JFK’s assassination, they ran stories on Lee Harvey Oswald denouncing him as a member the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. They did not tell the people of New Orleans that this was an FBI front group. This gave Oswald the cover of being a Leftist while spying on American liberals. The Stern family was heavily invested in the NUMEC nuclear plant in Pennsylvania, which was the source of Israel’s first nuclear bomb.
The London Jewish Chronicle denounced President Kennedy’s UN delegation position that displaced Palestinians had the right to return to the land that Israel had illegally taken from them during the 1948 war. The Jewish Chronicle published this in London on November 22, 1963.
So, as a response to David Joseph's objection, I don't think anything has been shown to "debunk" these queries about Israel's possible participation in any US government intelligence operation. Information was withheld; the "unspeakable" was not mentioned. I also draw attention to recent comments by Noam Chomsky who reminds us that sometimes it can appear to be the tail wagging the dog, but  such can be another form of a false flag. It is the dog that gets the money and gives the money. Who benefits, Chomsky asks, from this unspeakable exchange about Israel? The 10 million a day for "defensive use weapons"and other needs, go to the people making the planes and tanks and missles and bullets. There is a LOT of money in that business. Tha'st why there are so many middle men involved in arms transfers; that's why the scheme in Iran Contra used the US intelligence apparatus  which used the Israeli apparatus, to give arms to the Iranians, and then bill the US again. No wonder there was 2 trillion "lost"at he Pentagon on 9/11.
Nothing should be off limits when searching for truth.
My reference earlier in this thread to the Nazi influence in America's ruling class is not incidental to the concept of the unspeakable.
Operation Paperclip (2014) relates how certain Americans - including John McCloy and Allen Dulles of the Warren Commission, brought Nazi scientists to America along with Nazi intelligence officers, so that America could make use of their "ability" to make rockets and  their"insights" into the communists. Not much attention was paid to their morality or their decision making process regarding moral judgment. It was "economic" self-interest of the half-baked variety -- concern for the economic gains guided by the "invisible hand" of the marketplace, yet devoid of any concerns for the underlying principle of exchange - the moral evaluation by the "impartial spectator" of any action.
 When people think of economic security or econmic upheavals, it is not unwise to think of Adam Smith's two imaginary friends from the 18th century: the behind-the-curtain-hand and the sitting-out-front-neutral-spectator.
 Is it any surprise that Eichmann's division was called "The Economic Department of the SS?"
Edited by Robert Harper

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Robert - I’ve bumped my thread ‘interesting CIA interview’ for you, in case you hadn’t seen it.

i don’t view any one named agency as responsible for the death of JFK. Whenever someone suggests the Mossad did it, or the Nazis did it, or the CIA did it, or the US military did it, or the Dallas Police , or Edwin Walker and the Minutemen, or Rockefeller and Wall Street, we get lost in the weeds, and in the Unspeakable.

lets review some links between all of the above, because they are all linked by individuals. You named Angleton as a link from CIA to Mossad, and I would add to Israel’s nuclear program. Mossad hired Otto Skorzeny in 1961-62 to destroy Egypt’s nuclear program. Skorzeny claimed (in the YouTube clip I posted on my thread) to have worked for several governments including the US, and indirectly to Castro, and ‘for the enemies of Castro’. Other CIA men closely connected to Nazis include Dulles, and those who were stationed in Berlin, including Theodore Shackley, originally Gehlen’s interpretor who stayed in Berlin until his post to head JMWAVE in Miami, and William Harvey, who eventually found himself in Rome after running Staff D and ZRRIFLE. There were many other CIA agents who were stationed in Berlin in the 1950’s. Angleton and Skorzeny both link to Italian fascists. 

General Edwin Walker lived with American Nazi Robert Alan Surrey. Walker called the National Zeitung (or perhaps they called him) on Nov 23 1963. The editor of that Nazi publication was reportedly on the board of CMC, as was the brother of Shimon Perez, and Major Mortimer Bloomfield, whose private papers from 1961-63 are still being held by the Canadian Government. Bloomfield ties to Israel, to Permindex/CMC, to David Rockefeller. (Mae Brussell mentions other connections harder to prove, such as his ties to British Intelligence and to Division 5 of the FBI). He was Edgar Bronfman’s lawyer. Garrison chose to prosecute Clay Shaw, CMC board member and unknown to Garrison a well paid CIA asset. 

JFK fire or reposted several key figures - Walker, who chose to resign rather than be sent to Hawaii, Dulles, General Cabell, and Lyman Lemnitzer, who became head of NATO. The last might be important, because that should have put Lemnitzer, the author of Operation Northwoods, into direct contact with Operation Gladio, the granddaddy of false flag. Other military connections worth looking at include what Steve Thomas likes to call ‘ the Colonels’, such as Jack Crichton and Frank Brandstetter, founder and member of the Dallas based 488th Military Intelligence Detachment. According to Crichton in an oral history, there were many members of his Detachment that were also Dallas Police and detectives (Police intel), including some key figures like Westbrook, Lumpkin, and Gannaway, well positioned to control and even plant evidence. Brandstetter’s ties include his close friend Gordon McLendon (who Ruby names as one of his closest friends, and who co-founded the Association of Retired Intelligence Officers with his life long friend David Atlee Phillips), and Phillippe De Vosjoli. Brandstetter was a life long Intelligence Officer who reported directly to the Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence (Army) for 20 years. That’s a story in itself.

When I post these links I’m usually met with little commentary, especially by the better known authors who post here. I’m not sure why. 

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10 hours ago, Paul Brancato said:

ts review some links between all of the above, because they are all linked by individuals.

Thanks Paul for this.  Much of this post reminded me of the artwork by Mark Lombardi, described in a book Interlock (2014) subtitled: Art, Conspiracy and the Shadow Worlds of Mark Lombardi. He started making a beautiful series of interweaving circles connecting names associated with the S&L Scandal of the 1980's; many of them intersected with George W.Bush. His purpose was to illustrate connections so that  one can proceed studying the ramifications.

I have long been interested in the Crichton-McLendon and the 488th in Dallas. I am not as familiar with De Vosjoli, Brandtetter or Skorzeny, though I intend to spend some time this weekend on them. The Angleton/Gladio/Rome nexus has always been disturbing, and Lemnitzer at NATO is an addendum of that  which is not insignificant.

The message you send is an important one - that things connect and that none should be ignored. A fellow member here, Doug Caddy, wrote me when I first joined, not to be discouraged by few or no comments; that the important  thing was getting down the thoughts for others to read (or not to read) and that is sufficient. Keep truckin'.

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