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the sketch you show is a part of the official WC plan of the first floor and it is very inaccurate. Please look at the depths of the six treads, how unequal they are. I started with this sketch four years ago when my project started and had to abandon it soon thereafter.

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On 2/21/2019 at 11:38 AM, David Josephs said:

So this is not accurate showing it to be 5 feet deep?  A little over 3.5 feet is a VERY small landing




The cycle cop is one step down from the landing.

I believe the shadow which crosses him coincides with the shadow we see on Lovelady's right side (Wiegman frame above).

The men are probably in the approx same location (depending on time elapsed between pictures), just different camera angles.

Added on edit: Breaking down the cycle cop distances within the entry-way, there is no way the previous sentence is true.


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I promised an update on the film at the Sixth Floor Museum film copy.  The good news is that they now have new equipment and if you make arrangements you can indeed view thedigitized film on computer, stop it at any point, blow up any frame to the best of the available resolution and examine it in much more detail than simply seeing it run continuously.  I'd encourage anyone who did view it there before to take another look or to at least contact them and find out what their current capabilities are in regard to viewing.

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Hmmm, no one has been? Rather be debating here I presume....


Meanwhile Fred LItwin, Kirk Eklund (who?) and Steve Roe are mouthing off that the contact with Marina Oswald led to nothing....eh  newsflash boys. It did. 

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