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  1. This information is from David Lifton fyi...i am hoping this is the correct thread to post it in......best..b
  2. Robin..do you have the crop , not those i posted within Dealey showingTague's left cheek..??.thanks...b
  3. In this fbi report the 3foot 6 inch measurement is stated ..all i have..fwiw....b FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Date 11/23/63 LINNIE MAE RANDLE, 2439 West Fifth Street, Irving, Texas, phone Blackburn 3-8965, was interviewed at the Dallas Police Department. RANDLE advised that she is the sister of BUELL WESLEY FRAZIER, who is employed by the Texas School Book Depository and resides at her residence, stated that she met LEE HARVEY OSWALD through her brother, and has known OSWALD and his wife for about six weeks. RANDLE advised that Oswald's wife is MARINA OSWALD, who resides at 2515 W. Fif
  4. I recall the photo, thank you..Harold was in a hurry to solve the assassination of his President before all was destroyed, hidden or covered up, but as we know he was not able to reach all before it was, imagine what he could have done with a good team to aid him....but what a one man army he was..take care b.. i found the photo, it wasn't eaten..thanks for the print out also...b
  5. Your welcome Tom..i am hoping that Robin will cruise along, and have the crop, i know i did at one time but the gremlin must have hungered again...yes he states it was his right cheek and was not much of a mark, also Walthers, i believe it was says he had a couple of small blood spots..we shall see...have a good day..b PS here is the link to his interview..FYI..
  6. Thank you Doug...i have been trying to wade through the series and book, but also have several other books on the go, i sometimes wish some did not contain soo many pages...thanks fellas for your information..b
  7. Anthony, thank you and i will be in touch, yes Doug left us too soon, he is very missed, a great researcher and a great gentleman, what class he had is very seldom seen, but i suspect it has rubbed off on your class, by your words...what i did and have done re the south side shooter was mainly through studying with Doug, and with his great patience...i think i did learn some worthwhile..and we did have much fun along the way....soon..again thank you....take care..b
  8. this may be it Tommy, but is a very small crop..for now thanks..b that photo as wrong as he was marked on his right cheek, here is a much newer one, where he points to the mark..where it was that day, from reading, it was a very small mark....b
  9. Co-worker who drove LHO to work recounts that day, his story has not changed....fwiw..b ''After the president was shot, around 12:30 p.m., police instructed managers at the school book depository to gather the employees for a roll call. Oswald was the only one missing'' SAME OLD CRAP.... http://www.dallasnew...darkest-day.ece
  10. The photo was taken that afternoon.it could be an Allen photo, not positive right now..I believe he called it like a scratch....b
  11. Hi John; thanks for the reply, yes much information has been gathered now down through the years, it did take patience as it came in dribs, i will say that..there were many homes years back in Dealey, so it was is possible. .If and i believe as you there must be plans somewhere, but as even a copy of map of Dallas showing the tunnels a few years back was denied, I doubt any plans would be easy to access..today..all we can do is wait and see what come out down the road...every now and then i do hear or dig up a new bit...but very seldom..a sonar sounds like a grand idea... ..take care best b
  12. Mr. GAUTHIER. This is a copy of a tabulation which appears on the plat map. It contains certain positions marked as frame numbers. It indicates elevations and a column dealing with angle of sight from the frame positions to the window and to a horizontal line. It also contains angels of sight the degree of sight and distances from these positions to a point on the top of the bridge, handrail height. Mr.Gauthier mentions Angels of sight........I think Specter's work certainly did need Angels...imo..b
  13. Dawn;;; Thinking about the words tickets, and especially BARRICADES, like Larry states''What we seem to be getting now is that they are going to keep everyone but ticket holders out until their official ceremony is over and then everybody can go in....which should make for a nicely chaotic situation....no clue even as to how far away they are going to set up their barricades. They refuse to acknowledge the legal implications of the rulings related to Groden and they also can't seem to realize its unlikely the press will leave at the end of their ceremony and not stay to talk to us....after
  14. Paul; I found this letter,Nov.67... PDF of Weisberg's on page 5 it mentions a man's name and his car being at Walker's house, I have no idea if anything you may be interested in, just thought I would pass it along, it mentions several names of researchers at that time, Thompson, Lifton, Meagher, etc, and books...It may be adressed to Hal Verb,, he only uses the first name, any way, FYI...best b Item 08......weisberg.pdf
  15. I agree Robert imo there were many more shots than 3....Steve here are a few more attachments, also make sure you do some searches within the forum...b
  16. "In 1997 James Tague visited the U.S. National Archives and personally examined the curbstone scar chip. Tague was also accompanied by a U.S. National Archivist. They both immediately agreed that the scar chip was covered up with a foreign-material patch over the scar chip (no documented record nor documented authorization exists of precisely who/what agency that had the scar chip within its evidence chain, nor when the scar chip was covered-up). Harold Weisberg had said the same thing about the scar chip covering patch after he first examined the scar chip in the late 1960's." As I was readi
  17. Here are a couple other maps that researchers have marked after their studies, no names really..just the maps..best b..fwtaw
  18. H i Steve i may have something here that you may be interested in..but it does not go back to the same building...oops...b
  19. thank you kind Sir, continue to get well, and take good care.....best b fyi...an Al Carrier post on this research but involving the possible shot from the south overpass....area....to Tosh..b Beyond the headshot wound issue, I have also aligned this shot origin with the neck wound and have established it by showing Elm at a higher elevation]at this point and how the shot would have to penetrate the windshield through its trajectory.". ...) note:Found in body of below post Reference All Carrier's post of Nov. 25, 2004: "....I have been seriously researching the JFK Assassination for some fo
  20. the link below to Greg Burnham's site, shows maps for the Possible escape routes ...from the sewer drain areas...thank you kind sir for this new research..scroll down....best b http://jfktruth.org/drain/index.htm ''Even if this was not the spot from which the fatal shot was fired, it could have been, and should have been covered and investigated. Why have most people never even heard of this obvious possibility?''
  21. Thanks Jim for the reply, i agree, the only opinion i have given through all this is that i think it was a possible......i have found the article that Penn Jones did re the sewer drain information, for your perusal...also just for interest a photo and a wee bit of information by Jerry Dealey, re a collapse on the knoll of a part of the drain, i imagine.in the 70's i believe...i will paste his information. which contains the link also to the anti sewer research theory by Michael Parks, which i feel is only fair....'' http://www.jfklancer...e=&topic_page=3 Richard, Go back and watch TMWKK
  22. Greg Burnham's storm drain sewer theory.b... http://jfktruth.org/drain/index.htm..... Greg could you possibly repost your link to Jim Garrison radio, about the bullet and storm drain bullet information...thank you b
  23. Jim; here is a link to a study done on the Political Forum on the drains..., it begins on this page but a page or two previous also shows some of the captured photos from Doug Weldon's video...fyi...https://deeppolitics...ht=sewer drains.........her is page 9 including the saved thread from rich's forum..fyi.. .https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?6193-Saint-Fletcher-the-Obscure/page9 ...b Tom and Doug's videos...## 6 AND 7... http://www.maryferre..._Killed_Kennedy also Greg Burnham'd video is included as well ......part 9... the gentleman in the sewer drain, with the whi
  24. JIM ...there were three studies I believe on the possibility of a sewer shot, one coming from the Elm street location, re Tom Wilson based on the trajectory of one of the head wounds to the President...another one from our own Greg Burham on the trajectory I believe, and as always the undefeatable, Penn Jones, whom along with a friend, made many trips through the sewer system of Dallas, one came out behind the DPD, that must have been interesting, he made the adventures many times.The Penn ,Brazil studies, also included this North end of the knoll location ...as well as the Elm Street sewer...
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