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  1. Jim here is the information on Jack Brazil, that is available, what this information on the Dallas Tunnels does, is prove that Jack Brazil and Penn Jones as well as Jim Garrison who sent men into the area to check the North side overpass drain, were correct ..as well as the north drain being accessible for such, possible....and those that for years have insulted their efforts within their research are and have been proven very wrong in their assumptions.....there is also information on the adventures of Penn within his books and i believe i may have some i will have a look, thanks for your int
  2. FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Date 11/23/63 LINNIE MAE RANDLE, 2439 West Fifth Street, Irving, Texas, phone Blackburn 3-8965, was interviewed at the Dallas Police Department. RANDLE advised that she is the sister of BUELL WESLEY FRAZIER, who is employed by the Texas School Book Depository and resides at her residence, stated that she met LEE HARVEY OSWALD through her brother, and has known OSWALD and his wife for about six weeks. RANDLE advised that OSWALD's wife is MARINA OSWALD, who resides at 2515 W. Fifth, Irving, Texas, and that OSWALD spends the weekends with his wife at the above m
  3. Another..........fyi..b http://www.nbcdfw.co...-126282813.html August 2011;;The tunnels, which were built 50 years ago to create a city within a city, were expanded in the 1970s and 1980s with the construction of large downtown office towers
  4. There is much information now within a google of Dallas tunnels, as well as under the photo link... fyi..b http://www.youplusda...tunnels-system/ Dallas on the Future of the Downtown Tunnels System - Downtown/Victory - You + Dallas photos.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/dfwcre8tive/sets/72157622055346282/ Dallas Pedestrian Network - a set on Flickr
  5. Thanks for the scans and Robin, your link is not working...take care..b
  6. Apparently not, Ian...even though some seem to swear to such, or condescend when such is hinted at....though it appears some may have learnt a little something though...''The tapes also show police outfitting Ray in a bulletproof vest to ensure that unlike John F Kennedy's assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, he would make it to trial alive'' thanks..b
  7. Paul your link came up clean when i tried it...hope all is well now for you...b
  8. Correct David, also the Harper fragment was found more towards the centre of the park, i believe...this area i have always found interesting, a possible north or south drain shot from the overpass.....thanks, for now...b David here is a wee bit further in the text from Jerry Dealey...re the south side overpass shot...fyi...b. ''There were 2 Dallas Police Officers stationed on the Underpass, but they were down at the Main St (middle) and Elm St end. A shooter in the angle would have been sheltered from them and the 20-30 railroad workers up there, and have access to the Postal Annex parkin
  9. Here also are two photos, one from jerry dealey of the plaza as well as a member at Lancer by the last name of, valenti also showing the same...thanks to both... b..for your studies...click to enlarge...
  10. fwiw here is Sherry's study thank you and photos showing where she believes it was possible for a shot from the south side of the overpass..and or, the south side parking lot.....b........ http://www.jfklancer...rrez/index.html by Sherry Fiester
  11. TOSH shot from the south...thread...June 2011 http://educationforu...opic=17786&st=0 b
  12. I believe a copy of ALTGEN'S first dispatch should be added to this list...b..
  13. Thank you, Riley and Mark...for this new opportunity being supplied to the membership...b
  14. it states that it is a marine id bracelet, perhaps upon joining...i really have no idea, but will keep my eyes open if anything comes up..take care have a great safe happy easter holiday weekend ...b
  15. LHO's marine ring and his marine id bracelet were on his left hand and wrist..fwiw.b
  16. FWIW all this is being looked into again,information re the three photographs and identities, when any further information comes available, it shall be updated, for now..thanks....b
  17. Paul; while on the search i came upon this, you may be interested...best b bernice moore To bmoore1242@rogers.com http://vincepalamara.blogspot.ca/2007/07/secret-service-reads-just-about.html threat...corroboration for FBI Clerk William Walther?
  18. Here is one of Vince's links, re Forrest Sorrels in the above photo...b Forrest Sorrels (in hat) between Youngblood and LBJ Photos from Vince Palamara http://www.myspace.com/vincepalamara/photos/55244823#%7B%22ImageId%22%3A55244823%7D
  19. Anthony ; re photos, fyi, at the top of the Forums page, you will see on the left hand side...posted see below information by Evan, you may have not cleaned out your uploads and used up your alloted space, whatever have a read, it should clarify any related problems with such for you...b Important - Attachments & Disk Space Posted by Evan Burton
  20. Paul, my memory did click in...lol.......the information i recall comes in Harold Weisbergs book,about LHO in new orleans...i found the following it may be helpful...b.. http://www.maebrussell.com/The%20Warren%20Commission/Outline%20of%20Marina%20Oswald's%20testimony%202-3-64.html ''Lee had a rifle when they lived in New Orleans. •He would sit on the porch at night with his rifle, with a scope on it..'' Harold's books have been reprinted, and are reasonably priced at Mary Farrel's... http://www.maryferrell.org/wiki/index.php/MFF_Store
  21. Thank you Mark, your eyes are much younger and sharper than mine,so the cover i posted is not the one...if anyone out there has the December 14/63 copy, perhaps they could scan the cover for us, thanks ever so...b
  22. Hi Mark..It is not a book it was The following photographs are scanned from the December 14th, 1963 issue of POST magazine ...http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/JFK/postphotos.html http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/JFK/postphotos.html not positive as i cannot see a date but this from my magazine file may be the one...one may be found perhaps on e.bay..perhaps...b..
  23. Interesting questions Paul... I hope I can do it some justice Montgomery comes out of the building and is photographed holding a paper bag.... this bag if fully extended yet from all appearances there should have been NOTHING in that bag... Again - it supposedly was folded up in the floor in the SE corner of the 6th floor. there was NOTHING inside as it was described laying on the floor.... and there would be no reason for Montgomery to putanything INSIDE the evidence as it was assumed it carried the unassembled rifle... why contaminate the evidence? GMACK from Monty's oral history tell
  24. Greg here is the information that goes along with the photos at that site,see post 10.. thanks for posting photos i have had troubles of late copying such,pc problems what else is new, anyway..here is the info,many thanks... This photograph appears on page 22. The caption reads,"From the same building where Oswald lay in ambush, a telescopic lens reconstructs an approximation of what the killer saw at the moment of tragedy". The photograph does appear to support the idea that a single shot could have hit both Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally. However, the photograph, despite the capti
  25. Thank you Bill for clarifying that information...b
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