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  1. ''Since what he is reporting obviously occurred BEFORE the limo took off and BEFORE it reached the TUP, I have supposed that you, like me, would put Curry + Sorrels + Hargis + Chaney + Hill + Kellerman = the Zapruder film has been faked! We don't see all this in the film! That under the pressure of testifying before the commission there would be variations from their original reports should not come as any surprise. Their testimony was being massaged! What is important, from this point of view, is that Kellerman confirms what Hill reported.'' I have been going through some of my files, Jac
  2. Maegher, rifle, Kleins... Footnote 4,ch.2,page 48: The Commission asserts that the rifle was ordered on a coupon cut from a full-page advertisement by Klein's Sporting Goods Co. in the February 1963 issue of The American Rifleman magazine (WR 119), but the actual advertisement (which is not included in the Commis- sion's Exhibits) offers a 36-inch Carcano rifle weighing 5-1/2 lbs. with catalogue number C20-T750. The same catalogue number without the "T" identifies the 40.2 inch Carcano shown in Klein's full page ad in the November 1963 Field and Stream (Holmes Exhibit No.2). Thus the
  3. I do not know if this will help in anyway Dave but FWIW.. from the Marsh collection..thanks...b
  4. thanks David, it was all like a nickel and dime rodeo show in some ways, others the investigation should have been written up for an everlasting example for new criminal investigators in training, as the ''What not to do '' subtitled,'' the worse in history'', seems either all were told previously before relating any info, what to or not to report, bet the land lines were very busy, between such.makes one wonder....thanks...carry on carrying on... b..below from gil jesus...
  5. FYI... http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=13845 CLAYTON WHEAT, N.R.A. Director, Shooting Recreation ? b..
  6. I read of late but..duh gone now..that there was a stick within the bag...here is the CIA report..re rifle you mention....take care b
  7. David; you may be interested in this..fwiw.... When Mark Lane testified before the WC, he requested to see the alleged assassination rifle on March 4, 1964. This was denied. When on July 2, 1964, he testified again it was only on the condition that he be allowed to see the rifle. "Rush To Judgment", page.... 115 When Mark Lane looked at it, on July 2, 1964, he read aloud to the WC members the inscription that was on it.... stating...... "MADE ITALY" and "CAL. 6.5." (WCH V p. 561) His purpose was to support Officer Weitzman's affidavit........ arguing that he doubted any Police Offi
  8. NBC Announces Enfield .303 Rifle Found on TSBD.6th http://karws.gso.uri.edu/Marsh/Scans/WBAP-TV.txt b..
  9. Here is past information on Hicks... http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=4886 Hicks v. Saul
  10. Bill, i am just about to read this found article, but hopefully it may help you with further information...??..b http://www.maryferre...bsPageId=388938 When a mysterious death is no longer mysterious No nothing within, FYI...b
  11. Hi Bill; I realize the info re the station wagon goes way back, i think it was mentioned by Mary Moorman..??, that had the machine gun on top...it has been known for many years, also the Nix gunman,which both disappeared upon close examination, there has been reported a photo taken showing the Joes station wagon with machine gun, taken within Dealey before the assassination, i am thinking from the Harris info it was to have been in a Nix frame also, perhaps, any knowledge of which or where it is available, the same with the station wagon being outside when LHO was being transferred..within wh
  12. David; thankyou,certainly a new approach, very interesting, differences seen.......fellas, does anyone have an answer as yet, to the dogs nose artifat within the backyard photo...thanks...b...
  13. Paul, i am getting avg virus hit from your latest your pet link... ..b
  14. DAVID QUOTE.''Bottom line -- People are HUMAN. Not machines. They make mistakes and always will as long as we humans roam the Earth..'' Yes, David, we all make mistakes at times.....But, we do not as Gary has continually done for years now, sent emails to whomever on the web, when he believes he has found one in someones post,on a Forum, see when you pretend to be The Know It All, and rub it in as he has to some, and present a hauty and at times insulting attitude in doing so, It is hillarious, to find, by some now, How the mighty has fallen, and by words from his own mouth that he has used c
  15. Robert Groden's not done battling the city of Dallas over his right to sell JFK conspiracy materials in Dealey Plaza http://cityhallblog.dallasnews.com/2013/03/robert-grodens-not-done-battling- the-city-of-dallas-over-his-right-to-sell-jfk-conspiracy-materials-in-dealey -plaza.html/ or http://tinyurl.com/b8r55b4 By Robert Wilonsky For close to two decades the city of Dallas and Robert Groden have been at odds over his right to set up a table at Dealey Plaza from which he sells his DVDs, magazines and books insisting John Kennedy was killed by a cast of co-conspirators. For now, at l
  16. LHO grave as it was tended by Marguerite..
  17. Thank you Robin, appreciated, he is gone but is still sharing and giving, which is what he always did..and he is very missed..imo...b
  18. Video: Court rules Dallas must allow conspiracy vendors at Dealey Plaza http://tinyurl.com/a3tmrpj by BRAD WATSON WFAA Updated today at 6:07 PM (The case was decided by Judge Kristin Wade, of the Dallas County Criminal Court of Appeals.) DALLAS -- An appellate court ruled Tuesday that the city of Dallas must stop an enforcement effort against JFK conspiracy vendors selling materials at Dealey Plaza ahead of the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination. The Dallas County Criminal Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Robert Groden, a longtime conspiracy theorist and vendor who was a
  19. Death of a president, 50 years on | TribLIVE.. CYRIL WECHT http://triblive.com/opinion/qanda/3292514-74/commission-kennedy-warren#axzz2JTKaMJWP
  20. Thanks Robin, that is them, I believe also........the name of the book Pat, is Triangle of Fire, where this information is within, by Bob Goodman...b
  21. Pat; i am not sure if this will be of any information, but it could be a start,,,b.. Where, also, is the schoolboy, Alan Smith, who was widely quoted on 23 November in US newspapers? Smith said unequivocally the head shot had struck Kennedy in the forehead, which would strongly suggest he was in front of the President at the time. Now scan the films – he, too, has vanished. (“The car was ten feet from me when a bullet hit the President in the forehead…the car went about five feet and stopped,” Jack Bell, “Eyewitnesses describe scene of assassination: Sounds of shooting brought car to a halt,”
  22. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=19759 ''Clearly, no one in the Dallas power loop wants to see a poorly dressed mob occupying Dealey Plaza, chanting about conspiracies and cover-ups —at least not while Wolf Blitzer is broadcasting worldwide..'' Will the invited ticket holding guests, be in evening wear...???OH MY...b
  23. The film the Pentagon did not want made! FULL MOVIE - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sFj7b1c60U b..
  24. DSL INSERT: Huh??? HUH?? is right..David...but of course this will be followed by the forever explanation.......that he has learnt to do so very well...take care..b
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