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  1. Here he is with Robert Oswald..11/24/63....fyi. This photograph was found in Robert Oswald's book ''LEE'' information PAGES 152, 153 .b
  2. Members 8,593 posts Gender:Male Posted Today, 12:58 AM I think it has been established the fellow in the photos leaving Parkland is not Boris Pash but a Secret Service officer; isn't that correct? Yes Bill that is correct, but this just keeps on going around and around, i will contact Allen to see if the info can be corrected, he is the head of the Dallas SS Forrest Sorrels...he was id by Vince Palamara,whom you can check with if anyone is in doubt, also this photo, posted below . is in the back of Groden's ''the killing of a president'', he is also id there by Groden .....he was
  3. Don; see this link, photo and information on the left of the site, the assassin's view...from the Dal Tex window...b http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/JFK/postphotos.html the JFK page...
  4. Thanks Richard; always amazing, how deliberately uneducated the media always deliberately appears...like they pretend to know no better, well i imagine that must be, the number one qualification in being hired...b
  5. Ian and Daniel, the exit hole at the back of JFK's head...for your perusal...b The New Documents - Part4 - YouTube
  6. Ian and Daniel I checked at Duncans and found this newer Nix gif by Rick Needham, posted by Gerda in a thread...showing the piece ,flying out from the back of JFK's head..thank you to Rick and Duncan's site...b b
  7. Ian and Daniel, this is a slow motion Nix film, notice how the limo slows down, the motorcyles catch up and begin to pull along side the limo, then the shot to his head and the limo begins to pull ahead obviously as Greer has finally stepped on the gas..imo.then ...they do begin to fall back also as the see Clint Hill climbing on the back of the limo.....b
  8. Robert, it is a copy of a very old gif, i think created, some years back, by Rick last name gone now, sorry, he is at Duncan's site now, quite active at times...you might enquire there.....that is all i recall now..b... Robert i checked at Duncan's I believe it could be Rick Needham's ..it has been so long now....... check with him.....b
  9. Ian; Daniel; here is another oops...b Dallas Cop: "Limo slowed almost to a stop" - YouTube bobby hargis
  10. Hi Ian, hope all is very well....here is another fella a Mr Hargis, who just happened to get hit by flying matter though some do not agree with science apparently...thanks..b Testimony of Bobby W. Hargis on April 8, 1964 Mr. STERN - Will you describe what occurred or what you observed as the limousine turned into Elm Street? Mr. HARGIS - Well, at the time that the limousine turned left on Elm, I was staying pretty well right up with the car. Sometimes on Elm we get right up next to it on account of the crowd, but the crowd was out down here at the triple underpass, so, I was next to Mrs. Ke
  11. Daniel, here is matter being ejected from the back, seen in a Nix gif...b
  12. Truly stated multiple rifles were in *fact* inside the TSBD just days before the 11/22/63 assassination. Why did Roy Truly bring a rifle to work? http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=7214 b
  13. Hi Richard; glad to help out, i have no idea who the supplied the information on W..tell you the truth i do not use their site, very seldom if, but was suprised by the information given...hopefully some of the fella's up on the Banister research will join in your thread and add their information and thoughts, it could be very interesting already a possible murder on a u boat and a killing by car, very interesting...thank you again..b
  14. Hi Steven; any links or further information on seeing the new release of Nix...quote ''One explanation for this would be that something has been cut from the Zappy film""No really, naw...you really mean it, welcome to the small group, the everloving CRAPPY ZAPPY Followers, seriously, thank you for this latest information, it is i believe so seldom that any good news as such comes along, i am almost giddy and need a cuppa...thanks again..best b
  15. Robert quote..''Did the perps hire a Hollywood crew, replete with actors, extras and props? Where did they find 8 footers to stand in the grass and a "dwarf", Mary Moorman:-) Where did they stage this production? It would have been tough to pull it off in DP, without being seen""...... As you are well aware, the man ''Jack'' who could have, would have had replies to the references you have expressed above, is no longer with us,therefore '' not available'', let the man rest in peace and imo stop making any snide remarks in reference to perhaps work he did look into at one time,some years back.
  16. Thanks Richard interesting...fyi...see http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=banister&GScid=571496&GRid=18533329& and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Banister#Early_life I think you will find the information you are after, carry on..b
  17. If this is not the Forum where this information should be posted please move...thank you...b http://www.forbes.com/sites/briandomitrovic/2013/03/12/trashing-jfks-tax-cuts-one-of-the-greatest-policy-successes-of-all-time/ Trashing JFK's Tax Cuts, One of the Greatest Policy Successes of All Time - Forbes
  18. Thank you Bernice. The issue that won't go away. Hi Daniel; pleased somthing came out of this, and no, the issue will not go away, as the further the information is looked into, the more often that the limo stopped comes to light by many more...it appears there is always one more witnesses information coming to light that it did stop..and Simmons does mention a motorcyclist coming forward,and getting out of the way... which others have also, so just another.another...thanks..b
  19. David i found this interesting after a reread ,from a 2007 post i made at Rich's FWIW..Note Simmon, says motorcycle on the left front...b bit more to add...I did not find Chaney's name...?? but .. James L Simmons RR man on the overpass ..Re his testimony at the Clay Shaw trial..Garrison. Upon being questioned by the defense that the President had fallen to the back as the limo lurched forward. But as seen in the Zappy film he is propelled to the rear by the force of the head shot...then.....the Asst D.A Alvin Osner asked : Did the car speed up ? Simmons : No, in fact the car stopped or
  20. Agreed David, it does appear he was to the right...thanks much...b I will have a further look within the frames.. Yoo David, my left and right are apparently or were mixed today, if that is all i have to complain about, i am doing well..........b here is his statement...From: Richard Trask. That Day in Dallas: The Photographers Capture on Film The Day President Kennedy Died (Danvers, Mass: Yeoman Press, expanded edition, 2000), p.115 & p.119: At about this time Bill Lord of ABC News did a brief interview of Chaney, recording his activities for a broadcast over WFAA television. Chaney re
  21. Below is the Altgen's, from the Marsh collection with the subjects actions descriptions...b
  22. Thanks Robin, some great shots there..take care..b
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