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  1. I Paul,

    I will be in Austin in early/mid June....hoping to dig deeper into the Walker papers.  Perhaps we can get together for lunch.

    Jim Root


    1. Paul Trejo

      Paul Trejo


      I'd be delighted.   If it's on a workday, I work at the UT Austin campus (in ITS) and there are some nice places near campus -- and a few near the Briscoe Center for American History, where the Walker papers are cataloged.

      You may already know that there are 90 boxes, and most of them are kept in local storage, and they appreciate 48 hours notice to deliver a few boxes.

      The biggest problem is that the Briscoe Center has very poor cataloging of the 90 boxes.

      To solve that problem, I had to rush like mad to see all 90  for myself -- over about 20 visits at 4 to 5 boxes each time.   It took me two full semesters to do that, but I did it.   I took over 1,000 photographs, but that's a tiny fraction of what they have. 

      Gary Mack got all my photos, somehow -- I guess he had some great hackers.

      All best,

    2. Jim Root

      Jim Root

      Hi Paul

      I plan on having at least a week to dedicate to the Walker Papers.....So, since you are on campus, we will have to coordinate a get together.  I do not totally agree on your conclusions but admit you do have the advantage over me on Walker's papers.  

      Jim Root

    3. Paul Trejo

      Paul Trejo


      Gary Mack somehow downloaded all my 1,200 pages of Walker papers.  Do you also have them? 

      They are now on his 6th floor website..   Let me know.  Also, please message me instead of using this status, because this is public, imho..

      All best,


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